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Have you you've heard of this guy who you have a kind of a similar accent to his Yeah. name is Russell Brand that you're on a spiritual journey because you made what in retrospect still seems like a radical decision to convert to Islam. Oh

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my god Russell Brand. Russell is doing a great job today. It seems like a controversial thing. Perhaps like Islam has become more maligned in this sort of anger phonic West since then. And I really appreciate him. He veers out you know, off on a tangent with the anything goes, you know, do what you feel kind of stuff. But boy right now he's smashing it. What is it in particular about Islam? That cool too. And I did meet Russell back in the day. And then if he remembers, hopefully not. Okay, so you met Russell Brand. There's pictures of him before like having a reading the Quran. So I wanted to ask you, have you met him? And has How much does he know? Have you gotten a chance?

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Will? You probably not, but you know, people who have talked to him about Islam or since he's there in UK, right? What is it particularly about the nature of Islam that you feel contacted you? Do you know what I think he was with Jemima Khan for a couple of years. So I

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wanted to calm was Imran Khan's ex wife and she would have spoken to him about Islam. I'm absolutely certain from from that, you know that that that he's aware of it as a world religion? The big thing for for most people, brother is the Accepting of a face from God with stipulations.

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Morality, right and wrong, that at some point, you have to say no to yourself. I you know, I think, you know, there is there was there was a great

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thirst for spirituality out there. But when it comes to saying, and people should not do this, and and then there are things that you must not do. People run, you know, the nafs kind of fights you so I think we should all pray for him. I think he's doing a smashing job of kind of fighting. You know, the big companies and big pharma. And may Allah bring him to the truth. I mean, so So if you had a chance to sit down with Russell Brand, Lauren booth, what would you tell them? How would you invite him to go ahead and searched more for the purpose of life while we're here and to look into the Quran like you did to really read it and to really connect with the Creator? What message would you

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have for Russell Brand from Lauren booth? Do you know what I would say? I'd say, read. I know you read? So how about reading the Sierra of the Prophet peace be upon him by Martin Lynx? It's written in a story form and you will know the best of creation and you will be inspired, inspired on whatever journey you're going on. But know about the Prophet now. It's time inshallah