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The importance of recognizing gifts in facilities is discussed, including large gifts for residents and incredible gifts for achieving happiness. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not feeling distant from individuals and not feeling stress in the moment of visit. A Saudi dad discusses his son's success in a sport and struggles with addiction, including a speeding car accident. The segment also touches on the difficulties of life and the importance of finding rest, including a woman named Jenna who was supposed to be killed by the government but was never allowed to do so.

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salam alaikum Smilla Welcome to the level salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who had an early he was happy to drain.

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One of the greatest feelings a person can have is when they are recognized. And we determine how we're recognized by the way that we're greeted, right? When you walk into a place when they smile when they see you how they address you. It's one of the reasons why here at roots net column, we use the phrase welcome home because we want everyone to walk into this campus to this building, to the facility feeling like they're at home.

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And we know that when you walk into a room, you can feel when the people there are excited for you to be there. And unfortunately, you know, I'm sure that you've also felt maybe a little bit of tension when you didn't feel like your presence was wanted. So one of the gifts and the privileges that Allah subhanaw taala gives to the people of paradise. And this is also a larger discussion about how comprehensive the gifts of Jannah are. When everyone talks about Jana, we speak about these large gifts and even in the idea that I'll be quoting Sharla tonight, there are mentions of these large gifts, Jannetty intensity, Min tactile, and how hard he didn't feel

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that there will be gardens that are underneath these rivers that are flowing beautifully. And we learned from the Hadith that the rivers, their banks are, you know, gold and diamond and silver. And the rivers are whatever the sweetest beverage that you can imagine. And there's all these mansions and palaces and these sites that are really the eyes have never seen as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam described. These are some of the big gifts that Allah Tada has prepared. For those people who enter paradise May Allah make us amongst them. But one thing that shows you again, that Allah is in fact, our Creator and our sustainer and our caretaker is that it's not always the big gifts that

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suffice for everybody. When they enter into paradise, of course, they will be overjoyed and happy. But some of us, in fact, maybe all of us are just going to be so satisfied. And so great grateful to Allah at the simple moment of entering paradise when we receive our greeting as the residents of the garden, just when you receive your greeting. So Allah subhanaw taala and Sudha Brahim, verse number 23. So chapter 14, verse number 23. He describes the scene

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what we'll do Lila Lavina and AMITA Solly Hart. And on that day, the people who believed they tried their best, and they did whatever they could, and I'm a little salty hot, by the way, when the some of them were first seen, like if not assured, and others when they describe what this means. They describe that this is not the person that was perfect and all of their deeds, but it's the person that you know, in basketball, sometimes they describe players as scrappy, right, they get buckets wherever they can. You don't necessarily notice them as being incredible talents on the floor. But at the end of the game, when you look at the box score somehow they have 12 points. So I'm Eagle

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Saudi hat Alladhina amanu, Saudi had those people that do good deeds, if not assured, he almost describes them in this way. And he was a master of language. And he said that it's the people that do their best in any given situation whenever they can. So when we read this verse, or this description, we shouldn't feel distant from this person. And levena Amande Rabelo Saudi, how can you think well, I, I haven't done that many good deeds. Well, according to the mfah CD, and they say that well, this is for anybody that again tried their hardest at a moment, and maybe they failed. Maybe they weren't perfect, but at least they tried. Allah Tada. He says in Allaha les Andrew Eli

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Sadiq Khan, what else what he can while I can yonder Isla Karoubi Kumar, I'm Alikum that Allah to Allah doesn't look at the perfection of your image and the perfection of your presentation. Allah in fact, doesn't stop at the presentation that you put forth. No, Allah looks at the status and the substance of your heart, and how those moments inside of you manifested as good deeds. So many of us had the intention to do good and we try our best and even though sometimes we fall short, Allah still includes us.

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In this beat Nila world killer Latina Amande white middle Saudi hat, Janet integrity mentality health and health Holly Dina fee ha be in Europe be him that these people will be given this incredible gift they will be entering and they'll see all of these incredible luxurious mansions and these abodes and homes and think about it, you're never going to have a moment of stress, you're never going to have another bill to pay. You're never going to have to pick up another phone call from someone from a telemarketer all of these life difficulties. You're never going to have to renew your Costco membership.

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All of these life difficulties I don't love us or our difficulties. Allah forgive us, man. These are our difficulties Subhanallah

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any stress that you felt will be gone? When you enter those first two steps into paradise? You know, I met Rahim, Allah when he was being put through a very difficult situation in his life. His son asked him, he said, Yeah, it'd be metal IRA. He asked his father when he saw his father being tortured by the government for not adopting an opinion. That was wrong. He said, Oh my father, when are we going to find rest? When is this going to end? This dunya is too tiring. And the Imam Ahmed responded my son with those first two steps into paradise, that's when we're going to find rest. So Allah to Allah, He continues, and he says that they will be given Bethany it'll be him to he yet to

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whom fee hat. Salam.

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That's when you know you've made it. You know, some of the Sahaba they said that when I enter my first step into Jana Abubaker, was famous for this statement. I wouldn't be confident until my second foot also got in. It's almost like when you enter somewhere and you can't believe it's real. But the moment that you know it's real, is when you hear the angels and the residents and the inhabitants and in sha Allah you hear from our Lord Himself Allah, this phrase salaam Buddha who had the salon valleca, Yeoman Kulu level Maya SHA una fee what a day in MS eat everything that you struggled with in this life, up until that moment, will disappear at that very moment. Allah Tada

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when he describes what was Leafa till Jana to LaMattina write about it had to dune luckily a wagon Hafeez min Kashi or ramen a bit laby were Jah be called the money. Allah to Allah when he describes the people of paradise. He says on that day, almost like this surreal moment, Jana will be brought to them. They're not even going to have to go to Jenna. You know, imagine how many of you if Jenna was 10 steps away? You would walk 10 Steps raise your hand?

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Would you walk 10 steps for agenda? Would you walk a mile? How about five miles? How about 20 miles give any number you'd walk in? Hmm. On that day, you're not going to have to walk an inch. What was the effective agenda today? Matatini laid about eight. On that day. The angels will bring Jenna to you why you already did your work. You already did what you had to do. And then Allah describes later by no longer is it far away. Why? Because in this life, we your agenda we say one day Inshallah, one day in sha Allah, Allah says in the Quran, I am no longer far away, have that matter to Dune, equally a weapon heavy. This is what you were promised. This is what you were guaranteed

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for the person that constantly turned back to Allah and did their best to protect their heart and their soul. We asked Allah to Allah to greet us and Jenna was salam. We asked Allah Tala to make us amongst those people who entered that as salam. We ask Allah to Allah to give us that peace that we are searching for in paradise yatta yatta mean? Oh Allah we ask you to never let our eyes and hearts be taken off of the goal of paradise. Oh Allah we ask You that we want when we are in these tough moments when we are judging between our dunya and our after that oh Allah allow us always to pick our Africa out of that out of you know Selena whom Allah saying I want to be in a Muhammad while

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early he was up he was an interesting one because you can walk it and just a brief announcement in sha Allah I know that many people are going to be leaving for home potentially Now the night is over for some but in the back hall in the multipurpose hall, we would ask that the sisters maybe if you can squeeze to the right as much as possible so that we do have some overflow for the brothers the brothers are playing praying over here on the vinyl tile, we just want to have a small amount of space we'll put a divider inshallah but right now the sisters have have mashallah been amazing. They've dominated the whole space which is great, but we need a little it goes it goes far back so

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if we could just have a little bit of room near the door near the entryway and we'll put a divider there for the brothers that are coming and shot a lot we would really really appreciate it may allow us to make room for you and Jenna like you make room for everybody else, I mean

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