Duaa that we all need A DUAA for a Peaceful Soul

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In the Quran, Allah when Allah subhana wa Taala classified the souls into three souls and nafcillin in the neffs the soul that is in rested, relaxed, comfortable, pleased. The neffs Aloma, the soul that's constantly blaming itself, which is most of us Why did you do that? How could you do that? And an absolute amount of Su the soul that commands even May Allah save us from that soul. So is that it to the Trussell was SLM taught us to ask for enough smoke in which is the best soul, this nafcillin with my inner is the soul that

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loves Allah. This soul loves to obey Allah. This soul is in constant remembrance of Allah azza wa jal and some of mine is in constant remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and nafcillin Woodbine is the one that Allah mentioned in the Quran, or the holy fear a birdie what holy Jannetty in the last surah in the last ayat of surah Al Fajr time listen to this beautiful dua inshallah and please, every time we learn, it's not just about to mention it here is for us to memorize it and repeat it and say it in our sujood

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Ross Ross Hasulam taught one of the Sahaba His name is Abu mana al bear Healy. He said, Paul Allahumma inni s l Luca, Neff sin magma in to me Nobilia kar ik what TourRadar Bacova we're talking now Bihar ik

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allah bless me with enough smoke not enough

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that believes that it is going to meet you and is pleased with whatever you decreed

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and content with whatever you're bestowed

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to me know below correctness explain them. Yeah, Allah bless me with enough smoke now. Now we all know this first part, to me nobody believes in meeting Allah. Shall we all believe we are meeting Allah know

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what that believes?

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lead to? This is what we're talking to talking about. We all believe that we are going to meet to meet Allah. But what did that believe lead to? What did that believe drivers to?

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There's no way someone who believes is going to meet Allah and he's buys and sells haram. There's no way someone believes in he's going to meet Allah he will take the inheritance of his sister. There's no way someone believes his meeting Allah and he oppresses anyone else.

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What does that lead to this Eman in meeting Allah led me it will lead me to become a better Muslim to become a better believer. Allah man yes Allah can have some movement in to me Nobilia Karthik, this believe in meeting Allah will make me always ready. Always ready if it could be tomorrow. I'm done because don't think it's only like Rasulullah Sallam told us that every single one of Tiana every one of us is Kiana is when they die.

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Then there is another meeting but it's we will find out right away

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from the carbonyl either to become a Jana or it will become now it's the first step of the akhira to me Nobilia Karthik were thorough

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Bacova IK and is pleased with your Kedah.

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So many of us are so worried always worried, worried about the future worried about the children worried about the job worried about this worried about that.

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My dear beloved brothers and sisters, we do what we are supposed to do.

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What Allah has ordered us to do, stay away from what he has prohibited and resubmit. Whatever Allah decreed, whether you see it or not, it is always always cave. Always cave. If you don't see it, now you're gonna see it tomorrow, the day after five years, it is always higher TourRadar Bukoba ik ya allah am pleased cancer stage four I am pleased I have no children pleased I am pleased with your Kedah Allah I am content with your data because there

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are two words that are similar being content and being pleased as the same but reader is more

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inclusive than Connor because reader is all the time reader is before the problem took place during the problem taking place and after canal has usually after a problem took place but the reader pleasure with what Allah decreed is all the time. So here I'm asking for both yeah

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blessed me with a soul that is not not in

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to immunobiological Ik Watoto hubba ik we're talking now, Beata IK and it is content, the contentment yeah when to be pleased you're making $1,000 A week $1,000 A month Alhamdulillah I'm doing my best to Allah you're making 10,000 Alhamdulillah you are sick Alhamdulillah Your son is sick your daughter is sick you hamdulillah bland mean we are Allah I did not do anything to cause that. This is your Kedah and I am pleased to Allah with whatever you decreed. Look how beautiful is this? So repeat after me when Allah Hoonah in need a Luca nevsun. Medina.

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To me No. Billy Karthik. What toradol Bacova ik we're talking now.

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Be alcoholic. Tonight is the night of Geneva where our beloved alayhi salatu salam say, make a lot of salata pani Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kanessa late Rahim while early Ibrahim in Nikka Hamidah Majeed along with Eric Allah Muhammad by the early Mohammed gamma Barak Dahlia Ibrahim, while early Ebro Brahim in Dhaka, Anita Majeed, see you at 530 in sha Allah for salatu salam ala

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in Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning Meena demon on et now look on it the more slowly been I was flaunting bonds he was a slob eating I was sloppy a lot the one before she you know, because she

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wasn't pushy no one was washing it one down one BP now one downside the party was on me and I was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one half of what it was good enough.

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What's going on? I don't know hula

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