Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 287D Tafsir Al-Mulk 1-5

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Surah is a puristic and powerful message that individual individuals are given the freedom to choose their own themes and beliefs. The ownership and control of everything in one's hand is also discussed, including God and creation. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the process of creation and the use of "has been" to describe the creation of everything. The speaker also discusses the superiority of human beings over their environment and how "has been" can be used to describe the creation process.
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Surah told

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Al Mulk, the Dominion, sovereignty, absolute ownership, ultimate control, ultimate ownership belongs to who

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belongs to who? Allah Surah Al molk is called Surah Al Mulk. Why? Because in the very first idea, the Mulk of Allah is mentioned. And it is made clear that there is nothing except that ALLAH subhanaw taala owns it, there is nothing except that ALLAH subhanaw taala has full control over it. And through the surah we are reminded of our status in this universe. And what is that status that we are owned by Allah, we are His slaves, and there is absolutely no running away from him.

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So for our own good,

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what is in our best interest is that we accept al Malik and Malik, we accept Him as our Lord. And we surrender to him wholeheartedly and happily, with full submission and humility. Surah Mulk is a murky surah and with the surah begins the last group of the Sutras of the Quran and there are 43 sutras which are murky and the last five Sutras of the Quran are Madani. So 43 sutras from Surah Mulk to spiritual caffeine, they are murky and then after that Madani and even about them, there is a difference of opinion, some have said that they are all murky, except of course for just a few of them like Sudoku NASA. However, we see that this begins the last group of sources. So the message is

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here will be very powerful. And as you can see, either all or majority of them are mucky, then the focus will be on which themes, themes related to our beliefs, themes related to matters of the Hereafter, and especially holding oneself accountable, knowing oneself knowing our position in this world, knowing who our Lord is, who sent us here, why He sent us here, and that we are to return to Him, because unless and until a person internalizes these beliefs, his life cannot change. His actions cannot change. What is truly transformative is when a person internalizes the fact that he belongs to Allah and that there is no running away from Allah. And in the Surah, we will see that

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emphasized a lot. Surah mulk, as we discussed earlier, is a Surah that has 30 verses in it, and for the person who recites the Surah then we learned that the surah is going to intercede for him. We learn for example, about total Bukhara surah. Allah Agron that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said recite them. Why? Because they will intercede for a person the Quran in general is going to intercede for the one who recites it. But we see that the person who makes a habit of reciting Surah mulk, especially at what time before going to sleep, then the sutra will protect him from the punishment of the grave. It will intercede for him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his

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usual habit was also to not go to sleep until he had recited Surah Al Mulk because it's a very powerful reminder of who we are of what we are Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, the Bible can lead EBD Hill molk blessing is the one in whose hand is the Dominion double raka the baraka as in Thirroul Lama, that Allah that He is great and exalted the baraka as in his ear son, His goodness, His favours are abundant, they are widespread. SOTA Baraka, he is pure, perfect, He is great, exalted, and his good is endless. Who is he? Allah, the big hill molk, the one in whose hand is a mole. The mole is in his hand, meaning he's got full possession and control over it when you've got something

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in your hand. What does it mean it belongs to you, it's yours. And you've got it in control, full control. So big hill Mulk. The ultimate ownership and sovereignty is whose It is Allah's. He owns everything.

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Ng and Al Malik, what is a mole? possession, authority ownership, meaning when someone owns something, and he doesn't just own it, but he also has control over it. We also own a lot of things, don't we?

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We might say, well, I've got this in my hand. It's mine. You know, like children when they * something, they've got it in their hand, and they say, mine, right? We think we have control over it. But do we really have control over it? They're the child snatches it from the other one, and the other one comes and snatches it right out of his hand. He lost them all. Right, we also own things, but our ownership is not absolute. Our ownership of things is not total, it is not complete, it is deficient. While we own things, we may not have full control over them. While we own things, we may lose them. While we own things, there will come a point where we will part with them.

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Allah subhanaw taala his Mulk meaning the ownership that he has of everything, how is that ownership, it is complete, and total and absolute.

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So he is the creator of everything, he is the owner of everything, and he executes his will concerning everything. Meaning if Allah decrees for a certain creation, that something should happen to it, then will it happen to it? Definitely. He exercises his will, with regards to his creation, so be at the hill molded in his hand is the Dominion, meaning absolute ownership, perfect ownership is whose it belongs to Allah alone, of what of everything, well, who are other cliche Inca encoded, and he is over all things, competent, able. That is how he created all of this. What do we learn from this idea? That Allah subhanaw taala, he is the baraka, meaning he is great, he is the source

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of all goodness, he is the owner of everything, and make a connection, establish a connection between the fact that he is blessing, the source of all goodness, and that he owns everything. What's the connection over here? If you look around you What do you see? Allah subhanaw taala this creation? What do you see His favours? Right? So everything belongs to him. The goodness that we have received from him the favors that we have received from him, how are they they're endless, the benefits that he has given the mercy that he has shown, the blessings that He has bestowed are endless, the baraka and he's Adid he is competent over everything, meaning he's above any weakness.

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So who are we then we are His creation. We are His servants. And we are those who are always benefiting from him. We are those who are always receiving good from him. Even in our illness, there is benefit, even in our loss, Allah subhanaw taala gives us some benefit the baraka and what is established in this ayah is that BIA the hill molk in his hand is Al Mulk, meaning the Dominion is for Allah alone, and how is his ownership it is perfect and complete. And notice how it is said B or D it is in his hand. What does it mean then, that his hands are vast, they are generous, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that the right hand of Allah is full, it is full, and its

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fullness is not affected by the continuous spending night and day. Do you not see what he has spent since he created the heavens and the earth?

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And by spending all of that it has not decreased in what is in his right hand. Meaning even though he has given so much his kingship or his authority, His richness has not reduced at all.

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Be at the hill Mulk complete control is in Allah's hand. What does that mean? That if we're sick, the cure can come from who only Allah, which is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was sick, what would he say? That there are in which what is said be a DECA Shiva in your hand is the cure because via the hill mole, control authority is with who Allah

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and the ability to cure someone that is also with who with Allah. Be at the hill Mulk via the hill milk what does that mean? That he is the source of

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Strength, which is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would frequently say, for what levy Neph sibiya de by the one in whose hand is my soul? He is the source of strength.

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And what does that mean be at the hill Mulk that when we are in need, we call upon him by mentioning what by mentioning his hand, like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the DUA that he made the most on the day of Arafa what does it say? Part of it is that via the hill hide in his hand is all goodness. So, Tabouleh aka lady Beardy Hill Maluku Wahoo. Isla, Alisha imperdiet, who is he? A lady holla call moto will hire the one who has created death and life? What does this mean that even death is a is a creation? Even death is a creation? What does that mean? That it only comes when Allah decrees it?

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This is his kodra well, who are aqualisa encoded? He is over all things competent? What's the proof of that, that he can do whatever he wants? The fact that he has created death and life? If you think about it, as human beings, we have advanced a lot, isn't it? We've even made Siri, right. You can ask her questions, she'll find the answer. And she will tell you, right? You just don't touch the phone and you say hey Siri, alright. And you can ask her a question, and she'll come up with an answer. Right? We have advanced a lot but Siri is still Siri. She's not a person,

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isn't it? She doesn't have life. She's a computer. It's somebody else's voice. Right? It's a machine. It's a software. It's a computer that people have made. We cannot make life.

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Can we we can make objects we can make computers, but we cannot make life. Well, who are Allah militia in Kadena he is over all things competent. What is the proof of that the proof of that is that he has created life which we cannot make. If someone is dying, we cannot even save their life. We can try to examine a heart and see how it works, and how it's connected with the brain and how the body is alive and how its functioning. But how we truly figured out what is it that keeps a person alive? No, we haven't. Because if we did, we would have some level of control over it. We would interfere with it in some way. But we haven't been able to we cannot save life we cannot grant

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life we cannot keep life this is in whose control Allah has control Allah the Halacha al moto will hire y Lea beluga calm lamb over here is a killer, what is the reason? Why did he make you Why do you live and then you die or some of you die and others live on and then they die? Why why life and death? Why Leah beluga calm in order that he may test you meaning your life and death is not in vain. Your existence is not without purpose. Because Allah Who is he the baraka, he is blessed He is perfect He is exalted above making this life aimlessly he would not create this creation without a purpose there is a purpose and what is that purpose Lea blue icon he is testing you to see that a

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Yukon accent what Amala which of you or people is a son in armour in action indeed. Which of you is best in terms of the actions that he performs

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and what is it that makes an action axon excellent good. It is. It is.

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Pardon? Okay the intention? Okay. It is Go ahead. Okay. When there is conformity, and there is sincerity, sincerity for who for Allah and conformity to what to the way that he has prescribed the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Leah blue welcome a ucommerce anomala Wahoo Allah Azizullah food and he is the Mighty, the forgiving, mighty, you cannot escape him forgiving. Yes, you will make mistakes. So turn back to Him and ask Him for His forgiveness. What do we see in this verse, the purpose of our life. What is that we are being tested. And what is the test about that? Who is it that will do good or

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work. When we study the Quran and Sunnah, what we find is that of the first creation that Allah subhanaw taala created was what? His throne, the pen, right? Then we learn about the sky's the earth and also Allah's puntata created the angels, the jinn, so many creation, Allah subhanaw taala had already created. And then his final creation was which one human beings

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like it is said, saving the best for the last. Right? So the final creation that Allah created, you see all the different creatures around you. There's animals, there's birds, there's gins, there's angels, out of all the different creation that is out there. The one to be created.

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At the end was who? Adam Alayhis Salam, because remember when Allah subhanaw taala, created Adam, he told the angels in Niger Eatonville, early Khalifa, right? And then we learned that one of our listener was in the process of being created, a bliss came and saw how Adam was being created, how he was being developed. And then when Allah told the angels to prostrate it bliss was amongst them. What does this mean? That Jin, angels were already there before? Before human beings were created? Right? We see that the best prophet was the final prophet. The best scripture was the final scripture, right? The best OMA is the final Amma, the best home is the final home of the Hereafter.

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Correct. So the best creation is which one, the final one meaning the status of human beings, compared to the rest of the creation is higher. Allah subhanaw taala has preferred human beings over the rest of the creation. In many ways, if you think about it, physically, also in terms of how we are our abilities, our skills, even in terms of how our body is made, right? But not just that, when Allah subhanaw taala, established the superiority of Adam and his salaam, over the angels and the jinn. How did he do that? By showing what? That Adam had knowledge, which even the angels did not have?

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Isn't it? So? Allah subhanaw taala taught him the names of everything. And then he told the angels and be only be a smarty? How will he tell me the names of these things? And what did the angel say? We do not know.

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We only know what You have taught us, that Allah subhanaw taala told Adam and be home, be a smile at him, tell them the names of these things. So Adam Ali Salam, he told them, so the superiority of man over the rest of the creation is by what, by the fact that man has been endowed with knowledge with reason.

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Right? So if you think about it, our superiority is not just by the fact that we can eat great food, or we can make beautiful homes, because there are birds that will make better and stronger nests than we can, isn't it?

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There are creatures that will eat food that is far better than the food that we eat. There are animals that can travel much faster than we can travel,

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isn't it so that can survive in climates that we cannot, isn't it? So our superiority is not by our worldly situations, or circumstances. It is by what it is by the actions that we perform. Because with knowledge, we can do something, we can produce something.

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So the test of our lives is what Leah blue ako a ucommerce And what am Allah, that with this knowledge and with the abilities that Allah has given you, with the free choice that he has given you? What will you produce? What will you choose? What will you say? What will you strive towards? Leah blue accom calm and it's going to happen through how through tests through Bella. Because Allah subhanaw taala has given us clear guidelines, you can do this, you cannot do this, isn't it? Allah subhanaw taala has put within us abilities and weaknesses. Correct. And he will put us in trials in tests to see what choices we will make. And an example Allah

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Asada has mentioned in the Quran of Adam Edison and before mankind was sent in this world, there was a practice run.

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Right? Of what this life is about where was a practice run? in Jannah? Where Allah subhanaw taala sent Adam with his wife, right? And told him eat freely from whatever you want. Enjoy yourself. However, just don't eat the fruit of this tree. That's it. Allah subhanaw taala also made him aware of who his enemies shaitan what happened then? What happened shaitan tempted Adam and his Cena right either Melissa um, had knowledge he knew what was okay and what was not okay. Shaitan tempted him and other money Salam, he made a mistake. And yes, there was repentance and forgiveness later. But this is basically what our life is about. The story of Adam is basically what, what our life is

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that Allah subhanaw taala has given us knowledge, he has given clear guidelines, he has given us the abilities and he will put us in tests. If Allah wanted, he could have made everything permissible for other Melissa isn't it? Why did he forbid that one tree why? Leah blue Acoma ucommerce anomala. What are you going to do one chiffon will come in, tempt you and he will lie to you and he will make false promises to you? What are you going to do? What choices will you make? So every day we are making these choices? Allah has clarified through revelation, what is okay and what is not okay, now shaitan is going to come after us. So what choices are we going to make Leah beluga calm? What

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choices are we going to make when we're dealing with people when something bothers us when we're angry? When we're tired? When something is just too tempting? What choices are we going to make? Leah bluer calm.

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So as an AMA what is that? I send Armel is when you make the best choice. The best choice in anger in happiness and excitement when you're tired in your work in your speech in your walking in your clothing

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in everything and this is what this life is about Leah blue accom a ucommerce and we're gonna and Allah subhanaw taala sent for us a role model and example to follow Laqad cannula confy rasool Allah He

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FIRA Sula, he was Wartune has Santa and excellent example to follow. So what does it mean then? Our actions our choices cannot be beautiful, unless and until they align with the choices that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made

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that is when our actions will be beautiful.

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People heard us that people heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they did

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we get tired that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam get tired. Yes, he did. We get hungry. Did he get hungry? Yes, we experience loss. Did he experience loss? Yes, we experienced success. Did he experience success? Yes, we have been given time. Was he given time? Yes. We have been given family and the problems that come with families. Did he have his fair share? Definitely he did. So then in everything that we're going through, what do we have to look at?

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What did the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam do? What choices did he make? What did he say? How did he respond? How did he deal with it? Because you see, you can't be what you can't see, isn't it? You need to see something in order to emulate it. So Allah subhanaw taala, he gave us Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his life is an example for us. Follow him so that you can do us and Ahmed and many halacha savasana whatton Three Bellcore Allah is the One who has created the seven skies how to balca in layers fleabag calm is from the letter spa bow cough and follow up is to place one thing on top of the other such that it fits right above it. Right above it. Like you have a

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stack of plates. Right. So how are those plates sitting on top of each other? Right on top of each other. So he has created the seven skies how the bow caught in layers. So each one is positioned right above the one that is beneath it. So seven like that. But there's no contact between the seven skies. You understand when you stack your plates, how are they? Huh? There's contact right. Each one is touching

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The one under it and the one above it. But the seven skies how are they? How are they separate, but right above each other and this is what is so amazing. Because to put something right on top of another is easy. But to put something on another in such a way that there is space, but still in perfect order. That is amazing. So he has created the heavens in layers math off you have the rock monument, the firewood you do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful meaning in the creation that a man has created. You don't see in it any the fireworks, the fireworks from farewell Terre Haute felt is basically when something is gone. Photo is also used for loss, right? So when

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something is gone, it's lost, it's over. So the firewood is when something is missing. So for example, you've got 10 things, and one of them goes missing.

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When it's missing. Do you notice it? Do you notice it? Yes. Because it just makes the whole view so inconsistent. Right? Because sometimes, you know, for example, when you're sitting in the classroom, and you're asked, please move up, don't leave any gaps. You wonder what's the big deal? Isn't it? I'm sure you do. I used to what's the big deal? Just let people sit wherever they're sitting? Well, the thing is that when there are gaps? Yes, there are problems shaylen combs, etcetera, etcetera. However, it doesn't look beautiful. It really doesn't. Why is it that we're so particular about having no gaps between our teeth?

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Seriously, because it doesn't look beautiful. All right. We're so you know particular about not having gaps between the tiles which are on the floor or things like that, because when there's inconsistency, right, it doesn't look pretty.

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So you will not see in the creation that Allah has created any profile with any disparity, any inconsistency, any irregularity, there is no mismatch, everything goes with everything else.

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You understand, you know, for example, you see like, a shirt, for instance. And the colors just don't go together at all. They just look so weird together, you see an artwork, and it's like somebody just threw lots of paint on it. Alright, but when you look at the creation that Allah has created, no matter what season it is, summer, winter, fall or spring, you go to the most manicured garden, or you go out in the wild. What will you see? Everything goes with everything else. The sky goes with the trees which cool with the mud or the grass or the water, or the snow or whatever it is, isn't it? So matha Rafi hunty Rahmani Minta firewood, you don't see any irregularity, any defect

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in the creation that Allah has created. And specifically, this is about the sky in general, also, we can understand but about the sky in particular, you don't see any irregularity in the sky that Allah has created. What irregularity You see, when you see that shirt with those weird colors, you say, it would have been better. If this was a little brighter, or a little dull, or this was a bit more or a bit less you have some comments to make. But when you look at the sky, what can you say? It would have been better if the sky was like this or like that. What better option could you suggest? You couldn't? Because it's perfect. It's beautiful at all times Night Day, cloudy or not? Whatever it

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is, it's got its beauty. Mata Rafi healthy rock monument if I would. So there is no defect in it. That's the message there is no defect in the creation that Allah has made forward here at Basara. So return the vision. Look again heltah Rahman photo. Do you see any photos? That the word Futura is very interesting. It's from Fatah and Fatah. Remember it means to split break something right? Basically the word Fatah is used for when the tooth of a baby camel breaks through the skin and first appears. You probably never seen camels growing the first teeth, but hopefully you've seen some babies. All right. You see how for many days first the skin is very red. The gums are very red.

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And the babies are biting at anything, isn't it? Drooling taking anything in its mouth and then what happens finally the skin

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rips, right? And then the tooth emerges. This is full throttle. So full tool is used for a split

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or a crack, or a slit. This is photo.

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helter Amin photo. Do you see any crack?

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Anywhere in the sky? Now a crack, what does that signify? Problems? Right that it's not perfect. So for example, if you're buying, let's say a phone, it's got a tiny crack. Tiny, would you take it? Never? You wouldn't?

00:30:51 --> 00:30:59

Isn't it? glass glass table? If there's a tiny crack on it? Would you take it? No. It's got a defect in it

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held around in football. Forget about any breaks? Do you see even it slipped anywhere? And you see many times these cracks or these these cracks? It doesn't affect the functioning of the object. Right? I have, for example, my iPad, it's been cracked for like, I think two years now. But it works perfectly fine. But aesthetically. Yeah, doesn't look that great, but it doesn't work works. So many times we will settle with things that don't look that beautiful, as long as they work, isn't it? But Allah subhanaw taala says that the sky is even aesthetically beautiful. So beautiful, that you won't even find a crack anywhere.

00:31:48 --> 00:32:05

So Allah subhanaw taala has created this creation not just functional, not just strong. Not just with a purpose, but also beautiful. Health our arm and photo. Do you see any cracks? No, you don't

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think managerial vasara then return the vision Karla tiny twice again got to attain dual of Cara, what does Cara mean? To come back? Okay to come back, meaning you did something you went away. And then you came back and try it again. So Karla de means come back and then come back one more time. And why would you do that? Why would you do that? When you're not giving up on something?

00:32:33 --> 00:32:42

You understand? You go ask your dad, may I please have this? He says no. So what do you do? You try again? He says no. What do you do? Try again?

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Why do you keep going back? Because you're determined to get what you want from him. Right? So go Watain go try again and again. And don't give up until you find some problem in the sky. But will you find any problem in the sky? No, you won't. But what you will get is fatigue and exhaustion. No matter how desperate you are, how eagerly you try it. No matter how much effort you put in. To find some problem in the sky. You won't find it through managerial buffer or Kela tiny Yun Calib illogical bizarro, your vision will return to you how ha see N What does Hassett mean caught seen Hamza?

00:33:30 --> 00:33:38

Hassan is to chase something away, like for example, a dog or a pig, chase it away to a distance.

00:33:39 --> 00:34:22

Right? And the word hustle is also used for when someone becomes confused. Right? Confused? So you know, for example, if you start with an animal, right, and you're trying to chase it away, scared away. What will happen initially, the other day, there was a squirrel in our backyard digging in our grass. So I just started knocking on the window. Right? I don't know what it had hidden in the grass. But I was like, Please don't ruin my grass, you know, was knocking on the window for the squirrel just froze. Right? It's looking around, where's the sound coming from confused. And as I kept making that noise, it ran away. All right. So these are the two meanings of has to be confused,

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and also to chase something away to a distance. Now ha See, file gives the meaning of my rule, meaning one who is driven away. One who is repelled.

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One who is left in confusion. So your vision will return to you ha said driven away, meaning empty handed.

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You won't return with anything. Why would you take your vision to the sky to find faults? You try again and again and again. What do you return with nothing

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cos it, you're repelled, confused, empty handed, you got nothing from all that research, whoa Hasid while it is meeting, your vision will be hesi Hasid from Haseen ra Hasid is someone who is fatigued, tired, because of much travel because of traveling a lot. So this word is used for horses or camels that have been used for long journeys. And so they appear Hasid tired, exhausted because of walking and running. So, no matter how long you spend, and no matter how much effort you put in trying to find problems and Allah's creation, you will not find any in sort of cough is six Allah says, a Follow Me On guru Illa summer Evoca. Home K femenina was a year now ha, well, mela home in forage

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have not seen the sky, how we built it, and how we have made it beautiful.

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So it's not just built strong, it's also beautiful. So you're not gonna find any problems in it at all. Why is this being emphasized? You know, if you see these three, four verses, they're talking about the perfection of the sky, isn't it? And we're being challenged to find some fault in Allah's creation. And it's been made clear, you're not going to find any, why is this being sent to us? Why? What are we being taught?

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What message are we being given? Yes.

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That Allah subhanaw taala has created this creation with perfection, right? I mean, it's flawless. And an example is given look at the sky, look at how big massive, strong and beautiful it is.

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Now think about it. Like, for example, something that appears to be a gadget. Right? And it looks strong, it looks beautiful, but when you turn it on, it doesn't work. What is it for nothing? Does it make sense? It doesn't make sense. So if Allah subhanaw taala creates his creation with perfection and beauty, then how could you think that your life is without any purpose? How?

00:37:22 --> 00:37:40

How could you think like that, that your life is in vain? Allah created you for no reason. Or you just made yourself you just came from somewhere just like that. Not possible. The perfection of something and its beauty means that it's got a purpose to it.

00:37:41 --> 00:38:21

And when Allah has created the sky, he has also created the human beings and we have a purpose to our existence. Allah says well, I could say yener sama dunya certainly we have beautified the worldly sky. How be Masabi her with lamps meaning stars that you can see. Now Miss BAA is used for lamp and it's from the word sub sub is used for Morning. Morning is light, isn't it? Now there's different words that are used for light. Okay, Miss BA is used for a lamp that has a reddish glow in it. reddish glow.

00:38:23 --> 00:38:28

Okay, so what occurred they in the summer of dunya be messiah be here?

00:38:30 --> 00:38:46

And stars yes, they appear to be silver, your white but they also have it? I mean, especially the big ones, right? And the closer you go to them, right the more detail the image is not from where we see it but you know, the closer you go to what is it? What are stars?

00:38:47 --> 00:39:20

Pardon? Pod gases. Alright, what's your allah how would you militia ATHLEAN and we have made them as Lu Jun for the devil's room plural of the word Rajim and Rajim as in that which is thrown belted, so missiles for who to chase away the devils to strike the devil's What are uttered in Allahumma dabba serried, and later we have prepared for them, the punishment of the Blaze, the sky and everything within it in perfect order and harmony,

00:39:21 --> 00:39:55

the result? Beauty, and then there are those who go beyond the boundaries that Allah has set. What do they create mischief? What do they cause disorder? And what does that result in ugliness? What does this teach us? That when we remain within the boundaries that Allah has set for us, the result will be beautiful. It will be good. And when we go beyond the boundaries that Allah has set for us, the result will be mischief disorder that will harm only us.

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That's listen to the recitation

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