99 Names of Allah #44 Al-Majeed

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Salam Alaikum tonight's name is Al Majeed. A law to Allah is Al Majeed. Allah Majeed means that Allah is the grandest and the most noble and the mightiest.

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It reminds me of a story. That something that happened to me when I was in Medina,

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there was a man that came up to me and asked me a question he asked me,

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there are some people where I'm from who pray, but they don't pray to Allah.

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They pray to other people,

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that people,

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and they think that they're doing the right thing.

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How do they explain themselves? They say that well, think about a king.

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If I want to approach a king in this world,

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can I go right up to the king? And tell them what I want? No, I can't I have to go through these other sort of intermediaries, these middlemen, I have to meet with his representative or his deputy or somebody else down the chain that's a little bit less important. In order to get what I want from the king,

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the king has all of these guards that protect him and all of these messengers, right? That send these sorts of requests to the king.

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And so these people thought, Allah must be the same.

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I'm not going to ask Allah directly, I'm going to send it with a messenger. And that way it'll get to Allah.

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After I thought about this for a second, I said to him,

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the difference between a law

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and a king is that a law is as big

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a law is the greatest grandest. Why does the king have messengers in this world? The King has messengers because he can't listen to everyone at once. Why does the king have soldiers and guards? The King has soldiers and guards because he can't protect himself

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by himself?

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Why does the king have spies? Why does the king have high walls? Why does the king have big roles and a huge crown because he can't do it for himself. He can't protect himself. He can't hear everything. He can't know everything.

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And so he has all of these kinds of people around him in order to help him

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do what he thinks he has to do.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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He sees everything and he knows everything.

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And he can protect himself and can protect everybody. He's happy and happy.

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And so Allah doesn't need anybody to stand in between you and him. You can pray to Allah directly.

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That's what makes a lot of the magic.

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The most great, the grandest.

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He doesn't need any of the middlemen. A lot can do everything by himself.

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And that's all for tonight. So don't wait too long.