Faith IQ – How Do You Connect With Allah When You Lead A Busy Life

Faith IQ
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How do you connect with a Lost Planet yada if you lead a busy life

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so oftentimes we'll hear people say, Listen, I don't have time to be religious, I don't have time to pray, I'm busy. I have kids this that whatever. What do I do? How is it possible? Well, one of the things to understand is that islamically quality is often far more important than quantity. Sometimes we get stuck in these numbers, like how much we worship Allah numbers and units and so on and so forth. And we forget about the quality of our worship, a single such that can be better than 1000 Sunnah or nothing, prayers, if it is done with sincerity, if it is done with the presence of our heart, if we put that quality into our worship, so if we're adding that quality, making sure

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that whatever time we have, we make it count, then that can be a very effective way of getting close to a loss of data, even though we're busy. And Allah knows best

University & School is back and it is a crazy time for students. Adding to that, for those who have busy jobs, it is often difficult to find the time to connect with Allah (SWT). How can one maintain that connection with Allah (SWT) despite having a busy life?

Shaykh Saad Tasleem answers.

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