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AI: Summary © The funeral plans for Subhanallah Tada, who will be hosting in London, include a burial and death announcement, and participants will be notified of the winners. The importance of burying the body and not getting emotional is emphasized, along with the need to avoid getting too excited and not getting too upset. The group discusses the importance of planning for any major sin and avoiding graduation, while also stressing the importance of learning proper behavior and practicing it.
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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi over a cat

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Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah no Muslim no man found now and finally my alumna was IDNA Illman camera

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so Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit of benefits from what he told us and increases knowledge. I mean, I mean, as follows path out with Barack and this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering there will be told Kuhmo McFaul I'm lucky I mean, you're bright I mean

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Know, we're in to a phone that will draw call me on

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fermeuse or dizzy Hearn in order to heal and Jen Pfeffer the

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woman in here to dunya in Malta.

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Kowloon I've seen a cartoon mode, every soul will taste if the king is going to die. The President is going to die. The Imam is going to die, the chef is going to die. The Arab is going today the black the white, everyone is going to die the Muslim the non Muslim, everybody is going to die.

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And Allah subhanaw taala said for Salah Salem in Kamiya tone we're in the home Magneton you are going to die and everybody else is going to date when Magi eventually Min kuddly can hold EFA in Mata for human Caledon and nobody will live immortally for for ever eternally so if this is not for Mohamed Salah Salem, it's not going to happen to anybody. So based on that Yeah, fine.

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I'm sure I'm not gonna we're gonna start the series especially we're seeing Subhanallah every almost every day at i n t decision as we hear about someone passing away. So since we are trying our best to run all our life on the Sunnah, so why don't we also run our funeral on the sermon on Sharla. So this study inshallah Tada will start from

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when the person he is, or she is on their deathbed,

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when they are on their deathbed, what a dying person should do, what do

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the people next to him should do to the dying person? Okay, what to do right after the minute that the person dies? And then after that, how is the grieving supposed to be how long as the morning supposed to be?

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announcement of the Deaf condolences? How should we offer our condolences, then, what are some of the signs of a good end and the signs of an evil and Subhan Allah may Allah make us all run from the people will have a good and Inshallah, then we will discuss the washing of the body, then the shrouding of the body, and then carrying the body and following the janazah and then after that, and shall not Anna, we will do will discuss the Janaza prayer and every time we come to a *head issue, we will mention all the opinions from the old Democrat head about that issue. But in general the talk is going to be all in general and some of the issues are key issues.

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And then we come to the very important part which is the burial how to bury the body which which part goes first, should I say something when I'm delivering the body? How about destroying the sand is this authentic or not? All these things inshallah Tada, we will be discussed and then the book will end by who is allowed to visit the graves and what is the ruling on visiting the graves. So first challah talons just the general idea that yeah, one that sooner or later Subhanallah the Angel of Death is going to visit one of us without any notice without any message without any email without nothing. Call it our first medical note and let the work killer become soon become third

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Jiang Allah subhanaw taala when he gives the order to the angel of death to take a soul yeah Soon Allah Hannah Amara.

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We have maroon there is no difference. There's no discrimination, all the young black, white, thin fat, no discrimination whatsoever. When the order comes from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada notice that he will ascertain whether you're stuck the moon, nothing will be delayed.

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So sometimes you know, we get emotional and we start saying he was young, she was young, real 100 Another bad I mean of course we get upset. This is we are human beings, but at the same time, we have to accept the color of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we thank Allah subhana wa Taala one because in that moment, we are so emotional. You forget the biggest number that that person died on Islam.

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This is a great number when someone dies, your family on our masjid or someone we thank Allah subhanaw taala that they died as a Muslim. This is a great demo under a lot of dynami.

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Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran Aina takuna Aina Mirta corner you drink Kamal mode. Welcome to Hebrew version, Masha Yoda, wherever you are, no matter where you're trying to hide, where you're trying to run away from the death, the death will will will get to you when the time comes, nothing will help at all know how many times people you know, subhanAllah they say, You know what, this year, I'm not going to hash because I heard this Corona the Zika there's mica, or the stuff I'm not going to hash maybe have a better place to that than hash. So, you know, people make excuses. Well, if you're gonna die, you're gonna die anyway. Right? So not going to hedge because there is

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something you know, that's not a you know, it's not a valid excuse, really. So whenever we're going to die, we try to avoid any any problems. And, of course, I'm not gonna go to a place that there is war and say, no, no, no, I take by the means but if there's a bad and it's due only for Allah subhanaw taala have written to me to die, I'm going to die anyway. So no matter who is recommended note SubhanAllah. So when we whenever we are deaf is going to come and how many times Subhanallah people did so many things and take so many precautions to protect themselves from harm, and then the harm or whatever Allah subhanaw taala had written they got to them. We I told you the story before a

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mother does not want to her son to travel. She doesn't want him to travel with his friend. Okay. So

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he insisted you want to travel with his friend. So he told his mother Please wake me up at six o'clock in the morning. So his mother on purpose she did not wake him up. So he could miss the flight and not go with the with the with his friend. So the friend is calling, calling calling nobody's answering the friend left.

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So the mother sitting down watching TV, she saw that the flight

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God exploded. So she said Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. She ran my son. Look, you're so lucky. You know, the pain that you missed. Crushed.

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My son, my son.

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So has he died on his bed.

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She's trying her best to make him avoid going. And she was happy that you know that he was not on the plane that crashed he died on his bed. So when the time comes Subhanallah there's nothing that will will stop it.

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So now since this is 100%

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security multi bill have Bill happier one note is

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that he can

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mean hooter he, you've been trying to avoid it. You know? No, I'm young. I'm this I'm strong. I'm healthy. I'm wealthy. No, no, no, no. You've been trying to avoid death but death Subhanallah when Annie, like I mentioned the other day, just like today, that is what Monday, Rutherford was still alive, right? He when He died on Tuesday, right?

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So Subhanallah just like today he was with us. Subhanallah I pray and pray the Isha, just like now is Panama. So and then Allah subhana wa Tada have decreed that the time is up. Time is up. And we heard about our brother in Irving he was sleeping, just sleeping. Like we are. All of us we are going to do in few minutes. But Allah decreed Stein was up 40 something years old finish SubhanAllah. So knowing that this 100% is coming, if something is coming, that means every moment that goes by is getting closer, right? If someone calls right now and says I'm coming from Irving.

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Alright, what does that mean? That means now it's 1035 1037 is getting closer than 45 is getting good

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also. So, a note at death is coming that means every moment that goes by one, you know Subhanallah We hear this all the time, but the point is what are we doing about it? What are we preparing for that moment? Nobody does not know that, you know, that death is coming. And yeah, when when we sit in this gathering, and I repeated this many times, and I'll repeat it one more time Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to say Allahumma inni are also becoming a min lion.

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You know, what does that mean?

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That means when we sit in this gathering, and goes from here and leaves from here, the LM that we got here did not benefit us at all. So, somebody is to seek refuge from that does not lead to Amman.

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From and does not lead to Amman.

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And that this does not apply to me only applies to any talk that we hear my son for you.

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now we know 100%. And we we always know that death is 100% coming. So yeah. When any major sin that I'm committing

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any major sin that I'm committing any small sin that I'm persisting on. With right away, you never know.

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You never know.

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When the

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sheikh went to their brother, and he told him your brother, your brother needs some money for the Masjid.

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The brother, what do you say? He said, No, no, no, no, no, the guy the blood, the chef on his way out. The brother said there are chef, give me a second. He said what do you want? He said, Yes, chef, I promise you.

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When I retire, I'm going to build the masjid. And I'm going to stay most of the time in it.

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So the chef told him Hurry up, go get a piece of paper said why said hurry up, go get a piece of paper. So he got a piece of paper. He says write down. When I retire. I'm going to visit the masjid. And I'm going to stay all the time on it. So the brethren listen to the chef. He wrote down when I retire. I'm going to build the masjid. And I'm going to spend all my time in it.

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So the shift now what he said when the angel of death comes show him the paper

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Angel of Death. Give me some time. This is my intention. I'm not done yet. Doesn't work does not work. So we know for a fact that it's coming. So you have to plan Yeah, when something is coming. You have a wedding that's coming up you plan you have graduation you have any kind of occasion we plan ahead, but Subhan Allah the most certain thing that we 100% No doubt, no doubt

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that is coming. We don't plan much for it. We do not plan much for it. And it could happen at any any second.

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So, what should we do here one, first, we have to get rid of all

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any major sin that we are committing all of this small send somebody might say just a small sin, but the small sins when they accumulate on top of each other, they become a major sin.

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The major sin starts with a small sin Allah subhanaw taala told us let a tabby shape on the shaytan has footsteps he tells you to do small thing and then it will lead to another another another another until you fall into a major major sin.

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Some people listen to this beautiful Hadith Rasul Allah says, Allah didn't mean yesterday Manassa dunya Well, Abdul Fajr yesterday Minho labored will be learned was short on what they'll have

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a believing servant when he dies rests from the worries of this life. But as for the corrupt person, when he dies, the people and the lands and the trees and the animals wrest from him.

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Subhanallah because he used to cause corruption on earth, but the believing man Subhanallah he, he can't wait. We're not supposed to ask for that. But the believing man he feels that you know, is suffering so much in this dunya he's, he feels like he's a very stranger. Every time he does something, people call him extremist because he's following the Sunnah. Subhanallah so he can't wait. He rested from all the struggles of this of this dunya

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Allah subhanaw taala told us a lady had a cold mouth I will hire Leah will welcome a Yukon central Armada. This is a very important word Essen. So we are here to try not to do as many good deeds as possible. We have to do as many sincere deeds as possible.

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The amount that we show off that we did just for showing off, that is multiplied by 00. Nothing. We will go on the day of judgment you will find nothing. What

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I'm Illumina for Jana who have been thorough, and we came to everything they have done and we made it into scattered dust, why? Because there was real and it there was showing off in it. So be very careful. Be very careful when you are

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about to perform and when you invite others to do. Why are you doing it? Double check your intention

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that Allah subhanaw taala he did not say we are blocking or you can X or Y Mala

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we have Yocum, X and Ramana it's not about the quantity, you could pray to rockhouse TM the word for tearjerkers.

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of quick, no clue, no understanding, no concentration whatsoever. But you had to record so beautiful. You may do and your sujood Subhan

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Allah you enjoyed it. And then the other ones were ticktick and your mind was you know, distracted. Subhanallah so it's not about the quantity, it's about the quality.

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x zero in decree had in law that this is also a year from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us he told me and he told you that one to remember deaf abundantly, abundantly, sometimes when we are so involved in our daily life, our families, our studies, our businesses, our jobs, we forget, we forget. So So as I said and keep remembering, he told us keep remembering the death constantly.

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Him reminds you of the accurate reminds you to to rush and please Allah subhanho wa Taala axial mimicry her the middle of that for in no let me as Kuru add on fee via can mineralize a lever So who are they? What are the kind of goofy satin in the Yamaha they frequently remember the destroyer of pleasures death, none would remember it while in tightness of leading, but it would expand it for him. You know, if somebody is in tightness of living, and he remembers, you know what, I'm going to die anyway. So that would be a relief for him. And none would remember it why did that ease of living but it was a tiny tight in it for him. And if somebody has all the luxuries, he remembers

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that you know that might come in and all that will be gone. So that will depress him Subhanallah so constantly remembering.

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This will keep us in on track.

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Now yeah

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said,

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Bashir had him on, give this ummah, the tidings of glory,

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dominance over the lands, victory and supremacy in religion.

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Any of them who does the deeds of the Hereafter for the sake of the word the life will have no share in the hereafter let me not student Arabic for the brothers who know Arabic to understood to enjoy it, but but should have the hill on the center. What Temkin feel Beloved, when Nasir were referred to 15 Women and the lemon home the Amaryl air Kira, let dunya Fidel sallahu Latino SWIB

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again, he put that the sheikh under the sincerity, it looks like the ambulance for the Acura

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it looks like the handle is for the Acura but the intention of the person doing it is for the dunya

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then he will have no share. Nothing in the archaea.

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Nothing whatsoever in the in Allah La Jakob Minella Amel l can Allah Who will call you son Weber Talia, be watchful Verily Allah only accept the deeds that are done purely for him and are done for the sake of his his pleasure. And in sha Allah Tala.

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Like I promised you I'm going to make them short so you could always attend in sha Allah.

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If Allah kept us alive till Monday, the topic will be the arrival of death. What a dying person somebody told me the doctor confirmed that I'm going to die. What should I do? What should I constantly say? There's a lot that we will teach you in sha Allah Tala that are so sad and said if you say this dua Jahannam will become haram for you.

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Okay, we will study that is that in sha Allah Allah on next week with Allah and

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A please try to come and attend constantly inshallah to Allah so we could all benefit Bismillah to Allah and we learn the proper way and the Sunnah way, how to perform our janazah and our funerals. May Allah subhanaw taala make our nurse deeds, our best deeds. May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah make me from the people who practice what they preach is a common law here. Welcome welcome. Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Subhanak along with Michelin

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