Mohamad Baajour – Secrets of La Hawla Wa La Quwatta Illa Billah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a video where a man tells another person that La hawla "hawla" means "hawla" in Arabic and that they should not say "hawla" until they are closer to the end of the video. The segment also describes the importance of not being in a state of fear and being a habit to avoid fear.
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don't need how

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many Mina most need me,

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my brothers and sisters tonight.

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You all know it. So you can go home and sha Allah.

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But many of us do not know what it means. And when it should be said

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before I tell you what is that statement is? Imagine you open your app, your bank app, and then all of a sudden you see an extra half a million dollars. How do you feel excited?

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Hamdulillah you feel very happy, right? It's a treasure that came to you from sources you did not expect.

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How about a treasure in Jannah.

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Abu Musab Ashari are the hola Juan and the Hadith in Bukhari, he said I was walking and saying La hawla wala Quwata illa Villa La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah or samosa Salam came to me and said, Do Luca should I guide you to a cleanse to a treasure from the treasures of Jana said yes, yeah. Rasulullah he said La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah is a treasure in Jannah what does the treasure in Jana mean? Just like you were so happy to find that money in your account. The owner said that celeb whoo ha muda Li Ka La Ilaha where Alana will be her it is extra award the reward that treasure is hidden for the one who says it in this dunya and the one who act upon it. What does it mean let

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even Mr odo the Allah who can explain to us what does La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah Nene, he said, led to her will and mercy Atilla l Dara T. Wala Quwata betta Atilla Ellerbee oni, there is no way you can stop this obeying Allah without

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the help of Allah and there is no way you can obey Allah without the help of Allah. Law. How Allah How will how will to change from one state to another? There's no way I can change from the state of heedlessness to being guided without saying La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah you want to change from being full of debt to debt free law hula Quwata illa biLlah. From sickness to health La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah you are single and you want to get married La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah

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that's why the soloists I sell them told us when we are repeating after them then and when it comes to Allah Salah then welding is saying come to the salad we do not say and say no you come to the solid, solid no no. When he says hey Allah solid Hey AlFalah we say the whole lab Allah there is no way I can be able to perform the salaat without the help of Allah. That's why it's at that time only it changed. So the hola hola Quwata illa biLlah Rasulillah Salam said it's a treasured from Jana. He said to another Sahabi Allah, Allah Bab in avoidable Jana should I guide you to one of the doors of Jana? He said yes. Yeah rasool Allah He said La Quwata illa biLlah is one of the doors of Jana. Many

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people say the statement in the wrong time. When when somebody tells you

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your father passed law How will our covert Ella wrong? When you are hit by a calamity we always say La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah was supposed to say in alila we're in LA Raggio. And this is what the Quran taught us. The whole La Quwata illa Allah is not in this in that state when you are hit by calamity La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah when you are weak and you want to become strong, when you are sick and you want to become healthy you want to change from the Hello World in Arabic don't notice the same in order to

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change from one state to another. That is what la hola means and that cannot happen without daco word of Allah. We say it when we leave the house right Bismillah they were killed to Allah wa ala Howler whether Quwata illa biLlah the shayateen tell each other leave this guy alone the whole day. How can you mislead somebody who has been defended, guarded and guided by just saying Bismillah To A Kill to Allah whether how La Quwata illa Allah, another Hadith and they're telling me the color so Allah salAllahu Salam, ma'am, in and I mean,

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no one who says let Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar la ha

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Hola Hola. Quwata illa biLlah except all his or her minor sins are forgiven, even if they were as much as the form of the see. Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah Allah Allahu Akbar La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah. So Jaquan these are the secrets of La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah, whatever you're going through our self, righteous predecessors used to dedicate, like tonight I'm gonna say 100 times La La La Quwata illa I'm gonna say it three 400 times a day. Dedicate a certain amount for yourself. It doesn't have to be everybody doing the same thing, whatever you can handle, but make it a habit make it one of your ADKAR the daily I've got La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah Hola amigos

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from the people who listen and apply that hola Quwata illa Allah c'est la hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah so you can attend tomorrow in JAMA and sha Allah to Allah and make them out of solid under sola from Allah Allah wa salam

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