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In the London Lillah wa salatu salam O Allah, Colombia live he was having

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my bad

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today, inshallah I wandered by myself and knew about the importance of hair.

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We spoke about yesterday.

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And I also mentioned this aspect. Today we look at that, the hedis unofficial asylum, which is known to all of us where he said that the man has more than 70 parts, one of which is

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the highest hair is not only most commonly understood in the moment we say hair, people think of the hijab of the women

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is not restricted to women. Men are not allowed to be be hair. So, let us understand that

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it is the job of the woman is obviously part of hair, no doubt about this, but at the same time, hair is like all other aspects of Islam. They relate to all Muslims, whether male or female,

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hair is the is also related to Viva Vera hire is a sense of self worth, my definition of hire is a sense of self worth, which prevents you from doing something which is against your dignity. So high is really a matter of dignity. It's not a question of shamelessness for a Muslim should not even arise. Why must we go to a point where someone has to point out that this is shameless. For example, why must you dress in a way where somebody has to point out that this is shameless, where people will feel embarrassed to look at you? I mean, that is extreme.

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One was never, for a Muslim to go there itself is disgusting. I mean, why would you want to do that? So we're not even talking about are we talking about basic sense of dignity, for example, not to use bad language as part of her

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nothing to dressing, but you know, just just bad language cursing, and speaking, in a way which is, which lacks dignity, this is this is, you know, not, not part of having it's, even though it's nothing to do with sort of clothes and so on.

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Not driving your car in such a way that other people might Curse you, or other people might criticize you this is to drive your car in such a way that you that people look at you and say, you know, this is good driving, right? Anything which impacts on your dignity. And that's the reason why is it it's hair comes from a sense of self worth, it comes from a sense of dignity of who you are. The sense of self worth, again, is one of the misunderstood things where it goes to a point of arrogance, and that's not from Islam. But a sense of self worth is very important. And very important gives us to the to children as well. And in my view, this is the biggest defense against

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all forms of temptation.

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sense of self worth, for example, you might say, you know, your friend might want you to go and

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go to a movie, movie, some inappropriate kind of cinema. And, of course, nowadays, people buy tickets online, and so on. But in the days when you had to stand in the queue, to get the tickets, you might say, Well, you know, I don't want to go there, if What if, how can I stand in that queue? For the tickets? You know, how can I be looking at that? Right? How can I be

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in a bookshop, looking at magazines, which are inappropriate. Now you might have in the middle of all of those magazines, they might be a magazine on, for example, on most of most of the Motor Show, and automobile magazines are generally stacked in the same racks, at least in the West. As a lot of the

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you know, I don't like to use the word adult magazines. To me an adult person is someone who has dignity who has sense, not someone who reads those kinds of magazines which has which are called adult, they're not adult those are, you know, depraved. So, but usually, supposing you are interested in cars, I would say that a person with hair would not pick up that magazine from that place, you know, maybe we should mail order it or something, but you don't go and stand there because how can someone see you in that place?

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How can I be seen in a place which is inappropriate for a person of dignity. So there is a lot more than just dressing of it.

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dressing is very much a part of hair too and in that in that context let me say that the dress code for the men and the women is the same which is that the body must be completely covered that the shape of the body must not be visible and the clothing must not be transparent these these conditions apply to the men as well as to the women for the man for for men exam for example, it's not permissible to walk around without a shirt to just wear shorts or to wear a very tight t shirts which show you know all the

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iron that you have been pumping in the in the gym, you want to show that off. So you wear this tight t shirt This is highly inappropriate This is not the dressing of a man give it a give it inside yourself right? All that body has no usually has no good because there is no courage in the heart to go with it. So when when the time comes to actually use that body you run like hell, I mean, you don't have the courage to stand there anyway. So big deal, what's the point of bombing all the time? But the point is that for a man to dress like that is highly inappropriate it's this is not from Islam. The Islam does not permit a man to dress not only the women, it's a question of men as well

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in terms of dressing and of course, we know all about hipster pants and whatever else it was spoken about that I highly highly inappropriate and dressing without without hair. So the dress code is the same for the women as for the as well as for the men, including covering of the head. Again we are we seem to have greater distinct of, you know, not covering

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covering the head, but in the tradition of the viscera Salah in the in the as part of the Sunnah to walk around beheaded was what was something that the slaves used to do a person of any eminence whatsoever was the person who covered his head.

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Has Eros they said it's somebody who has no protection on his head. You know, so to wear a cap to wear a turban to wear a helmet. These were the signs of people of substance, just walking around barefoot or today people seem to embed this into also including part of religion, I mean, they even want to pray salah and one can understand I'm not trying to create a new rule you're saying that if you pray without a head covering your Salah is not well normalized value ramlila no problem back to make this into as if it's hard to get up to play without headcovering la la botella.

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And then you get this delete that.

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So the point we are seeing here is that dressing for the men and the women, the code is the same.

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There is no difference in the in the way that men should dress and women should dress, right. Similarly, the question of hire, as I said, extends to our relationship with people to the way we speak to how we say to how we literally syrupy I don't know. Nowadays, nobody seems to train anyone. But

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when when we were growing up, we were trained with respect to how to sit.

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You don't sit with your legs apart, you know, sprawling with you know, one leg pointing is the one like one thing Wester you don't sit like that you sit with dignity, you can ensure that your clothes are adjusted properly so that your you know shirt is not riding up somewhere and so on and so on. See if you think about this in this era, the example of highs not a woman

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the example of hire is a man who was very

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abusive everything that happens over has to do of course one has to worry that nobody's job is ordered in the Quran. So there's no question of if somebody if someone thinks that she can she should not wear hijab then she is going against the caliber of Allah

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hijab is ordered in the Quran. So therefore a woman has to wear hijab there's no No, no two ways about that. But it's not restricted to that. The example of hire is of Marina fondo de la No. And we know the famous incident on the zerah were rubbish Allah Allah. Allah was relaxing, he was sitting and his, his legs, you know, from his knee a little bit above the knee, his leg was exposed, the way he was eating and you

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know, came and he sat with him and they were chatting and then said an hour and a half that game and they were they still continued to chat and they sat in the same position and then was bad enough. One of the alonza was was coming into the house. Rosaura Salam sat up and he covered his leg and he pulled his his arm down, so that his tie and his and his knee and everything was covered. So

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they said jasola you said just like that. Why when we were here, but no one knows when it's coming. You're covering yourself. He said. Even the

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melodica he said even the angels, they have half I was one they say they even the angels. You know, they respect us mama Delano, because he is a man of such Hey, so how can I sit before it like this?

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Not that the reason I was doing something wrong, but I'm just saying that you know, the example of higher ed is Love is a man.

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So we have to think of our own lives and say what in my life is there which is not in keeping with this very important for us to understand this and do understand the whole concept of hair. So here is a question of dignity. It's a question of self respect. It's a it's a question of an understanding of self worth. And as I said, with regard to Veera, it's an understanding that we are not some piece of trash floating in a gutter. We are significant because of our Deen we are significant because of Islam. And therefore each and every single one of us man or woman, irrespective of our race and irrespective of our nationality. We are representatives of Islam and we

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are representatives of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and therefore we must always try and live to that standard on can make a mistake we are all human but then immediately correct that mistake apologize straighten yourself Don't insist on that mistake.

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That is the worst problem because we make a mistake and then we insist on because how can i say i'm wrong therefore I have to find a deal to support my mistake La la la de

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la mesa apology I'm sorry I'm very sorry I made a mistake, my fault

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and let me correct myself. So if it was taken but live with awareness, so that we avoid such mistakes, we are talking a lot of us talk about the issue of you know slippers and shoes before the masjid according to me that is a part of

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the fact that you have no concern for your property that you just throw slippers and choose anywhere and people are walking all over it and everything else you're not bothered. Even though racks are provided many places we see these racks are provided where people will not take the trouble to pick up their shoes and put it in the rack they will just leave it there and then the shoes are kicked around all over the place. This is a part of this is this means that you have no higher you have no sense of dignity with regard to your possessions you just leave it anywhere

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so hey extends to all of these things right? We come into the masjid what is the state of the Mashallah that you're going to be praying on your standard pray the thing you know, take the trouble, take the trouble, ensure that the thing is clean and it's in its you know, spread properly. So, again, I know I'm just giving some pointers it's for each one of us to reflect in our own lives and see all the areas where this applies inshallah it is not my intention to make a whole list here. But wherever it applies in a way if you look at it here is another aspect of what we like to call is excellence

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what we like to call it excellence excellence how where do you see excellence you know when we do audits of industries for for four things like for various quality parameters? When we do an audit, you are everywhere the audit starts we start the audit in the toilet of the workers in a factory

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the labor the workers toilets, we start the audit they're not not in the chairman's office

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because the the logic behind it is that if that thing is clean then the rest of the operation must be okay.

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You will still see it but this one because that is the most neglected usually nobody was allowed

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to start the audit in that place

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look at the workers toilet How is the workers fine

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that is where you start the audit

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and that's very important element to remember that this so called most sick most insignificant. I don't know what will happen to us if somebody starts audits in the toilets of our massage

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that 11 most massage is what is the state of the tourism is thinks permanently sticks

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the Hara hora de la productores that on the at the same time in the same breath we will say that cleanliness is half of human.

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So you only have half the one in the machine. I don't know where the where to go to find the other half.

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So, let us let us implement the the whole point of these further reminders is not just to talk something and go away. It is to implement them in our lives. What can we do? I hamdulillah we ever measured withdrawal it was ugly, but let us ensure and it's not somebody's job. It's everyone's job. It's our job. It's my job.

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Dirty do it. Clean it Don't wait for someone else. robo calls are no do yours your job duties the house of Allah Alhamdulillah there is a certain this there is a great honor in cleaning the toilet of ours is nothing nothing dishonorable is the house of Allah. Allah gives us an opportunity let us do that ourselves without any without any hesitation shall and do that with the you know in terms of all her life, Salah Alana will carry while Ali was heavier