A Moment to Wonder & Ponder #06

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What is

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he saying he

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Femen NYFA what else hola Hava

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Tulare, you have both Wally

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from 1100 in our salatu salam ala Rasulillah feminine Alpha slug for a Jew who Allah Allah in novel la yo hypovolaemia and also Apple for gives an immense his reward is with Allah. Allah does not like the ones who transgress.

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My brothers and sisters in this area, there are three choices given to the person who has enmity with another person, the first choice precisely to retaliate with the same thing that has been done to you the second choice to forgive and amend and the third choice is to transgress.

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When we ponder upon this area, we will notice that Allah subhanahu wa taala favored the second choice to forgive and amend. How do we know that because he, as Virgil promised, a reward only known to him for Andrew who Allah Allah Subhanallah isn't that an enough incentive for me and you to forgive? So please, brother and sister, that person you haven't spoken to for a very long time. text them today? Call them today? Forgive them today. May Allah forgive us all. The lawmakers from the people who wonder and ponder upon the current