Message in a Passage #06 What Have You Done For The Deen of Allah

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The transcript describes a woman named Hope who refuses to give money to a man named Ben Haynor and eventually leaves the city. Later, a woman named Jibreel Allah Sub annually sells himself to a nurse and eventually wins a lot of money, but only takes it to the end. A woman named Janessa talks about her experiences with Islam and her desire to become a wrestler. The segment also touches on people's deeds and questions about their actions, including sold themselves to Allah Sub component and questions about their actions.

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Well I

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he saw the house

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he mean and most Nene namely

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Santa Monica Rasul Allah who want to get out hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda and fauna on fan of Mr. Lim Tana, was it not in money Allah?

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We ask Allah azza wa jal teachers who would benefit us benefit from what you told us and increase us in knowledge, my dear beloved brothers and sisters, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us all from the people who listen and apply. So Hebrew Rumi is one of the greatest Sahaba as we all know, so I was very, very strong and, and, and he was from the very famous Mujahideen and he was extremely, extremely generous. And he was the one who was assigned by Omar to lead the Muslims when Omar was stabbed, until they decided on the next Khalifa.

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So, hey, when the order for migration from Mecca to Medina came, and the Sahaba left, so I wanted to join the Sahaba and be with Rasul wa salam in Medina. So he decided to leave Mecca and migrate to Medina, when the kuffaar of Quraysh found out that Sahib is leaving, they went and they wanted to attack him. So when he saw them, he told them, you know, that I am the best fighter among you. And I could do much damage. What do you want from me? So they told him, You think you came here to Makkah as a slave? He were a very poor man. And now you're going to live just like that to Medina, no way. So he told them, so. What do you want from me? He said, Give us all your money. They said, Give us

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all your money. He said, If that's all you want, he told them you go to my house. And he told him exactly where the place where he hid his money, take all that money. And if I do that, you'd let me go. They said yes, we would let you go. So he said take all that money. I would rather be with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam SubhanAllah. And then so he continued his journey to Medina before so he got to Medina.

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Gibreel alayhi salam came to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and informed him what so he has done and Allah subhanaw taala revealed an area an area that will be recited till the Day of Judgment, mentioning what Sahib has done. Let's listen to this area recited by our beloved brother how to study and then we will come back and continue in sha Allah

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Raji Jean Smith

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Wamena NASCI Naish CNF Silva

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to Ohana so when

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Soho arrived to Medina or a small loss as salam Wonka welcomed him, and he told him, Rob, Mahalia Robbie, Halle Berry. Yeah, yes. Yeah, that'd be hell. Yeah, here you have your transaction has been fruitful. Yeah, but you're here. Your transaction has been fruitful. SubhanAllah. So, so how you told Rasul Allah, by Allah, no one has come here before me to tell you what happened. It must be Jibreel Allah Subhana Allah. So let's go through this area. My dear brothers and sisters, Amina nurse, he may yesterday enough so the amount of Dottie Allah Allah Allah Hora all from belaboured and among the people, is that person who sells Yeah, Sri. It comes in both meaning sells and buys

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here. It means sells. And among the people there's a person who sells himself seeking Allah's pleasure. And Allah subhanaw taala is very common a kind towards his servants Subhanallah

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sold himself Amina nurse may Yeah, sure enough, so and among the people is the person who sells him something to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala my brothers and sisters, when you sell something, that means you do not own it anymore.

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It is owned by the one you sold it to. Right Subhan Allah, that means when someone sells himself for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala that means that person all his time is feasable Allah, all his time is for the sake of Allah, all his spending is for the cause of Allah, all his thoughts are for the cause of is for the cause of Allah. All here the posts he put on Facebook on Twitter are for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is nothing nothing in their mind, except what is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala That's why Allah subhanaw taala praised this kind of people.

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I mean a Nassima yesterday enough so the raw amount of Bartylla everything he thinks about is how to please Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Second thing here when Allah said to Amina nurse and among people, it means that this these people are not restricted to a certain era. They could be with us now. And there could come some of them in the future that act like this by selling themselves to the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa taala is not limited to the time of the Sahaba this could happen at any time and me and you we can be among these people.

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When wherever there is something pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala you will find these people the first to participate. When there is when they hear about someone sick, they run and rush to visit when they hear that there is a Janessa when they hear that there's somebody poor and needs help, they rejoice.

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They rejoice and rush to help.

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Anywhere there is prayer. There is pleasure to Allah subhanaw taala you will find these people running to please Allah subhana wa Taala

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them the reward in the same area while ma who are often belaboured you dedicated yourself for my pleasure, I will take care of all your affairs. These people wherever they ask Allah for subhanaw taala Allah will grant them if it's good for them. Allah subhana wa Tada will turn all their hardships into ease. My brother and sister Sohaib left everything to be with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. So he sold himself

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to Allah subhanaw taala to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala What have you done? For this Deen?

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What have you done for Islam? When you wake up in the morning and you check the things to do today? Where does Islam come on the list?

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Or does it come on the list? Is it on the list? What am I going to do for this Deen today? What have we done for this Deen? How many people will guide it because of your athletic and because of your actions? How many people you help? How many massages your boat? How many welds? Our brothers are so many brothers and sisters that don't have pure water? How many people you helped establish walls? How many people you provided food for how many people you you taught Salaat or you're taught to do or you taught them how to reach the quota to read the Quran. How many What have you done for this Deen? What have you done to spread this Deen how many times you go you gave a copy of the Quran to

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non Muslim neighbor? What have you done for the dean? What have we done for this Dean? There are so many things we can do for this Dean.

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Our life is all about this Dean.

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When we are standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala we will be questioned. Allah subhanaw taala told us in Surah hedger for what up be Calanus Ella Nahum edge marine Americana Yama loon. By Your Lord Allah has swearing by your Lord we will crush them question them all about what they used to do, we will be questioned. What have we done for this Deen?

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What have we done to be with wrestlers? I sell them so I've sold everything to be with a soloist I sell them. What have we done to imitate and emulate and implement

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the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in our life. Sometimes when you ask the people do this and do this and do that, you know, they say Allah when we think about this word, it's a very dangerous statement. It's just the Sunnah Allah, there are people who died to establish the Sunnah and we come and say, it's just a sunnah

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Allah, brothers and sisters, that you know throw Salah Salem went through to make this thing get to us. And when it comes to imitating Him, we say is just too soon. No one does not belittle any sunnah.

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What we are talking about

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Today is about people who sold themselves sold themselves everything, everything. He gave all his wealth to be with our Salah Salem and to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala when we are asking people to help our brothers here or help our brothers there, you see many people complain, or you ask us every single day actually leave us alone. No, no, no, my brother invest your time to help feasable invest your health to help you sebelah invest your knowledge, participate volunteer in your local masjid, in any form. Every single one of us can provide something whatever that is, somebody say I don't have money you have the time. You don't have the time and you have they don't have the

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money you have some knowledge anything even this video forward the two others so the people can benefit do not belittle any animal we do not know which animal will lead us to gender.

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We do not know which animal will lead us to gender Subhanallah What the You know, that's why every time you hear the stories of the Sahaba you know why are so why are they so precious and they so heavy? Because look what they have done. For this Deen they traveled all over to spread this Deen to convey the message of Tawheed the message of la ilaha illallah my brothers and sisters, let's make a promise from today that we will do something for this Dean something something as simple as forwarding a message is something beneficial teaching my brother my sister, anything, anything that would bring someone closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala and then in sha Allah to Allah in sha Allah,

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we will be among the people who sold themselves

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to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala May Allah azza wa jal gathers under a shade when there is no shade except his shade. May Allah make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala make our last deeds, our best deeds. I mean you're a bit out of me, but some of Allah and Muhammad Ali or subdomain Subhan Allah Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you look at one or two Bulik

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Meenu a levena woofie sala de he four year old own well levena umani love we weren't born when levena Zeca de lune Wallasey now whose only 4g him half

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hone in

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as Why do you a woman and get Amen?

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Now whom will you marry me