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The prescription for Islam is to clear one's body and remove inflammation, and is designed to only be used when transformation is possible. The importance of knowing one's potential and finding one's own success is emphasized, as it is essential for personal success. The speaker emphasizes the need to be prepared for life and not let fear or anxiety hold people. The importance of learning from past experiences and finding one's own success is also emphasized, as it helps people achieve their goals. The conversation shifts to planning for the upcoming year, including building a new house and learning from previous experiences.

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In an hamdulillah Heyerdahl and I'm gonna start up he want to stop futile when I was a bit later on I mean sure all the unforeseen. I will say Dr. Medina may end Hillel to Allah Philomel Lila one minute little further her de la hora shadow Allah Illallah who the whole actually calahorra shadow and Mohammed Abdullah who whenever you who are solo yeah you heard Latina an otaku la Hakata Fatah he will let her move to LA and to Muslim moon yeah Johanna Sutopo Raba como la the Halacha co MINDEF sinuata wahala coming huzzah Jaha robot serving humanity Geralyn Cathy wrong when he says

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what up Hola. Hola de Tessa Luna V will our hand in Allah Hi Karina la kumara Theva Yeah, you had Latina M and o double ma Kulu. Colin said either use la cama loco, Well Phil la considerable, my notary la also the who for the first fellows and Halima.

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We praise Allah azza wa jal, and we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness and His protection from the evil whispers within us. And from the consequences of our evil deeds for whomever Allah guides. No one can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves a stray no one can ever guide. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our love and obedience in the absolute sense with Allah and Allah alone.

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And at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was sending them was in truth without doubt His Prophet and his servant and His messenger. After reminding myself and you with the Taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah Allah to Allah and asking him to bring us to carry us to the month of duck or to the month of Ramadan, may Allah allow us to reach the month of Ramadan and assist us in our Riba in our devotion in Ramadan and accept it from us and make us of those liberated from the fire in this blessed month Allah whom I mean,

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what does your mind come to?

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When you hear that very famous verse? Yeah, you have Latina Emanuel quotevalet camassia Oh, you have believed, fasting has been prescribed on you has been ordained for you has been written on you.

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One of the most useful analogies I've heard a preacher make is that prescriptions are written, and not just by anybody. someone that knows you very well is the only one that can write you a prescription, not just hey, you go grab some vitamins off the shelf. Anyone can suggest that and you don't even have to act on it, not very sensitive.

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And so Allah azza wa jal writing as an obligation from being the most, the greatest expert on you, he is your Creator, the one who knows you better than anyone better than you know yourself and better than any physician can ever know you. He has written for you a prescription, a very serious prescription that needs to be treated as such, and needs to be taken properly, so that you can get out of it. What is intended. So what is this prescription for the prescription of fasting, it is to clear us and to cure us and to detox us from every unhealthy attachment. It's to remove us a little bit from being too fixated on the physical and allowing the spirit to rise a little bit and connect

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with his word the Quran, thus you will see the month of fasting is the month of Quran.

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And when that happens, this is when transformation becomes possible because you can read the Quran but not the receptive to it not be ready for it. Because the detox the cleanse has not happened yet. So this prescription is to flush you so that you can benefit from this Quran. And you see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even him being the human being that nobody could ever match in his excellence. Even he was transformed to a better state than Ramadan. Didn't even Ambassador the Allahu Anhu must say that, that every Ramadan, the Prophet SAW Selim would be completely dedicated to the Quran. And with Jabril alayhi salam, they will be reviewing it. And he was more generous in

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Ramadan than he was in any other one. So even him though nobody could ever outdo him, he would outdo himself. Due to his increased connection with the Quran. He would outdo himself and his compassion to people in his generosity to people. Allah His Salatu was Salam.

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And so that's what we want to think about how much are we ready to actually take this prescription right? Millennial folklore hula hula, one of the early scholars as the Sahaba would make dua to Allah for six months to let them reach Ramadan and then another six months after that Allah accept Ramadan from them

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and as Sydney Malik the great Sahabi are the Allahu and said the Muslims when Ramadan when Shabbat I'm sorry when the month of Shabbat would enter in Cabo and Messiah. Cara Oh ha.

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Well her producer Caterham Wiley him tough we're to live by, if you will miskeen Allah cm. They would be completely focused on Quran and Shaban because they understood that Ramadan needs preparation, you need to show your readiness early. It's not like you're going to plant seeds in Ramadan. Ramadan is more of a harvest for the seeds that you planted before it. It's what you collect. And so you have to be at a point of readiness. So he says they used to read so much Quran and Shaban and Shaban. Interestingly he says that's when the Muslims used to pay. There's a cap. Many Muslims nowadays pay there's a calendar on my blog, and this is fine, so long as you're not

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delaying your psycap beyond beyond one year. That is fine. But they would pay it in Shaban so make sure they've taken care of the weak and the needy to be able to perform so you have that they can afford it, love it forward school.

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And so this was them preparing as best as they could for this month, so that they can transform as much as much as possible in this month. And then the scholar said, if you want to think about how, you know, being close to Allah, which Leon gives us an opportunity to do untangles you is like a prescription to help you detach from what will slow you down of this world and it's temptations. There's a way to measure it. You have to be able to diagnose yourself a little bit.

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You know, AbdulQadir Gilani, Rahim Allah, Allah, if He puts people in five categories is very useful. Think about it, don't memorize it. Just consider it reflect with me in these few minutes. He basically says that the highest level of people with regards to their worldly attachments are those who go through the market. And keep in mind, life is a market. It's not just online shopping, or in mall shopping or social media where I wish I had this body or that fame or No, no, no, everything is a market intended or unintended.

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This top level, the top of the mountain where a person wants to climb to is when they go through the market of life. And they see others obsessed with this life. And they feel for them, they feel bad for them, they have mercy on them. They are sitting walking through the market asking Allah to forgive these people and to guide these people and to help these people. And they're afraid for these people. He says so afraid that that concern for Allah's creation, that compassion they have is enough to distract them from envying these people and being distracted by the glitter of this world. Very beautiful. This is the station of the prophets, the truly guided the most upright people, they

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are too busy saving the creation who are obsessed with this world, for them to be obsessed with this world. He says that one level down, we're climbing down the mountain now so we can climb back up in Ramadan in sha Allah. One level down, he says, are the people that are so focused on Allah, they don't see what's happening in the market.

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Like they go through the market, they're alive, they notice. But if you ask them after what was there, because I don't remember, because he was seeing it with his eyesight. But it was not in his heart. And so didn't mean much to him. He saw the objects but he was never craving them didn't wasn't very interested in them. He realized that doesn't have real value. It's not a pursuit for me. So he didn't see it. That's one level down. It's not the level of the prophets, the prophets saw it and saw those harmed by it and were bent on helping them. But this is still a very impressive level that it doesn't faze you.

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He said one level down is the people that see the products of this world, the glitter, the magnetic pull of this world, and they enjoy this dunya but they thank Allah for it.

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Of course, that's almost impossible to thank Allah for it every single time, you're probably gonna get slowed down, though you're not doing anything haram, but it will slow you down, that you are enjoying everything in this dunya it's very hard to do both at the exact same time, perhaps impossible. So these people are slowed down in their journey, but they're still using the near arm of this world as Allah is favourites to get close to Allah through their sugar through their gratitude.

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He says one level down the fourth level now,

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he says is the level of the people that are interrupted in their journey from Allah, by the glitter of this world. It's temptations, you know, it's vain, you know, your vain desires. I want to win the argument I want to have this product I so they're close to getting close to Allah then they fall off then they get close to Allah and they fall off and they're constantly struggling and these people, they have mixed good deeds and bad deeds, and so long as they keep repenting Allah who will forgive them, so long as they don't stay far away from the path they'll be alright. And they will also receive he says the reward of the Mujahid

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because you're fighting yourself, and Allah is helping you conquer yourself, right? But still, they're falling into haram sometimes.

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He says the last level, and the majority of humanity are the people that are captured by the allure, the force, the temptations of this world. It ties them up and completely abducts them. They lose their religious commitment, they lose, they lose their conscience and unless Allah saves them, they're destroyed.

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And so with that in place, that measuring stick for your diagnosis, you want to see how will Ramadan transform me now? How do I get ready for this climb? I want to get to that point, right? Where I'm not slowed down in my journey anymore. I am not even fazed by this whatsoever. I'm concerned about others on my way to Allah azza wa jal, not because I've made it, but I know that's part of what Allah wants for me, part of my journey. So based on how ambitious you are, it will determine how well you fess how well you take the prescription of cola COLA that was the footlocker all the money work.

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena be about that shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Hua Hua Zhu Li, Kala, shadow and Mohammed and Abdullah, who whenever you who are pseudo,

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one of the scholars, he said that your mentality going into Ramadan, think of the lowest level and we should all assume that in certain aspects of our life, we have been captured by this dunya we have become too attached to it. Because you know why? Because no addict ever admits that they're an addict. They don't recognize they're an addict. And so forget the word addiction that scares you say I have an obsession say I have an unhealthy attachment. How do I break free this month? That's what you want to look at. So he said, you want to imagine yourself like a fish that has just been picked up in the nets because most of the fish get picked up in the net. Because we're humans where we were

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accepted. This is probably me, I'm probably in the nets, I'm probably not one of the 1% that got away and the net is being pulled out of the water meaning your time is almost up.

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And you're trying to get out you can't get out and so you realize you have one more chance to like back up and rip through the ropes that Shaitan has, you know tangled you in in this world. That is Ramadan for you. to muster all that you have to do your best in the slim, because some people they fast but they fast from food and drink only. And those people need to remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said robots are immune. They say that humans see me in larger role. Akash a fasting person may get nothing out of his fast but hunger and thirst.

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He will not get any fruits out of his fast. Technically they fasted but they didn't transform at all. Then there are people that stay away from food and drink and everything else that is ordinarily haram because that is the point of the fest to have this Taqwa to be aware of Allah conscious of Allah, you know, you're building your walls and protecting yourself from every haram.

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Those are the people that truly fasted. And then there is a third level, may we get there in sha Allah one day where you even if it's not the prohibition, you just start seeing things as petty whatever is not going to help me in my journey to Allah, which could end at any minute, not just for the elderly. I want to trim that out of my life, but you have to do it in order. Don't try to get this level when you're committing enormities on the lower levels. And so at the end of it, the hook was over. We have about 10 days left from Ramadan and sha Allah May we live to see it. Not everyone will. May we live to see it. Oh Allah let us live to see. Oh Allah, we recognize that one Ramadan

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will be our last and we have no guarantee that the previous one was our last.

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It must be worth it enough for you think about the climb, think about the level you want to achieve, to put pen to paper. What is my plan? How do I plan on going about doing this? How do I make sure I am granted a harvest in Ramadan? Sometimes you can even plant and then a storm comes in ruins your fields. So what is one thing I'm going to get rid of this Ramadan? A bad habits?

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My anger, right? My whatever bad habits you have. And what is one aspect of my Islam that I'm going to build this Ramadan, getting off refreshed on time for example. Start with the obligations first. And what is one thing I'm going to learn this Ramadan and not look back one book I'm going to read with my family each night. One new thing that I will learn how to earn Allah's pleasure with May Allah azza wa jal allow us and you to fast properly and to stand at night and to find new life for our spirits in his book, may Allah transform us for the veteran

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Forgive us for what he did. He only knows about us May Allah grant us life so long as life is good for us and put us to death whenever he knows that that is better for us Allah whomever live in Ramadan, but living Allah whom Ramadan that have never led to him now, your hand now that's a carabiner Allahumma Jalna Minamoto Avril Lena Lena for heretic, Allahu Majah. Elena minimal to otter Lena Lena for heretic, Allah Houma La hawla wala Quwata Lana in Lubbock in Finland as the noob was to another you wish prima donna or Hamilton?

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Wa sallahu wa sallam Obata kind of Vienna Muhammad wa ala early he was up here to marry