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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming weekend, including the deadline, holy days, and the importance of worship and innovation in Islam. They stress the danger of " beta" and the need for regular deays. They also discuss the use of "has" in deeds and the importance of history and shabbat being a holy-inspired weekend. They emphasize the importance of prioritizing one's agenda and avoiding miscalculations, and emphasize the benefits of teaching people about shabbat and bringing about change in the coming days. They also mention a consultation with the committee and a unanimous decision to change the protocol for the upcoming weekend.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam, O Allah mursaleen Satan and Mohammed Ali. He was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh All praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord of the heavens and the earth La Ilaha Illa who none has the right to be worshipped except the law. We submit to you a law we have lived our dunya our families to come in your evader Allah grant except from us, this act of evader whatever we say may be the goodness come from a lot of mistakes or see this from myself and shape one, a lot of mercy on me. Allah bless us in this week to come and

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this week that has passed mela grant us to reach the blizzard month of Ramadan. I mean, and we send our love greetings salutations on a beloved Naveen Mohammed sauce alum to his perfect pure family and his companions and all those who follow me soon. Till the end of time it will be restricted amongst all Mohamed Salah while he was sending them hamdulillah My beloved grandson, once again have to apologize begin by the apology we said we will end of our series on the diseases of the heart discussing the issue of hope and having hope in one's heart of Allah's mercy and Rama must have forgotten to say inshallah last week because once again, we're postponing it to next week, because

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something else has come on to our agenda. And as you can see from the the topic understanding better, I said, there are two words there's a key word, a serious key word, and a very serious key word which we don't mention, and also a serious key word we don't mention. And then there's a B word that people don't talk about the Buddha word which usually causes friction, the tension when that word is used, and I think Alhamdulillah we approach this controversial topic as we've approached other controversial topics with understanding with a level of maturity that our Deen is a dean of vasila it is a dean of of knowledge, a dean of guidance. So when hamdulillah we can discuss

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understanding better what is Buddha in the context of tomorrow evening, the 15th of Shabbat as all of you might know, that tomorrow evening will be the 15th of the month of Shaban and for most mosques, it's regarded as a big night and across the world. Many people gather to commemorate celebrate the night. And this has resulted in some tension year of the year, we find ourselves discussions in corridors, whether this is permissible or impermissible. There are those who say that this is this act of celebrating is a good thing that we should continue to do so and increase and the night is an auspicious night. It's a holy night is a sacred night, and others who totally

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disagree on both sides. You have Obama both sides you have Mattia, which say yes, and you say no. And for the rest of us, we are in the middle, not sure what is correct. And at times, these discussions become tense and result in sometimes friction and some kind of ugliness, Allah forbid. And this is not an issue which we should fight over. It's an issue we can discuss. And yes, we have some different views in this issue. And we will discuss these different views, but not one that will result in splitting us as a community. So let us begin and we ask Allah for guidance in this matter. What is better? You hear about it? People speak about the people fight about it. But without all of

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us I'm sure has heard the word beta. But you don't we don't really know what is this thing? We just know some will say modal is beta. Some will say that is BDR. Some will say this is a good beta samosa that's a bad beta. What are we talking about? beta linguistically means a newly invented matter something which has no precedent before, something which is innovated and will hamdulillah innovation in dounia phases. Good. We don't say that because the visa Salam didn't fly a plane planes or beta and beta COVID-19 da, da, da, da is misguidance and almost guidances agenda planes are in jahannam and causing janam NPCs are injecting them. No, we're talking. We're talking about

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Buddha. He's talking in the context of the dean in the context of the religion. And this makes sense for us. Just on our on our basic understanding that we don't want to have a Dean 1500 years later, that looks nothing like the Dean of Mohammed Salim. But our sada and our fasting and our rituals is different to the way the prophets are selected. And we have seen with our own eyes, other religions, if you ask them, How did your prophet pray, what did he eat? How did he look? Nothing at all like the way you pray, or you eat or the way you fought? You don't resemble your prophet or the way your prophets did they worship and we don't want our Deen to end up like that.

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That's why the Sharia has spoken out against beta and beta in particular. So we speaking about innovation newly invented matters with regards to the deen something which was not the in the time of NaVi salsa lamb and later generation said, this is something new we will add to the deen and in particular particular we're talking about worship. Why worship? worship evader is our relationship with Allah and our Deen what is our basis of our Deen to worship Allah Allah Allah, Allah none has the right to be worshipped except Allah. And we cannot worship Allah better than Mohammed masala.

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The one and his primary job was to teach us how best to worship Allah how best to make sorta how best to fast, how best what are the best to us to make? That was the business's primary job. So any invention in terms of worship, for an scholar to say, I know what to do are better than the Dubrovnik vehcile salaam or I know of a methodology in getting closer to Allah better than that of NaVi so Salim we say this is the brb sucede when he said COVID-19 da da da, this kind of innovation year without any precedents, that is the one we need to be, be wary of, and not be so solemn wound about this continuously. Why gelato muslimin if this Dean becomes innovated and this could earn

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becomes changed, no could earn off to it. no second chance. This part of our responsibility given to us in this generation are allameh and all of us as an oma is to preserve the deen of Allah. This is the last and final testament of a lot to humanity. If we change it and we fail in that job, then Hollis no more and that's why the honorable mention of all the people have this this huge history of mankind. This oma has done a job the beast 1500 years later, the Quran is still being preserved for the grace of Allah. By the Sahaba and by the Allah that is constantly a need for the oma to say let's go back to the vehcile salaam we want to look like him speak like him play like him. We want

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to make * like him. We don't want to no one is better than him. This room is special in that it has constantly done this 1500 years later, we can still live like maybe salsa hamdulillah that's one of the sources don't change this Deen so that you hear this constantly from the member whenever the sun says in a cul de sac tabouleh the beast of species the Kitab of Allah the Quran will hate it and the best of guidance is the idea of Mohammed Salam is the guidance of NaVi so Salah was shattered Murata to her and the worst of things is to bring newly invented matters in the Quran and the Sunnah. Hakuna Matata in VEDA, and every newly invented matter is an innovation. We're collaborating

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da da da, da da da da da and any every bidder, any innovation will ultimately lead you to misguidance you will have a religion that is gone from the straight path and that will lead you to the fire. That's why that's what that piece may be some say this over and over reminding the Sahaba preserve this Deen to the best of your ability. Not only is the danger of Buddha and innovations in the back of our mind, we must know this concept comes from the vessel solemn, that innovation corrupts the deen and number two we need to understand we see what happened in other religions. And we know that Allah says Allah, Allah convenor come that Allah has perfected today, Allah says, I

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perfected the dean, the dean is complete, nothing new will come and nothing will be taken away from it. During the life of Nagisa Salaam, things evolved. czaka wasn't the at the beginning, when soccer came then Jihad came, when a time came when Allah says, Call Us Today, I have perfected the religion. Any change from where we are, is imperfection, you will only change it to the worse, you can't change it for the better. And the danger of of without we sin. We don't want to have a religion where we can we don't know anymore how we lived like the Manasa. And all those different religions. You ask them, well, how did Jesus pray? He fell on his face and he prayed. Do you pray

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like that? No. How did Musab pray he fell on his face and he bowed, meaning you made sujood do you make salute No. swannanoa who makes a Jew? Well, hamdulillah we know the answer to that. And another important point which we must understand the long term effects of innovation and shaytaan.

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shaytaan doesn't get us to fall into shear through bad intentions. He gets us to commit chickens his ultimate job to worship someone other than Allah. This is his primary job. He does it through good intentions through Buddha. Someone will come and say, I'm not happy with five solders we need to do more. I want to do more because I love Allah. So he changes something. He adds something. The next generation will add on that innovation and add on that innovation. Like the people have never knew they wanted goodness. So the shaytaan said go

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To the graves of the Olia and make do are the stand the the near was sincere, the children and saw them when in times of difficulty going to the graves of the earlier and then shaytaan inspiring them. Why are you going out to the cemetery to remember the earlier? Why don't you build a statue of the valley. So when you look at that statue, you remember Allah don't worship the statue, remember Allah. But as time went as time when people forgot, and what happened, they started worshiping the statue. This is how she entered into humanity through innovation. So innovation is something that ultimately leads to as new businesses to misguidance might not lead to misguidance today, but our

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generations grandchildren, they might be having a dean away from the Dean of Navy SEALs. And so these are the dangers of beer and wine, every system constantly reminded us avoid, be that to the best of your ability avoided. It's dangerous. So when we understand innovation, how can it appear? Let's give some examples of data and innovation. A type of innovation is to introduce a new type of worship. That wasn't the a completely new type of worship, which didn't have a precedence in the time of libido Salaam, for example, people today they smack the face or beat the backs and they say what are you doing? He he says that I'm worshiping Allah by this, Allah is rewarding me through this

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act of a vida cannot be now visa Salam never did this. We said this is innovation. This is something we are we rejected. All people, men might say, you know Subhana Allah, we force the only if you have 12 hours, you know, we forcing 10 hours in a day, let's force from our crypto fudger. It's longer, it's better. To know now you have changed the nature of this a better unit might be sincere. But we reject that all you find people clapping hands jumping up and down. What kind of record is this? No Sahabi No, nobody's ever made a record like this has no precedent. This is an innovation. This is not the way in every system did it so we can say even if the NEA is sincere, that this must be taken

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as an innovation. Another type of innovation and this is easy for us to understand that certain acts of a battle of fixed you can't change fudger into three records. Even though three is better than two. You can't say I'm going to make out of two days or I'm going to throw the jammer out with 20 stones 20 more than seven, I want to slow that elephant how many people can eat from that elephant? a camel is not enough. We said no. These a fixed format of a bada and that format cannot be changed. We do have steps Allah has steps hijas steps, we stick to those steps, any change even if it's more, it makes it worse. And we all understand this. Another type of data is we we ascribe from ourselves

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Baraka to something which no evidence is so I say Masha Allah, do you know how many imams ascended this pulpit, they must be Baraka in this pulpit who sits on your scribing something that was not the to say a certain night is Mubarak. And there's no w for that a certain place is mobarak that at the grave of this valley, do as are accepted, Who told you that? Only Allah can tell you that only Allah can say we cannot say on this night, Allah is going to forgive sins, and Allah is going to bless you. If there's no evidence, when you've now added a special night or place is anything but a bita. You innovated added to the dean. And that's why people celebrate the 25th of December, who said that

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the Navy SEAL was born on that night. And even if he was born on that night, who said it's a night of worship, it came from themselves and we don't want that. Another type of weather and this is the one which we knock our heads with.

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We knock our heads with sometimes this is where we find and hamdulillah by and large Muslims avoid these other types of data we know that this is wrong if you change sada you change Hajj, you went to have some some new type of worship we have our intrinsic understanding of the dean will say this doesn't seem what I avoid. But way we have the tension is when we enter on the screen now we formalize permissible acts of worship into the tools. So nobody so seldom has left the door open, how much would you want to decide as much as you want, you can resize one if you can make 10 items in one day, how much a night sorta or Noah feel so academic, as much in our field as you want. 20

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Records 100 Records, Allah has left the door open for you to make Vicar as much as he could as you want as much solder as you want as much recitation as you want. But what can happen is we can start doing things in a pattern over and over and over. And that pattern becomes a ritual and people believe this is the way it should be done. For example, I have a Sierra Club every Tuesday evening. If people start to believe that Tuesday nights, other nights, two minutes mention the life of Nagisa Salaam and the some strange Hadith that says Tuesday was the database and you know, let's make a different provider cloth on a Monday evening and I'll talk to

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The Sierra the life of libido Salah, and someone says a hadith that says Nafisa, Salah was born on a Monday. So every Monday we must learn the life of libido, Salaam necropsied. Now you've made a bit. Is it wrong to learn the syrup? No, it's good. But you have now made a ritual with it isn't the ritual. And this is we, if we look at some of our big nights, we have made a ritual a procedure of permissible actions. But it has become a pattern which we feel we can't break. But the dean said, we must do it like this. And the dean didn't say so you understand this nature of this bigger and why it is contentious because someone will simply say, what is wrong if I learned Sierra, every Monday

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night, the seed of no problem as you can see, not every night, but to say Monday nights are especially beta for Sierra. Now you've seen something which is not the you understand this point. And this is the beta we're talking about.

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So let's talk about the 15th of Shabbat.

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Coming to the masjid tomorrow, by reciting Quran reciting a DA is a bizarre, is it permissible or impermissible? Will we be punished for coming or not coming? What is the view? What is the correct view? So, we'll ask a few questions here. And we'll answer these questions one by one and in sha Allah, may Allah guide us to the right answer.

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The first question I asked, Is there any significance to the month of Shabbat? So not just the 15th of Shabbat but the entire month of Shabbat? Is there any significance is it a blizzard month above others? Yes, authentic ahaadeeth that I share rhodiola anha and this is a Muslim in a Muslim I she was asked about the fasting of Shabbat and she said the visa Salam fostered more in Shabbat than any other month except for Ramadan, and in fact no other month in abyssal Salaam for the entire month, except Siobhan. And shadow ban he fostered most of shadow ban, except the first two the last two three days of shadow ban. He didn't force Why. Why no visa system didn't force the full month not to

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cause confusion with Ramadan. Because people might have said is today Ramadan is history Ramadan, someone would say but nevison foster yesterday it must be Ramadan. So to avoid that confusion, we don't fast that last day of Shabbat not to confuse with Ramadan. You understand how signavio salam was to avoid confusion to avoid the fitna that we have today. Yesterday is Ramadan. No tomorrow is Ramadan. But my calendar says that we've avoided that by not forcing you understand these hikma I've never seen them, but he kept the month of charbon alive through fasting more than any other month besides Ramadan. So without a doubt Shabbat is a blessing man. And it must be mentioned here that if

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you have any other you have any fasting that is old you didn't fast last year Ramadan because you're ill you need to fall asleep before Ramadan begins Shabbat is your last chance. If you delay to next, after Ramadan, you still have to force that day in but it might be a sin now you have to make some filbur and you have to pay a fee Do you have to also feed someone for that? So any days that are owing and you still have some days for sit now in the last 15 days of Shabbat and you keep your account clear for the new Ramadan? Siobhan Yes, we can think it's a blizzard month, and it was a blizzard month every day in that month is blizzard. And every day in that month, we should aspire to

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do more good. And in particular fasting This is the Sunnah of Shabbat to force as much as you can.

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Is the next question. Let's look at the 15th of Siobhan. alone is the 15th of Siobhan. Holy sacred Is there anything special about this night? And here we have two valid schools of thought two acceptable schools of thought within Allison novalja we don't say this group is deviant or that group is misguided, no great scholars. You have remember Heidi mmamoloko one side and you got even even Timmy on the other side. So scholars we love and respect, they differed with one another with the 15th of Siobhan is holy or not. How do they differ? Yeah, Allah, why do you differ? So the first view is that the view of Imam Malik and Imam Bukhari and these are Hadith scholars, they will say we

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have many narrations about the 15th of Shaban being sacred, many reports many statements that we have, but these statements are not all valid. In fact, all of them as some degree of weakness, and I know we need to go into the science to understand what is a weak Hadith? Basically, the reliability is really from NASA or not, we're not sure. So if you look at all the IDs and there are many, many Hadith that speak about the greatness of the 15th of Shabbat, each and every single one of them has a problem. Some are mild, some are severe. So even Buhari, he says nothing in this regard is is is authentic. So I say no, nothing authentic of 15th of Shabbat in mathematics is the same, no

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difference between the 14th and the 16th and the 15th. They're all the same in his opinion, based on the evidence

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The other side of the coin Ahmed also had the scholar even Tamia Rahim Allah great scholar. He's they say, the fact that we have so many Hadith, pointing to and so many pious people of the old, let's see, the must be something to it, you know, there's enough smoke, there must be a fire. That's basically what they're saying. And if we using these weak ahaadeeth, to get people to do good in a month, that is good. What's so bad about that? And this is the second view that let's encourage people to uphold the 15th of Shabbat in goodness, because there is some evidence we cannot be some evidence. So to go into detail view number one nomadic human body, they will say they concede they

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say yes, lots and lots of Hadith about 50 of Shabbat but they will say on each account, they are weak and we agree within their rights. They are correct in saying it's weak. We don't try to make a weak Hadith authentic to suit us. We are an oma of Delhi. We follow the evidence we don't look I want to get the what evidence supports that. No, we look at the evidence and say we will this study will take me I submit to a juicer Allah that's the that's the greatness of this Deen.

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We are we base our opinion on the Sharia not the other way around. We don't change the Sharia to our opinion. So they are correct, Mr. Malik. Anyway, Mr. hamady agrees I know you are right Malik when you say all these relations are weak, and I accept they're weak. So the one view is nothing significant. Between the 15th of Shabbat the second opinion, the second view as we sit scholars like Huma Mohamad,

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even Tamia rahimullah she had Bernie and then you'll see how Bernie in the in the next slide, this man if you don't know who he is, you know, one of the greatest Hadith scholars of our time, so he lived like 10 years he passed away not too long ago. And you know, to the last decade or so he passed away, and great scholar of Hadith, and he looked at all these narrations again, and the conclusion is yes, these are these are weak, but collectively, can we not use them all to the prop one another, like enough weak bricks are put together, it still has some evidence in support. This is the evidence This is the argue argument and give some Ahadi. So let's look at some of these

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headings that are weak, one of the Hadeeth and I'm sure people have got this on a WhatsApp. that might've been Jebel Ali Alon is reported to have said with a more admin Gerald said it or not. This is the question of debate that Nagisa Lam said, we don't know if he really said it or not. That's the debate that Allah looks at his creation on the night of the middle of Shabbat, and he forgives all of creation, except for a mushrik and a person that has hatred or animosity with one another. So when we look at this Hadith, we say, is there anything wrong with the meaning of the Hadith? Let's not look at authenticity, just the meaning that Allah will forgive everyone except a person who

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commits shoot. We know that yes, Allah does not forgive Sheikh and we know another authentic hadith whenever he so Salaam says that to people who quarrel with one another, if they make dua, and the deeds are being made. Allah says, Put those deeds on pause until they make sure until they resolve the issue. I don't accept the better. So we know that the some authentic hadith to corroborate this, this and this hadith science is not something so easy. So they bring this hadith. Second Hadees that have to live in a beloved member of the Alliance is the Prophet of Allah Most High is he and he looks at his creation on the middle of Shabbat and he forgives every one of his slaves except for

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machinic and murder. We again we say this a person who commits murder, then yes, and he commits, then this is one of those things that stops the forgiveness of Allah, not only the 15th of Siobhan, but anytime, another Hadith, and we will speak about this one where I share all the answers. And this is a problematic one, that Allah descends to the lowest summer on the 15th of Shabbat and he for his forgiveness is greater than the number of here on the back of a sheep. This is you find this hadith in imager and to me, these are not found in strange books, but in books that we use, and the great scholar, Mr. Mubarak Puri, he writes, in his opinion, collectively had these such as this,

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even though they are weak, constitute proof on those who allege that nothing is significant with respect to the merits of middle of shaba. So he says, I know this hadith is weak, we know that Allah subhanaw taala descends every night, the last third of the night. Right? We know that this hadith is weak but collectively, that if the some significance in this hadith is correct, that Allah forgives more than any other, you know, one of the nights where Allah forgives more than the heat on the back of a sheep, we're gonna let it go. Right so this is the opinion and if you look at someone like even Tamia and why I mentioned even Tamia you know, video for those of you who know why I mentioned even

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Tamia you'll understand that even a mere Kamala was very, very strict and be there. Today the the groups or the brothers that try to bring us away from the DA will quote significantly from even to me

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He will quote things against mooloolah against many of the rich news correct. But even he says, so the man who is like the BDR police, he says that when I look at the 15th of charbon, and the virtues of the middle of Siobhan have been related. It is also reported about a group of the salaf, meaning previous pious people that they would pray during the night. That's the pray of someone praying individually during the night, as the President is saying there is some evidence that this night has significance with some of the previous PT sisters, and therefore it stands as a proof for it. So it cannot be objected to this is the Is it the police is saying, in my opinion, the some flexibility

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that the East something special,

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we take a step back and we say can we use weak Hadeeth to act on? So this idea that we'll say for example, if you perform, if you recite surah Yaseen 10 times, you get so much reward, right? But it's week, should we use it or not? We know which week they are rules to use a week Hadith. So number one, if the Hadith is fabricated, it is we know it's not from the base of Salah we throw it away, no matter how beautiful it is, we throw it away. Number two, if it encourages us to do good deeds, permissible good deeds, then yes, but we don't use weak Hadith in terms of the law, or Akita. What does that mean? If you find a hadith that says that you are allowed to marry seven wives, and

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there's a weak Hadith, we don't use it as a matter of law and it goes against clear things in the Quran. Any Heidi's that speak about fundamentals of Islam, if you make a mistake, in that you're in trouble. So we don't want to use a weak Hadith on that. You understand the point here? So a weak Hadith in terms of belief, and the law of Sharia. We don't use that as authoritative. But Heidi, that's weak that's encouraging us to do something which is good. What's the harm in reciting muezzin? What's the harm in making more sorta, this is what the author might have concluded Not me, but the LMR of Hadith. And when we narrate the Hadith, and we parse it, and we WhatsApp it, we need

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to say By the way, this hadith is weak, you have a responsibility if you're spreading information, this hadith has a problem. So people know I'm acting on a great Hadith. So these are the rules of when we can use a weak Hadith. So question number three. So now we know the two views on the 15th of Shabbat. The samosa Yes, we know we know why they say yes, we know. We asked the question, going back to our definition of Buddha, have we ritualized the 15th? of Siobhan, have we made the rule into a ritual, which is not doesn't have a precedence in the deen. So we know the some significance, according to many scholars, but did we introduce a procedure which we follow every year all the

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time? And see, this is what we need to do? Yes or no? Yes, we have made it seem that the suit nothing to do, or the thing that the Sahaba did that they decided three scenes and they decided, especially for the decrees, and this ritual has no precedents in it. There is no Hadith that speaks about three essence, none of the great scholars, even those who say 50 of Shabbat is good, not even they said that this is what we should do on the fourth day of Shabbat. So the minute we have now Now, we need to ask ourselves, have we introduced a ritual, which doesn't have a precedent? And the answer is yes, unfortunately, Yes, we have. We have made a pattern where there shouldn't be a

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pattern. I'm not saying the month, the night is special, according to many scholars, but what do you do on that night? If you've made you fit every year, we need to do it like this, like my Sierra cross on a Monday, nothing wrong with yacine nothing wrong with the law. But the minute you say we need to do it like this every year, now that is potentially better. Understand. So the scholars are unanimous all the scholars, the pro and the con, everyone agree, there is no Hadith or no report that says what you should do on Shabbat, no procedure given. And even to me again, I quote from him, because he said, What is it 15? Siobhan, do as you want to make extra about if you want, I believe

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it's good night. So we know he stands, but then he also adds to his factor. But as for those as well assembling in the masjid, to pray, a fixed play a defined ritual, if you come to the monastery to do a special defined 50th of Siobhan sada, such as congregational. And before in his time, people would stand and they would make 100 Records and in each record every psycho had 1000 times, for example, he said, this is better. Where did you come on with Asana, you've now invented a site that doesn't exist anymore. It doesn't exist. And this was bizarre. So he you understand his view. He says, Good, come to the masjid make Vicar. Do what you want. But don't make a ritual out of it. Change it one

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year to the next show that you can do anything that night, so long as you're doing good deeds. That's his opinion. That's the middle ground that is that so what can we do on the 15th of Shabbat? Anything that you could have done tonight or Sunday night? What can you do tonight, you can make a hard time if you want you can make

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tahajjud if you want you can make sada you can listen to a lecture, you can just avoid sin and this is your a binder, well Hamdulillah, all of that, and it's open for you to do without making a ritual out of it. So we understand here,

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the steps that we're seeing, and we understand the conclusion we're getting to, on another step aside on a different issue now away from Buddha. This is also a belief attached to the full faith of Shabbat, which we must discuss.

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Part of the belief of why the night is holy people believe that 15th of Shabbat they call it or the Night of Decree or the night way the deeds of Allah are given the books are opened as they would say, what does this mean when we go a bit into our and this is a pillar of Eman, cobalt and color. The Divine Decree of Allah is a pillar of Eman is something essential to being a Muslim? So we need to understand what this thing is. We can't talk about the pillar of Eman without knowledge. What are we saying? So Allah subhana wa tada To summarize, he and he knows past, present and future correct and he decrees who will live and who will die and we will get the result will not get the music.

00:31:06 --> 00:31:33

Right without we still have free will. But Allah decrees things and Allah informs the man I don't know the future, but he informs the melodica they get like a budget once a year. So Angel of Death. Here's your list of people that must Ottawa must be pulled Angel of music years all the lands of mosquito rain. These are the people we're going to make rich These are the people you're gonna make what Allah gives makes the Dickies known to the melodica on one night in the year, which is called the night of victory later to Qatar.

00:31:34 --> 00:32:15

So when does that occur? Some have said the 15th of Siobhan well what does the Quran say? And you know, we say we have to submit to the Quran, Allah subhana wa souhan mean by the clear book indeed we sent it meaning the Quran down during a Mubarak night. Indeed we will to warn mankind. On that night on the night when the Quran was revealed, is made distinct, every precise matter. On that night we make it known to the melodica the decrees every matter proceeding coming from us, we make it known on that special night. Indeed, we were to send a messenger as a mercy from your Lord indeed, he's the yearning, the knowing. So Allah says on a special night is the Night of Decree. On

00:32:15 --> 00:32:54

that night I lead the melodica know what the decrees are for the year and on that night is the also the night when the Quran was revealed. So when was the only revealed in Zen now feel a little further, but really we revealed the Quran on Laila to color or madaraka malaise color, and what will make you understand ladies will call it a Roman official, it's better than 1000 months. And we know later that it has to be or should be in the month of Ramadan from the Hadith. So we know that the Night of Decree and even in short to Qatar, Allah says that natural Morocco Rafi have eaten iraq becoming polyamorous that the angels in the room meaning gibreel, they come down on that night of

00:32:54 --> 00:33:34

laser cutter with the decrease with all the commands of Allah, the matters from Allah, meaning the decree of Allah. So let's not be confused. The decrees of a law come down on the ninth of later fukada, which is in Ramadan, and not the 15th of Shabbat from the Quran. No need to discuss further. No need to look at Hadith is this week and fight and debate this chain that chain from the Quran. It is known that our decrees are made known to the melodica on the on little toddler in Ramadan, not the 15th of Shabbat. And who knows, last year's budget which was given to the melodica in Ramadan might have our names on it for those who will pass away.

00:33:36 --> 00:34:14

Right We don't know if we'll meet the next budget of the coming year. And without going into a detailed discussion about COBOL and COVID. We also believe that while Allah decrees everything, we still have some we have free will in it and I will do and I will abide accounts with Allah. So we do our best and we make dua so if the fulfilling of Shabbat isn't the Night of Decree it's a marker at the night of decrees coming up make dua that budget we might have a say in that budget, we might have a say in our music of when we die Allah has given us free will so start making do our we've got a month to go before that night is made before Allah stamps that final approval of a budget. That's

00:34:14 --> 00:34:15

basically what the point is here.

00:34:16 --> 00:34:51

Then point number six how do we disagree? A ticket of disagreement so amongst you there might be some who say completely and with group number one it is a bidder, you shouldn't come to the masjid you'll be punished for coming to the masjid. Another group may say Subhanallah How can you not come to the mercy that you're saying that my forefathers were liars? Are you saying right? How do we debate how do we argue we sit number one we a dean of knowledge. We follow the evidence and we submit to the evidence not are enough and to know that these are two permissible views. The one group doesn't say that group number one people are to help you know remember what he doesn't know

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

what he's talking about. Remember what he says go learn your hobbies Mr. Humans go read up on hobbies again. No, we respect both sides have valid opinions.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

You can choose any of the two you want. If you need a sincere, I want to get closer to Allah I feel it's better for me to be at home and make my own Vicar well hamdulillah I feel it's better for me to come to the masjid and to listen to a lecture and to feel with my brothers Alhamdulillah whatever you need a sincere follow the opinion that is strongest to you. And if we disagree with each other, we disagree with you without judging you. Don't say look at it without it going to the manager. He doesn't know any better. I don't know that men can be more pious than you. Oh, look at this, Wahhabi doesn't come to the measured. Don't judge is near you don't know what he does in private.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:09

If you some will come out of duck walk to the masjid and some will stay away from the program out of taqwa as well. We don't know what's in the heart, we disagree with saying I make dua for you make dua for me, if I'm wrong, you might be accepted. If you are aiming to Allah guides you, this is how we do it. We also need to understand in this greater discussion about Buddha and mold and the bigger discussion of Buddha, the our priorities. Remember the 10% of people arguing about the Buddha or the 90% are inherent.

00:36:11 --> 00:36:18

We discussing and debating about how to make a better version, what is the best way to worship? Whereas 90% is in pure haram

00:36:19 --> 00:37:00

Shouldn't we be focusing on that 90% that is not even coming, not even making a shy and Muslim. Then wondering what do we do between multiple priorities sometimes and this is to really focus debates, you have room to debate, but prioritize your debates. also understand on both sides, that there are benefits to these rituals. Yes, you can throw it away that these will put in place by our previous when they came here to teach people about surah. Yaseen, maybe they can memorize one. Yes. And by reciting it three and three times to teach them so that people who didn't come to madrasa they couldn't come to madrasa. They couldn't read or write, how do we teach them? let them read recite.

00:37:01 --> 00:37:39

Yet, because over and over, so that they will learn and do it on their own. So there was some benefit to it is the better things to do. 100 is the arbiter and we replace something with something better not remove it and leave it with nothing. And understand at the same time. While there are goodness in those things, there are benefits to it should lead to shake because of good intentions but done incorrectly. Just because that thing is some benefits. Be way that when you add to the dean, it will lead to misguidance. So just because there's some goodness, someone will say, What's so bad if we have this ritual, and I tell my kids, you have to recite this and that and it's not

00:37:39 --> 00:38:17

part of the deen. Remember the good intentions of the people of the past when they broke away from the dean. It led to greater misfortune in the future. And we hope then, and the final point here and we disagree with one another. We do so on the basis of taqwa not to win debate, not for my word to be based, in my view to be based. But we don't do it too when we debated Allah subhanaw taala can bring about to Bangkok and make dua for one another. So to conclude and To summarize, and help you and we know you have a better understanding of this matter, that To summarize, that the scholars differed whether the 15th of Siobhan has some Baraka to it or not this difference of opinion, you

00:38:17 --> 00:38:57

can you've seen the evidence you can choose and they have permitted that you can celebrate that night, but without ritualizing it there is no specific three scenes, no specific law, nothing mentioned in the Sharia. So this can change and that the Night of Decree is a little harder. So these are the four points I want to stress. And having said that, but insha Allah, I am of the view my personal opinion which means nothing really. I'm the of those of point number two like even even Tamia, Rahim Allah, that in sha Allah is enough goodness mentioned that let's I will personally be here and tomorrow night we sit in our last get together. We say that we'll 15th of Shabbat is Sunday

00:38:57 --> 00:39:37

night, but it's actually going to be Saturday night tomorrow evening. And we've said let's change the ritual. Let's change the procedure. It doesn't have to be three scenes and do all that is recited whether it's a good day or a bad day or there's been discussions about it, but without a doubt the ability to us in the Quran, for health for life for easic for prediction and forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala let's do that. So inshallah we've decided to do with a consultation with the committee and a unanimous decision inshallah, that tomorrow we will have between Muslim Venetia, our 15th of Siobhan program and it will consist of a small introduction and we will decide what is

00:39:37 --> 00:40:00

in after that we will decide special to us from the Quran and Sunnah for different things. Then we will decide Soraka which is which surah we should all be reciting regularly in the front doors again, and then we recite Surah kabara, which we should all be reciting daily and then again, a separate set of doors. And then lastly, we will conclude with a quiz and get us into the Ramadan mood. Getting us

00:40:00 --> 00:40:35

To come closer to Ramadan so this will be our program tomorrow in sha Allah if you'd like to attend out you welcome Alhamdulillah keep us in the doors once again I say Allah forgive me for it if I have said of wrong and mistakes is for me if I've offended anybody, please speak to me up to the ministry don't keep it not speak to me maybe I did not articulate properly and we can discuss this with with maturity and understanding and inshallah inshallah next week we will conclude our series on the heart with a bit of hope and love with the last parameter insha Allah is Allah Hi, Ursula satana Mohammed Vidal he was Saddam Hussein even handler Vladimir a Solomonic

00:40:37 --> 00:40:40

sugar she just didn't mind are we starting it?

00:40:41 --> 00:40:43

Tomorrow No, no bodily so

00:40:44 --> 00:40:51

we'll be starting and invitations to the ladies only the Scottish give her the macaron

00:40:53 --> 00:40:54


00:40:55 --> 00:40:58

wish to invite older ladies to the hardball Quran

00:41:00 --> 00:41:14

recital on Sunday morning the 22nd and it will be out in the street. The sophomore surgery for the ladies only from eight o'clock all the ladies Welcome again.

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