Where did the African Muslim Slaves Go

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So you said, you're talking about a third of enslaved Africans, or Muslim backer, what happened to the

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slavery was a terrible thing. And they institutionalize the destruction of culture. They wouldn't let people speak their native languages, they would not allow you to pray too fast. Nothing to do with Islam, if you were caught reading Arabic, they would like, kill you during if you're eating anything. It's an instant outcome. So therefore, you know, the culture of African people, not only Islam, it was the Ashanti and karate and Yoruba, it was systematically taken out of the slaves until they were called negros. They were subjugated people, and they were given the names of their slave masters. So you look at Afro Americans and Afro Caribbean, Afro Canadian, they have British names

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and French names, those are not African names. So this is William Smith Jones, it was taken out of them. So So Islam, you know, was systematically taken out. But I believe the prayer the dua of those enslaved people who resist it, and Allah's mercy, it kept something inside of the soul inside of the DNA or the BIA. And so therefore, you see that in the 20th century, amongst African Americans, he was the fastest growing group, maybe in the whole world at one point