Hatem al-Haj – Manazil as-Sa’ireen #13 – Chapter on Training

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss ofiva media and the concept of clarifying concepts used in media, including "imaging" and "immaling." They also touch on the topic of predators and behavior, including their behavior in relation to their brother and sister and the importance of addressing one's own condition and expressing one's own emotions. The speakers stress the need for continuous training, moderation, and a process for oneself to acquire good habits to improve one's behavior. They also emphasize the importance of accepting and embracing the truth, staying ahead of expectations, and prioritizing serving the people and avoiding negativity.
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From the loss of Sonora,

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vnrs and

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today we will go over Babel riada, the chapter on training.

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That's the best translation I found for Rio or

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I could think of

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and we will say why. So, and then in the session for a second we will talk about the nullifiers of Moodle

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and validators are another fires of Google Now aka Moodle.

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First, Baba Yaga in a moment, how do we reckon Allah said,

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Baba Yaga Baba Baba has

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been a

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lot of mighty said and they who give what they give and while their hearts are fearful while their parts are fearful.

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And the reason why he started he usually likes to start with an idea or he likes he starts every chapter chapter or every station with an idea.

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The reason why he started devilry alpha with this

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is not completely clear to me. But I presume that you know, Lavina

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you know that the This was understood by Ayesha

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to mean that they are sinners, these Yuan mahato because your motto could

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statement itself could be about sin, or good deeds and or bad deeds you to to give forth. You know, that could be good deeds or bad deeds. But the prophet SAW someone explained to Isaiah, that they are actually good doers. And the dude good hearts are still fearful. So the reason why the chef may have chosen this verse, because it because the reality is incremental improvement, they are the training is about incremental improvement. So it's about having constant motivation, constant motivation, you're always motivated to improve, you're always motivated to progress to make progress to move forward. And this is about constant motivation. This the fearful hearts is the constant

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motivation of the good doers to continue to do good and to continue to excel.

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Now, the concept of riada as you will see, is close to which concept which other concept of the concepts of the scale. The more frequently used concept is the concept of Mujaheddin Mujahid, which is self struggle, self struggle. So why do we have to have two different concepts for criada, and Mujahedin? Because yoga seems to be very much like Machado to self struggle, reality is training, the training of the self, the trading your trading of your inner self, and which is also about to the training of the inner self. But every each one of them has different connotations.

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that talks about, you know, when you when you hear more data, what comes to mind is the great effort, the struggle, you know, and the effort and the pain and surmounting the pain, although some of this may be also entailed, or maybe, also under the concept of rehab. But, but that's what my dad brings to mind.

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First, but riada is about improvement in increments. It is about consistency. So it's about practice, it's about practice, like and consistency, and

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improvement in increments. And if we are trying to understand some of the uses of the word variable,

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and where it comes from,

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you know, thought we'd follow suit or, or we

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find or, or we'd have any type of elements, lions, horses, that we it's from the same room as the other. And this talk is about trading of the animals and domestication of the animals. domestication of the animals.

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Do you need this when you take care of your self? When you basically work on refining yourself? Do you need this concept if you need to be aware of this? Absolutely, you need to be aware of this concept. The other also is about, like, the training of the body

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riada the most common usage of the word riada nowadays in the Arab world is sports. So, when people hear the word riada, that is sports, because, you know, hearing the word riada in this context is extremely common. But hearing the word riada would bring to mind, you know, sports, and any Arab speaker, if you talk to them, if you tell them riada what will come to mind is sports. And you need to also,

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you know, benefit from this usage. Yes, absolutely. So when it comes to therapy, when it comes to domestication and training of animals,

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you treat yourself, like you treat the horse that you're trading or the line that you're trading, both. In fact, sometimes you treat yourself like, you know, capital, and sometimes you leave, treat, like sell yourself like lions, and predators. Because, you know, the qualities that we have, the bad qualities that we have, are divided by the scholars into four different categories. So Father, Roe v. Safar, to say tawnya, Safar to seborrhea, a Sephardic Bohemia, safaga, roba, these are the qualities of the Lord, these are the qualities of lords, these are the qualities of God and Son, you know, those are the words that human beings, you know, the people who say, on a book on what Allah

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for Allah, you know, I am your Lord Most High.

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So, there could be no worse human beings than the people who can beat with a lot for lordship, right? It just doesn't get any worse than this. And then next, this is a fact of sight on a superficial level, if we take it from the bottom up, you know, we start with the spotted Bohemia, that

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means what is plural of the cattle, cattle? What are the support of the cattle, what are the qualities of cattle,

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that, basically the, that they're busy eating, you know, drinking and procreate. And so, that's what they are about, at the shutter button, what follows it, these are the desires, you know, desire for food or for *. And that is what they're that is what are busy with.

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And some of some of the human beings, some of us and not some of us, you know, as human beings, we have this also, we have those that he may, you know, suffer, he may or we have those qualities, desire for food, desire for *, these are the cargo, fleshy bodily desires, the so called lowest desires, although they are not necessarily evil or bad, or can dimmable Islam, you know, teaches us that everything in moderation is good, and that we should not

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condemn any element of our creation of our being of our existence, whether it is the body, or the soul, or the intellect. But no man, no doubt, people who are consumed in

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attaining those desires, they're basically focused on the lower desires, or the lowest desires.

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And people need to be able to

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sort of recognize this in them.

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But those people may not be the most evil of people, you know. So the people who are really sort of consumed in the attaining the desires, these desires, these fleshly desires may not be the most evil people up from that, in terms of up in term in the sense of worse, more evil than that would be a Safar to separate people who have suffered to seborrhea people who have the predatory qualities and there are people who have no

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Many people who have the father but he may, they just want to enjoy life and they do not really want to hurt anyone else or they do not have, they may even not have this the stamina, the Z, the stamina, or the the capacity to compete with others and to hurt others. predatory is hard armor like this are unlike cattle, you don't even see capital, like

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given two major fights among themselves over food. But predators are unlike this predators, they may be like cattle in terms of their they have the same interests, like cattle and food and * and so on. But predators, in addition to this will also have this killer, which is this tendency to assault to attack.

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And certainly, that is worse than the fact that he made the predatory qualities are worse than solid that he made. And we should be able to, you should also be able to recognize this in us. Keep in mind that sometimes you have this, but you don't manifest it because you're coward because you're too afraid to manifest it, but you have it inside. And if you have the strength or the power, you would manifest. And many of us and this is really something that we should look at, you know, many of us ignore this the training and leave that little, you know, not the little lights leave the lions snakes in our hearts. And the fact that the Lions have not attacked yet, you know,

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the Caesars, we think that we're, we're we're okay, we're fine. We think that the tyrants are and regardless of where you come from, I'm not going to even now, but this Jenner, this president or this king or this, that those are the tyrants, but we have those tyrants inside our hearts, that difference between you and

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we want to use a name that does not offend anyone. But the difference between you and that tyrant that you're thinking of

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the difference between you and them for our Is that fair? Yeah, for them gets

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okay. So, the difference between you and for Allen is that for our they did actually have the power to bring out the lion inside his arm, he did have the means and that have the power. And it may be very possible and you do see this sometimes you do see like the good people nice good people, once they get in control, they act like pirates.

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So it is important that you try to basically

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address the light inside you and the snake inside you and the fox inside you and the wolf inside you either have they are not necessarily attacking or even if they have their qualities are not manifest because they are hiding inside the heart and you need to treat to treat

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these problems. And when you have a father Satan is the father of Satan. They are not we said counseled, predatory sumeria and then as the Father shape on the qualities of the devils, those are people who like who would like to hurt others, even if they don't benefit themselves. So cheating, envy, hatred,

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plotting all of that, so those are the people who are plotting to hurt others, even if there is no benefit for themselves in that hurt. So it's not about competing for it's not about competing for resources for food for this for that. No they just want that you just like to see how that is in pain. And

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and then sometimes also

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and many of us have come to rely may not have this. But you do also want to be vigilant you do also want like if you hear that someone is in trouble.

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And they tell you because this is this cake could happen sometimes.

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When you hear that someone is in trouble and you're invited to take part in

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Solving the conflict between two people or resolving the conflict between two parties.

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Some people may enjoy the fact that they are in the position of the preacher or the arbitrator. And they're enjoying the fact of seeing their brother or their sister in that position of the defendant. And now I am the arbitrator and the judge, this has a little bit of Suffolk shade. For me, this has a little bit of devilish satanic

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qualities, because you're just enjoying to see your brother like, beaten down or you're enjoying to see your brother

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in that predicament in that pain, so that you rejoice in being free of that pain free of that accusation. So, some people accused your brother of something, and then they are talking to you about it, everyone in the crowd, start to practice this self righteousness, how can he do this or he just be careful that it You may be exhibiting stuff outside funny, in this gathering, everybody in the gathering, now it is time to talk about this brother or the sister, and even if it is proven, and even if it is not conjecture or anything, but just enjoying that gathering, you should actually but you should have been in pain, he should have been weeping, you should have been hurt, because

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your brother fell into this sin or your brother committed this wrongdoing.

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many of us had enjoy such, you know, occasions, to be able to, to be able

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to look better or to

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to practice the role of the arbitrator or the judge. And then you have a suffered suffered terrible via which we talked about. So when we talk about the trading of the self even have to basically diagnose your condition. And most likely, you have some of each, hopefully, you do not have factorable be hopeful, hopefully you don't either, you're not competing with a lot for large.

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But most likely, you have some of the qualities of capital, the qualities of predators and the qualities of the devil, and you should be able to address them all. Also, when it comes to the, you know the training of animals,

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you will have to understand that when you train an animal, when you train an animal.

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You do have like if you train lions, for instance, you do have to have a reward system, right for the lions,

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you have to have a reward system, then you have to use this with your naps as well. You don't have to throw a piece of meat here and laughs every once in a while, so that your enough stays motivated. That is that is pretty important. As a concept, this concept is very important. And you have to have this as this man, you have to have this rejuvenation recreation for urinates. Otherwise, if you keep training the animal and you keep using your whip or your flag, and you have no reward system for that lion, the lion will attack you, you're enough to rebel against you, and your neffs will defeat you and you will not be able to refine it anymore. You could lose control over your nerves. So you

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have to be wise and prudent about it. And every once in a while you have to throw that piece of meat to your nerves. And you have to have this rejuvenation, through recreation, you know that many aside from the Sahaba and the prophets of Salaam also sells the concept of moderation is about this. You know the concept of moderation and Islam is about this, but will not do it alone, for instance is probably harder to defend the Catalan and Canada army, you know rejuvenating arts, through recreation.

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For in Canada because they get fatigued parts get fatigued. We're in and Canada Tommy and when hearts become fatigued, they become blind. And that that is the concept that you must be all aware of, which is the concept of the heart the heart, frowning religious person, you know, so it's like basically shows commit

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Then with the cuts of worship and so on, but harder and harder than usually frowning, these are hearts that have become fatigued.

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And when they become fatigued, they become blind. And when hearts become blind, it doesn't matter, you know how smart you are.

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And it doesn't matter how committed you are, here, your heart, when you hit the blindness of your heart, would certainly hurt you.

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then when it comes to the concept of riada, which is sports, training of the body, the training of the body requires time requires patience, there's I had, I wouldn't want you to reflect on it, because I really want to finish early this time, because in the locker little fires should take more time. But But I want you to reflect on this, treat your like rehab within a year, which is the physical training. Spiritual training has many features in common with physical training. And I want you to reflect on this and you will be able to come up with, you know, a lot of good points that I may forget. But with the one concept that I wanted to address here, when it comes to reality with

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any when it comes to this physical training, is that

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it depends on the goal, it depends on the objective, the hardship, the challenge, that you need to surmount that, in this regard depends on the goal or the objective. And sometimes you may feel like you're moving backwards,

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because you have now a higher goal or a higher objective.

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And so when the, let's say in the other area, for instance, in physical training, if you're training for a local competition,

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and you find that you're likely to find that pretty manageable, you're training for this local competition, you're the best person and this particular sport in your local area. But then once you move beyond this local competition in to like a national competition, for instance,

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you feel like you feel that the challenge, the challenge is much greater, that you need to train a lot more often that it is more

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more difficult. It's just that the goal that the bar has been raised, the goal is higher. Now the objective is high. And when you train for the Olympics, after the * of the goal, you have raised the bar higher. So it is not that you're regressing. No, it is just that the objective has become higher. And sometimes we have this and we feel

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somewhat frustrated, like for instance, person, a person who was thriving on edmonia T and and now he wants identity of the

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person who's thriving on omega p which is evidence based faith, evidence based faith. And now he wants this experiential faith I ended up and he wants the faith, you know,

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he can see our favor the certainty of or certainty of sight of eyesight or heart sight, this person raised the bar this person may have you know, so he may have been enjoying his Nvidia feed and he may have been fine and he may have been functionable, he may. And all of a sudden, he just raised the bar for himself that is fine. If you fulfill this phase of the appeal and move on and ask for identity appeal and seek identity appeal and you raise the bar, you will feel like you are a hero back to square one. No, it is not square one. It's just that you're you're you have raised the bar for yourself. And it is expected that you will have difficulty now with your training that you will

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that you will have difficulties and you know those transition moments of frustration that people have

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when they do this physical training as well.

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So Ibrahim Ali said when he asked for it appeared he was ready for the three he was just there. And so he was granted it

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because he was ready for it. Some people may he may have not even may have not even accepted faith.

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Those are the disbelievers? Have they asked for miracles, they asked for identity before they have even accepted faith. And if you ask for either the opinion before you have even accepted faith, the answer will be rejection as Allah subhanaw taala did with the disbelievers. You see how often Croatia used to ask the Prophet for Americans? And the answer was rejection. But the Prophet did show Americans about so many miracles. And don't be deluded away by, you know, fancy, sort of arguments about the prophets miracle only miracle being the poor. And this is not true, it's the greatest miracle but the Prophet have many physical miracles, he showed them to whom he showed, he

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showed them predominantly mainly, mainly, the Americans, the prophet had shown had shown to the Sahaba people who are deserving of either the epi people who are deserving of identity epi, so when.

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But sometimes, we have accepted faith 100.

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But sometimes, we are too far from fulfilling that phase of vitamin e a t, which is evidence based faith, and experiential faith, which is the personal relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And then we demand higher the thing you want idea P.

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Basically, raising the bar prematurely is also very perilous and very dangerous. Right? Even in physical training, when you raise the bar prematurely, when you're lifting weights, and then you just like add so much, all of a sudden, without any preparation, what could happen to you, you could kill yourself. So the raising the bar prematurely, spiritually, is the same thing, when you're trying to move, have a speed that is unwarranted based on your previous progress, then that is also unwise. That is why the profits of robotics have upset our fee vrF, then proceed

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gently in the university, as it was reported, that he said, in the benefits, infallible fee, but after this, this religion is Mateen, meaning

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meaning strong means could mean

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So is formidable. So proceed into it, gently proceed into a gently, the same applies to your spiritual training, you're proceeding gently, and you're taking care of this knifes that is yours, you're not burdening your laughs with more than it can take. Because it can rebuild, you're not raising the bar for your laughs prematurely, because you will then become frustrated. If you do not severely hurt yourself. If you raise the bar prematurely. Someone could say for instance, that, you know, someone could read about Michigan happy for instance, and besides the next day, that, you know, I have been pursuing, like a degree, or this or that I should just give up on all of this. And

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I should just be that in the journey as someone who reads a chapter on Zoda, for instance. And then the next day they start to make decisions. And they start with basically

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pursue, you know, the Zoho they should have Have you or

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or someone of that caliber. And they are not trendy. They're not they're not there or even close. What would happen to those people is after they come out from this delusion that they are in the you know, because they have not been truthful to themselves. They have been not been honest with themselves, can I handle this? Can I handle it? Let alone the differences between the times of Israel happy and our times alone the difference between the times of the Sahaba because when the Sahaba for instance,

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the Sahaba there when they The worst thing that could happen to them when they did not have

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money is they would go hungry for the A for two days, three days and so on. But you could become homeless for instance, if you know, and could you really handle this? Could you handle

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homelessness. And Someone may say, Well, there are righteous homeless people. Absolutely. But could you handle it? Are you able to handle it, and to continue to be righteous? Or would it whether it hurt you, and when it sets you back. So you have to be honest with yourself and you have to raise the bar in small increments, so that you could attain your, your ultimate goals. So, remember, how do we refer to the Marino? nuptse? Allah kabuli certainly, Ya Allah, Salafi Raja, trading is a custom in one cell phone accepting the truth.

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And this is a custom in one cell phone accepting the truth. Accepting the truth is basically speaking it and accepting it from others,

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accepting it in your heart. So whenever you arrive at some evidence, you act on this evidence and you accept the truth that have come to your mind, whether you like it or not, whether whether it is in your favor or not, it is, you have come to know that this is the truth about this matter.

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Internally, now you're not in a debate. It is just that it is your intellectual journey, you have come, you have arrived at a point where you discover the truth about this is that whether your

00:31:35 --> 00:32:19

allegiances prevent you from accepting the truth, where are you what are your personal interests and biases, barring you from accepting this truth, then you failed. So training yourself that you always accept the truth, whatever, wherever it leads, you, you accept that is entirely not even arguing with anyone or anything, there's just you discover that the truth is the truth and then you must accept it, and then you must speak the truth, and then you must accept it from others when they present it to you as well. And this could be the hardest because the ego comes in into action here. You know, once you're that you're involved in a debate, or an argument with someone, your ego is

00:32:19 --> 00:32:28

between you and that person. And that is that is why it is important to the to remove the ego from

00:32:30 --> 00:32:33

that is between you and the creations.

00:32:35 --> 00:32:50

an equal amount quality bureaucrat format, healthy believes, to be with creator without the creation being in the middle, after removing the creations from the middle, and to be with the creation after removing the ego from the middle between you and

00:32:51 --> 00:33:11

Sabrina, enough sciatica Buddha's self training is accustoming oneself to or accepting the truth. And it is of three levels. And he will divide them the same way. He always divides all of those stations rather to the army, the training of the public that we would have normally but I ended with a refinement of the manners with knowledge,

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refinement of the manners with knowledge. And it is important, because oftentimes we don't know what good manners are we think we know good manners. And we don't know that unless you read about good manners, unless you read about and you know, the books and good manners and you read about the history of this hub and mystery family. And how does the heartland have a manifest those good matters, because some of the good matters May we may know theoretically, we may know their names, we may know the concept, but unless you really read about how the Sahaba and the righteous generations have the good doers and scholars and so on the words before us manifested those good manners, your

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awareness of those good manners will be contracted will be limited.

00:34:05 --> 00:34:08

You will greatly expand your awareness and your ability

00:34:10 --> 00:34:26

basically, to adopt those good manners by reading about those role models. So that we will definitely be the refinement of the manners with knowledge with a sphere to our medical class the purification of the leads with devotion,

00:34:27 --> 00:34:59

without fear, thermometer, and the fulfillment of all rights in interactions. That's your interactions with online the creation theory is basically to pay them off in full basically extend to the people their rights in full that is what to fear leads to fear luckier meaning to make it abundant than fear, meaning to extend the rights to people now and above

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That's necessarily but in full info.

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And all of this is about is this incremental process, it is the incremental process, you're working on your F lab, you're working on your interactions, and you're working on your interior art and improving the yay or nay working on.

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So called aspects basically, at the same time, including the interior, one, which is your knee, and you're doing this in increments. And it would be important that we try to learn then the quality, we try to learn the, basically,

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this wisdom of acquiring good habits.

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Wherever we can find this wisdom, we learn it from Muslims, non Muslims, from anyone acquiring good habits there, this is even the science nowadays. So learning how to acquire good habits is good. Because you need to have a process for yourself to acquire good habits, I may mention just a few things, the first thing that I wanted to mention is good habits are so many, and we lacked so many of them, bad habits, and so many, and we have so many of them. So if we basically have

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a retail sort of piecemeal, one by one piece by piece approach to good habits and bad habits, this will take us three times our lifetime, to improve our bad habits and attain good habits. So

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I'm not saying that focus is not important, I'm just saying that

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there will be there will be some room for focus. But initially, lastly, last,

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training yourself on accepting the truth in general, and devotion to Allah subhanaw taala This is the ground word

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that will help you with the rest with anything else with all of the good habits, if we do think sincerely with devotion to Allah subhanaw taala many things will fall in place without customized attention to them. Without you know, focused attention to them, many things will fall into place. And now you will have some that are left that are resistant. Your your major problems, you know, some people will be you know, they have with loss and so on. But they are short fused, so called short fuse, nervous, you know, they get agitated very easily, you know, it's just had, so I would have to work on this. Or I would have to work on my laziness by this organization. I'm just having

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some bad habits that I want to get. But the foundation of work is vastly larger than it is your devotion to Allah and actually and accustoming yourself on accepting the truth that acting upon it. And then you have to have this focus. You have to have this focus and you have to have clarity and focus that figure out what are your problems and what's most urgent to be addressed that you focus on them. And you have to have

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a process afterwards focuses a fourth, I just traveled like a statement that I read something about President Obama, he used the US to wear navy and gray on the and he said that I want to limit my choices because I have too many decisions to make. I do not want to be spending too much time making decisions about my attire and food

00:39:00 --> 00:39:12

that is being regimented. You know, limit your choices. Be regimented, so that you don't need to be spending too much of your intellectual

00:39:14 --> 00:39:37

or mental energy on decisions that are trivial, that are frivolous, you know, or wasting time. This is important, sort of the mental energy is extremely important. You know, save it, it's more important than your muscular or the energy of your body.

00:39:38 --> 00:40:00

So save it for more important matters. And, and if you have to give up on like if you have to be that regimented and if you have to limit your choices that much narrow down your choices, so that you can have focus and have clarity, and then it is important to stay motivated and more than

00:40:00 --> 00:40:21

Vision is by visualization of the goal. So if you visualize if you make it, you have to always visualize your goal and you have to always almost fantasize about your goal. So, like, if I am embarking on finishing the memorization of the Quran, or wonders of the forehead or one chapter of the prayer, I just have to sort of

00:40:23 --> 00:41:03

I have to visualize myself stuck in traffic, for instance, chanting, you know, pour into myself, being able to pick up from any place any part of the clarify, if I working on finishing the memorization of the whole Quran, just the thought of being able to pick up from any part of the Quran and change it to myself in my, you know, seclusion or when I am in traffic with this is just like it was so beautiful. It's so encouraging, so motivating. So you'll have an whatever goals, you have to visualize the goal. And it is also important that you have role models

00:41:05 --> 00:41:08

that you could, the

00:41:09 --> 00:41:14

that, that you could be always aware of their accomplishments.

00:41:15 --> 00:41:47

So that you could like have, like, some clear target to move to. And then the process process, part of the process with acquire acquisition of good habits is associations. association is important you associate. Like, if you want to have a regimen, and how you wanted to do something consistently, you have to associate it with something that you're already doing something that is already part of your routine, something that is part of your routine.

00:41:50 --> 00:42:07

And whatever hour that you have, just attach your word, if you eat dinner, you know, usually, like at five o'clock, and that's the time of a thermostat. Maybe you make a thermostat before you eat dinner.

00:42:08 --> 00:42:17

So that you get kind of massage associated with something that you routinely do, and usually don't forget,

00:42:19 --> 00:43:10

and so on. But, but I, you know, read about this, and you're trying to figure out ways of acquisition of good habits, because that is a science in and of itself, and then shifts every other to casa. And these are things that may overlap with some things that we have done over before. Hossam with the founder of Indian dispersion in the dispersion, distractibility dispersion, you know, having focused concentration housing in the federal Indian dispersion, or paternal defect, either my primary leader was a refraining from looking back at the station, he transcended, you know, people in this path on this path, you know, they are always seeking improvement, progress,

00:43:10 --> 00:43:57

they do not allow themselves to regress, you don't look back at the station that you transcended. And we talked about how you need sometimes to look back at the station to fulfill it and how you cannot fulfill it, unless you have transcended it, and then you look back and fulfill it. But he's trying to say here, that you're not looking back, like someone who's seeking identity or clean and he's getting frustrated because, you know, he's not having it. If you believe that you have gone through, you know, the stage of Admiralty opinion and you have solid Eman, evidence based Eman, then don't just give up on it. Don't give up on feeling this weakness of faith. Don't give up on

00:43:58 --> 00:44:43

seeking the certainty of eyesight. Don't go back to where you were comfortable to where you felt that you were comfortable. But keep on moving forward. Because with more data you will get to your goal. And then we'll cover the enemy entity measure area keeping knowledge flow and in its tracks keep knowledge flowing and strapped. Because oftentimes when you make some progress, you know the same time will be even more active to distract you to the basically misguide you, and then you will start to have some opinions and sour taste and opinions and sort of capsule fat and things of that nature, you know,

00:44:45 --> 00:45:00

sort of the this the spiritual visions and but but you will, you should never allow any of that to block knowledge from flowing in and extract from

00:45:00 --> 00:45:51

Being the chief guide and knowledge of the revelation that we're having on the sun. Remember we talked once about Abu Bakr Al Khattab he said that you know, some of the Nicaraguan power some of the subtleties that the people express meaning the Sufi Express, they they come across my mind, and I reject them, except with two trustworthy witnesses, of course, and and the sun. So keep the poor and the sun as your chief guides, keep the practice of the righteous toleration as your gauge, your gold standard, and the keep the knowledge guiding you in this course. And then instead what the other two hassle, the faster the training of the topmost didgeridoo should be holding the to one

00:45:51 --> 00:45:52


00:45:53 --> 00:46:29

We've talked about this concept before, was the old way to German Ascension towards togetherness, beholding God alone and not be holding anything is anything else, even your own behold it and we talked about this before. So the ascension towards togetherness, that is your togetherness, without loss of God, either one of them are about our rejection of all objections and substitutions, what is rejection of MANOVA mahabharatha are of two kinds in our

00:46:30 --> 00:46:32

umbrella here, re,

00:46:34 --> 00:46:34


00:46:35 --> 00:46:36


00:46:37 --> 00:46:44

re they have a bit of a car. So you reject the sovereign

00:46:45 --> 00:46:55

decree of law which are the commands and the prohibitions of a lot by ceiling. And you reject the universe of decrees of a lot by ingratitude.

00:46:56 --> 00:46:58

Not lack of acceptance.

00:47:00 --> 00:47:52

So the lack of acceptance and ingratitude are your ways of rejecting Tara, the universe of decrees of a law, universal decrees of a law should always be accepted, should always be received with acceptance, and the shadow a decrease of a lock events and the prohibitions should always be received with compliance. And then what about substitutions? What does he mean by substitutions that you should reject substitutions? substitutions is when you're working with a loss provider and many of us are like, piece by piece basis. So he like a retailer retailer with a loss of product tab. So I have done this, I have been praying for one week now. Now what what are you going to give me? You

00:47:52 --> 00:47:54

know, what am I giving now?

00:47:55 --> 00:47:56

The people do this.

00:47:58 --> 00:48:11

I have been doing this for a year. And it was beautiful. You know, who was who attended so many fallacies story with Batman. It is a beautiful story. He goes like, you know,

00:48:12 --> 00:48:29

read some fantasy story, or I don't know if he has the lecture online. Listen to the lecture, betrayed the story of Samana fallacy and feed the struggle that he went through, he moved from one city to the next to the next, the next sold into slavery.

00:48:30 --> 00:48:48

All of this in, you know, in his pursuit of the truth, so, and encountered many deviant preachers and so on, stayed stayed the course, was patient, patient patient until he got the final price.

00:48:51 --> 00:49:12

When, when he met the prophet SAW the loss of he, but how long did it take him to get there? You know, how much struggle that he goes through how much frustration setbacks and so on, you know, to run away from his household and in Persia, to keep moving from city to city like

00:49:13 --> 00:49:16

getting frustrated, like frustrated

00:49:17 --> 00:49:32

and getting sold into slavery and, and all of that he's seeking the truth. Did he give up on God that he said he was, you know, I came I came out for you. I came to you and you know, is this my payback? Is this my recompense?

00:49:33 --> 00:49:41

Did he say that when he was sold into slavery? No, he did not. He stayed the course. And because he stayed the course look at what he got there.

00:49:46 --> 00:49:47

And that, that's it

00:49:51 --> 00:49:52

with a quote, come back in five minutes,

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