Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-040B Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 2-4

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the title "Art of the Quran" and the importance of learning the language of Islam to achieve spiritual goals. They emphasize the need to avoid wasting one's time and resources in the future to learn more about Islam and spend all of one's money to visit a doctor. The speakers also discuss the history and origin of the book of Allah, including its potential to be beneficial for the consumer and its potential for teaching. They stress the importance of not mixing "right and wrong" with "the time of school" and the need for people to accept "The truth" and not be taken for granted.
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Alif Lam Meem Allahu La ilaha illa who will hire you to Yun? Allahu Allah, La ilaha illa who there is no God, except he meaning Allah is the one besides home there is no God at all, let ILAHA La Ilaha means there is no God at all this is complete negation Illa who except he? So, this means that yes there may be many gods that are worshipped, but that does not make them real Gods the one and only true God the actual God any the one who is really God the one who is really ILA is who it is only Allah and he is a Heyoka you he is the Ever Living and he is the sustainer of all and only he can truly be ILA because no one except Allah is Allah yield to you, you see will ensue will Genova

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Mattoon the men and jinn will all die, we are not ever living, every single creature will die. Only Allah azza wa jal is a Holic, He is the Creator, and he is a height, the EverLiving and he is Alka you. Now these two names of Allah Allah Yuka young.

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We have learned the meaning of these names earlier in solos on Bacala. but repetition is always helpful. Alhaj is from the root letters Hi, yah, yah, and Hyatts is life. And hate is the EverLiving meaning the one who's hired is perfect, the one who's hired is absolute, any without a beginning or an end, when it comes to our life, it is not perfect, it is not absolute, because there was a time when we did not exist, right? And there will be a time when we will cease to be alive, when we will no longer be alive. Allah Our zoologia is Al hate, meaning he was always there, and he always will remain. And this means that the passage of time does not affect him, what happens to the creation,

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the passage of time weakens them, right? It deteriorates them, you know, we age, we cannot stop our growth or our aging. And our nature is such that just the passage of time will cause us to deteriorate. You know, for instance, you may experience this, that let's say you, you know, you put something away in storage, okay? And then you forget about it. Maybe you put something in your basement, in the attic somewhere, and you forgot about it. And after several years, you find it. And as you pick it up, as you open it, it begins to fall apart, it loses its integrity, because of the passage of time. So, this is the nature of the things of this world. This is the nature of the

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creation, that we are not ever living. Our life is constantly slipping away, is constantly you know, running out basically. And Allah azza wa jal is l hate. The passage of time does not affect him. He is l hate. So his existence does not depend on anything. Our hierarchy is such that we need a lot of things in order to live if, for example, we don't have access to oxygen we cannot live right. If for example, the heart stops to beat again, we cannot live we cannot continue to exist. Allah azza wa jal, his hat is perfect. And his existence does not depend on anything his life is perfect. And the name Alhaj teaches us that Allah is perfect in all of his qualities, all of his qualities, and

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because he alone is Alhaj This is why there is no God besides him. Allahu La ilaha illa who Alhaj who will hire you La ilaha illa who he is the EverLiving there is no god other than Him and He is Allah you Alka Young is from the root letters cough well meme and Alka Yom is the one who is extremely independent. Such that he depends on no one and everything depends on him. So Alka Yun tells us that Allah azza wa jal is a Leica M lean of C he is independent of all he depends on no one and he is calling him live it he is maintaining everything so everything depends on him. So if it wasn't for him

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is perfect actions and his perfect being nothing would exist. The bodies the souls the hearts of all creatures are sustained by who, by Alka Yoon. He created everything. He manages everything he protects everything he supports the existence of everything he provides for everything. He is Alka you, he is independent, He is eternal, and he is the sustainer of all. And the name Alhaj also means that he is the bestower of life. He is the source of life. So, if anything is alive, it's because Allah subhanaw taala created it. Now these two names of Allah, Allah you can assume, what do they teach us about Allah, that he is absolutely perfect, absolutely independent, and he is the one on

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whom we completely depend upon, he is the one without whom we cannot exist, any there is no meaning to us would not be alive and we cannot remain unless and until Allah subhanaw taala he maintains us. So, He is Allah and He is the one who has revealed this book. Here the cinema say that the roof matara, Alif Lam Meem when you see these high roof at the beginning of some Surah of the Quran, you will see that the next idea is about the Quran, okay, something about the Quran, you know, exalting the status of the Quran. So for example, Surah Baqarah we have Alif Lam Meem. Valley, Kalki Taboola. Ray, Buffy this book is the one in which there is no doubt, right? There is no doubt at all. In this

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book, it exalts the status of the Quran. But here, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah who will Heyoka Yom. There is no mention of the Quran. Right? In the following verse, there is mention of the Quran, that Nasrallah Alikum Kitab will help that he is the one meaning Allah, the One besides whom there is no God, the One who is ever living, the one who is independent, the sustainer of all, he is the one who has sent down this book to you. So what do you think about this book, then? If the source of this book is Allah, if the source of this book is the one and only true God, if the source of this book is The One who created you, the one who gave you life, the one on whom you depend, the one who was

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perfect in all of his attributes, the one who was perfect in all of his actions? What do you think about this book? Is this book True? Is this book beneficial? Does this book offer guidance? Would you believe in this book, would you trust what this book says? Would you believe that what it's telling you to do is beneficial for you, is necessary for you? Or would you take what this book says with hesitation? Or you will only accept it if it makes sense to you? This is something that we all need to ask ourselves that what do I think about the book of Allah? What is my opinion of the Quran? Because, you know, we say that we believe in the Quran, but when it comes to actually following it,

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living it, there is hesitation on our part, we learned that the Quran is Shiva, the Quran is healing. And yes, we believe in that. But do we really take this matter seriously, you know, for instance, if you were to go to a doctor, because you are experiencing some illness in your body, you go to a doctor, and you have read very good reviews of that doctor, you know, you have met some people who've had a very good, positive experience. But you find out that that doctor charges, you know, a whole lot of money, or maybe they're in a different city, or maybe they're in a different country. And that means you have to, you know, travel, you have to spend a whole lot of money in

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order to get there and then you have to pay all of the fees, etc. Would you be willing to spend all of that money to visit their doctor to have an appointment with them? Absolutely. If you know that they are able to help you, you believe that they're able to help you, you would be willing to spend all of that money spend all of that time and you will take everything that the doctor says seriously, right? Why? Because we trust medicine, right? We trust doctors. I don't have a problem with that. I'm not criticizing that. However, when it comes to our faith in the book of Allah, when we know that the Quran is Shiva, and let's say someone tells us, you know that there is a hierarchy,

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you know, they do Rokia with the Quran, they will preside on you and whatever they tell you to do is from the Sunnah, but they charge some money would you be

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willing to pay that some money? No, we always wonder why. Because, you know, the Quran should be for everyone. Why should you pay money? You know, why pay money to the Rocky? You know, this is not right. We don't give importance to the Quran. The problem is in our hearts, we don't truly believe that this is Shiva, we're willing to spend 1000s on another kind of medication and therapy. But when it comes to nuclear therapy, we take this matter very lightly. You know, in Hadith, we learn that at the time of the Prophet salallahu, Alaihe, salam, some companions were traveling. And you know, at that time, it was customary that when you're traveling, you know, you come across, let's say, a

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village, they should host you. Okay, so they came by a tribe, and they expected that, you know, they would be hosted over there, but those people refuse to host them. So they were just camped outside. Now, after some time, somebody from that tribe came to them in a panic asking if there was anyone among them who could treat their chief because their chief had been bitten by some venomous creature. So one of those companions said, Yes, I can. But first, you give me 40 Goats, okay. And the people agreed, they gave them 40 goats, and then that companion recited Surah Fatiha, only sort of Fatiha on that man, and that man was cured. Now these companions took all those 40 goats to the

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prophets of Allah who already said him and told him about what had happened. And they were asking him if it was allowed for them to keep that wealth and the prophets of Allah who already sent them approved of that. So the thing is that the Quran is truly Shiva. And we need to show that with our actions, you know, put your money where your mouth is, right? So when we believe that the Quran is healthy, it is true that the Quran is in it is facts. Are we willing, for example, to spend our money to buy books that will help us learn this? Or do we want free downloads all the time? Are we willing to pay for courses where we can study the meaning of the Quran, for example? Or do we say

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that No, no, this is too expensive. We don't want to when it comes to school, when it comes to other books, when it comes to, you know, our worldly matters, we don't think twice of spending our money. But when it comes to the book of Allah, we don't want to spend $1 We don't want to spend a cent, we become so stingy. And part of the reason is that we don't take this matter seriously. Allah subhanaw taala is a loony. He does not need our wealth. The religion of Allah does not need our wealth. The thing is that when we spend our wealth when we spend from our time, that shows our honesty, our seriousness, our sincerity. So do we really believe that Allah is the source of this book? And when

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he is the source of this book, this book is perfect. And if we believe that this book is perfect, then are we willing to spend from our time, our energy, our life, our wealth, our resources, whatever means a loss petard has given us Are we willing to use them in order to learn the religion of Allah in order to practice the religion of Allah in order to benefit from the religion of Allah? Or do we have you know, some other expectations that this should be easy, this should be free, this should be not difficult at all. And the problem is that when things are, you know, too easy to free, freely available, that we don't take those things seriously, we really don't. So Allahu La ilaha

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illa who will hire you a young he is Al Heyoka, young, the EverLiving sustainer of all existence, and he is the one who has sent this book, Nasrallah he has sent down, I Lekha upon you, meaning it is Allah who has sent down the book Al Kitab. The book, how has he sent down this book Bill help with the truth. Now the word NAS Zilla, I want you to look at the word NAS Zilla and en Zilla. Okay, both of these words, you can see them actually one on top of the other Nasrallah and what unzila in the next line, you can see what ends Allah for the Kitab which is the Quran Allah subhanaw taala says that he knows Zilla the book and for a Torah well Injeel the Torah and Injeel Allah's parents,

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Allah says and Zillow, he sent down both of these words Zillow and Zillow are from the roots noon ze lamb, okay, which is to send down the Quran was nice

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Zela Tenzin means gradual revelation over time and N Zela. In XYL is to reveal at once. So this shows us that the total width and the Injeel will reveal that once in one go, but the Quran was revealed gradually. Okay? The Quran was revealed gradually, and as we learn it was revealed over 23 years in portions as per need and situation in order to provide guidance regarding the situation that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was in so the very process in which the Quran was revealed contains theory and practice. So known as Zillow or legal keytab Bill help Allah subhanaw taala revealed the book Bill help now Bill help means two things. First of all, this means that Allah

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subhanaw taala has revealed the book with the truth meaning containing the truth and help is from help off of any the Quran contains only the truth, nothing but the truth. So, whether it is you know, some news of the past or some news of the future, okay, some information regarding the past or some news regarding the future. It is how all of that news is true or unhealthy. The truth, you know, something regarding Allah azza wa jal something regarding us something regarding, you know, the creation, whatever the Quran informs of all of the news, all of the commands, which are in the Quran, what are they, they're all truth with the capital T. Nasrallah, Lika kitab. Bill, Huck, the

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Quran contains only the truth, nothing but the truth. And secondly, Ben help also means in truth, this is related to nest cela ne Allah has truly revealed the book to you or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning it is actually from Allah azza wa jal, the source of this book is Allah. It is not a human being, it is not someone else. It is only Allah azza wa jal, he has truly revealed this book, who Allah who is La ilaha illa. Who, who is Al Heyoka, you insert the sharara Ayah 210. Allah subhanaw taala tells us we're mechana Zilla to be his shale clean, warm I am believer whom one is still to your own. And the devils have not brought the revelation down. It is not allowable for

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them, nor would they be able. So it is not the devil to have brought this Quran. No, it is Allah who has sent this Quran through Jibreel on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And Isn't this enough for us to trust the book of Allah azza wa jal and he isn't in enough for us that Allah is the One who has revealed this book. So this book is true and I have complete faith in it. It's perfect. It's not it's necessary for me, it's a mercy for me. Whatever it teaches is wise. It is a healing for me it is guidance, because it is Allah who has revealed the book necessarily called Kitab will healthy then Allah subhanaw taala tells us that this Quran is Musa Deacon Lima beignet a day. It is

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one that confirms the truth of what was before it.

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Musa Deacon from the root letter solid Dell off does the key is to confirm the truth of something to attest to the truth of something. And beignet a day beignet a day literally means between two hands and what is meant is before so the Quran, this Kitab is such that it confirms the truth of what came before it. What is it that came before this Kitab what is it that was revealed before the Quran? It is the thorough it is the Injeel it is visible. Right? And any other book that Allah subhanaw taala revealed Sufi Ibrahim, right? So the Quran confirms the truth of what is before it. How is the Quran Musa de Colima beignet? First of all, it confirms the previous revelations, okay, in the sense that

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the previous revelations gave good news of a final messenger and a final testament, a final book. All right, a final revelation. So when the final messenger came and when the final revelation was revealed, what does that mean? That means that whatever the previous scriptures informed off was true, all right, the previous scriptures mentioned the Quran will be revealed. And when the Quran is revealed the Quran Musa kalima beignet that it attests to the truth of the previous scriptures.

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It proves that the previous scriptures were from Allah. They were true. Okay? They were not, you know the work of a man. They were not just things that people came up with. No, they were from Allah. The Quran proves that. Secondly, the Quran is Musa kalima beignet a day in the sense that it confirms the contents of the previous scriptures. Also, not everything because it is well known that the people have altered huge portions of the previous scriptures. But there are many things in the previous scriptures that the Quran confirms. So for example, when you open the Bible and read the story of the creation, and you learn about the first man being Adam, and his wife being Eve, and

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then you know, they were in the garden, and then they ate of the tree, and then they were expelled from there. Okay, what do we learn in the Quran? A very similar story. So the story of the creation we know is true. Why? Because the Quran mentions it. All right, the Quran mentions it. Of course, there are details in the Bible which you know, people have added, or certain things that people have changed, and we don't believe in that. But the Quran confirms the story of the creation. Right? The Quran confirms Ibrahim alayhis salam, the Quran confirms Musala his sunnah, right? And then there are not just news in or information regarding events of the past or news of the future that are in

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the Bible, but there's also many commands, right? And the Quran confirms them. So Musa Tikka Lima beignet a day? What do we learn from this we learned that the Quran is only a continuation of the previous messages revealed by Allah. You know, like some scholars today say that the Quran is the final testament. Okay, the Torah being the first testament, the gospel being the second testament, the Quran being the final Testament, it is from Allah, the same God who revealed the Torah, the NGO is the one who has revealed the Quran. And this also shows us that, you know, as we learned at the end of Surah, Baqarah, That Quran Amman, a biller, he will Mala Iike T, who will who to be He, we

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believe in all of the books of Allah, all of the books that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed. And part of that is that we have respect for the books that Allah has revealed. Yes, the Bible today is very different from what from how Allah azza wa jal revealed the Torah to NDG. Very true. But there are many things which are true. So a Muslim could never, ever be pleased when the Bible is being disrespected. And by disrespected, I mean that when people are making fun of it, when people are kicking it around, or the Billa any recently, this video is going viral about how some people at some protest in America, you know, they literally took a Bible and they were kicking it around like

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a football, a stuff that Allah we could never, ever be pleased with something like this. You know, there was a case that was brought to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, a case of the Jews and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them to bring the Torah and to read it when they brought the Torah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not let them put it on the floor. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam had it placed on a pillow on something. What does that show that even though there are falsehoods, okay, which people have entered into these books, but we still have to respect these books because what is it that these books represent? They represent the fact that Allah azza wa jal

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sent revelation. So the Quran is Musa de Colima beignet. It confirms the truth of what is before it. What ends Allah Terrazza will indeed, and Allah subhanaw taala has also sent down the Torah and the Injeel. The Torah is the book that was given to Musa alayhis salam and the Injeel is the book that was given to a Salah, his sunnah min Pablo before, meaning the Torah and the Injeel were revealed before before the Quran. Why? What was the reason who then leanness as guidance for the people? And he, just as the torah it was revealed as guidance for people in jail was revealed as guidance for people. The Quran is also revealed for the guidance of people who the Linnaeus was unzila and he

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sent down Alfred Kahn the criterion. Now this shows us that Allah

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subhanaw taala revealed scriptures for the guidance of people in solitary man ADA if 44 Allah subhanaw taala tells us that ena and Zelina Terrazza fie her who then one who, indeed We sent down the Torah in which was guidance and light. In South America I have 46 Allah subhanaw taala says we're attina Who will enjoy de la vie who then we're known and we gave him meaning resign his Salam be in G in which is guidance and light. So, every book that Allah revealed was for the purpose of guiding people and what ends and L for con and he revealed the for con again for the guidance of people. Now what is for con for con is from the root letters foul cough and for con you can see the

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translation it is criterion meaning something through which you are able to do funk and you're able to distinguish separate between what is right what is wrong, what is true, what is false, what is good, what is bad, right, what is good, what is evil, alright, this is what photon is. Now what exactly is photon referring to in this Iowans ill and for con? What opinion is that this is referring to the Quran the Quran is called for con over here because this is what the Quran does it is a criterion it tells you what is right what is wrong, what is true, what is false. A provides a criterion one's ill for con, if you want to know whether something is true or not. You see what the

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Quran says if you want to know if someone is on the truth or not, you see if they believe in the Quran or not hear what unzila Al Furqan so the Quran is the furqan and if you look at the ayah okay, you see that first the Quran is mentioned and it is called Al Kitab. Okay, Al Kitab is the book and then the Torah 10 jailer mentioned and then again, the Quran is mentioned and then it is called for con. So we learned two descriptions of the Quran from this idea to names first that it is Al Kitab it is book alright. And secondly that it is for con it is the book of Allah, it contains law and it contains good news. And now it is also the final criterion those who believe in it or upon the truth

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those who do not believe in it or not upon the truth. If you want to know whether something is true or not, you check with this criterion, when's it and for con, so for con is the name of the Quran. Okay. And we see that in certain Bacara I have 53 Allah's parents. It says we're in a Taner Musa al Kitab. A well for Connor La La Quinta Dune, and recall when we gave to Musa the book and the criteria so that you would be rightly guided Allah subhanaw taala also gave for Khan to Musa alayhis salam. And we see that the day of Budish the day when Allah subhanaw taala granted victory to His Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam on the day of whether that day is also called Yeoman for Khan, the

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day of Furqan of criterion. So, what is the furqan summer lemma they say that for con is all that through which truth and falsehood are differentiated. So the turret is for con. The Quran is for con, the day of brother. Yes, that is also for con. So what ends ll for con Allah subhanaw taala is the one who sent down the full con when he revealed the Torah to Musa alayhis salaam and when he revealed the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what Underland for Quan another interpretation is that for con over here is referring to this abou okay, there's a board which is the book given to the wood early his Salam, okay, because you see in this area, first al Kitab is

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mentioned which is the Quran, then the Torah and the Injeel are mentioned. And then for Khan is mentioned, so for kindness, there's a boat. That's the other book. So the Buddha has been called for con over here, all of these interpretations seem very reasonable. So of course we accept them all. The main thing is that we learned that the scriptures that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed they are guidance. All right, they are you know who the lenez And they're also a Farrakhan, they're also a means of differentiating between right and wrong. So, you know, in this day and age, especially for the sake of political correctness, and for the sake of, you know, in the name of, you know, just

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accepting everyone and welcoming everyone and embracing diversity, you know, the difference between right

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and wrong is being erased. You know, people want to present everything as right. And the truth has become relative in the sense that, you know, people have their own truths. And this is not correct. You can have your Hawa, you can have your own desire, but don't mix the truth with falsehood and present your desire as truth. There is a truth and there is a falsehood, right? There is a truth and there is a falsehood. And no matter how much you know, people try to portray everything as Okay, or that it should be okay. That is not the case. And really, it's not the case. Because on the one hand, you know, they want us to accept certain things, but they don't want to accept our point of

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view, you know, certain agendas or things are literally being forced down people's throats. Subhan Allah, somebody was telling us about how their child in kindergarten in public school last month, they had a pride march in their school. Can you imagine these are kindergarteners? If a child were to come to you and say, you know, I want a gun, you're going to say, No, you're a child. Right? If a child were to come and say that, you know, I want my own credit card, you're going to say no, you're a child, right? If a child were to ask you such things, you would say you're a child. But if a child were to come and say, I identify as a wolf, I identify you know, as something else, or someone else,

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then you cannot tell them anything. You have to accept what other people want you to accept, whereas you are not allowed to express your own opinions. Everything is supposed to be respected and accepted, except for what you believe in. So don't get confused by, you know, big slogans, and false claims of inclusion and diversity. These are completely false claims. Because if really places were inclusive, then you and your faith and everything about your faith would also be included, you would be welcomed. The fact is that in the name of inclusivity, religion is being excluded, completely being excluded. So don't forget the truth, just to sound or just to seem someone who was tolerant or

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just to appease some people were unsettled for can believe in the truth that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, Allah has revealed the criterion. And the mention of for con, after the mention of tau Lahtinen gene is very important over here. The Quran is called for con over here. Why? Because the Quran is like I mentioned the final criterion. Okay, the contents of the previous scriptures of the thought and the Injeel, we know have been changed by people, all right, major parts of it have been forgotten or removed. There are details that have been added or details that have been lost in translation or erased from people's memory. So as you read in the previous scriptures, you are not

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able to tell what is right, what is wrong, what is true, what is false, which details are correct, and which ones are not, which are actually from Allah and which are the additions of people. And when you read through the Old and the New Testament, there are many contradictions, many confusing statements, many obvious errors, and many things that are unclear. And this is why the first and the second Testament, the Old the New Testament, the Bible basically needs a redeemer. All right, and that Redeemer is what it is the Quran, okay? Otherwise, the errors, the contradictions, which are in the Bible would certainly lead people to disbelief. And this is true, there are many people who will

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say, you know, if you just buy a Bible, and you don't read it, you're a Catholic. If you buy a Bible, and you read only what suits you, you are evangelical. And if you buy a Bible and you read it fully and you analyze it, you reason, then you will be an atheist. Why? Because there are things in the Bible, which can lead to a lot of confusion. So there are things that make sense and there's also a lot of things that cause a lot of confusion. So where do you get the clarity from? You get that from the Quran? So for example, the story of the creation when you read the biblical version, there are things in it which are very strange, but when you read the version in the Quran, it makes

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so much sense, so much sense. For instance, the word Khalifa itself that Allah Subhana Allah uses in the Quran that in the GRE don't fill up the Khalifa. What does the word Khalifa mean?

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A successor, right? Someone who's going to come after someone. So that in and of itself is an evidence that before Adam Alehissalaam, before human beings, this world was inhabited. This object was inhabited. Right? And the Bible does not mention that at all. When you learn about, you know, dinosaurs and things like that, you wonder, Well, did they exist or not? Because there's physical evidence. All right? Is there any scriptural proof? Well, there may not have been mentioned clearly. But the word Khalifa is an indication that there were many creatures that inhabited the earth before human beings. So in order to learn the truth, and in order to safeguard our faith, we desperately

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need the Quran. The Quran is necessary for guidance, the Bible is not enough. And especially today told off the Injeel are not enough. The Quran is necessary for guidance. So Allah is the One who has revealed the full con, those who believe in this for con are upon the truth and those who do not believing this for con or not upon the truth. So this Quran is the criteria. Now, it distinguishes between people who are on the truth and people who are not. And so it is said in the Latina Cafaro BIA, Atilla, indeed those people who disbelieve in the verses of Allah and the verses of Allah, Allah is the plural of the word Aya. This is referring to any of the verses of Allah that Allah has

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revealed, whether they are the verses that were revealed in the Torah or in the Injeel, or in the zipboard. Or now in the Quran, those who disbelieve in the verses of Allah level Martha daban Chedid, for them will be severe punishment. shoddy the severe sheen doll doll in a very intense, very strong, very difficult to bear, or that one Chedid any, can there be a clearer idea than this, that those who disbelieve will have a severe punishment will Allah who are Aziz on Learn to calm and Allah is Ever Almighty alright xyzzy is the route he is learn to calm he is the Possessor of retribution meaning he takes retribution he takes revenge will lower as Eason Aziz is from the word

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Riza. And there is a means many things in the Arabic language or is can mean might power, okay, the ability to do what one pleases. So, this is a residual, Kedah, Allah is Able to do whatever that he wants, he is disease, he is able to do whatever that he wants he's ever almighty. Then there is a also means in XR meaning that no one can harm Allah, he is ever Almighty, so no one can harm Allah is the ultimate means might indignity, dignity, honor, respect. So he is Aziz he is there is meaning he is very honorable, very respectable, and he is Aziz so no one can prevail over Allah, He is the one who prevails. So Allah is our Aziz and when he has revealed verses and people reject them, Allah

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does not accept this rejection. Allah does not accept this disbelief, Allah who will give punishment to those people who reject His Verses, and he is doomed to come. One who possesses retribution into comas from known cough meme and intercom is to take revenge. So he takes retribution from the criminals from those who disbelieve and here remember that the Ayat of Allah you can see in the translation that it says verses but it should also say signs, okay, because the Ayat of Allah are of two kinds. I add, shatter II the verses that Allah has revealed and also I add County, the signs that are last panel Tara has created. So for example, if someone rejects that, it rained, because of

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Allah's will. Okay, or there is an illness because of Allah's will. Okay, then this is a rejection of Allah. This is a rejection of the Ayat of Allah, nothing happens except by the will of Allah. So those who disbelieve in the verses of Allah reject them, for them as a severe punishment. Why? Because Allah Zarzis don't to come. So in this is a clear warning, a clear threat against disbelief in the verses of Allah

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