Top 10 Tips To Raise An Obedient Child Part 1

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AI: Summary © The importance of raising children is discussed, including selecting a partner and being a good mother. The success of raising children is crucial to their success in life, and parents should be ideal mothers and parents. Three tips for raising children include presenting oneself as an ideal parent, instilling the love of Allah and His messenger in their children's minds, and making them aware of the positive impact of their actions.
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Open your eyes to the world, often day, believe not the lies that they always say. Look for the truth and swallow your pride for things that you thought didn't exist that you might find below that we are living.

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At hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim? Allah He was happy he Jemaine are also Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim robina hablan amin as vergina was the Ria Tina ora Tyrion was Sakina mama Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. robicheaux really sorry, we're certainly Omri.

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melissani yeska who only do your viewers Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu meaningly, the peace, mercy and the blessings of Allah Almighty, we upon all of you.

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Welcome to the program, Islam quest.

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In today's episode, we shall take up a very important subject for all the parents

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a question that every parent has a concern that every parent has a quest that every parent has to find out, what are the ways to raise obedient children?

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What are those ways? What are those methods that we can apply in order to raise our children who can become a true sincere and obedient children? For the parents? First and foremost, my dear brothers and sisters, children are the greatest blessings from Allah subhanaw taala. Children,

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they are a great blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. As well as they are a great responsibility as well. It is our duty, and it is imperative upon us that we must take care of them, and we must raise them as good Muslims, we must raise them as better Muslims.

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Indeed, no parent would like their children to be disobedient. Indeed, no parent would like their children to be spoiled. However,

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because of many reasons, the parents they do not raise their children in a way that they should be raised.

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Because of many reasons, like for example, focusing on the needs, focusing on their priorities in a way that would not take them or bring them or raise them as better and obedient children.

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one sided view to develop them and to become better only for this dunya would fail the parent to raise better children. They need they need to take, they need to take

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the children's future as well as the present. The present is this dunya and the future is that

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every parent, every parent, my dear brothers and sisters, every parent should realize that we need to bring our children better in this dunya and better in the IRA. Now what are those

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ways to raise your children who can become obedient to you?

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There are numerous ways as you might know, to raise the children in a better way. However, in this episode again, we shall take up the top 10 ways to raise an obedient, true child. Top 10 ways to raise to a bring

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your obedient child.

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My dear brothers and sisters, the first and fundamental way to raise your child to make your child

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Bring your child obedient to you is far more earlier

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is much more earlier than you get a child. And that is the first step

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of making your child obedient to you. And that step is select a righteous spouse, select a woman, who is pious.

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And as our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, in the Hadith mentioned in, say your body, that married women, for who for four reasons, marry women for four Reason number one, for the wealth, number two for the family status, their lineage. What is their background, number three, the beauty. And number four is their religious commitment. And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said those who choose a woman with wood who has this religious commitment will prosper.

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In the light of this Hadees, we come to know that the first and fundamental quality that every man should look should look in, in the woman is her virtue is not her beauty. It's not her wealth. It's not her family lineage. First and foremost, it should be virtue, it should be her religious commitment, because he needs to foresee that if she is righteous, if she is pious, if she's good muslimah. Obviously, the children that you will get through her,

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she will take care of your children in a better way. And this is the fundamental, this is the fundamental step that you need to take much before much before you get a child, you need to first and foremost select a righteous spouse, a righteous woman who can come in your life as a blessing, who can come and associate and cooperate and build your children career, your children's career in a better way.

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This is the first way to raise your obedient child. The second way, my dear brothers and sisters, to raise your obedient child is you need to be an ideal parent for them. You need to be an ideal parent for them. SubhanAllah today's children, you don't have to actually teach them a lot. They will learn from you what you do, they will copy

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most of the children they don't do what parents say.

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Monkeys words, most of the children. They don't do what parents say, but they do what parents do. So you do good, they will follow you. If you do good

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and you be the better example, they will follow you. You need to present yourself as an ideal parent,

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you are the first role model for them. The moment he gets this consciousness, he will see you day and night. If you behave well like a Muslim, if you have that consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala they will follow you, they will emulate you and they will copy you and that is how you need to raise your children. The success tip is in your hand. You need to be good Muslim, and you need to present yourself as a Muslim who is committed to Allah subhanho wa Taala who is committed to the teachings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the second tip, or the second way, or the second thing to raise your child better, is you need to be

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an ideal parent. The third

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way to raise your child better is my dear brothers and sisters.

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instill in them the love of Allah and His messenger.

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instill in them the love of Allah and His messenger. Let them know let them understand and by law, don't don't underestimate your children. Don't underestimate that. He is just two year old or three year old or four year old. You need to create that awareness about Allah subhanho wa Taala you need to introduce who Allah is. He is a Holic, He is the Creator. Let them understand that all this creation belongs to us.

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Love you as parents, for your children, you are also slaves of Allah, you are the servant of Allah subhanaw taala. And children are also the slaves of Allah. Let them understand the relationship between Allah and them and let them love Allah. You as parents need to instill that love by introducing who Elias what are the favors that Allah has done on us? What are the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala is giving us?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he helps you in this task, if you initiate this task. My dear brothers and sisters, you need to instill the love of Mohammed peace be upon him in your children's heart. You need to tell them who Muhammad peace be upon him is how is he close to us? Why do we say a shadow under Muhammad Rasul Allah, this is the most important ingredient that you need to make sure that you make and keep this quality of instilling the love of Allah and His Messenger in the hearts and minds of your children. And this is really, really very important, because he if he loves Allah subhanaw taala if he loves Muhammad, peace be upon him, he will never be disobedient to you. Because

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Allah always taught them to be obedient to you. Allah subhanho wa Taala he commanded all of us to be kind to be soft

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towards our parents, and this is what we get as foods when we teach them. When we instill the love of Allah and His Messenger, messenger in their hearts and minds. This is what we get the fruits, the cause, the root cause of our children becoming disobedient, misbehaving with us, even though from the worldly perspective, we do everything for them. We do everything for them still, still we feel we feel they are disobedient, still we observe and we see, they are disobedient to us. Why? What is the cause? The cause my dear brothers and sisters, that we have not taught them?

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The love of Allah and His Messenger in their hearts and minds. So how can we expect that they become obedient to us, when we have distinct them from Allah and His Messenger, if you make them close to a lioness messenger, they will be obedient to you. It's a direct effect on your children. So make sure that you instill the love of Allah and His Messenger in their hearts and minds. We will continue with our ways to bring our children a better after a short break. Below that we