Ramadan Series Day 05

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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during quarantine and how it is difficult to judge one's behavior. They also talk about the difficulty of keeping track of one's daily activities and how it is difficult to judge one's actions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fasting to achieve their goal of achieving their goal.

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Now why do we need to fast?

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That's the goal, the goal at the end of Oman, and we're going to come to that. But let's let's just say

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all this 30 days of beautiful acts of Ibadan, with all the difficulties and the hardship we are going to go through it is not easy.

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At the end, if and please remember this, if one day,

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I am not more conscious that I was only hungry and thirsty.

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Did you get the point? I didn't get the aim of it. I fulfilled my obligation. Don't take me wrong. I absolutely fulfilled my obligation in front of Allah is not going to tell me that you fast. No, I fasted with all the requirements we're going to discuss. But did I reach my goal of fasting, if they have aid, the way I dress, the way I speak, the way I act? The way I disobeyed is the same as before Ramadan, the third today's was Hong Kong.

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So you always found to be and again, put these goals, Metallica, Lyme disease, it's not hard for me to make it happen. I just have to want to y'all, this is why I put the title make it the best promo bond ever meaning during it, and mainly after I come out of Oman on different you know, I'm sure you've seen this, when you see you, you see people go for hydrogen, or some people go for. And then when they come back, they look different. Have you seen those? But and a lot of people go, but they can't. And these people, some of them are different? The look of them is different. Something changed a few days? Not necessarily. No, I wouldn't say that. No, that's not fair. I wouldn't say I

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know people completely changed after especially the first time, I wouldn't say this. But I wouldn't say this is the common but there is people like that. It depends when you went to hygiene, where was your heart when you went before you wanted to get my point. So here you are, when no you are getting into number one, what is your heart, where is it? Is it in the food and the drink my schedule and who I'm gonna invite? Well, I'm going to go, then you will end up the same. Or I am going to make sure that all the difficulties I am going to go through or the hardship or a change of my schedule like it is gonna change me, you will be changed. And you are the best person to judge yourself day

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of age when you want in front of that mirror. Remember what I am saying?

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If you are really the same as you were before, on the one hand, you are doing the same things you do before on the one that didn't change

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did not come to you. If you stood in front of the of the mirror, and you were about to do the same that you do and he said no, no, no, no, not after 30 days of fasting. And you changed the non local

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you to get the point. So the goal is absolutely a taco taco is what you are conscious. When I am saying is that something pleasing total when I am doing is that something pleasing to Allah when I am not doing is that something pleasing to Allah?

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So here, you know number one, and I put this number one, and this is very hard for us. It's easy to read. And you say oh yeah, of course. But to apply it in my daily life is this is with a loss of doing it. It doesn't make sense to me doesn't matter. For example, I always say this, what time we start the first, let's say in two weeks in August,

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roughly you will be whatever you find 255 let's say 520 and what time will break the fast?

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Okay, let's say

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the time is not the issue. I want you to think of the following. So at 515 in the morning, you're absolutely sipping your tea. Right? what you're eating, what are you doing whatever is 521 you're looking at that cup of tea, and you cannot swallow. Why? What is the difference between 550 and 521? It's six minutes. But because that's what he said, technically, May Allah forgive me. It doesn't make sense. What is the difference? 525 21 me with the sophistication that I have. It doesn't make sense. But no, no, no, no. It's himself.