Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 21

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who talks about her dream of being a good woman and being a good person, as well as her dream of being a good woman and being a good person. The speakers also discuss the importance of direct communication and avoiding blaming others for actions. A chef also talks about his experience with Islam and how he tries to convince people to stay back until they become a full brother, as well as his experience with a woman who refuses to admit her success and refuses to give her money.
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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah so Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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while Allah He was the hero Manuela.

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Yesterday we stopped at the story

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of the woman who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And she asked him

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at origin Nia Rasul Allah,

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Salah, hinter Jana prophet of Allah and the pasta Lam said, la, la, la todos. No old women are allowed him gentlemen. So the woman started crying.

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And the prophets has said to her, having to read what Allah subhanaw taala said and sort of walk

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touch on a burqa or open a taraba. Meaning that our last panel Tyler said in certain Walker, that we will be created in a different way. And there will be nobody has we said two times before that there will be no old agent and you're going to be young, forever. So when a las panatela said the autobahn we explained the autobahn last time, and all the brothers were very happy with that, and they were smiling.

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Okay. And then a traba means the same age. So you will be 33 and your spouse will be 33 all the time, you're not going to go beyond that. And that's what the processor meant, by saying to her, no old woman will be in general.

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So I want to stop at two, you know,

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positions in which the chef is reciting yesterday and today.

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One time when the king saw a dream.

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And he said to the Mullah, and the word mela and the Parana when it comes it means the into Raj the advisors around the king, the elites.

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So these are supposed to be knowledgeable people.

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People have

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honesty, and being people who should be trustworthy.

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So he said to them,

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yeah, you heard of Tony Fiero. Yeah. In quantum neuro? Maroon.

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He's awesome. them. He said, Give me a fatwa.

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If you can interpret the dreams

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and subparallel they remind me of so many Muslims today. What did they say?

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They gave the federal right away.

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Right away. But then after that, they said Why am I lacking a bit of land? Maybe IE? Allahu Akbar. But you know what? We have no idea about interpreting dreams.

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It's exactly today you asked the person sitting next to you in Tim Horton and say, brother, is this halal or haram? He says, halal inshallah.

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Don't listen to the show, but they're very strict.

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But I'm telling you, brother, you can smoke in Sha lights. Hello.

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Who is giving the fatwa a smoker?

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Are you qualified to give federa

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but this is how I feel, bro. No fat was all about how you feel?

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Fat? Why when you get fat or you have to give evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah.

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How many people around you today are Muftis. I guarantee you, there is 1.8 billion Muslims. Amongst them there is 1.9 billion both is

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it's true.

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So we have to be careful when Allah gave us this example, as if he's saying, Don't ever think that when you have knowledge in one area, to have the audacity to sign on behalf of Allah and His Messenger, because they are the only ones who could say hello and not you, not me.

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You have to be very careful. The second one, let's go and revisit the prison in Egypt.

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When Yusuf Alayhi Salam was thrown into the president of Egypt,

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what did he do? If it were you or me? You're going to be depressed.

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Am I right, right.

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But Yusuf Ali Salaam was giving dour in prison.

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When the two people came to him. What is it that stands out about use of they choose him from

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Amongst all the prisoners to go and ask him or the people in jail

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One of them said, I saw myself offering wine to the king. The other one said, I saw in my dream that I'm carrying bread on top of my head and the birds are eating of it.

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They said, Give us fat one. Right? Why in America?

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Hello, auto, mineral moistening. So he's

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attracted them to ask the question. That's the first lesson to be learned from this. If so be a moisten. Be a Morrison and that would attract people to come to you. And when people come to you to ask a question,

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and you have the qualification, what do you need to do? They're asking about dreams. This was number 34. So Pamela, he kept giving them down and introducing a lot of them until at number 40. And then he gives the federal at the end was the reason when somebody comes to ask you don't give them what they need immediately. Give them something first, then give them the answer. Because if you give them the answer and say, Hey, stop, I want to make down to like, you know, just like to look at that dancer. Thank you next time inshallah.

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So he started giving them even a recipe. He says Leia Tacoma

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Tacoma abita, we're here at Akuma. You know what I'm going to tell you about the food that comes to you. But then next time, he did not attribute this to himself, he was breaking down with Allah, who was inviting people to Allah. He said, Come on Mr. Alemany, rhombi.

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All grace and bounty belong to Allah. It's not because I'm smart. It's not because I'm a PhD. No, it's from Allah. Why would Allah give you this in eternity?

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And this is the third lesson

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to be learned.

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Hold on, can I ask a question? Who are these people?

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All the Egyptians at that time? They were either worshipers, including those two. Yes.

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So he's saying to them, I left the religion of some people who do not believe in Allah on the Day of Judgment, and they don't believe on the Day of Judgment.

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Is there any possible way he could have said it? Yes. Instead of saying in the home, you could have said to them in a coma. Alka fora Hamada inshallah

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This is how some people give our today

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Yes, you're going to

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see their inshallah

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if you become tough like this, do you think people will listen to you? But he was indicted, and there's a lot of listening. When you talk to people being direct, don't point fingers.

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But then when he told them he left something which is bad, what's the next step and our What about?

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sooner if something bad, you follow something good. If you leave your bad company, find a good company.

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And then he continues to talk about it. Until at the end, he gives them the fatwa, even when he gave the first one of them will be hanged. And the other one will be set free. He didn't say As for you, you will be set free. And as for you, you will be handed No, he was still in

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the coma. One of you because one of them is gonna die.

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You will die, but you will be set free. He said, As for one of you. He'll be suffering we'll go back to the king and he's going to be offering him the drink and ask for the other one who will be hanged and the birds will eat out of his head for the llama defeated.

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Let me cliffhanger you with a question and you need to think about this deeply in this surah you know Allah subhana wa Tada. And the chef has heard this already.

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When the brothers of Yusuf came to him,

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he said to them,

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fella magia has a hamburger has him. Color Tony Lachman abiku.

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Hold on.

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None of them question him when he said this.

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He said I want you to bring me a brother, who is not a full brother. He said back in law Committee, which means he's not a full brother. Who is you're talking about? Benjamin, his own brother, his own full brother.

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Because they will attend

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and use when his brother, right? So he said,

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Now we're third level.

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How many of them?

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Excellent. Exactly. So they left Benjamin and they were 10. So when they came to me, he said next time, bring me a brother who is not a full brother. And if you don't bring him, I will not give you any measure. No wheat, no food for you. None of them question him. None of them said, How did you know that? We have a brother. And he's not even a full brother.

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Have you ever thought about this? Would you like to know how did they know?

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