Mohamad Baajour – EPIC Masjid – A Dua that we all should make.

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of respect and honoring parents during the age of 40 is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the success of parents' businesses and the importance of showering in one's own time. The conversation also touches on Islam's advice to stay away from parents and attend church. Finally, the speakers express their fear and desire to please the person who helped them.
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990 I want to stay in your home and stuff

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when I would have been not even sure

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when are you live

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by Shinola?

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Watch the whole dash and he kind of wash I don't know Muhammad Ali or a Zulu and then the Hulu subhanho wa Taala FET tagging Kareem

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got it

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yeah are you

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Natsu ADA

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has Oh Jaha were the same in humeri

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what temple Nagy test

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yeah he

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said either useless

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don't know that

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those are all the

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same now stuff and Hadith Nikita Allah

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handmaidens sum of money he was shown one or more data to work with data template that will collect the data in

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respect to the brothers and sisters

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who gathered

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together as human piano say that mousseline Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I mean

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the age that ends with zero is a special age.

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The age that ends with the number zero is a special age whether it was 1020 3040 5060 It's always special.

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But from all these ages,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala chose one to mention specifically in the Quran

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and that is the age of 40.

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What is so special about that age?

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Why can Allah subhanaw taala mention it? What are we supposed to do when we get to 40? will be our discussion today good Allah

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subhanho wa Taala Surah

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Al number 15 What I was saying

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hammered home whoo hoo ha

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should learn that

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Senate and

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* bills

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can lead the

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way then also

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where else literally feasibly you

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need to go to indeed waiting Wait

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a minute I was leaving.

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Allah subhana wa Tada studied this area.

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What was inside of you every day. And we have been enjoying mankind to be kind and beautiful and respectful to his parents.

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And we discussed in our last football

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the importance of being respectful and honoring your parents.

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If your parents are still alive,

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make sure make sure you do not go to sleep

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unless and until they are pleased.

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And if your parents have already passed away, make sure you still

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you still perform acts of God

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towards them by giving charity on their behalf or performing it on their behalf.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala died after he told us to take care of your parents with his move forward brothers move forward with

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after he told us how to take care of our parents

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he specified

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the mother

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he singled out the mother and he said some had

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she carried you with hardships

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she gave birth to you with hardship

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and from the moment of pregnancy till the moment she stopped feeding the study once

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and some of them said that's my the Hadith say oh Catherine

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it is preferred them the Father because she did things that the Father did not do. She carried the baby. She gave birth to the baby. And she fed the baby oh mocha from my own mocha

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after that, Allah Subhana Allah Dara said,

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my brothers and sisters

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they are your parents are the ones who put all the effort

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and they are for almost all of us. They are the reason that you are attending the hugger today.

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To do obedience to the parents, before

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before you obey them and respect them just because they were nice to you and came to you, and they raised you, you got to do it for another reason.

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Was Allah wasabia

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Because Allah Subhana Allah dad, and so ordered us to do it.

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In that case, if I am proud of my parents, that does not give me the authority to be rude and disrespect them. Because in the first place, I'm doing it as a bad guy. respecting and honoring the parents is an act of worship.

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was saying that Allah subhanho wa Taala was

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Allah subhanho wa Taala told us

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that you became mature, whenever should

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now you're an adult. We're

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in a setup, and then you reach the age of 40.

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And look at here, Rahim Allah, He said, That is the age when you have complete intellect. And that is the age of maturity and understanding.

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Even the specialist in the field, they say that the brain keeps maturing, keeps developing till the age of five.

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At that age, yeah, well, my brothers and sisters at that age Rasulillah Salam told us that the age of my own that is between 60 and 70.

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And few people go above them. So if you are at the age of 40, you're already past halfway.

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You're already past halfway. So people when they reach that age, they start reflecting on their past, what have I achieved so far, and they start planning for the future, before it's too late. This is when usually people get back to Allah subhanho wa Taala at the age of 40.

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At that age,

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the majority of people are already married and they have their jobs. So Allah Subhana Allah Allah is telling me and you and everybody who became

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the let your children

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the let your job keep you away from remembering your parents.

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When we become a debt age, we are so involved with our families. So Allah subhanaw taala has taken us started they will say that in Santa Fe, when you become 40 you start forgetting about your parents, we put our children and our wives before our parents

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had either Bella or the Hina setup.

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When he becomes the age of 40.

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He makes this dua and this

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is for everybody, not only for the

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People who are 40 but if somebody is 40, Allah Subhana Allah Allah said you have to say this.

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But this is such a beautiful God is for everyone. Listen To

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God be me and ash Quran yeah metta can let you enhance

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your Allah

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Yo Ma healthly assist me in able me to thank you to be grateful to you. I am here your Allah, I had these children I came to America with nothing now I have my own house, my own car, my own business, my own practice, y'all Allah everything I have is because of you. So your Allah helped me Thank you.

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Your Allah enabled me to be grateful to you because we cannot do anything without his help. Your Allah helped me just by saying, just by saying Alhamdulillah that 100 Allah needs hamdulillah

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Allah said, saying hamdulillah to me is better than the whole do. They ask him why? He said, the whole dunya is

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the whole dunya is going to be gone. But 100 Allah would stay in my skills to the day of judgment

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from be

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your God enable me to thank you for all your name.

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My brother if you are able to pray your five daily prayers on time say

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my brothers and sisters if you have the house that shelter you make sure you say you're

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assured your mother can let you

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if you have teenage children and they're still listening to you say you have an extraordinary

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day. If you wake up as a believer and you sleep as a believer say you love me and

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if you have food for one day

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so you're

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an expert at Ananda and if you are able to shower by yourself and clean yourself by yourself say how there was an article

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one time one of our shoes was passing by saying salaam to the people in dementia is

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in a gathering.

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And then when he extended his hand to one of the brothers.

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The brothers have put his hand up

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and the chef noticed that the brother

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has no arms.

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When is the best time me I woke up in the morning and say yo Allah Alhamdulillah I have arms

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How does he

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How does he drink?

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How does he kill himself?

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How does he show

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we have so many blessings, so many blessings and countless blessings. That's why Allah subhanaw taala say luckily you know

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honey in the midday that is shampoo.

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But then there was a man going around and say Oh Allah, Ya Allah make me amongst a colleague. So I'm going to the Allah and ask him what kind of dries this I've never heard this before. He said Didn't you hear but Allah says Allah said honey in a day yes a shortcode very few of my slaves are grateful very few of my slaves are grateful

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that I was there any and ash Cora their meta Keleti Ananda

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why Lanny Davis

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and yell North also

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enable me to thank you for the NAM you have blessed my parents with

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ya Allah blessed me with children, just like I'm making dua for my parents to bless me with children that will need to have for me yeah, Allah without the help of my parents. I was not here. Oh, Zambia, Allah helped me Allah be grateful to you for the blessing you blessed me and you blessed my parents.

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If your parents were born, other than Muslims, you wouldn't be here today. The biggest near my the biggest gift that your parents ever and my parents ever given me is that we are born in a Muslim family. Allah word you will not appreciate this, this Nana until you start living on indicating with

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From other faith

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I was in New York a few weeks ago

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and the brother

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was selling his house

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and the people buying the house they requested

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that they want before the closing to four from four o'clock in the morning to six o'clock in the morning. This is the shop so the condition otherwise not close.

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So the brother said okay, we want to finish

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they finished and they came back again at 11 o'clock to do the walk.

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He said

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I walked into them, and my house was switched from towhees to show they already have a shrine over there with apples and bananas and pictures of of a saint or whatever. And they decorated it. I said to myself, he's telling me and hamdulillah

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to think that the banana is gonna save my house

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the line with a red.on it's gonna save my house. I love a long mannequin hand along with the can handle that we are Muslims do not keep us Muslims and make us diet semesters long any

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other stuff that Allah the stuff

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she can move forward with us please as much as you can put as a standard

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salatu salam I never learned to be a bad

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lump there was any score on athletic ability

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while they were and I saw the total loss

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and ya Allah helped me and enable me to do righteous deeds. No, no, no, not me righteous deeds, righteous deeds that are pleasing to you. Because some people go to school and kill children they think this is a righteous deed.

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Some people go around the graves and they ask the people in the grave for help and they think they're doing righteous deed. No your Allah was there any underscore at Ananda Allahu Allah when he they want

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to do a righteous deed that is pleasing to you.

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You have to describe sincerely to you not to show up

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do you think I was pleased with your salad

00:17:52 --> 00:17:55

my sister do you think I was pleased with the way the way that

00:17:59 --> 00:18:02

my brothers and sisters is Allah please by the way you're raising the children

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Nick you're gonna make your goal as boosters. It's only the pleasure of Allah only

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everybody else is gonna die couldn't have seen that you're cut him out? Why should I Please somebody who's gonna die? Why I can please hang in there the day I want.

00:18:28 --> 00:18:53

I want to please the one that admits people to gender. I want to please the one who forgive the sins. I want to please the one who saved me from heaven. And that is only one that is Allah, all these people that we are afraid that they're going to say about us. If we practice our deen, they're not going to help us if the person runs from his kids on the Day of Judgment. You think these people don't remember you?

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Please the one that matters and that's only one and Why did

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Allah Subhana

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Allah Allah saw you and talk to God.

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Yama helped me do righteous deeds that are pleasing to you was literally the the reactions how Allah will give us woofers just past my parents present myself now future.

00:19:19 --> 00:19:31

My offsprings while sleepy the radio Yo Ma make my offsprings righteous because they are righteous. I you will get the hassle that

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a brother found out that his son

00:19:37 --> 00:19:38

is watching something haram

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so he called and he was very very upset that she if my son

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does something unbelievable.

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The chef told me

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Are you making the DUA a lot more slowly than ready yet

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Give me a righteous offspring. He said, Yeah, Chef, why? Why should I make this?

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My kids has a spoon, no TV in the house. They do not mix with anybody I'm taking by all means.

00:20:16 --> 00:20:17

What why?

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No matter how great you think you are raising your children,

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you will never be able to make it without the help of Allah.

00:20:28 --> 00:20:36

You will never ever be able to make it without his help. So all the time he has won almost nearly the reality.

00:20:37 --> 00:20:51

Take by the means you put them in healthy school and you do all the right things, but you will never be able to make without his help. This is the duality of the prophets way. We are not better than the prophets. Let me be the reality.

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God was left leave if either in tip to

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you Allah I drank alcohol in the past Yala Mr. Lau prayers the Allah is smoke the other lie cheated. I did so many things. Yeah, Allah I'm 40 now and I'm repenting in the two in eight we're in the middle of muslin in your Allah I submit I am Muslim. That's it.

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I will never go back.

00:21:23 --> 00:21:24

What happened to the spirit

00:21:31 --> 00:21:43

at Santa, I mean no letter jab was was a key him he was the engine that these are the people we can accept that

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does not have the ominous accepted. This is a promise from Allah. When you do this to karma, when you do that, when you take care of your parents and you be grateful.

00:21:54 --> 00:21:58

And you repent, Allah said to do the steps.

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We will accept Your Honor, we will overlook your evil deeds and we will make you from the people of Jana wah wah. This is a promise of Allah Subhana Allah Allahu

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Allah how much I learned

00:22:17 --> 00:22:20

along the way Serafina was something

00:22:23 --> 00:22:24

along those lines, many mouths

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to feed

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