Common Mistakes During Ramadan – Neglecting Quran

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode in our series common mistakes and from Oman.

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We all know how important in Ramadan to read or on Allah, Allah said, Ramadan Allah, the insula for Ramadan is

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the month where Al Quran was sent down. We all heard the stories how the prophets of Salaam used to review the Quran gibreel during Ramadan, and a lot of people interested in attending cutman or on in the massagin, you know, talking about the hot demand the door and things of that nature. But what is what is sad that also there is a great number of people don't really read Koran during the month of Ramadan, and they don't put the effort and if they start with the first day or second day that they could don't continue. You know,

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unfortunately, you know, attending hutmacher under domestic is not enough, you know that somebody else may come up or not you in the attending doesn't make you did

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you have to

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basically put an effort to read or at least if you can't read to listen to read the translation of the Quran. While you're listening to the plan, put a little bit of effort, it doesn't matter how much you read from the Quran doesn't matter if it's a full surah or page. Even if the whole entire month of Ramadan, you're able only to, to increase in your memorization, one short surah that's great, better than nothing. If you were able to learn how to read a little bit better, you know, to be familiar with it, that's excellent. If you heard the whole Quran, that's a fantastic thing. If you were able to read the Quran that even much better for those who Allah smart Allah bless them

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with the ability to read, but we should put a serious effort in caring for the Quran. It just it's not enough to be just words and wishful thinking but it has to be translated to actions and I'm saying this because it decided that Ramadan comes and goes and some of us their relationship with the Quran is exactly the same as before Ramadan, you know, the only maybe difference that today attended hotma.

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And a lot of people get distracted during the month of Ramadan by T watching TVs or playing games, you know, being in social media all the time. And I want you to take a break from this from these distractions as much as you can. And you put efforts a sincere effort with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today, we have so many tools that can help us today there is apps that will help you to do hotma you tell them I want to do one hotmail to Hotmail, based on our ability they will help you there is today some apps organized by people that you can read and you send it to the people I will reply to you by correcting your a citation. You should start something in your own

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local mustard euro community with your family member that you know what we read the page every day, or we read just every day It depends on your abilities. Help that inside the house.

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For example, the Imams if they hear this message, or you can deliver this message to your leaders, your religious leaders in your community, they should help the general public to care for the Quran, and to encourage them and to follow up with them. Today, we have so many programs designed to help those who are very basics in the parent and I'm proud to say one of the most successful programs that we launched a lot of Mr. Jude are on revolution. Make sure that you register in it or similar programs so you can improve your citation and improve your relationship with the Quran. Because the moment you approach the book of Allah and you open that book, Allah will open a new life for you and

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you experience in this life and believing my brothers and sisters. In the B cell Allah Salim said in the linear ecfe jiofi Seamus Horan can bait and curry that those hearts are sold which is empty from the Quran. It's like the abandoned houses. Have you ever been to an abandoned house? What's a scary dark dusting, you know,

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insects and rats and all kinds of bad things in it.

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That's how your soul is yours your ins from your inside that's how you from inside if there is no pollen inside you so I hope that this Ramadan will make the best of it when it comes to a relationship with the Quran because it is really a bad mistake. To let them Avan comes and goes

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While your relationship with the Quran still the same mirrorless panel data maker Quran or the APA lovina you know the spring of our hearts and to help us to read it to memorize it defaults command integrated with the double, or cinematic mahatama subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ is like a low high dose and I want to go