Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #27 Dhul Qarnayn pt 2

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The Magh bi story is discussed, including the corruption of the AMA classrooms and the importance of involving the community and members in the process. The success of building a wall and trust in the process are also highlighted. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of modules and shaping of the story, and the importance of words like "has" and "has not" to describe emotions and behavior. A call to action is offered for those who want to help.
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Sadiq Khan rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah no Melinda main fauna on finery ma alum Tana, was it nine min hammer I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala teach us would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. I mean

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we started last week the story of

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your story will coordinate right Kearney,

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Allah subhanaw taala started the story by saying, well yes I don't want

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to quarantine gold sadly no, I mean who the Quran we said that Allah subhanaw taala todo Salah Salem, they will ask you about their karma. And so tell them I'm going to tell you men who the Quran I'm going to tell

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the story, not the whole story of their canine minnow, a little bit of his adventures, a little bit of a journeys because you cannot be too many to mention what this noble righteous man has has done.

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In Canada who fell out of Taner homing cliche in suburban America, when Allah subhanaw taala say it now hoomin could only say in Saratoga, I have given him everything he needs all the means needed for success. Allah saying mean cliche, honey, nothing is missing. This man was blessed by Allah subhanaw taala that with everything he need to succeed in, accurate and in dunya. Allah subhanaw taala made it easy for him.

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What did he do that by saba? Sometimes we see our leaders right now. They are provided by everything. Allah subhanaw taala gave him but they don't do advice. They keep it for themselves. They keep it for their own use. They don't use it to benefit the

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their people, the public, but they'll complain No, I say no, I mean condition in some of that fact, by some of it. He took by the means to serve Allah subhanaw taala and to serve his his people, that bossa nova. So he started his journey and then he moved the first he moved to the Maghreb, his Maghreb, where's the Maghreb? Because Maghreb to him is different than narrative to us. Okay. So what is this man it does not concern us as usual in the stories of the Quran, we need the moral of the story. What can we benefit from the story where, when who does not matter, unless Allah and His Prophet alayhi salatu salam mentioned it otherwise does not mean anything to us. Until he got to the

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Maghreb, he met people. And they told him Yeah, the carnation

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couldn't have imagined to ask them when man attack FEMA, either you punish them

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or you do good with them. So he said a man on valium for so fun was able some you're doing a rough day for you as people who are there other nohcra One man am and Awami Lasallian for Santa Monica Marina useless. And so he put the people who are going to be punished, he mentioned the punishment of the dunya before the akhira. But when it came to the Salah, he mentioned that the owner of the akhira first, then he mentioned son according to him, and then he said what he is going to do to them because the people who are righteous you and me cannot reward them as much as Allah reward them, but the people who are causing trouble on Earth, they have to be punished first here, so the

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others would learn from them, and then they will be punished in the area.

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That he stopped No, some at bossa nova. This is where we reached last week. This was just a summary some advice for them. Now he moved from the Maghreb from the west and then he continued, where did he go had either Bella Natali actions

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then he now is going to the

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east, right where the sun rises. Again, where is that?

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Had either Bella Natali ashrams was there the tequila, Coleman lemenager, Alon min dunya cetera. Now this is something weird.

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When he got to

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the east, he found a group a tribe of people that they were so poor, that they have no Dharma said to things about they have no Citra first they said they have no

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houses that will cover them from the sunrise from the sun in general. There is no cover

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from the sun, no buildings, no housing, no trees, nothing that will have a sutra cover from the sun, nothing, nothing at all.

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Can you imagine? The other interpretation said that they have no closing to cover them from the sun. And it could be both. Also.

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This is all we heard about the people of the East had to Isabella McClair Shams Majid attack la vida Coleman lemenager Allahu Minh duniya cetera

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for you. What did you do with these people?

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The ad says, Gallic hochma de nada de hombre some at bossa nova. They did he do anything with the people of the AMA classrooms?

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Did he do anything with them?

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With the people of Maghreb told us a man and * for sofa no adjustable.

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Samira do it or obey the person who is causing corruption on earth.

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doing evil, *, stealing, killing, we're gonna punish him. And also others that does good we're gonna reward him.

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This is what's happened in the Maghreb in the backlash hands.

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Do we hear anything?

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Does that mean he didn't do anything?

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Subhanallah listen to this. You know what he did? McClure shows.

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He did exactly the same thing as modem chips. What is that was the delete

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one word

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because Alec

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because Alec

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Allah said had a there when he was in the hospital. Oh Allah common language alarming, dunya sutra, Catholic, and he did exactly the same thing he did the Maghreb. Catholic. Catholic means the same. He did the same thing. Catholic Worker the hokhmah de nada de cobre.

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So he did exactly the same thing. Whoever caused the mischief in earth. He punished him Whoever did good. He rewarded him. And then what? Some advice and

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then he moved here, one more before we move forward, because hotma demanda de hombre, no matter how big, how strong, how wealthy, how smart, is the incarnation. Everything that he's doing hotma Bhima de Cobra, is under the knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And this is a lesson also, no matter how big you got in this dunya how wealthy how well known how famous whatever you got, remember, Allah knows and Allah is the reason for that to happen.

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Okay, so madrasa he did not stop.

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When Allah Subhana Allah, Allah give you the means, when Allah provide for you do not stop. Major lesson from the story. Especially if you are in the leader position. He did not stop palace. I'm the leader. I get the position. Let my people take care of themselves. Whoever is good is good. Whoever is even I don't care. I got my income coming. I got everything working for me. No, he did not stop. And when he finished him out of he went to the east and when he finished the East he moved to another place he did not stop he dedicated his life for the dialogue of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah gave him the means he did not waste a moment Jaquan some bad suburban now he moved where had either been a sad day. What should have been doing email Coleman Laker dude I have Kahuna cola. God yell Carmine in Julia George woof Sedona Phil org, Sahel, Niger origin, Allah and Tatiana Bay in another webinar, Hamza. So he moved until he gets to a place that a huge two mountains and there is a like a valley in between, like a separation between and in between there was a tribe

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living there, hotter Isabella Marina said they wanted them in dunya Hema Calma he found a group of people living there, what is their characteristic laochra dune EFCO Nicola

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they do not understand. They almost see the word spamela Listen carefully. Allah said lair care Dune, they almost cannot understand anything because if he said left Kahuna coda, some people will say we found the mistake in the Quran. If they do not understand anything, how did they communicate with Del Carmen?

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So that's why Allah said layer can't do that. Okay. Do Neff Kona cola. Yeah, Annie. They

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You do not understand except a little bit. And keep in mind, Allah said NEMA can now allow for Wi Fi now.

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When all the means that Allah gave the incarnate he also gave him the ability to translate cliche in suburbia. Right? So he was able to understand what they want. They can do and if Kahuna cola and they were very simple people, they're not smart at all. And you can tell how can you tell that these people are not very smart? How

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did they know what you can do to him or Coleman now you can do an F Corona Corona Carlo Kernighan Oh, correct without Cannan Yeah, America is a king with all the soldiers and all this wealth and all this Subhanallah they said the other carnation there's a group of people called the Julian Matt George and they are JoJo naturals materials mostly do nothing. They are causing corruption on earth. Every time every time we have peace, you know like they come and they destroy our village they * our women, they kill our people, they are causing so much corruption in Georgia, Georgia was done. Here you understand that these people are not very bright. Fan Naja.

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Allah untouch Albanian, our Vietnam should we give you something?

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Imagine somebody King is coming to you with seven Rolls Royces. 15 Benzes 18 Range Rovers helicopters 500 But he goes and you tell him listen if I give you $5 Take care of me

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this this looks like he needs any courage. Does he look like you need any help any money? Look at him so they can tell that these people like I don't have Kahuna cola. They are very simple people but in the Eve so he has a Carmine has an origin should we give you like we collect gold and silver and money from all our people and we make it to pile for you and then fenders Allah Allah and touch Anabaena aubaine I'm sad so you can build the barrier between us and the children measures so they would stop harming us

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What did the king answer

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is Pamela has an agenda heljan integer the Raiden Aveda Carla attorney

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of the

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mannequin up here or be higher

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Are you and in our language are you kidding me? But Allah subhanaw taala has blessed me with this way higher from what you're offering man a kidney B fee he'll be higher but

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another lesson for a no need

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even though he could not use their brains he said let me use their bodies

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obviously I cannot use their brains to let me use their physical ability Thank you no need

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agile Bay in

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Rodman they asked for said that he offered Redman they said build a barrier between us and them. So he did not say okay, go ahead, no problem Don't worry. Sit down relax and I'll take care of it even though he was able to take care of it by himself. But no, you have to involve the community. involve the community with the work so you can all feel that they have done something even though you can do it yourself. involve the family

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with the project let them feel I can do it by myself. Let the kids feel that they gave something to this household let the members of the community feel that they have done something to the community.

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He did not tell them I'll take care of it for me no need because

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you're gonna gather everybody gather all the men gather all your energy helped me.

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I need your help. Fair enough. I need your coverting agile Bay in Regina. I'm going to build a barrier between you and them.

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Argentina come with 100 What do you want from us? They're already Tony Zubrin Hadid. Go get me pieces.

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Blocks of iron. Tony is over and he had either ballerina sedang

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to New Zealand Hadid had

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it so Robina saw the Fein coin and so he started pulling the putting the blocks of iron until it's almost equal between the two mountains caught on so now with your whatever you they have to blow with blow on it.

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caught on fire who

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had to either

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Tetra after the becomes fired. Then he added he added on top of the IRA

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And the fire he added what?

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He added copper. So copper Subhanallah till this day and he you have never seen something like this. They added copper melted copper on top of melted iron. Yeah honey there is no way. No way. Allah subhanaw taala said Thomas fall

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I give Haru who were Mr. Thaw there who NACA. So what happened? It became two things smooth

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and thick,

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smooth. They cannot get through, they cannot climb it. They keep falling slippery, right? Thick, Nakba they cannot penetrate both ways. Smooth they cannot climb it thick they cannot penetrate it.

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Now, look at this Quran again Subhan Allah Karim Allah. Remember what we said about starWind stuff out here semi same thing. Allah used Staro without the TAT for the climbing and is used the stiletto with the tab for the penetration.

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Because it's harder Subhan Allah because it's harder. In Arabic there's a big is a major formula and Arabic language is he had a webinar means he added ah. Alanna Xerocon webinar Lindsey mana the more you add lectures to the verb the stronger the verb becomes.

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Sabra is taller sob you can the more you add, the more you need more patients here a star they couldn't the climbing was hard. But what's harder is to penetrate through this wall.

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When time was ALLAH salon, he came running. He came into the room much stronger Allah He said yeah, Jewish Jewish made the hole in the wall.

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They made they start making the hole that was 1400 years ago and is still digging.

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We will get to the story if you're using modules later inshallah. So

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call the Hazara tomorrow Robbie fader, Java Beija, who can be hacker and story finished.

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So he said

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this is Rama from Allah subhanaw taala. He did not bring back I'm the king. Look at me. I can do anything. Always Jaquan I know I've said this many times, and I keep repeating it. Never ever, ever. Bring back the funnel to yourself. Never, never

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always. fugly Robbie always bring it back to Allah subhanaw taala attributed to Allah subhanaw taala Leah blue any ash core an act for?

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Allah subhanho wa taala. And he gave you that PhD, the masters the Great job, the big house, the great

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business that you have whatever you have, he's testing you as code for am I going to be grateful or am I going to be ungrateful? Am I going to say this is all from me like Qarun faksa. Seffner be in because he said, ot to whom in India and I got this all because of my knowledge. I am a shrewd businessman. Okay, boom, because I've now been destroyed, collapsed, the earth swallow them.

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And like I said before, and we always repeat these stories, as if Allah subhanaw taala is telling us if you do the same, the same thing happens to you.

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If you do the same, the same thing happens to you.

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So some of the lessons we learned from from this.

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The story is when Allah subhanaw taala put you in charge of a community of even five people of 10 people. Number one, do not, do not rush for leadership. Do not rush to be in charge. It's an Amana it's a huge responsibility of one big responsibility. Listen to this hadith, called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, ma Meanwhile in yearly right here at one minute he Muslimeen fire mood where our harsh in Russian law Han Allah haram Allahu Allah him Jana.

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No person who has been given the job of taking care of number of people

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and he cheats them or he does not take care of them properly. Jana becomes haram for him

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And we see people fighting to be in positions

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fighting to be in positions and not only fighting to be in positions staying 20 years 30 years, they don't wanna leave your Allah, Allah guide our leaders

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opposer but the ALLAH and he came on time through Salah Salem and he was talking about an Imara so so with that said, you know so Allah wa kyllini Ambani Allah let me be the leader on it

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what did he say the Hadith in Sahih Muslim? He said yeah but in NACADA if when

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you have other in Nakada if we're in an arena we're in Ohio Malkia Anna his Yun one Adana.

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Ilam and other hobby haka while the lady Allah He has orbiter your weak person and this is an Amana This is a trust

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and on the Day of Judgment, it could be a humiliation for you and the regret

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I wish I did not take it

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except the person who does it right

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and he

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whatever is needed from him suck

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let's listen

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to her that Ramadan Robbie.

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All the success in this dunya

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will only come through putting trust in Allah subhanaw taala

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called a Aziz was salam. Without the salam Rahim Allah. Now this is not the salam. He said something very beautiful. He said

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Wallahi Lee led the US then yes, you know, Eli che, you have to Runa who berated Allah. Allah He linea cielo Illa che you have to Hoonah who berated Allah, for k for Yasu Illa de la.

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He said, By Allah, you will never get what you need except with the help of Allah. So how you're going to get to Allah without the help of Allah

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Subhan Allah. So you're having issues coming to Fisher, you're having issues my sister wearing the hijab, you're having issues quitting smoking, drinking, whatever any problem that you're facing, whatever issue that you're having, you're having issues with PM, you're having issues with anything.

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You're having issues at home.

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ask Allah to help you.

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fulfill your duties to Allah and ask Allah to help you.

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Or my

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if you're sincere, Allah will never let you down. Never let you down. Any problem you could think of no matter how huge you think it's in your mind. In the sight of Allah it's nothing. Conveyor Khun

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kon Farrakhan. So we learn from Dale Carnegie,

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to put our trust in Allah subhanaw taala. Continue, take by the means no matter how small are your means, no matter how small are your means. Use them for the sake of Allah subhana wa taala. He gave him all these means he used them all for the sake of Allah. What is your means good wealth. Use the world good health. Use the health for the sake of Allah, how the people who cannot? Yeah, when we always tell you participate in the masjid, volunteer in the masjid.

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See a committee and join it two hours a month. You don't have two hours a month for the sake of Allah.

00:23:58 --> 00:24:03

To put to give something from what Allah has given you. You don't have two hours. Wow.

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The power the bill, the brothers who stand hours in the parking lot. The brothers who serve water, the brothers who set up the tables, the brothers who stay here Sunday all day long, helping them Sunday school. What these people homeless? Are the homeless.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:34

They're not homeless. They have jobs, they have families. But they give something from what Allah has given them. All of us. We should do the same. You have one all of us. Can you imagine if every single one of us in this room for two hours a week, two hours a week?

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But a day a week? Mohawk but how strong will our community be? Please don't let these things just be talks. Go ask. Ask them the management as the data. How can I help you? Okay, where's Where are you lacking? You need help here help. Here? We are brother. I'm Ron always saying please. We need help with the social services. Go approach him tell him Yes.

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I'm here. What do you need from me?

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They don't he doesn't own the message.

00:25:03 --> 00:25:07

It's all for all of us. The message is for all for everybody.

00:25:09 --> 00:25:36

Of if man let's learn from these stories, because these stories will be either with us or against us on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah forgive all our sins. May Allah subhanaw taala strengthen our love to one another. May Allah make us a very strong community working for his sake and for the sake alone in sha Allah. Don't forget tomorrow, for sure in sha Allah 640 These common prefix on Jamaat Zachman locker. Welcome African American ally America

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