Ramadan Reminders 2019 – #07 Be Aware of Phishing Scams

Omer El-Hamdoon


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The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to gain good deeds and therefore we have to be careful of anything that might actually prevent us from getting good deeds. And you know what there's a lot of phishing scams out there people who try to unfortunately delude us or distract us away from our aim. These phishing scams include these nice programs on television, which we stayed pinned to, to just watch them, these competitions on television, satellite TV, and also things are happening on our, on our mobile, you know, all these messages, our social media, watching all that these are kind of scams, which actually actually deter you from achieving more because remember, this is the time

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where you need to be sowing so many seeds of goodness. So don't be distracted by these things. And also be careful about things that also distract you like invitations, a lot of expired invitations can also distract you. If you're always being invited, you feel that you have to respond in that kind of way. So be careful of those as well. You want to be staying focus. Be aware, and beware of those trolls who are trying to take your time trying to take your efforts and therefore but rob you of any benefit that you might get in Ramadan.