Haifaa Younis – Introduction Commentary of the Supplication of Qunoot – submission, obedience

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of a note in the last optimization of the featuring of the Vanguard and the importance of protecting people from evil. They also mention a study on the use of water in the past and the importance of protecting people from evil. The speakers emphasize the importance of being a good person and bringing back the value of one's actions, as well as the need to focus on one's feelings and not move parts of one's body.
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Santa Monica Semyon would you would do a lot of money I will be coming in Milan part of Albania on FC Leticia or do you live with SMA or Bonilla to superluminova de tener will have been amulet on curfman Naka Intel will hub ob shortly sundry recently Emery watlow mccamley signing of holy i mean hamdulillah Brahmi. We're going to discuss today dua supplication that you all know about sha Allah. And if you don't know about it, at least you know, the idea, but definitely I highly recommend you keep it with you because that's the communist you're hearing from above. This is an A lot of people know it, or it's actually known as do our note, which means a supplication of the status of a note

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which is in the last ruka the last Salah in Ramadan. The last one, you know, the Witter, when the Imam actually make a dua, they most of the time that's the DA they due based on the heavy Saraswati sakasa so I highly recommend you keep these papers with you. Right I mean, it will be really nice all the papers you had written on one folder. When Rama one comes in you have it ready there for you. And the more you practice it in sha Allah he will be able to memorize it with Neela it's not very hard. It's just you need to get used to it so I'm gonna read it out. And then I'm going to translate the healer and then we will go over it one by one by one. The data says like this, it's

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heavy so for Swati salatu salam that is actually narrated by Al Hassan Ali, his grandson, and it hasn't no it says I lemony Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kalimat aku Luna fiocco naughty which I will translate Don't worry. And that is like this along my journey peyman had eight what alfine FEMA and our feet What's our learning FEMA and our late robotically FEMA are working Nisha Rama avoid in the whole lie

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about Dr. Brown which are late. This is the way I'll hazard normally now right and snare related in a Buddha would watermedia one nessa you may find it a little bit different in another narration, but everyone agree on this. There may be some additions. So if you hear some additions, it's another narration. This is what the roswaal he thought was missing. He said a hazard of not only his grandson says Rasul Allah usato sinner taught me the following, taught me to say in an old meaning in the USA, in the supplication that we normally do in the winter in the last hour of the night. We do it before or after record, that's a different story. But the dog goes like this Allahumma Allah

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it Dini guide me. Freeman had eight among those who have guided while Feeny female athlete save me Give me health protect me We will explain among those who you have saved them. What one liniment only take me protect me again we will describe in detail what are we learning protect me among those who you protected or take me as a close ally to you like you had done with other people. While Berkeley FEMA operate Berkeley meaning Baraka meaning increase, put blessings in what you already have given me. Working shawarma avoid, protect me Save me from the evil of what a degree a decree may bring in a whole layer, the Luma white for sure. No humilation? We'll get to those who you

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befriend them or protect them. tabarrok turban avatar late tabarka Bless you. Oh Allah, what eyelid elevated or glorified. That's a dua. Okay, I want everyone to read it. And look what Rasul Allah usato some teaching his grandson. Now again, we say this all the time. When you teach your family, what do you normally teach them, let alone your child or your grandson? What do you teach them? Normally, in general, something is very good. You want them to pay attention. That's probably one of the best they will need in their life. So how about when Allah Swati salatu salam teaches his grandson and who is his grandson signal Hassan How old was signal Hassan when he was taught to this

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just give a guess.

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Eight they say probably he was eight. your lawn and look what we teach our eight year old if we even teach them

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right or we just let them to TV and the cartoons to teach them right? Because how do we know he taught him? Because that's what Satan hasn't said I lemony Rasul Allah. The Prophet peace be upon him, taught me this. So that you have if you look at it, and you have it in front of you, you're starting by saying, Allah, Allah and then you are asking

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Five things in between. and this is extremely important in the draw in a supplication. You're glorifying the law. Every word, you're asking with it, you are glorifying and we're going to go through. So what are you asking Allah asking Allah to guide you, or guide us and asking Allah to give us health and save us from evil, we'll talk about it. And you want a lot to be your protector and you are a close ally. And you want Allah to give you Baraka blessings in what you already have. You're not asking for extra already what you have, you want Baraka in it, and you want to be saved from evil. And then you're glorifying Allah

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for you. What is this do Ah, what did you so far Understood?

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everything exactly. Everything in life. And how is that another narration so Eden Anis said, Can you alumina rosu? He said no, no so heavy. He said the roswaal is autosar used to teach us this. Not me, this is something really important for you and me. And as I was preparing this for you, one of the scholars, I loved how he started. He said Subhan Allah and look at your feelings. And even in here, we do this job. They said people in general when they hear this do, they always like Okay, okay, let's let's finish. So we'll get to the real job. And this is the real one.

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You know what I'm saying when you hear this a low margin of human height that you are okay, now I need but then I want I'm waiting for what I really want. Versus it should be. This is what we should ask, because that's what our Swanee thought was taught us. Did you get my point? So I'm not gonna wait and say, You know what, okay, I want to say law protects my children. He taught you v. They're saying that includes everything. don't invent the wheel. just memorize this because he was teaching it to his grandson, isn't he part of his family? So this is put this in your mind. So I need you to bring back the value inside you have this job? Enough. It's in Witter. It's in a winter usually

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that's even is the name of it is drought. So when you look it up, and when you read about it is Makana. autofill will fill you with I mean, when you look at it many ways, what's your roswaal as AutoSum used to say in other words, or the supplication of an ode or URL with or the application of a Lewis Luthor is the single rock out we do at the last stroke of the night, whether before you sleep or after you sleep. So this is the name of it. Number one, let's learn what's called me.

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You know this word.

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When you read the Quran? What is the word mean? When you say on it, who was the woman who was described on it in the Quran? Say the marine. Right? I say you know, Maria, so she was described as on eater. And who else say Abraham, and Abraham Akana mutton on Italia. So hidden a grammar lesson. This is what

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Ibrahim was a whole nation. One person equal to a whole nation on Italian, what's called?

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on what one of the meaning submission. Obedience Exactly.

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There's one law another meaning. So it's it's obedience, and its submission. And it is long standing insular.

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long standing in solid on autofest Sala is when you stand long reading, so this is why I'm saying this because everything in this deed, learn the real meaning from the name Allah called it. So when Allah says do out, and that means when I am asking ALLAH and this, how is my status will be submission, humbled, I have nothing you have everything and take your time in asking. There is a longer version of it's actually there is more than one to follow. But I'm just going to focus on this one, at least you will learn and if Allah give us like maybe in the next one, we'll do the next one. So the first thing is, I want to be you want to be at least to struggle to be like a senior

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marine kanita and one of the meanings of all crude is a standard still. Standard still, you know who we are struggle in our solar, you still struggle in our center,

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to focus to at least not to move parts of our body, let alone the heart and to think of what we are saying. So this is the DA so when I lift my hand, whether before or after Rico and I put my hand up and I am getting ready to make this job. I need to remember this is a note. I need to be quiet, still humble focus.

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