Duaa from the Quran for EXTREME Hardship – Surah Al Kahf 18-10

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a decision to move away from a place and to a new area. They mention a woman named Robina attina differentiation and a woman named Lana transcription. The group emphasizes the importance of making a decision and staying true to oneself.
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We all know the story of the people of the cave, as hobble calf.

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These are young few young men that left

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a place

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of corruption, a place of Sheikh and they decided to migrate to that cave.

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So they decided to leave

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the mansions of the shaitan and be in the cave with ramen.

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They gave up they were very rich kids. They gave up all that. And then they made it to our which is our daughter tonight.

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You can imagine they're going somewhere alone.

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They have no clue what's going to happen there. So they need major help.

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So they said Rob Danna, Tina, Milan Kurama. Well, hey, Lana, Marina Rashida.

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Allah here when we all read this too many of us memorize this, but my intention is to change your conception about this.

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Rob benna attina Mila dune Khurana ya Allah give us Rama from you. Why is there any other source of Rama other than Allah? Why it wasn't Robin or Hannah?

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Right when somebody dies What do you say? Allahu Akbar? Allahu Allah Muhammad. Why Robin attina Mila don't Khurana. Look at this edition. attina men they don't care Rama, Ya Allah. We are in a situation that we need. Especially Rama.

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Allah has Rama even in the non Muslims. There is why I'm upon them every single day in this dunya right. Every day they have Rama but yeah Allah I want we want special Rama. The Rama that will help us and protect us in that cave. The Rama that will keep us steadfast on our deen we are leaving everything for your sake your Allah we need that Rama with that will keep us steadfast the Rama that will provide us from sources we do not expect the Rama that will keep us secure in that cave. protect us from animals and from everything. That's drama that we need. And then they ask for something hardly any one of us asked for. They did not ask for victory or Yola bring us back to

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where we were with our family. No, no, no. They asked for something called a rushed, rushed. You know some people named Rashid Rashid Rashad old from rushed what is rushed mean Robina attina Milan Kurama wha Hey, Lana Amin and Marina Rasheeda. And Ya Allah,

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prepare for us

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or guide us to the right direction. Russia or Russia is the right path. Show me the right path. Show us the right path. Your Allah we are going somewhere we've never been there before. We are alone. We need to be guided. Show us our rushed and that rushed Jaquan What did Musa alayhis salam ask for one thing only when he went to the huddle?

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Alinea minima or Limca rooster when he went to them with the with? He asked him please I need to learn from you the Russian and when they when the Jin heard the Quran what did they say? In semi Quran? Algebra? Yeah, the ILA a Russian

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way the salah. Kariba de Hanifa in new Corrib OG without a day either Dan fell yesterday, Boo Lee. Well, you mean OB LA LA home. Y'all should own the area that's in the middle of the day yet of fasting. Allah said, if you're a bad ask you about Me, I emir, we all know that. So let them obey me.

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And let them believe in me and if they do that, they will get to the root to the right path. So what the people in the cave asked for ya Allah show us the right path. And if you notice this area, by the way is number 10. In Surah Al calf

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and the salah Solomon dasa Hadith, he said, one of the people are the people who will be protected from the jail. If you ever face the gel, whether a solar cell and say, recite

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the first 10 area of the gel of the calf, and that is the only dua in those 10 areas Allahu Akbar, Rob bene attina Mila Doom Kurama y Lenin M Rena Rasheeda.

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You will have a very

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A very important decision to make. Rebecca attina Milan Kurama. Well, hey, Lana. I'm in a marina Rashida. You want to marry so and so you want to move from one place to another. You want to go into that business. You want to make a decision for the community, whatever it is, made your decisions. Robin attina Mila Dawn Khurana. Well, how are you? I'm Rena Rashida. This is the dua to make because there is no way we will face a situation that we are leaving everything behind and we're going to be isolated in a cave. This is the die that they made to be saved in the cape and what happened? Hola Hola, como, Allah azza wa jal to honor these men. He made us read their story every single Friday

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till the Day of Judgment. And the answer immediately came for the rubner. Then he him after they made this dua immediately ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala changed the geography, the sun changed its setting the he put something in there is so they will not be bothered they were being flipped in order not to harm their sides, everything because of this. So whenever you have are going in, sometimes we do have a major decision to make and we are confused. Wallahi make this and Allah subhanaw taala will guide you to the best path for you. As usual in sha Allah Tala let's repeat it in sha Allah, but I'm Donna

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Tina. Mila dunka Rama we're here Lana? Min M Rena Russia Rasheeda brother Faisal had a quick announcement inshallah Tada, please come. Tonight is the night of Friday. Please make a lot of salad and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And please come to Fisher tomorrow at 6/32 Salam Alikum l feed en tu l can be found on vana Tina Landon garage mento

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Lana Amin, Marina or shed