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independently live in Thailand

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if you want to stop by now we will let you go here and I will see you at our Marina de la levels are there for them

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when they include further ahead yeah what should one that you got a lot for demo that said he got a white shirt on number 100 auditable interview also. Yeah, human Lilina Tapachula have gone too far to hear that. Now Anton Simone. You'll notice it doesn't hold on back when we left the column not from the left CYP that kind of Amin has objected over feminism Alija and

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Kathy Owen is

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whatever law her latest videos have hand in Allah akan Alikum watever Yeah, you're learning toquilla Blue bone and said either to select Lacuna Coil plant feed local lumber, or manual Terry law household among those and oddly enough, we begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and his finest peace and blessings be honest messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we praise Allah trying to praise him though we can never praise Him. As much as he deserves to be praised, and returned to him seeking his help and tracing and in worshiping Him and seeking His forgiveness for falter in that and seeking His protection from the evil whispers within us and the

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awful consequences of our misdeeds from never Allah azza wa jal guides, no one can lead astray and look for Allah leaves a string of guidance than can provide guidance for such a person. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship, and our devotion, our love and our obedience and our surrender. But Allah and Allah alone,

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and at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed was certainly his prophet and his servant, that his messenger

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Oh, you have believed to have the tough law of Allah remain mindful of him, keep your duty to Him in the value that he deserves, and do not die except in a state of complete and total surrender to Allah state of Islam.

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And to begin, this is our seventh and last stop with those special seven that Allah is diligent and promised his she in the mayhem and in the heat of the day of judgments, when none will have shade except those who we provide shade for. He said, all you saw was salam. Eman and it will be just leader. Whoever has that quality, where shampoo lash out here in Vanity rugby and a young person that grows up in devotion to their Lord in worship to their Lord. He said Orajel boom, boom Allah confused massage and a man who was hard hangs in the masjid. What have you learned to have that he likes them? And he also thought Raka and two that loves one another for the sake of Allah, they come

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together for Allah and they go their separate ways for Allah.

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Why don't you do that tomorrow? Two months, even one gigantic kappa in the Alpha to Allah and a man who was invited by a woman of status of refuge and I'm guilty. And he said no, I fear on law. And the 60 said, warrants you don't deserve that Bobby solder cutting

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had let me know who she man who mentioned to queer meno. And Amanda gives in charity in secret to the point that is left does not know what his right hand gave. And today our final stop is with

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the seven of these categories. He said Alayhi Salatu Salam wa Raju doon that MA and el fondo Ina and a man and again the the element here is the quality not the gender and a man we need a person that to remember Allah or mentioned Allah carnian

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alone for fall, but Aina and so as a result of that his eyes his two eyes overflowed with tears. First of all, what does it mean he remembered Allah alone.

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The other narrations mentioned that Allah fie holla. He mentioned Allah while alone, meaning he remembers Allah in private. He mentioned Allah in private, and it caused his eyes overflowing with tears. And some of the scholars say the message here is that he does so in a manner that has completely no pretended behind it. I imagine that's most of us in this situation. A circumstance that's most distance from showing off, you're alone. You're not there's no one there to show your act to. And so it really means a person who's thinking about Allah and Nunberg out

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But when they shed those tears, and so this can even be expanded or extended to people that do remember Allah alone, not meaning while they're alone. That's the original meaning, but also someone who remembers Allah meaning only Allah, even if they're in public, even if they're in the gathering, even if they're in a lecture, even if they're in prayer with people around them. But the issue here is that what is causing them to tear is nothing but ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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and this is a rank that Allah azza wa jal chose for his prophets and commanded the people to be nothing but this and warn the people from becoming distant from this quality. Some would say that No, Allah was named to know because he was never why he was always whimpering always grieving always choked up when he thought of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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it means crying, it means crying with the sound. And that's why the the problems also forbids us from performing the how over the disease, because that could become wailing at times, that would be objecting to a mascara. But when a person is whimpering, and they can't control themselves, out of genuine, proper, appropriate reasons, this was for the qualities of the prophets. It is also said that they can easily set up or his son yeah, here is a carrier. They used to have trails of tears that marked in their cheeks from how frequently their tears would flow. And this was actually reported about the number of also habited one Allah Allah him as well.

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And Allah azza wa jal, he says, made this for the prophets and then he threatened those that are not like this. And he said in the Quran fell away. Don't leave Percy at all do boohooman Vickery Allah, whoa to the one who's hard doesn't melt whose heart is too hard. When it comes to the remembrance of Allah concerning the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal and elsewhere in the Quran he said enamel mutiny known Alladhina either luckier Allah Allah Jesus Paulo boo, the believers are nothing less it's as if it's a very it's required of you. It's nothing less than those that when Allah is remembered the same wording in the Hadith, their hearts tremble.

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And in other ayat Allah azza wa jal says and when the verses of a Rama and are recited upon them, which is remembrance the Palaeolithic had the victim Allah says, this is the remembrance. He says when the verses of the Most Merciful are recited to them. Caruso agenda and who here they fall in submission, prostrating to Allah and weeping before him subhanho wa Taala

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and our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam again glad tidings to those who worked for that station and avoid that threat mentioned in the Quran. He said I learned a lot and a settlement I'm assuming now. There are two types of eyes the fire will never touch.

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I am back hands been flushed? Yes either. And I get weeps out of the fear of Allah.

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He said why in bed and also FISA Videla and an AI that stays up at night keeps itself awake, guarding the Muslims meaning in a battle campaign, if you will, against dangers, if you will, that spends the night garden in the path of Allah.

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And another highly valuable member of the above to Allah and

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lashay would have been Illa even got through it anyway.

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There are no two things more beloved to Allah. There's nothing more beloved to Allah than two drops and two marks.

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As for the two drops the Ctrl T He says Kaltura to them in mid class Shatila, a drop a tear drop, it is so valuable in Allah's eyes, a teardrop that you shed out of the fear of God will cut right to them into Morocco visa vie the law and a drop of blood that is blood in the back of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Ooh. And he says fly in as for the two marks

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and how have you been visa vie de la? vie? What do you mean for our ad LA, a mark that is placed on the ground by your horse in the path of Allah. He says in a mark that is marked on your body because of one of the obligations Allah put on you. Maybe those marks those calluses from St. Jude, maybe those marks that will only appear on the day of judgment from Oulu the marks of fulfilling your obligations.

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And why does a person or

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Remember Allah who cry? Because their heart trends translating fluids through the eyes? What is happening in the heart to cause someone to cry? What's generating these tears? At least one of three things you should be looking for

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the fear of Allah Subhana Allah to auto generate those series.

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That longing that burning to meet Allah azza wa jal will generate those tears and the feeling broken, feeling incomplete, feeling powerless in front of Allah, that humility to generate those tears. As for the fear of Allah azza wa jal, this in and of itself is two types. Some people think the fear of Allah is just the fear of Allah, the fear of Allah means it's one lump sum you're afraid Allah is gonna punish you and not care and that's all and this is not true. Because Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah said in Nepal and Vandy get this reward mentioned earlier that yeah, Lehmann half army were half salary. This is the reward for those who fear my standing, meaning they're

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intimidated by my greatness, my standing over them, or they my standing meaning I will force them to stand in front of me, they fear my standing was off our eat and they fear My threat. These are two different things, fearing the standing of Allah, meaning when it dawns on you, just how great Allah is. And it causes you to shudder and causes you to realize how heedless you've been, as one of the early Muslims he sat with himself. And he tried to imagine what it would be like for Allah to stare down at the heedless creation and the whole flow of humanity.

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And he wrote words of poetry that are supposed to be words as if Allah is saying them, and he said, The rebadging out of Billa Julian, what are

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the slaves look at the slaves, the human beings, the creation, that have turned away from us completely ignored it not serious about it at all, then have completely turned away from us without any crime without any reason. Allah never wronged them. There is no explanation for this. As Neville fina later home accent No wonder people that assumed the worst of us. It says if Allah saying they will assume the worst of us, if only they had assumed better.

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Why even can do it this way in farmer farmer hula, where he forgot the original. He says and if they betray us, it's as if Allah is saying if they were to betray us time and time again we were not like that. We never betrayed them. And if they come back to us, we have already come back. Clean sleep without that causes the person to feel ashamed or feel intimidated.

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He says what he can and Buddy stuff down for inner and humo

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and if they have no need for us, we have less of a need for them. He says that you have more only one in the allowable come in level Aradhana hai ina coolabah Vika you Regina. Oh, you must turn away from us imagine picture Allah saying this to you right now as we speak. Oh, you who has turned away from us? Who gives us the leftovers of your day? Oh, you was turned away from us? You're turning away was because of us. Had we wanted you we would have made every ounce of you want us. So this person to feel that grandeur that it consumes his life as I show him the Allahu Taala and I said, I found the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam crying at night. In sujood. The tears were flowing.

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What was the concept that was revolving in his head? That he was consumed by the greatness of Allah. She said he was crying in his soju in his frustration and saying,

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Well, I want to be reblock I mean something Oh Allah, I seek protection in your pleasure from your anger will be more authentic, authentic and I'm, I'm hoping in your forgiveness to get away from your punishment. What will be coming Keller, Sita and Alec and I seek refuge in You from you. I can't praise you enough. I can't even realize how great you are.

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What is it that causes someone to be afraid of those that you consider so great?

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What causes people to be afraid shy in front of celebrities among humanity? Because they may not know what causes them to be afraid what that shame is and that fear. It's because you you're realizing how much control that person has on your heart. You're realizing how much influence they have like you're just consumed

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In Dubai, the second fear of Allah oz elegent is the fear of him punishing you.

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They say that if you would see it hassled was three years ago Allah or SOFIA filthy as well. What can Allah can and now all unto Philippi La Laguna, it's as if the fire was not created except for those two. They said there's one cousin and disease and they said Sophia, if you would see Sophia nfld Like Illa at any given moment.

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It would be as if He just returned from a Janessa relative because of how sad he is islands were. And Mohammed

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IGNOU is no law, one of his fears, you would say, whenever my heart became hard, my heart became rusty. I will go find Muhammad Nawaz. Oh, hello, hello to Allah. And it would come back to light it would illuminate for another seven days or so. I would draw from his fear of Allah to gain fear of Allah myself.

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And when they asked him he said, What is it that makes you cry? Then he said a half when you will be anything that he whether you value, I fear that our mage is casting into the fire and does not mine that does not care. May Allah protect us and you from that love and I mean

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and so theory law must punishment. One of the early Muslims he says I used to travel without bla bla bla and Milan was like that. Look at us on this side. He says, and I used to say to myself, he's just like us what makes him so special? What makes him so respected? What makes him so revered among the people what makes him so righteous? And loved by all he was a man that was blessing wherever he went? He said I looked and I said in the hula you solemnly cannon solidly Well, Sumo can assume when you come on approach, when Jonah Hill came at you, Jay, we do everything he does prayer, fasting Hajj going off and risking our lives we do it all. He says until one day when I was traveling with

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him, the winds blew, and our lanterns got turned out.

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The system the solution to see the lantern got put out in the middle of the dark night, there was no moon that night thesis, and we turned the lights back on the flames back on what Jed did that or who you would have moved to see who would do more we found his eyes overflowing with tears, world Bim vecow piano if you've won, so we realized he must have been thinking about the day of judgment in the dark.

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That's the difference that his heart was in that zone. His heart was ready. It was constantly rehearsing that day, when the lights will go out. And people will be granted portions of light, some of them flickering light, some of them no lights at all, to the degree of their deeds and the proportion of their deeds. This is what the prophets of Allah wa alayhi wa sallam told us was the generator of these fears. And he said low talent muda and that's what Allah Han says he told us this in Makati and Western Los Alamos alum, la Killeen, and whatever que tu cafiero If you knew what I knew, meaning about the events of the Hereafter, you would laugh little and you would cry much.

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You would laugh little and you would cry much. Meaning you need to start thinking about these events. I'm telling you live regularly. There's a reason why there's hardly a page in the Quran. Except that refers to the day of judgment and agenda so that you would realize what would it be like to miss out on this

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and the fire what would it be like to be subjected to this if you knew what I knew?

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The approach one of the believe it was in Arena I know a lot one night to call him for a lot of adventures. And he will not respond to them. And they said come calling him or email him Oh, email do not respond to them. And they walk in on him something happens. Yeah, email we've been calling where are you? Where are you? Have you been meaning where's your head? Like? Where's your focus? What are you thinking about? They said to him, he couldn't Where were you? And He said to them a sale out. I was at the bridge crossing the hellfire. Meaning he sits there at night. And he imagines it. He spends four or five, six hours some nights playing the scenes of what it's going to be like,

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from the grave. Earth man on the low dialogue with the great companion of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He when He would hear about the grave, he would cry. And when they would talk about hellfire and Paradise he wouldn't cry as much. So this was awkward to the Sahaba and to the students from the tyranny and they said to him, how come you cry it the greed if you don't cry regarding Paradise and the hellfire? He said to them our prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to us in the conqueror, LW men Zilla teen mean Manasseh will ask you about the greatest the very first stage of the hereafter.

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whom ever it's easy for

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everything after it will be easier. And whomever it's difficult for everything after it will be more difficult. Meaning this is what I'm thinking about that moment when I'm going to find out what the rest of eternity is going to be like. That is what generates series. That is what will prevent you from the fears on the day of judgment to be afraid here. And this is the first of the three and the most common of the three reasons for a person to be tearful, tender hearted, ready to cry, those tears that are so valuable to Allah azza wa jal to be at heart translated by the eyes the way he wants you Subhana Allah to follow

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Mala vivadent Should Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, question number Hamedan habido whenever you more also

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and there are many things that will get between a person and between being of those who remembers Allah alone, and his eyes overflow with tears being that seventh category of them are is is everything that hardens your heart,

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like breaking your promises to Allah azza wa jal and he said about venues right and so the night either for be mad luckily he made that a home Lana Mojang Bluebell Garcia because they broke their covenants with us. We cursed them and we made their hearts heart.

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And also the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma'am, Allah and Adam that we are and SHABOOM in botany, the Son of God and the human being never fills a vessel.

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Worse For Him than his stomach. over eating has horrible health benefits, but the greater danger to overeating to fill in your stomach as the norm is the spiritual kolad puts you in unfamiliar right in our lungs as Hustla Talita Cassia Welcome, Catherine to Brian, we're calcula two capsules with the ionic walkathons with calorie. He said eating too much and speaking too much are two qualities it can happen on off. But when it becomes your quality, your heart cannot melt in this state. Because this is someone who has jumped headfirst into focus on this world, the luxury of this world, they will not be able to have the scenes of the Hereafter unveiled and you all know this by

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experience. And he met Mark McLaughlin Lola, when he was asked, I will call Guma. Shiva call Allah. He said to that they asked me Can a person's heart be tender on a full stomach? He said I don't see how that's possible.

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And also of the things that will soften your heart is mercy

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to the weak and the vulnerable, when they went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said they said to him, we complaints you that were rough people, we're not used to crying. We're just we weren't raised like that. How do we soften our hearts? He said, visit the graveyard, the most vulnerable person out there. There's no person that is more vulnerable than those in the graveyards. And he said when sahak said Yeah, team and wipe the head of the orphans, you know, the orphans, the weak and the broken. They give you that category. Remember we said fear we said longing and we says brokenness, being with those that are broken, giving them from your compassion, you will

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get from their brokenness, you will benefit from them more than they will benefit from you. You will benefit them emotionally and they will benefit from you will benefit from them spiritually. And then you got the better end of the bargain.

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And at the end of the day, it's about working for it.

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And it's about not tricking yourself. You know how many of us it was cited earlier has a beautiful quote regarding crying that do not treat yourself and he would say Liesl ha evil men Becca alasa it well that Kenan ha Eva, mentor camellia fofo and you either body. Don't trick yourself. Don't sell yourself some crocodile tears. You're not pretending pretending to the people. But what if you're pretending to yourself, be careful. He says the one that is fearful is not the one that cries and rinses every last year out of his eyes squeezes out every last drop. He says the one that really fears Allah is the one that abandons the thing. He's afraid to be punished because of what does it

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mean that a person come into the masjid and cry when he hears a passionate story or crying is derived in witches and go back doing the exact same things he's done before?

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Is that someone who's afraid? Or is that someone appeasing his conscience and Sophia to tell you, I used to say to Cat Well, I should love to crying, genuine crying for Allah that valuable one that treasure. He said, There's 10 Different kinds of crying. Look how much attention they get this in their lives, they understood its word. He says there are 10 different kinds of wacky that will mean who Nadella will just one of those tenants for Allah. And nine are not for Allah, you may presume them to be from Allah, but they're not really for Allah. When a jab at 10 He the Wa*a mother runs and Phil amla he can hear what he says. And if that one time out of the 10 to 10% of your crime that

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comes from love, if you're able to pull it out of you once a year, that's a lot. Consider yourself fortunate. thank Allah for that. And Heidi,

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anything you do in public, consider it nothing. Consider it I could have been crying to the people around here crying, I could have been crying because the story was emotion I is it for Allah Heiligen it comes.

00:26:09--> 00:26:15

And the very last thing to be said, I read this, this is 130. Now, the early Muslims knew and valued

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the tenderness of heart that Allah wanted from them, they will travel to the farthest corners of the earth for it. And time will not allow us to cite examples of this. But look at yourself.

00:26:30--> 00:26:40

If you may Allah forbid were diagnosed with a disease that could end your life, your physical life, your worldly life, your body, how far would you go seeking the cure?

00:26:42--> 00:27:23

And now after you've heard the whole book, how far will you go to tenderize your heart a bit to make it soft, fearful of God compassionate with his creation? What will you invest in that that's what they used to do? And Oh Allah, He if you do what they did, Allah will not deprive you. He will not deprive you of that state. That tear that washes away your past or washes away the rest of within Washington, we are crimes re infuses us with that spiritual energy that will carry us forward and keep us on the path. I asked Allah azza wa jal to protect us from an AI that does not tear as a Prophet sallallahu I don't know. I don't want to say well, oh, they'll be coming. I tend to not Oh

00:27:23--> 00:28:00

Allah, I seek protection in you from an eye that doesn't tear and ask Allah to give us eyes that tear for the right reasons, and to protect us from the humility from the fear of hypocrisy, to make our fear of him genuine, and to make it consistent in public and in private. And I asked Allah to forgive us of our cities, and to brace us in our shortcomings. And may Allah make what is remaining of all our lives better than the past and the very best day of our lives. We stand in front of him and are reunited with him and join his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all the prophets and messengers in the highest guardians of Jannah love them, I mean, Allah, Allah then our hunger,

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Allah Allah within our Hamner. Well, let's check in now I will be coming in Lyon. Welcome back when I've seen that dish, why, where?

00:28:12--> 00:28:48

Where do I acknowledge the Jabu level? Where do I use the jugular? Where do I evaluate the general level of love muffling semitones events when meaning I'm looking at a lot here and even more familiar words, Allah human soul in Islam I mean, why did the shakedown machine Allah Who Medina Allah Divina vagina cetera the man who either had help from a carabiner Allah Who MFI Lana hola hola hola Ramadan Saudi Arabia and Lake Akbar Mina in like enter semi rallyin What to Bahrain in like enter Well, Rahim Allah Allah wa sallam have

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been by the end he also he says in the stream and Fer

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in that