Mohamad Baajour – Sickness series #08 How a sick person should pray

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of covering the body for non-Malware women and men in public settings, emphasizing the need for caution and warning against potential harm. They also discuss the importance of praying for one's health and staying up late to stay alive, as well as the use of sada referring to healthcare purposes and good manners. The use of sada for healthcare purposes is discussed, along with advice on manners and avoiding accidents.
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The second person, maybe the hour of my choice from a depends on the procedure they're doing a lot and we're just talking in general. So covering the IRA is or should be our main main concern in the beginning. A sick or disabled person should not expose himself to visitors, doctors, nurses, and other health care individuals unless it is really needed. Covering the IRA is an obligation on every Muslim janitor or the Allah Allah reported resource as salam said in Mahina and Torah, our Ratana we have surely been prohibited to expose our our

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another Hadith or Salah is seldom said or someone asked him, when are we required to cover our our and when we are permitted to uncover it, he said that he has salatu salam ala tech Ilam in Xhosa attic Elma Melaka Yameen UK, God you're our except from your wife, or your female slaves.

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Now, what is the our all of the men and what is the aura of the woman and the presence of men or woman in the presence of men or woman, the

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hour of the man is from his navel to his knee, okay, from the navel to the knee, this is the era of the man amongst men. And amongst when he if he's in front of women, of course, he should, there is no need to uncover the top 10 He should be covered, but out of Ocelot is this is the outro for the salad. Now in the presence of non Muslim women,

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the presence of non Muslim woman and non Muslim men

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a woman's outra includes all her body except her face and her hands.

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In front of non Muslim woman, and in front of non Muslim men, the woman's Outre is all her body except her face and her hands is a clear, because a lot of people think that in front of non Muslim woman, we can uncover our our

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in the presence of Muharram. And other than Muslim woman, a woman's out up includes all her body except her face, arms, head, neck, and the upper part of her chest, everything else must be covered.

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So in front of her father in front of her

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or in front of other Muslim woman,

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the body should be covered. But she is allowed to show the face, the head, the hair, the neck, and from here up is allowed.

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this has allowed in a way the more conservative that and by the way, a lot of people

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when when you go to a wedding

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like I always repeat and I always highly recommend to have a proper Islamic wedding, you should have the woman by themselves and the men by themselves. This way the women can have their own, you know, fun, and we can have our own fun. But even though their women are alone, you should make a huge sign at the door. no cameras allowed. Even though the women are unknown, still, you have to make sure that there is no cameras. Nobody taking pictures or videos amongst women between themselves.

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Why? Because you never know who's gonna look at that phone, maybe the woman between her and her husband, there's no password, there's nothing and he one time he was playing with her phone checking the number and he saw a video of your wives or my wife in a wedding not dressed the way it's supposed to be in front of him, which is not TRICARE one, okay. So even though it's amongst women, make sure that no phones allowed no pictures allowed.

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If the woman's are, all of them are you know, you know, they took their hijab and they're just like, because they are all females amongst each other. Through here during the prayer, a woman's hour is the same as it is with non Muslim which is everything except the hands and and the face. Some sick and disabled individuals

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with severe burns or skin diseases in areas of their body cannot cover the parts of the camera. Such individuals may perform the salaat without having to cover the afflicted part of the hour. If any. We are just discussing all kinds of situations if there's a situation that the person was born

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earned. For example, the woman is burned in her arm.

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And all is outlawed in the salon right for the woman. Right. So if the doctor told her that covering the arm because of the burn will cause more harm she can. In that situation she can uncover the arm. Okay, Annie SubhanAllah tecoma Master tattoo fear Allah as much as you can, and everyone knows what he can handle and what is permitted and what's not permitted and what is dangerous for him because our Allah subhanho wa Taala let me repeat what you mentioned last time you read Allah who become a user, whenever you read to become an Rasul Allah wants is for you, Allah subhana wa Taala did not ask us to pray in this situation to cause harm to us. Allah wants is always ease SubhanAllah. So you

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know, if there was a situation that you can cover without any harm, Bismillah but if you find any harm, or any danger, then it's okay.

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Even though you are in the hospital, you have to do your best to face the Qibla you have to do your best to face the Qibla. If in any situation, facing the Qibla is something hard, then Bismillah go ahead and pray. But you have to

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do your best to ask where's the coupler and try, if you cannot yourself do it, either. They move the bed for you or somebody could come and move you when the time of salad comes to face the Qibla and pray facing the Qibla as we all know, is one of the root one of the conditions of of the salad.

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prayer time, each salad has to be preyed on it's time.

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Except, again, yeah, what

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if there is a situation that the person is extremely sick and for example, he wakes up only for an hour and then he sleeps for five, six hours or there is an exception that he is suffering from a very tough disease or whatever. Then in that situation, he is allowed to combine Dole and hustle and Maghrib and Isha Subhan Allah, Allah Jaquan This is from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal, this is from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal. Now, you can be from Maha Nisan Illa Wasa, Allah does not overburden you, you can

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you can pray every smart on time, you become just like any one of us who is healthy, some kind of situation your your cases, severe Bismillah you could combine the whole and us together. And Maverick and Asia together. But Fisher has to be always on on time now.

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If someone

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slept, because a lot of the people who are sick, they sleep for a long time, and they miss this a lot. So let's say Salim said when you wake up you prayed. Raphael Calum and Sanath the accountability

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person is not accountable. If he is one of three. One of them is if he slept, and then when he wake up, he will he will pray pray that that summit. Now, sometimes if a person was in a coma for a month, and he woke up is he

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required to repeat all the salah for a month? No, he's not. When we say sleeping sleeping is you know, he slept from one side to the other. This is a sleeping we're talking about. But if somebody went in a coma in a month, sometimes year, you know you hear people who are in a coma for two years. So what he's gonna get up and make out and make up the Salawat for two years. Now, he will be

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you'd be considered like the person who is crazy insane. But the same person is not accountable for his salon Dynamat said they made clear as he is because he's not conscious. So the most known is also not conscious. We're not saying that the person is sleeping as much noon but he is the same situation because he does not know what he's doing. So he's sleeping for a very long time so he does not have to make up the salad.

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we all know that

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order the weight of the salad in our dean.

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The weight in the salad of the salad and our dean is extremely, extremely heavy.

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Yeah, when I got a call yesterday from a sister

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someone proposed to her he is an amazing guy. Great job very kind man. Nice guy.

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He wouldn't be any take care of me respect me. Honor of me. But yeah, share as

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the optische

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he prays a little bit, and he skips a little bit and he's not taking this a lot very seriously. What do you think? Yes, yeah.

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Allah Hey, my sister.

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First of all, someone with all this great characteristics, you should work on him, tell him the importance of the salon and you know, subhanAllah

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for his own sake, whether you want to marry him or not, you got to talk to him and tell him the first thing that we will be questioned about is the salad man carica salata, headcover, any salad is everything we can't, but your sister if he, my advice to you, you have to be very careful. If this person is not taking the salad seriously, Allah he will never take you seriously. If he's neglecting the rights of Allah, He will definitely neglect your rights sooner or later. So my advice to you if it was my daughter, I will never give it to someone who does not pray. Never, ever. And the other one, your first question to the people who is proposing for your daughter for your sister. The first

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question is about the salad. That how much do you make Habibi the Sabbath? That was your apartment? What is your house the Sabbath? The first question is a salad. I told you, when the Imam of the masjid guy came to ask for his daughter's

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mountain knowledge is more than one question. That's it? If you because he knows he's good o'clock. And

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if you answer it, you got my daughter. I love Go ahead. The guy is probably shaking, you know. I don't know what time is measured.

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But does it come official in your Masjid? Where you come from? The guy?

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No way. Any of you especially most of my brothers here are from the Federal people. If I ask you immediately say six Larry, right? If you know, you know, either, you know, you don't know unless the time changed until somebody came up with a new law.

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But if you are a person of pleasure, there's no way you do not know so that they started stuttering slowly. So make sure if you go to propose for someone make sure you know the time officially your local looking with your local machine. So as soon as I said I said last delivery day in an hour they you know from a solid cement truck I have

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the covenant between us and them is prayer. He who abandons it, he is truly this disbelief

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some some people, if they are in the hospital, for example for maybe five six days just to getting getting a checkup and they're still healthy, they're just you know, sometimes takes a few days to make sure everything is okay. You can also do your best to pray. Also the the Sunon pray the sunlight if you can handle a lot of baggage and sometimes you're suffering. The main thing is to make your firm make sure your firm is done. If you are still able and hamdulillah Baron in your situation is good. Go ahead and sha Allah Tala and perform your your sunnah. Now here is a very important point.

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Yeah, okay.

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If you can pray standing we discussed that before you have to stand up.

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Now again, if the person who is sick because sometimes you're sick for example, because you broke your arm you still can stand or because you have something in your neck but you can stand if you can. I repeat please don't say that you have to stand. If you can stand you cannot pray sitting down.

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If you can stand easily without any harm to your body. What the doctor said it's okay Bismillah get up and stand Pm is Oracle. If you cannot stand go ahead and sit down. You cannot sit down sit up piani you can while you're laying down. Allah subhanaw taala have made it very easy, very easy for us. Rasul Allah Islam. He said suddenly quarryman phenom test for chi them fail them to stata foundation.

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Pray standing if you cannot pray sitting if you cannot pray on your side. And then he said make Sousou

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On the ground, if you can,

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if you can make some shoes on the ground, otherwise, make a motion by bending forward and make your sujood lower than your rocker. This is hadith of Rasulillah Salam, and the hadith is in a Torani. So, you can stand up, sit down, you can sit down, do it on your side, because sometimes the sickness is so severe, you can hardly move Bismillah Alhamdulillah you know, do whatever you can, whatever you can handle, whatever you can handle.

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And then

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the chef mentioned, other acts of worship, which does not interfere with, with a sickness, like for example, giving in charity, as a matter of fact, but so as I said, I'm Sid Tao Marva Khumba sadaqa. One of the best way to cure yourself to kill someone in your family that is sick, give sadaqa on their behalf. I love this story I mentioned a few times before, but Subhanallah a man, he was in London, and he went to the to the doctor to get a just a general checkup. And when he was getting a general checkup, the doctor told them, you have two arteries that are clogged, your situation is is very, very rough. You have to go into an operation and maximum 48 hours on the tour. I can't I'm

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just coming for a vacation. Let me just go back to my country. And I'll be back immediately, at least because you're telling me that the operation is very dangerous and the heart surgery and all this. I'm talking about long time ago before now it becomes easy. So he said, Okay, you can go for 48 hours to your country and see your family. And but make sure you take these pills and take them every single day. So the man went and he started going to his family because, you know, they told him they were talking about in the 80s. So he started saying goodbye to his family. Maybe I'm gonna come back maybe not what one of his friends that he visited his best friend. He was sitting in his

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office to say goodbye to him and stuff before he leaves. And he looked across from the window of the Office of the brother, he saw a man a woman at a butcher.

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Every time the butcher throw the bones she runs and she picks them up and put them in a bag.

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So he left the office and went to the butcher.

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His saw the woman he said to me, you know when you see an older woman you call her my mother. This is very common in the Arab world. So yeah, only he said to me what's wrong? She said the Abney on my son. I've been you know, I have seven girls that I'm raising myself. They are no they have no father. And they have not tasted meat in the in six months. They have not tasted meat in six months. So what I do is I take these bones and there's no meat on them. But the smell

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when they boiled it will make a smell of meat. So it will keep them you know, thinking that they're eating meat. So the man was very, very touched, very touched, and he was well off and Hamdulillah he went to the butcher, he said how much is a kilo of

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He said for example, let's say $10 He said okay, this is a price. This is the cost of 51 year of of meat one kilo per week to this woman and this he paid it off for her. The woman saw that Subhan Allah one year supply of meat. She sat down on the ground. She raised her hands Yeah.

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Give him what he deserves. Yeah, Allah cured him from any disease. Yeah, Allah she started making a lot of diet and crying and crying and crying. And this man was crying Subhanallah you know is the woman that need widow raising orphans making dua for you, Allahu Akbar, this is the best gift. So he killed himself and went back to the doctor. He sat down and operation

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where did you go? I didn't go anywhere. I went back with my family. And do the test again. One more time. The arteries are clear. Yeah, me do the test one more time three times nothing. Alicia, where did you go a lot. I went to the hospital

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of SubhanAllah.

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When do I from a needy person because he gave sadaqa that's some of our cues that will come basilica Wemba one if you

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You have your mother, your father, your self, your wife, anyone in your family that is sick, you don't have to announce it to everybody.

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Go to a poor family, go to anywhere that deserves sadaqa and give sadaqa between you and Allah Ya Allah, this is on behalf of my sick mother. But

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very important to do it with

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excellent, Yucky.

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Yucky. What does that mean? That mean? Do not try it.

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Do not try it. Allah cannot be tried. I'm doing it with your opinion was certainty or solace I said and said they will be cured, they will be cured might be delayed, but definitely they will be cured. This is the way this is the only way it will work. Other than that, it will not work. Good luck. I'll be trying Allah is not a president of a hospital or No, no, Allah said con vehicle Okay, so

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Joe giving charity does not being sick has should not affect your charity, as a matter of fact, should increase it. Fasting, we all know the ruling of fasting for the sick person, if you can fast bismullah, if the fasting affect your

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your sickness, your health, then you can break your fast you can break your fast and you'll make it up later. If your sickness is termed is very long time is when you call it Chronicle. Then you feed someone for every day that you you missed.

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then the chef that some of the things that we should do while we are in the hospital or in when we are very sick, you should have a lot of great manners. A sixth person should maintain good manners in dealing with his relatives, with his visitors with the nurses with the servants. Everybody should have great manners, a solar cell instead of mini sunroom. coloca the best among the believers are those with with the best of manners.

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We should allow visitors if you can, if there's no danger to the visitor, then you should allow visitors so you will get the reward and they will also get the Azure

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shamatha next week we will talk about the prohibited actions of the for the sick person prohibited action. Now we said the recommended and sha Allah Allah kept us alive. We discuss all the prohibited ones may Allah subhanaw taala unite our hearts may Allah subhanaw taala keep us all healthy chama May Allah cure all the sick Muslims all over the world in sha Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah have mercy on all our brothers and sisters that have passed away may or may not increase as an Iman, may Allah make our last words La ilaha illallah wa salam ala Hamid by an early here are some Yasmine Subhana, Colombo behenic They should Allah in a lot and stuff you don't want to Willick

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