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The speakers discuss the negative impact of false accusations and social factors on men’s health, as well as the root of evil in the culture of Islam. They also talk about the challenges of living in a changing world and the importance of learning to work and not burn oneself. The speakers mention the use of language and the importance of avoiding sexual misconduct and abuse.

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In the country that island Minister me he wants to fiddle around with a bit later on. I mean surely unforeseen. I will say at Yama, Nina. Main de la Jara for la mala one minute live further ahead. Yeah, that was shadow now either if a loved one definitely that said he can

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do whatever you want to sue. Yeah, you will Avena Truffula aka Ducati here in LA and to Simone yeah you've

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got to let the fella come in FCM ADA of color coming has an agenda. I mean humare jive and Kathy are on when he says What's up la Hello the to sir and I'm gonna be here a long time in Mombasa, Ghana. They can go fever. Yeah, you will Edina Amman la how Pulu Odin said either use Lacuna Coil web feedback on the Nova comm or usury law how Rasulullah moved for the first fellows and Halima to proceed All Praise and Glory be to Allah Allah thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and displeasure and his forgiveness, asking Allah to protect us from evil whispers within all of us and the evil consequences of our misdeeds for whatever Allah guy is known can lead astray and lever

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Allah leaves a stray without guidance and uncut provide man can deliver guidance such a person and we testify that no one is worthy of our lives, I will worship our dedication but Allah alone without any partners, the Almighty, true supreme King, and at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed his prophet and his serpent and His messenger.

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The carrier and bearer of pure guidance and glad tidings and a warning before the coming of the hour.

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Old people have Eman or you have believed have an example of Allah. And see a word that reaches the mark of law says Say it accurate word.

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In exchange, Allah will rectify your deeds for you.

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And He will forgive for your misdeeds and whoever obeys Allah and His messenger that they have succeeded, and they have attained that true success in doing so.

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To begin, we continue with our special seven that Allah will grant his shade the shade of his throne, on the sweltering painful, lengthy de of idea of resurrection. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, there are seven whom Allah will shade under his shade on the day when there will be no shade but his set of eyes on your local Mala and feeling the need Yun Allah when I emailed him, Cara Imam when I did wash shampoo, Nisha, if you thought it

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was Humala confit massage, it was what we learned to have he learned each summer it will stop it.

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I'll just leader a young person who spends their youthful years in devotion to of love a man whose heart hangs in the masjid in the house of God. Two that love one another for the sake of love coming together on that on his pleasure and going their separate ways on his pleasure. And today's our appointment with the fifth

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of the special seven our prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, we're on June the Antoine Ratan that two months even more generally, Savannah in the fall football man, the fifth category, a man who was invited to Jara to an illicit relationship

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by a woman of nonslip and Gemma, a woman of great reputation and a woman of great beauty. She combined between both, although beauty gains, women are our reputation, and our reputation can cause someone to see a woman is very appealing and beautiful. But she had both of them combined in her

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for Allah but he resisted and said I fear Allah subhanahu Hertzog and so this is a man that was able to overcome the greatest challenge that a man is posed within his life, that a grown man a youth onwards is posed within his life, the desire to suppress his love, his lower appetites, that desire and only restricted where Allah permitted for him to express it. So this is someone that had beauty and of course this goes between men and women and women and men. The quality here is what is being emphasized that she had a duty and she had reputation due to her family due to her well, she had all of this, but perhaps stronger than all of that the greatest factor which made it so difficult, that

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made it such a hot situation for him.

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To resist and in exchange, you didn't have to deal with the heat of the day of judgment. He will receive what was she? He said Allah His love was salam in Mirage when that who the woman was the one inviting

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because many times perhaps we can even argue most of the time. Those who do not commit Zina, there are so many that do. But those who do not commit Zina, they don't abstain. They don't resist just for Allah azza wa jal, they could resist because of some sort of emotional or psychological resistance. He doesn't like to feel rejected. A man does not like to feel that from a woman.

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And also many times there's another factor and that's the social factor. A person just doesn't like to get caught. That's what stops them. As for not doing it for Allah azza wa jal, this is extremely rare. Usually it's some sort of worldly factor that stops those who actually stop.

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You lead now should. Allah Haven argues at this simple Radek concept? He says why is it that in the Quran when Allah azza wa jal speaks about the Sunnah, those who fall into adultery, those who fall into sin, he says as Nia towards Zanni, Virginia to the woman who commit Zina fornication, and the man who commit Zina that this is their punishment flog them.

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But when it came to theft, when it came to stealing,

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a was diligent began with the men first, and he said was sad. And I said, it was said to the man who steals and the woman who steals so why the reversal in the order. He says perhaps the reason this is a very beautiful subtlety, he says, perhaps the reason is because most of the people that participate in theft, are men. So this is mostly something that is very perilous, very dangerous, requires, you know, climbing and running, and sometimes you're gonna have to kill somebody if you get caught and it's more prominent in men.

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He says, and as for Xena, it's not that Zina is more prominent in woman. But the greater determining factor in whether or not Xena will happen. He says it's the woman household, some people may think he is sitting or that Islam says and this is very alien. This comes from other religions, that the woman is the root of all evil, or the concept of every downfall of man's cause. But this is not Islamic at all. This comes from a completely different tradition that people might have assumed is the same exact perspective in Islam. And it's not. Because in Islam, the man and the woman have identical punishment in Zina and identical punishment if they accuse someone of Zina. And if four

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men would testify against one woman that she committed Zina, and their stories don't match up, they all get punished and she goes free.

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And of course, all of this is happens in a judicial system, obviously, and Allah. But the point being is he's not saying she is more to blame for Zina. He thinks she is the determining factor in Xena because the guy already has his mind made up anyway. He's just waiting for her to give him the green lights. The man does not have the ability to resist. Unless there are other factors, meaning ordinarily people without the fear of Allah in their life without Tough luck.

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I'm sure I'm not gonna get caught. I'm sure she's inviting. There's no resistance from her and she's not gonna reject me. She will determine whether visitor happens or not. And perhaps this is why Allah began with her subhanho wa taala.

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And so this is huge. This is Islam recognizing reality, that the reason why there are these barriers, why there is so much fear that should keep people from allowing these these appetites to take control of their life is because of an inherent weakness that is more prominent in men.

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And so when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for example, says, hey, the Muslim or the Allah Juan Valley and Muslim mattock, to fitness and body here are going to either be journeyman and this, I have not left a temptation, a trial a challenge after me, after I go, that will remain with my human that is more difficult, or he says more harmful on the men's and women. It's because of an inherent weakness in the man. And that's why I was originally spoke about Xena, untellable from Xena, he and the guidelines for dealing for gender interactions. He explained why and sort of the desire and he said we're fully but inside of our EVA, because the human being is weak. Many of the

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early Muslims they said that they understood yet have more ocular over it and he said because his mind his judgment is impaired when he has free rein in front of in front of the opposite gender. And so for you to think you can

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play with this fire without getting burned.

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This is the slippery slope that has taken so many, throughout human history in this home outside of this home, you know, even our children or our youth or our peers, they are criticized a great deal openly and like implicitly gestures growing up, how don't you date?

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You have to just try it out like just, they don't they refuse the notion that this is so dangerous that this is playing with fire. They say how are you going to get married, if you don't take if you don't have some sort of nearness, some sort of relation relationship. And this, to be honest, is the most difficult besides the football, but it's the most difficult argument to accept if you're in your right mind. But if you're governed by this leaning, which is natural, and you don't have enough fear of Allah to wake you up, you will be susceptible to it. Because how ridiculous is it to say that dating will ensure a good marriage? You know, some of the journals, I believe, is the

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University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh journal mentioned that less than 1% 1% of people actually go and reach a point where they married their first love their first day, right? So how's that going to help anybody? You know, that means that means you fall in love with someone. And there's more than a 99% chance that you're going to go your separate ways you're gonna hate each other after, which means you're gonna let go of each other's secrets are going to try to get vengeance against one another and all of that. And then let us say, we are insane enough to make on the 1%. What is the percentage of marriages in this culture that lasts?

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Depending on where you are? You're talking between 50 and 60% of the marriages fail anyway. So where is the fruit of this dating process? How Does it even work? Rather, this is something that was dictated by opening the floodgates on these desires by just letting it go and releasing it without balance Allah azza wa jal is saying, Do not come near it, you will get burned. When he says to try to hold out that one answer for Agustina he, he did not say don't do it. He said do not come anywhere near this in Navajo Canada. He said it's a heinous thing. It's a wild beasts, you know, don't come near this. If you don't, they say don't come near the animals gauge, the animal sticks

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his arm like it says, if you will, if you come within the vicinity,

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you will be pulled in you will not be able to resist if you get close. And then he says we're sad as Lila and this is an ugly, ugly, ugly Road, once you fall into it will not stop there.

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And so for a person to be in denial about this and say, yeah, we can this is fine. We're just so long as it doesn't get to that. You are belying yourself. You know, when Allah azza wa jal says the reason that the use of Alayhis Salam says, we're in custody for me, keep them on us. We raised in our community in January, this is used to rally salaams wisdom, wisdom and his fear of Allah. And he said, Oh Allah, if you don't turn this away from me, if you don't protect me from this, he wasn't coming close. It was chasing after him. And he see Still, despite that, if you don't protect me, I will fall I will split us will unite and I will fall to them, I will fall to their invite. They

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invited these women that are tried to seduce me when I come in at Gen Ed, and I will be of the foolish because certainly someone is foolish. If they think they can do it on their own. They can play with fire and not to get burned. Or you're certainly foolish of the Jedi. If you think your only problem is that no one's gonna find out. If you think getting caught is the only problem. Right? Because at the end of the day, let us see her the husband that will overlap the woman as well as his would have caught

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in Had he given him as this would have caught them. The worst that's going to happen, he's going to kill him. That's the worst that's going to happen.

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And many for many people that is a relief.

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It will just take away his dunya but what happens when someone separates you from Allah subhanho wa Taala what happens when you develop a mindset where it's okay so long as the people don't catch me

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and you are completely oblivious to the danger the possibility of Allah azza wa jal catching you but let us say we are in a situation of use Alexandra to take it one step further. Because this is the fitna of our times every age had its feats, and perhaps this is the fitna of our time is that how was it ciencias some quality or hypersexuality that we have in our age? What if you're resisting you're not playing games you're staying 100 meters back and it comes chasing after you because that is the age we live in isn't it? You know Allah you when you read the

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Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that before the sound before the last hour of this dunya you will foundering while you are J wire to Xena work through cut.

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But right before the our knowledge will be uplifted, and ignorance will become settled. And Zina will become

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proliferated, pushed in every direction. So open up vs available, and killing will be everywhere. Allah you see today's age and you read that hadith and you say a shadow in the Karasuma you really are the Messenger of Allah alayhi salatu salam, there is not there are no for more depicting elements of today's age than those four people being killed not knowing why they're killed or why they're killing Xena like you would not imagine ignorance and the upliftment of knowledge and the ABCs of common sense. Forget revelation and religion. All of that being challenged. He foretold this on a software setup. So what do you do when you find yourself in this situation

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where you're running away from it, but the women in the age, for example, are the men they are chasing, throwing themselves at you from every single direction, at school, at work in the restaurant, online, in your pockets. My mother comes to me My mother doesn't sign up for coupons or go on websites. So people, they they grab your email address and they send you things and she came to me and said to me, I found invitations, things coming on certain applications. I could not believe it.

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I could not believe that people see this stuff, people are invited to these things. So what do you do in this situation? When you run from it as best you can, you're You're not just saying I'm going to stop at Xena because that'll never happen. You're not just saying I'll have a casual relationship. You're not saying I won't touch you're not saying I won't be alone. You're saying I'm going to lower my gaze with Allah. I'm not even going to look I'm not even going to look but it still comes your way

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it's still found accessible to you and your incline. Rather this is move up a little bit because we have a big crowd today.

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of youngsters Mind you, this was completely unplanned by the way apparently there's no school today we'll handle the lovely to be really our people need to hear

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what happens when this desire is so accessible like never before? And you find yourself inclined to it because to be in denial that I can I'm not going to become a client that's also insanity. Right? Allah azza wa jal says a few surprises Salah and Ababa solution what to do? He says what haemophilia Lola and Robin Hannah Robin, and he was inclined to her and worried not for the fact that he saw the sign of his lower word not for the fact that his Emad his faith, his higher his own machine, this stuff was fear of Allah flared, he would have had it month because this is reality. It's not like there was something wrong with him. And so he didn't desire Allah saying he was perfectly normal,

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perfectly human, perfectly manly, he had this word not for the sign of Allah that he was able to see.

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Why was he able to see it? Why would why did he find external help? It was external help that Allah stepped in and protected him from this because he had a balance with Allah He had a record and account with Allah azza wa jal because Allah says in the very next words in that same idea, why did you see them that flare? Carla can then you can email us refer and who sue? One fracture, this is how we divert from him that we did it. We turned away from him as Sue Ellen fascia, evil and indecency. Why integral can I mean in a bad you know, most law scene because he was of Our servants that were chosen, you know, most less means you devote yourself to Allah. Most lust is when Allah

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chooses you. Most of this means you're sincere you choose Allah, as the aim behind your actions. Most loss is when Allah chooses you, to protect you to purify to make you one of his close slaves. And these go hand in hand. When someone devotes himself to Allah, He is inviting us protection. He's inviting Allah's aid in his life.

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But when a person does not have this relationship with Allah, this devotion to Him subhanho wa Taala

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where's he going to find the help from if he insisted not to invite into his life if she insisted not to do this subjecting herself or himself to this time and time again, if a person is not preying on time, if a person is not devoting himself to Allah's boundaries, recognizing them

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observing them, if they're not doing this, that how can Allah was diligent? How in terms of fairness, not in terms of ability? How can Allah guide a person that is not asking for it, protect a person that says I can do it on my own. It won't happen.

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Use of our lessons and I'm gonna fall. And then he said, in the hub, when a person invites Allah then the most dishes, most vicious, aggressive desire inside of you, whatever it may be, you can overcome. Whether it's greed, whether it's anger, whether it is the desire for food for drink, but the most aggressive desire for most of us is this desire we're talking about today. Sure, the most basic desire necessary desire for human beings with a drink.

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Because without food and drinks, we die very fast, and people can go years on end without marriage. So it's not the most necessary, but if you get close to it, it becomes the hardest to resist. But even that one, when you come close to Allah, there will be ease in resisting it, he will not let you fight that fight alone.

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And this was the man of the Prophet SAW Selim speaking about in this hadith. He was invited and he was able to not just say, No, I fear Allah backoff Not gonna happen. He doesn't just determine her he, he declares his principle. Right? He declares his principles like usabout I said, I once did. He said, In Nepal rugby, live Allah, the refuge of Allah is He, He is my Lord asked me why he has taken care of me in the hope that he will never allow to succeed someone that betrays him.

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I can't do this. Because you know, if you survive, he said, I would have said to her, I can't you could get caught or I can't. Your marriage. She'll say, I'm divorced my husband for you. Right, but he declares it from the get it's impossible not going to happen. And all throughout the history of this ummah, there are people that capitalize on this, you know, Robbie or no theme right in the home love, a beautiful personality in the tabulator and Kufa, when I would love to miss Ruth came to a group and he saw a robia how much he fasted and prayed at night and devoted himself to Allah. He said to him, had the Messenger of Allah.

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And if this isn't like a testimony, I don't know who it is. He said, If the Messenger of Allah had met you, you would have loved him and his lotto setup. And so some of the people that were resentful of our Robbia spiteful because if you exist, holding to your principles you make by contrast, people look at that argument. And so people don't like others that are playing by the rules. If they're breaking the rules, it makes them conflicted. And that, by the way, is the reason why believers need to always go into the massaging and always need to get keep good company. Because you will see where you need to pick up the slack, you will see by comparison where you're falling behind that can

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conflicted feeling is good for you. Don't run away from it.

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And so these people did it, these people wanted him to be like them. And so they went to the most beautiful woman that they could find that they used to purchase. She was she was above him.

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She worked in prostitution. And they said to her, here's 1000 dinar a fortune. She said for what they said to get from a Robbia Juan Pablo.

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That's it. She said I'll give you much more than that. And she went to him and said to them, I have a question. I need the first one. And when he did that, she revealed herself in a corner of the street revealed herself to him.

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And so he screamed scream that. He said what are you insane to tour K for Mickey like what would you be like if you catch a fever tonight? And it changes that beauty of yours and disfigures you

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and how many people are one sneeze or one fever away from looking like a completely different person the next time you see them. He said what will it be like when medical well danger of death comes to you and he grabs you by your have been worried you're juggling? And what will it be like when we come in the key the two angels in the grave since you have to interrogate you. And he kept yelling at her like this until she the sincerity of his words took her from within and she ran off. And she had made a beautiful Toba repentance to Allah azza wa jal and she became known as IV that to Kufa, the most devout worshipper of alcova. And those that had aid her the money used to say, we sent her

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to a Rabi or to rule in a robe here and Arabia ruined her for us He ruined our business.

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And likewise, I have to let him know that for a second, like him who loved when he was captured by the photos captured by the the army of the version one of the campaigns during the life of a loved

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They, they tried everything to get him to leave his religion. Because he was they were told this is one of the remaining people from the firsthand companions of this man, Muhammad Ali salatu salam. And they will admit women upon him. And this, they did this for centuries, actually. But this was the first generation. So however they saw this, they would sit with women to take care of their wounds and tend to them until

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you build an affinity and then she would offer herself to him on the condition that he'd become one of theirs, you become their religion. And so when they did this to him, she tried everything and she walked out.

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And she said to them, I don't even know if this man knows that I'm a woman.

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He did it, which did it turn nothing, he showed no signs no in this. And they tried to throw him in a burning cauldron of oil to to boil him to death, if you will. And that didn't break here. And so the man didn't want to kill him, it would be a waste he wanted to humiliate him. So the guy the commander of the Persian said, I'll accept from you to kiss my head, and I'll set you free.

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That's it, I'll settle for that. Kiss my head for everybody.

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Glorify Me, I'll set you free.

00:26:14--> 00:26:22

And so he said, Only if you promised to release all of my brothers, the rest of the Muslims. And there were about 80 of them that were taken captive after that battle.

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And so he agreed and he was able to release, emancipate these 80 plus people and when they got back to Medina or on top of the Alaba and said, It is everyone's duty to get up and kiss this man set.

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For what he did. He was able to resist, Allah liberates you from being tied down by these things that will fail you a phone call he had that was the problem of him money. 111 salatu salam I haven't done a video about that, should I let you know who should have? Do whatever you want. So

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we must understand that no matter what age we live in, how difficult the challenges are, Allah azza wa jal has given us everything that we need to get out safe.

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And he gave us a very simple formula we always repeat and must memorize for holophone, but even Konftel Nogaro so that they will tell our Shala if a cell phone the nation's before you were destroyed because they allowed the prayer to fall apart.

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And so they began following their desires. When you Don't lower your head for Allah, your head will be lowered for so many other worthless things.

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And you think about Allah our children growing up, Oh Allah, we feel so bad for them. Sometimes, the things they see I had an eight year old come up to me on Friday saying I like a boy. And I don't know what to do. And I know we've got one we're just conditioned. She's told that someone called my attention over the weekend, to some ridiculous series on on YouTube that has hundreds of millions of views. Just some homemade ridiculousness about relationships between Spider Man little Elsa from Frozen, two teenagers acting up the scenes, the wells is pregnant. Spider Man is cheating on her with Spider Girl, oh, this is just insanity.

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And then when you add to that, that we go through what we go through, and there's no quality, maybe there isn't even consistency and our Salah

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and confidence to stand our principles when we're faced with this societal pressure.

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And then there's movies. I had a girl here in Pennsylvania who came to me right after she tried to kill herself. And her parents don't know, or at least her father didn't know. Because she got stuck in a relationship and she's telling you this long story about how they couldn't get married in the end because she's a Hindu and she's, she's a Muslim. And so she gave him you know, her diarrhea as an apology that she has to walk away and he tried to kill himself. So she tried to kill herself. And I'm this is the movies we watch when you're young, right? I told you to do you do watch? I asked her certain kinds of I told you you watch Bollywood. These types of movies Indian love stories all the

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time I was raised on them.

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Can you imagine like, can you imagine inviting to people into your living room? Parents think about this. We are we cannot just like badger the children expect them to get thrown into the ocean with their hands tied and swim. Would you invite two people to kiss in your living room on a couch? What's the difference of this small piece of glass between you and the movie screen? And then a guy runs away with a girl and some movie and your heart is racing because the father is chasing the two of them and right before the Father kills him like he jumps out of the hotel room or the whatever it is, and you're just like, you decided with this and you just find it with a fornicator you identify

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By the Shavon in that moment you normalize this. And you know how rated are

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now it's PG 13. And the standards keep changing. We all know this.

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You mix all of that together, and this is what have we done.

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And so the issue is not just Xena issues, not just pornography issues, many of the things that we do on a daily basis, make us think it's okay. And we'll allow it the worst of it is not anything here in the dunya.

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I'm already three minutes over our prophets of Allah who audio Selim was shown six scenes from the company in the grave afternoon carrying an Ikea, he said, I seen men and women that had no clothing. Yet to him, let him that estimate that we're in an oven with a tight top and a white bottom, and the fire would drive them with lift them upwards, Volvo and they would scream hysterically. And just when they think they're gonna get out the fire lessons again, and it repeats this until the Day of Judgment, then it may get worse. It continues like this until the Day of Judgment, he said it he saw it was set up.

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And you know, that it's sort of known when he talks about the light of guidance of Allah that He places in the hearts, that's the same Surah that speaks about lowering the gaze and marrying early and wearing hijab, and then not taking permission before you enter your the doors of your family, your parents, all of this. It talks about Xena talks about all of this why it's interconnected. If you allow a person to become like this, if we subject ourselves, our family to this, we are no longer human. If you don't learn to work the buzzer as they say, your eyesight lower, you will have no Basilar you will have no insight here, you will not be able to invite the light of Allah in your

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heart, and nothing will satisfy you with that. Don't you know that the most famous women on earth that everyone is jealous of their husbands?

00:32:00--> 00:32:01

All these husbands have cheated on that woman.

00:32:02--> 00:32:31

And the list I just saw recently they're all these women accused her husband of cheating, it will not satisfy you. It is a lie. And so our Prophet SAW Salem is saying Do yourself a favor before we leave this is our fifth of those shaitan Allah shade. Don't burn yourself here and then the heat will get turned up there by just inviting Allah into your life. Understanding that let it be on these terms is lifestyle, not yours nothing else will work.

00:32:33--> 00:33:08

Allah will let you know who said it was a key hands to play in women's LOVE LOVE TO DINNER husband allergy hotline and Landon Collins and Allahu Minella became karate club you will learn you will learn you will learn above mine that I was becoming an enemy What hasn't well I just see what gets said we'll jump in with both we'll leave it at Jan. Allah from the inner circle to the our to our alpha leader, Allah from the inner circle who that was our alpha leader loving offering semitones came out and you need to hear I mean what I mean and what was all about was a little boyfriend. I mean I'm coming off the edge right