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Do you have? I'm very good. I never said that. I wish you did some research. No, no. I saw I saw the I saw the YouTube video, you saw the YouTube video that was doctored by YouTube people like people that claim to be following Jesus Christ. They're actually just reading his message. So if you're if you're if you're looking for the truth, I'm standing in front of you. You're saying you didn't say it? I saw a

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doctor to me? Well, well, I mean, a doctored video.

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The video, audio, the audio was taken from a 13 hour series, literally spliced together sentence by sentence. So it's in my voice. It's in my voice. This is but it is not. But it is not actually, me speaking the entire sentence, right? If you're going if you know, I know that you pretend to be a moderate Listen, I know that. I know that you've been making this pretense for a long time. I don't need to pretend anybody because I have I have death threats from all different sides.

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I get death threats. I mean, you're not not from us.

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I am very sorry if that is true. But I haven't counted and

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I want to give you an article to read.

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You have a full on, you

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What is your

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before before you make an accusation,

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self taught, I think Jesus Christ, to be an honest person. All I asked you to do is to read my response to this slander against me. And I also asked you to listen to my lectures directly from me, and not from enemies who have spliced together sentences. I have over 1000 hours. So I know you have a lot, okay. And if I wanted to lie, and pretend to be somebody that I'm not, I wouldn't be saying half the things that I say, critical and radical. But I'm also highly critical

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and highly critical to the double standards. If I wanted to appear to be an appeasing moderate person who is politically correct, I would not be saying the types of things that I say, so I speak the truth, what I believe to be the truth. I don't I don't sugarcoat anything. And I criticize anybody who I think is incorrect, whether it's our government, whether it's Christian radicals, whether it's military, okay, so I have no reason to lie to you or anybody, let me understand.

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Let me see if you ask me, point blank, but I will ask you. Okay. Doesn't it say that? It wasn't, his religion should be killed? That is indeed the law of Islam, as it was practiced.

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To ask you a

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question that you need to ask, Are we here preaching that?

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Not even. The question is, if you call it an honor killings, no. But that's, that's not a democracy. You're accusing us of upsetting in front of you. Yeah. Well,

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over a year spousal abuse happens as well. Does that mean America allows it, please, certainly fair to two to two things happened in America, racism is an American phenomenon. Are you gonna say that's what it is? Okay, so let me go. Before you ask another question. Let me answer if you were to ask the bustering. Let me ask as you asked me a question about Syria. You asked me. Does Islam preach that those who leave the faith should be executed their responses? Indeed, Islamic law did have that doctrine? I'm not sure recording. The question is, does that doctrine it thank you for your honesty. I appreciate your honesty, people in their lives. What I want to finish, can you please finish? I

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want to hear what he says the question is, modern listeners required to keep that part in law, or can we fine tuning model that was an ongoing discussion that is taking place.

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That's that particular locks can be modified provided?

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Just like many issues of Judaism, Christianity, were also modified or withdrawn. Secondly, and what's more important, are we are any Islamic narrative organization advocating for things that go against the Constitution. And that is a resounding

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focus on Saudi Arabia as those laws that's their law.

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I'm an American. I have just as much right to get

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Nice to

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meet again, right.

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Without even approaching Okay, I see a

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first question. All right. Let me give me another question now. Well, let me finish with my train of thought. Okay. Okay. Like you say, Islam. Islam says that you must die if you leave your religion. What other organisms Okay, okay. I wish to

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He just says Islamic law. Okay. All right, there's a big difference. Okay? It's also what's the other organization that requires that you be killed? If it's the mafia? It's a totalitarian. Okay. It's

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just so you want to compare the mafia with Islam. This is Islamic ideology. Yes, it is totally, totally comparable. So any type of things that are the same any two systems means they are equal to know that I didn't say they're exactly

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No, no, no, no saying that they require that you know, killed so similar in that regard. What is the penalty for treason here in America? Well, it's can be whatever it is also that

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treason have treason if you leave if you're considering that

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you're trying to establish Islamic State here, I will not allow that. I will not allow that in my state. My great, great grandfather's Civil War, by the way, no one's going to stablishing Islamic center.

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How can this How can you say what I'm what I'm doing? How can you say what I'm doing, but I'm trying to

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it's on YouTube. And on internet main platform to a predominantly Muslim audience. I was telling them guys who is saying about student establish an Islamic State. We are an American Muslim. It is nonsensical, and and Islamic. And I said this on eternus main conference about 7000 people who are all economic reporters, right? There are witnesses here that we're going to hear that online before you accuse me sir, be fair to the God you believe it. If you truly honor Jesus Christ, if you do this

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in his footsteps, and be fair, sure, we have disagreements in theology. And if you were to tell me that you don't believe Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I will say You're right, sir. And I respectfully disagree. But you're accusing me of a lie. And that's why i said i CNA and that is that is the main speaker of ICNA tonight, okay. And I can tell you if

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you ever hear of the Holyland terrorism financing trial, I know it was a big Sham, it completely it completely dissolved. There was not a single people were some people that they weren't convicted of supporting terrorism, it was issues of tax fraud or whatever standard stuff that

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I'm not I was looking at.

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But you're using a McCarthy's stick tactic of guilt by association. If I already go and look at every single person you ever anger out there talking senators, you go to the people that you talk to, what have you done that I can accuse you of? It cannot is not a terrorist organization, as a front serve, you have

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I know exactly what these things say. So here you're linking up either with I mean, honestly, seriously, you're linking Hamas with Akena. Your This is a blatant lie, I am telling you, it's a blatant lie. This organization, this organization was deliberately sliced together five second snippets. Go look at it, it's not a video, it's an audio, look at it. It's an audio lecture, they take little bits here and there. And I will send you the link. What was the email address? Did you put your email address

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if you if you if you are a man of God, which you claim to be, it's only fair you read my article and read my clarification. I am here in this hotel. I will be speaking tonight, come and talk to me.

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Talk to me directly about what you're accusing me of because this is a lie. And if you claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ, I'm sorry, Jesus Christ that have nothing to do with that disciples shenanigans. If you truly claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ, you're not.

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Well, you're associating with ICNA and ICNA. It's not as it's a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. If you're shown in the Muslim Brotherhood.

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I'm not taking care of you.

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You mind sending and joining us for the meal?

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I'll come to the question and answer session.

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What's your name, sir? My name

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are your pastor.

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I'm a missionary. Oh, you're a missionary. Perfect, sir. You're welcome to come and listen to us. We'll give you a free ticket to come and enjoy the whole organization. You will have disagreements theologically, there's no problem there. This is America. I'm not Christian. I don't believe that.

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The questions that are being killed in Islamic nations if you've been bounced

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I have spoken Pakistan's blasphemy laws. Go listen to me online.

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Have you have you made sure that people here know I have

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that knowledge

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Want leads do that. But But just because we haven't done that doesn't mean we're terrorists. Sir. There's a lot of good things that can be done. We're not doing it. Right. You're right. Maybe we're falling short in some things. Maybe we haven't written to our Congress about that one issue. That's perfectly valid point. But this is invalid.

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This is invalid. But anyway, you are more than welcome to convince that

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you have the right to lie against.

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You do not do not I'm sorry, as a Muslim, I'm offended. You're wearing this and you have this

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as a Muslim, you

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know, yes. This is what's offending me. I love Jesus Christ. I love Jesus Christ.

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He's only appeared in the Jews. I wasn't a worldwide short. Okay, so that's true. That's true, sir. We disagree. And I'm not lying about that. Okay, but I love Jesus Christ and what you are doing I don't believe Jesus Christ would ever do. This is not isis not

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he knocked over some tables in the temple because they were evil people. This this is the lie. This is what I'm doing. I'm trying to tell people what you know what certain if you are distributed to convert to Christianity.

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Because you're preaching your version of what you are lying. This is why I'm irritated you understand the difference? You can be irritated if you want to, I

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a lot of research

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organizers, we request you Emily to come and sit with us and have melee with us. And listen to the whole proceedings. The

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entire audience organization if you have come to the question, answer period of time.

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He's gonna come they're doing more than what more than you can.

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Like question, why don't why don't you share me with us? Because Jesus, Jesus like to eat with even the downtrodden the worst people.

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I appreciate if you think that we are worthy of anything commensurable with us now, I feel

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like you were religious. Like you. We disagree about religion, but we are not preaching violence. And we are just as proud to be American

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personally insulted that US Library.

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This is called a fundraiser. fundraiser here right? You know, what for? Do you have any idea? I would like to we are organizing food pantries and shelters for abused women. Denver, this is what we're doing. Okay.

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We're a terrorist organization. Okay, maybe no, none of this is.

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As far as I know, this is all but some may go to the refugee Syrian refugee. We are in Europe. Okay.

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Okay, it is produced, right? Syrian refugees in Turkey. There's a big difference. Not in Europe, in Europe, Syrian refugees going to Turkey, Turkey or Europe, Europe, Europe, you're there. Our team is already there, Europe, we help our people to provide them.

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I don't get to decide differently about our program and the

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various ones for what projects it is for informing people about Islam. And to be service to the people is just really including the Yes.

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Okay, so my point to you, sir, is to come inside and listen to us, rather than to

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see what we're saying. I did a lot of research, sir. If you truly are open minded, you don't sound it. You don't sound like

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you've made up your mind. An outstanding idea. How can it okay? If I was against the Nazi ideology? Would you say that I'm anti German that I don't like German people? Well, I'm part German anyway. But, you know,

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it's not with Nazism. Yes, yes. It's totalitarian, that I feel I feel sorry for you. I pray to God that He guides you and gives you the compassion and mercy that Jesus Christ came to reach because you are not playing with the sticks.

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You may by make sure you the truth make Jesus. Amen.

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Thank you. He wanted to see Jesus and we want we believe in him and we expect he's going to come back and guess what when he comes back, we're going to be on his side. This is our theology. You don't even know what Islam preaches.

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I'm doing a bunch of different Islamic meetings. You're not You're not coming to me.

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Because you've already signed because

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we exchanged you open offer. You can walk in any time we will not charge you our ticket fee. Is that fair enough.

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Please welcome anytime.

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God bless and God guide you and give you the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Okay, so often your god bless. Thank you so much. Amen. Amen. Amen. I hope so as well. Amen.