Who Came To The Early Americas In 1492

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Who was present with Christopher Columbus when he travelled across the Atlantic to the Americas? Believe it or not, this whole story is often supported by lies and causes confusion.

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim answers.

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Who came to the early Americas with Christopher Columbus in 1492.

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The history of Christopher Columbus coming across the Atlantic into the Americas is one that is veiled in confusion, and sometimes supported by lies. The reality is, is that Christopher Columbus witnessed the fall of Granada in 1492, when the Muslims who had been ruling in Al Andalus, Spain and Portugal for over 781 years, when they finally surrendered the last territories, that is Granada, Abu Abdullah, known as Bob Dell, when he gave it over to Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic, King and Queen, the same occasion Christopher Columbus standing by the door. And so it's switch from the power of the Muslims to Spain trying to make itself in international power. And we recognize the

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fact that the Spanish, for the most part, got their culture from the Muslims. It was the Muslims who developed the sciences, there was the Muslims who develop the writings, it was the Muslims who developed the navigation, the astronomy, so many of the different skills. It was the Jewish people also, who helped in the translation, and helped in the scholarship. And so when Columbus was outfitted with the boats, and then went across, he was literally carrying with him, refugees who were escaping the Inquisition. And that is when the Spanish were forcing people to accept Catholicism. If you were Muslim or Jewish, or a believer in one God, you would be burnt at the

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stake. And so people were running out fleeing out in all directions. Christopher Columbus carried many of these refugees along with him. And so those Jews who were hiding their identity and became Christians will call Moreno's and those Muslims who are hiding their identity and became Catholics, who call moriscos. A number of moriscos were on the boats with Christopher Columbus. And it is reported that Rodrigo de Triana, it was a Modesto man who could still speak some Arabic, because Columbus thought that he would bump bump into the great Han of India. And Arabic was still one of the languages of the mobile court, that it was Rodrigo who actually sided land in the Bahamas before

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Columbus himself. Columbus was actually late in almost every single way. But he did record these facts. And we have this information. We have some amazing stories of those who came across on the boats and what they faced when they came into this broad part of the world. The Americans from the north to the central to the south.