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Sam Alikum Rahmatullahi over a cat

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smell Alhamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna on fanomena alum Tana, was it nine min Yahama Rahimi ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit from what you told us and increase us knowledge as Allah subhanaw taala But Barack and this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told como foreign Lacan, Cabo de la sejati compassionate from the people who will be told

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get up all your sins are forgiven and all your sins have been switched into good deeds inshallah. I mean,

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we were discussing last week, the

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and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have told us about few things that

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we can do and they will with the permission of Allah azza wa jal cure from many diseases and we mentioned from them chef

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What did you mentioned some of the medicines

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olive oil Mashallah.

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Senate yet what else? black seeds Zamzam water what else?

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The henna, excellent, seven dates, right. And today in sha Allah Tada. We will continue a few more

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prescriptions from the doctor of this Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam there's something called tell Bina anybody knows what tell Bina is tell Bina you know Wallahi who knows what that means?

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Excellent. Mashallah. Tell Veena is a light suit made from ground barley. It is cooked and stirred well until the mix turns white

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resembling milk in color and consistency I shall the Allah Hannah said that for Salah salem said at Tel Vina measure metal leaf will add in married to the Hebrew be Bahauddin husband Subhanallah tell Bina brings comfort to a sick person's heart and it alleviates some of his anxiety. So this is a

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medicine for depression and stress and Subhanallah even that is covered and by the way this hadith is Mustafa con la people carry on Muslim so let me repeat daddy a tell Bina which is light soup made from ground barley and cooked and stirred very well until it looks white. And it relieves or it gives comfort to the sick person's heart and relieves some of his or hers. Her anxiety. Okay, tell them now then the chef move to cupping hijama Hey Gemma

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is an old medical practice that usually involves several steps. Number one, a little amount of combustible material, such as paper or wood is placed inside a little cup. Second, lighting the material. The cup is inverted carefully and firmly over specific parts of the body such as the back or side of the neck without letting the fire touch the skin. This causes the flame to go off and the flesh to swim and suck into the cup. How many people here have done hijama sure Allah so I'm gonna have to explain. So you know how the exam is done. And you tell the person who's doing it for you. You tell them which part of the body is aching and they will put the cup over there. As I remember

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one time the brothers in Nigeria seen we did it one time after fajr and mashallah, they did the amazing job. After a few minutes you wait to ensure that the blood has rushed into the sucked area. The cup is moved a little and clean sharp razor blade is used to apply several short cuts in the swollen area.

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This causes the blood to pour out from the cuts into the cup. It sounds gross but it is very beneficial to do it every once in a while in sha Allah. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, not only Jibreel and then Headjam and fat Mata della be hipness. Gibreel Jibreel informed me that cupping is the most useful medication for the people.

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If it must have been adverse and and as reported that on the night of Israa whenever I saw as I said, I'm passed by a group of angels they told him more on netiquette. Billahi Jana Subhan Allah, the angel at all the resource I sent him while he was in Israel, and the hadith is mustard and Tirmidhi prescribed cupping to your OMA

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Allahu Allah says By the way, this is my today when I was reading it my first time reading this hadith order your OMA to perform the hijama the angels told Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cupping is especially useful for severe headache. You know, sometimes someone complained to you about migraines and they call it a Chaka Khan. So anybody complained about that prescribe tell them to use the hegemon

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high high blood pressure also and as reported, as long as I sell them saying either hedge their hottie Kumudam fairly antigen thing that them either Tebay yava besar hibi AKto when your blood pressure rises, employ cupping indeed, when the blood pressure rises too high in a person, it kills him. This is a soulless SLM 1400 years ago warning us about the blood pressure and the first thing you go to any clinic right now what's the first thing they do? Blood pressure right Subhanallah

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Yeah, when this is our problem this is why we have to strengthen our Aqeedah

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we have to strengthen our RP that's why we always talk about Aki Daffy Duck either towhead that or Salah Salem, Kala kala su why? Because you see, we have to wait for someone to tell us the importance of blood pressure to believe it. What if we go back to our Kitab and Sunnah everything's there. Everything you can think of is there is done. We don't have to wait for a guy to come in 2018 who worships a cow maybe? Tells me okay, this is good. Oh Allah it's true. But Rasul Allah says Allah supposed to be the other way around when the suicide Salim said it and then people find out now Oh, look at look how long it took them to find out. We are already confirmed. This is just

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something extra. But we already know because Allah told us when they empty Canyon, however, he does not speak from his own desire. Allah subhanaw taala have informed how do the Sources tell them know about blood pressure, which comes to the go to which love that he tested in nothing. It's all from Allah as the Virgin so that's why we have to have certainty and build that certainty in these young men to know that our deen is the hack for you.

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As soon as I sell them

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as he reported, the German Navy ROTC were Hua

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Hua Hua

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Minh Saba in Cana B. While in ROM Rasulillah Salam had his Yama performed on his head because he had a headache what camera was excellent we attach him Phil dine will care will care Hill, Roswell Salem used to also get cut in the veins on the side of his neck and in his in his back.

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is another form of medication, anybody knows.

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Yes, alcohol, the shift translated into I never know that translation before really, and Kimani. Anybody knows what antimony means.

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And t a n t i m o n y is a black substance used for lining the eye in Arabic it's cold, it's mid It's mid which we call now call and the generic name for it is gone. But in the original Arabic name, it's called if mid Alif meme dal is Smith the prophesy Salam indicates that God is good for cleaning the eyes. And what else? You're not going to believe the secondary because only because

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for the eyes and girls

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growing the hair

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where are the both brothers today?

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And growing the hair, even abbess, jabber and even Omar reported it. Bill is mid set in who yes Golden Buzzer well you don't get a sharp line your eyes with antimony. At that time it clears the sight and helps grow the hair. Another Hadith

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So as I said, I said use Kohan it helps grows the hair removes the dirt and clears the eye sight

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for treating fever, muscle loss, I seldom have recommended cold water, cold water now

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keep in mind

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at that time, they did not have the luxury that we have right now. How long does it take you to get cold water? seconds? How long does it take a person living in Medina and 1400 years ago to get cold water. It was

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very hard living in a desert and to be able to get cold water that easy Subhanallah it was very hard to get cold water

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unless it's it's a cold season. The cold weather in Medina Allahu Akbar goes in the bones and you're really cold. But in the majority of the year it's extremely hot and it's very hard to get cold water since there is no Federation or anything to the cooling system and all that. So as soon as I said and prescribed cool water as a treatment for high fever, I Isha Ivanova and Zahav other Sahaba reported resource I Salam said alumna min fee Jahannam Febri dua Bill map fever is a flux of hell. So cool it with cool water. So cool it down with some cold water and we have seen it right now Donncha.

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To reduce fever

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so having a cold shower to reduce the fever or anytime when you see now if you see your baby may Allah protect all our children. If you get a fever at night, and you call the doctor he tells you by the time you go to emergency room just get some cold cloth and put it on his head right that's what they tell us to do until you get to the to the hospital famous

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either Hummer had to come fell year sooner or later Hilmar ill buried philosophy for life.

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If one of you this is your one Subhanallah it happens all the time. And this is a prescription from a Salah Salem if all of you suffers from fever, let him put some cold water on himself for three consecutive nights at the time of soul.

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Look at the time how many nights and exactly when

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Subhanallah and this hadith is in the essay and Al Hakim

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salt for treating stings you know you're going to be stinky can some kind of

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spider sting salt line Hola Hola, Okrug there was only one and a VN.

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And he reported that while he was super saiyan Salah was praying one night, he put his hand on the ground and a scorpion stung him as soon as I saw them hit it with his shoe and killed it. And then he said May Allah curse the scorpion. They would not spend a praying person a prophet or anyone else. Then as soon as I sell them mixed water and salt in a container and he poured the mixture and rub it over his stung finger. So salt any what we call right now saline water, you put some water and some salt. You started good and then you put it on whatever area that you got stung.

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Okay, now this one

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Subhanallah this one you hear this one? And be careful. Some people say Oh, this is disgusting. Be careful. Don't say anything disgusting that Rasulullah sallallahu prescribed?

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Who knows? I'm talking about

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No, no.

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Yes, okay.

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Edie oedema or Dropsy is a disease that causes swelling of the abdomen and limbs. So this disease called

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I'm not a doctor or medical field, oedema or dropsie. You heard about a CIF at EMA at EMA. Okay, this is a swelling of the abdomen and the limbs. This one also also as I said, I'm treated it with the milk and urine of the camels with the milk and the urine of the camels. And as reported, a group of people from the tribal for Ariana, and OCUL came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Al Medina's climate did not suit them, and they quote an internal disease called edema. They complain to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we fell sick in El Medina. our bellies inflated and our limbs are swelled Russell

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seldom said the harsh to him the sadhaka fishery Abuelita one barrier, I recommend that you go out to our charity camels and drink from their urine and milk. And as reported that this group did as the prophesy Selim told them and they recovered from that disease,

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they recovered from that disease. Now, this is a prescription for a certain for a certain disease that Rasulullah Salem had prescribed And subhanAllah we have the hadith is also in Bukhari and Muslim 100% authentic that somebody was cured from the milk and urine of the candidate. It's not something that you go and drink all the time. It's something that you are afflicted by this kind of disease, this is a prescription you take it with your cane that it will be cured, it will be cured Bismil ly Tana

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then the last thing or one before last, he mentioned that it is often necessary to apply diet medical diet to the sick this is of particular importance when the illness is related to the digestive system. So, any being careful of what you eat is something that is also from the Sunday afternoon in Allah Tala Leone abdomen workmen minute dunya well how are you able came at Munna Maria documentarian, mashallah Taha finale indeed Allah protects his believing servants from the love of this world just like you protect your sick from the food and drink because you're worried about him. So they use that last statement as a delete letter on suicide Sanlam he said that you could protect

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yourself from with being cautious of what you eat and what you drink

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will wonder been case reported at once the summer cisilion visited her accompanied by Ali Ali was then recovering from illness she had bunches of dates hung to become right resource I sent him stood to eat from them and Ali tried to join him but as soon as I saw them stopped him saying man stop yeah Ali you are still recovering from will wonder then cooked some barley and chard and brought it to them was was I said on Saturday? Yeah ally. I submitted her for our unfound UK or ally eat from this because it's more beneficial for you. So Suzanne Selim prohibited Ali from eating the dates because they were not ripe yet because it might harm him but he told them to eat from the soup. So

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from this we conclude that they're watching your diet while you are sick. It is part of the of the recovery.

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This is going to be strange to some of you. Gold and natural thing. Silk are prohibited. We all know that gold and silver are prohibited for men to wear but not for women. Abu Musa luxury reported that a suicide surgeon said to him that there have been hurried little enough methey waha reminder the Korea golden silk are permissible for the females of my Alma but they are prohibited for my for my male our main brother's not supposed to wear gold rings or gold watches gold necklaces, gold, all that stuff. This indicates that the reason behind the prohibition is unknown maybe only Allah knows and not because gold and silver are filthy. Because of this we find the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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permitted using them for the purpose of treatment.

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Unless reported that Allah has messenger once permitted the Abdurrahman been out and is available to wear silk shirt as a form of treatment from each from an each cause to them by lice.

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Subhan Allah so they will know you know the lice right. You know, the lice so they will itching from the lice and we all know that the gold and the silk are prohibited. So as soon as I send them ask them to wear silk shirts, just because it's a form of treatment, if you are itching from from the lice, this is only reason why it's permitted to wear for treatment not for any other other reasons. Now,

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the move to the

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see how many we have should we leave it next week or we can do it quickly?

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Or you can do them quickly? What is the forbidden medication This is our the prescribed ones what is the forbidden to many to use many as medication. Number one Alhambra. You know here when you go to any when you go to any

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regular doctor or anything or seeking medical treatment, many times they prescribe to you you know

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Have a cup of wine before you sleep. We calm you down stuff like that. Or take this and take that or gargle with this or gargle with that.

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Hammer. Or suppose I said and said on Moodle hubba.

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Hubba. Hammer is the mother of all filthy actions. Alcohol is the mother of all filthy actions, whoever drinks it, his prayer will not be accepted for 40 days. And if he dies while he still was the cover is still in his belly. He dies as a molta Jaya Helia as a pagan

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of either one, by the way out of the topic, but I don't know what's happening lately. A lot of our brothers are belittling the drinking of alcohol.

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Drinking alcohol, they think it's the love affair over Rahim. All that kind of stuff.

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No, no, no hamriyah One omocha if

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the mother of all sins Subhanallah Yeah, and he because when you get drunk, it might lead you to many, many other sins. Many other sins. Russell, as I said them, he mentioned, cover is the mother of all offensive deeds. And it's the greatest of all major sins, whoever drinks, whoever drinks it falls upon, he might any do something to his mother, or to his aunt, or to his maternal aunt, can you imagine because you don't lose your mind. You're not in the state, and you can do something even to someone from your family Subhan Allah. Therefore, it is absolutely prohibited even as a medication. And we said that last few weeks ago, that it's an extreme situation, and there is no

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other solution, and it's in a small dosage. That's a different story. But I'm talking about anybody takes it as something very simple. You're not gonna stay covered. This is strictly strictly prohibited in the highlights at Bidda what they said, but I can never heard that.

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Indeed, it's not a medication, it is a disease. It is a disease.

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Then you chef mentioned maybe something you've never heard of before frogs. Some people use frogs as a cure, but as soon as I sell them He prohibited from killing the frog, the ants and the bees and the Hood Hood. The one we spoke about number the Hudhud The hoopoe

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serrulata even Navy and the dove drainage I don't have the word for the haha Navy and cochlea. A physician asked for Salah Salem if he may kill a frog to use it as a medication. I seldom prohibited him from killing it.

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And last one or one more Some people believe that you could be killed by classical music.

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How about that fluctuate music I can

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you get up in the morning get done.

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Know classical music is not it's not a cure. Some people believe the classical or soft music has a soothing and healing effect. Based on this non Islamic concept. Music is used in hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation rehabiliation rooms in Islam. There are many texts prohibiting music and indicating that is not it is from the chairman of the shaitan and Sultan Melona and fit dunya and akhira Ms. Marone, Indiana, Warren NetOne N double Siva Subhanallah you know, as you have seen how many people permit music there is some people say it's allowed this and that I am very strictly against music and I can give you the leads from the Kitab and Sunnah I respect the brothers but also

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allah sallallahu Sallam the hadith is very, very clear. He said, There will come a time that at my alma that he who will be punished by Earth collapse, stoning and metamorphosis that will be when they drink alcohol beverages, keep female singers and play musical instruments. When this happen, then you will see there will be missing workers of workers in the Ummah and another Hadith, there will come a time to my alma that they will make a hell of a hurry. While humble. Were a massive halal, they will make music, liquid liquid music, cane music, adultery, alcohol and silk. They're going to come a day that they make it halal. What does that mean? It is haram. The hadith is very

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straight, straightforward, and it's in Bukhari. And this one here sometime melatonin, two sounds are cursed in this life and in the Hereafter, a flute mu A flute celebrating a good fortune and the wailing at the misfortune you know the wailing and the screaming and that and the other one is music when you celebrate when you're celebrating something

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This is any different topic, but curing with music is is not allowed in, in Islam. So this is it and then the Sheikh will move to another topic Inshallah, we will start with that, if Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive the next week in sha Allah. The chapter is very important about the rakia, but there's rakia mean how can we use the rakia? Who is the qualified person to do the required inshallah Tada we will be discussing that next week we in the night Allah is Aquila here welcome grafico so Hanukkah Rama, behenic Masha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and the staff Heruka been a two way like