Ramadan the Vacation Resort

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Allah Allah Muhammad Ohana starting over he want to start federal when I was a villa he to Allah I mean surely fusina will say RTR Molina, Mayor de la hooter Allah Fela medulla, one minute Lin Fela her de ella who are shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah wa who Lashley Keller who eyeshadow anna Muhammad and Abby do who want to be you who are sort of, yeah, you're Latina? I'm an otaku, Lucha 240 He wala temotu illa anti Muslim moon. Yeah, Johanna Sutopo Rebecca Mulethi Holika comin FC Wahida team wahala coming Huzzah. Jaha weboth Amin humare Jalan Cathy wrong one is

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what duckula Lizzy Tessa Luna V well on ham in Allah Kana. Alikum rock Eva. Yeah, you're Latina am an otaku Hola Hola, Kulu Poland sadita Use lacuna, ama loco way I feel like on Vinoba co one minute weary la hora Sula, who *a d'affaires I fell fellows and Alima after praising Allah azza wa jal and testifying that none is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience and the absolute unconditional sense of what Allah and Allah alone without any partners.

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And after bear witness bearing witness at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a servant and His Prophet and his messenger. And after reminding myself and you with the Taqwa of Allah, for he accepts nothing but the and will reward only for it, and will only have mercy on its people I asked Allah to write us in this month of Ramadan among the people of Taqwa until the day we die, yeah, but Alameen I asked Allah to brighten our faces with this month, and to make us of those that have been written in the heavens as those who fasted it properly. And among those who stood in its nights in devotion, may Allah accept from us and make it a blessing Ramadan for us, in our

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families, and for all the Muslims in every part of the world, Allah Huma Amin.

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To begin my brothers and sisters, we live in a time when Ramadan cannot be more appreciated. Because we live in a time when we are constantly in need of vacations, we constantly feel the need to rejuvenate. And a big part of that, of course, is because so much of our life has become artificial, whether it's the food you eat, or the relationships you have there artificial innocence. And it in large part is about us becoming so fragile. And so we're always looking for vacations that frequent vacations, frequent getaways, frequent holidays, and sometimes we go to them and actually we don't get much out of them because we're not able to disconnect from the artificiality right? You still

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have your laptop with you or your phone with you and so the beautiful destination you've gotten at nothing is working.

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But Ramadan absolutely works and almost everyone sitting in this message knows that and we want to notice that not at the back end of Ramadan that was beautiful, but from the front end of Ramadan. So you can take advantage of the most beautiful destination Ramadan is the souls vacation is the souls getaway. You know Yes, Ramadan is a bootcamp it disrupts your schedule and demands of you certain high level physical performance, but it is also a vacation resort at the same time. And a person can think Wait, but like how do we make sense of this? It seems like a contradiction. Is it a bootcamp or is it a resort? Is it labor is work or is it a vacation? It is labor is work only if the only

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thing you understand is the outward material nature of this world. Whereas the believer is not like that. Allah azza wa jal describes the disbeliever as your Allah Munna VA here Amin and hayati dunya, will whom Allah Pharaoh to whom Rafi doon all they know is the exterior nature of this worldly life and they are totally oblivious to the realities beyond it like the realities of the hereafter. Al Hasan Basri Rahim Allah and he used to recite this idea, all they know is the outside nature of this world the exterior, oblivious to the hereafter, he said and this is an example not just the only interpretation he interprets by example, he says who are Raju it's like a man

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who places the dinar a currency a gold coin I love free he on his nail for your bureau cabbie was me while I your scenario, suddenly, he puts it on his nail is able to tell you how much it weighs. Is it full way there is a cheated. He's an expert in business expert and investment expert in finance, and he does not know how to pray. He doesn't know how to connect with his Lord subhanho wa taala.

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As for the believer who understands this world inside and out, he understands that he also has a spirit has a soul has a neffs that neffs is not looking to rest. It's looking for peace and there's a big difference. Nowhere in the Quran

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Do you hear that the neffs of the believer the neffs of the human being is looking for Raha looking for rest. It looks for Toma, Nina, it looks for Sakina it looks for peace, to be at peace with its Lord through working for him. That is how the month of Ramadan could be hard labor and it is the most enjoyable experience ever. Because it helps you realize where true satisfaction comes from where true rejuvenate rejuvenation being reinvigorated, revitalize re energize this found that's the true refresher as Allah azza wa jal said, yeah, yeah to Hanif sudomotor My inner Oh, inner self spirit that is multiple inner that is at peace. It'll Jerry in Arabic Oh you who's content with your

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Lord, game closeness come close, return to your Lord,

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all the atom merliah While pleasing your Lord and doing so and being pleased with doing so.

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For the holy, fearing badly, so enter among my servants be of those who enlisted in the servitude of Allah, what the Holy Jannetty and as a result, you enter my paradise that paradise exists in the hereafter because it exists in this world. So whoever tastes it in this world will make it to the paradise of the next. And so in listening yourself that is how submission to Allah, Islam or the high season of Islam Ramadan, right. That is how this brings us that comfort. It is most advantageous to let go of yours to submit to Allah. It's, it's beneficial in this dunya and the afternoon, not just in the afternoon. Even from on the outside, it seems like such a grind. That's

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what Ramadan does for us. It allows us to realize that our measures got it all wrong. It's just like with money when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about perspective on wealth. He said man Akasa man on in South Africa, no charity ever decreases money with charity means letting go have some of my money. He's telling you it doesn't work like that. That's not the way you measure. It will not decrease you will get an increase whether in a subtle way that you may not realize or in a very open, obvious way that you realize. And he said when I said Allah who I be then behalf when Eliza and Allah only increases those who forgive others in respect. Outwardly when you let it go,

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you don't retaliate. You seem like oh, they're not gonna respect me. They're gonna look at me as a pushover. Whereas in the measures of Allah, the One who is forgiving to others, it's actually the opposite. The measures are different. Well, Matt Alba, I don't live in LA Rafa hula and no one lowers themselves humbles themselves for Allah not for people to call you humble. Not you know, for social maneuvering or political no for Allah. I don't want to ascribe greatness to myself, I gotta let things go. whoever humbles himself for Allah, Allah who raises them. And so Ramadan does that. The measures of our life, the measures of our success, the measures of our comfort, Ramadan comes to

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break the wrong measures. And that is why Subhanallah I said, we want to talk about it in the beginning of the month, we all feel at the end of the month, despite how hard it was. You're sad, you're actually sad that Ramadan is over. It's really fascinating. It's amazing. It really is a resort once you understand how it is like that and why it is like that. And so break the measuring stick. That's what I'm telling you. Allah wants you to break these faulty measures. Do more in Ramadan, connect with him more in Ramadan. Not just the host will pick up the phone, forgive others in Ramadan. Donate one in Ramadan, local causes and everywhere you can find donate more in Ramadan.

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Read more Quran and Ramadan. You will get more once you refuse to accept that I'm going to lose out on some time here I'm going to lose out on some rest here you will see what you get out of it. You will remember oh yes, this is what happens every year. I should have done more I should have done it earlier. As one of the scholars he was asked how much Quran should I read? He said it depends on how much happiness you want. I've only had that was the for Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah wa the hola sharika lahu eyeshadow and Mohammed and Abu whenever you who are solo.

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My brothers and sisters in sha Allah this evening there will be a very special presentation in sha Allah right after so after Isha that will not consume much time 1015 minutes and the thorough we will accommodate. Be as many left for it to cover some of our successes in sha Allah

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Over the past year well hamdulillah despite the challenges of 2020 and everything else, Allah azza wa jal has given us a very special community. And Allah has allowed us to outdo ourselves last year, and this is a humongous blessing. And I've been to many communities around the country and many of you have even said this to me that we are truly privileged to have the center and to have this momentum. At but for now, for now, in sha Allah azza wa jal after this hot vote, we will do what we do every year, we are going to stand after the first husband Ramadan, and make sure we don't slow down, we put our hands together and we collect the resources we need to continue steamrolling. Last

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Ramadan, we were not able to be in house and finances were trumped in a very difficult way due to the boxes not even being accessible. And many of us stepped up well hamdulillah and we collected last year, the Ramadan campaign that you see, now Al Hamdulillah community has grown and the needs have grown. And we have shifted as you know, as you know, from building the masjid, this is a huge phase in sha Allah that we need to act properly in to the services in the masjid. We said, 2021 will be dedicated to a theme of family, growing our families developing and bettering our families, healing our families. And we want to also move beyond that to sharing the message which which is our

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duty, and also the civic engagement to show people what is Islam for their own betterment. And also because we cannot be sharing the message when our actions are too loud. They can't hear our words about the Dawa. And By Allah's grace, you know, many times in many communities, people say, you know, beautiful masjid, but there's nothing happening inside you, you probably hear this a lot beautiful Masjid. But to be honest with you, at the same time, there is this sentiment in misogyny that I took for this community to be different, we have to confront it, which is that those same massages, if you tell them we're going to build the masjid or build the extension, people get

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excited. But then when you tell them Let's spend on what's happening inside the messenger, the surfaces, they there's some degree of interest that is lost. So we can't have both. If we value that what is happening inside and we want to continue growing it, we have to understand the value of that. And by the way, many people may have reservations, rightfully so about paying, there's a catch with the building of misogyny. And this is the opinion the standard opinion of many, many great scholars the form of value. But now that we are shifting to services in the masjid, causing the place to thrive, you can now allocate your Zakah to the services which is very different from the

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structure itself. So I'm going to step down now in sha Allah azza wa jal and I will not take more than three minutes of your time. But let us in sha Allah break the measuring stick. I always say don't assume the hotbar is about the fundraising at the end of the hutzpah though we don't fundraise much when Hamdulillah we want to get this out of the way in the beginning of Ramadan between this afternoon and a short presentation at night, so that we can get back to our a bed but break the measuring stick. A brother came to me this morning and said to me I will pledge $1,000 to IE CPA, and he texted me an hour later he said well Allah He I believe the prophets of Allah has said I

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believe in this without this happening, but my stock just went up $1,000 I didn't ask him well Allah, Allah knows and he is my witness. Let us all do this. If we are struggling financially, this is the best way to recall the risk of Allah azza wa jal and expand it in your life. And if Allah has given you more this year, for some of us, that has been the case, we were forced to work overtime some of our stocks spike, then you have a greater duty, more questioning with Allah azza wa jal because this is not masjid work is not something you do it you're rewarded when hamdulillah Masjid work my brothers and sisters, this is my final line to you is something required of us that Allah

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will ask us about what did we do for him? What did we do for our families? What did we do for the world? What did we do for the legacy of our Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam what did we do for our legacy that we are required to leave behind when we are pulled from this world? May Allah azza wa jal accept my Ramadan and yours and spend on us more and more and give us opportunities to spend on his sake? May Allah give us the courage to forgive our family members? May Allah allow us to find the Quran in ourselves and allow us to admit the Quran to penetrate and change our inner selves? May Allah azza wa jal forgive us and brighten our faces, raise our rank and conceal our flaws, have

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mercy on our parents and for and heal our sick and have mercy on our dead Dr. Bill Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam o Baraka, Anna Vienna, Muhammad wa ala early he was on the edge may