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Speaker discusses the traditional footballing culture of the Muslim community, where female activists were part of the community to support their father and their fathers. The community uses these activists to deflect the views of men and women on their experiences and goals.

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women have played a an important a football role in defusing the region teaching, creative, critiquing, and basically issuing rulings within the Muslim community. And one thing to note, by the way, these are not anomalies. These aren't odd examples, one from there, one from the one from there. It was a tradition that women were part of scholarship, it was tradition, it was very normal Subhanallah I think about it now that the male scholars at that time and the female scholars at that time would be shocked to learn the state of our community. Now, they will be shocked. They will traditional scholars, and we learn that the men in their lives meaning the female scholar, or the

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female activist, the men in their lives, were there to support them. They were there to encourage them, meaning their fathers were the Imams the whole father, and the Judas for society. They were the conservative men of society, but they were there to encourage their women. They were there to support them. They were there to help them fulfill their dreams and to fulfill their vision.