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filarmonica Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was able to send them to Freeman cathedral.

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I mean, making the park and I'm going down this very narrow, little forest trail.

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And suddenly I remember what the Rangers happening a few days ago and I was here he said, There is a bear in this park.

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So if you come up on it Don't, don't pet him. But otherwise he's harmless. So as I'm walking down here, I'm making dua that I should not come across an eyebrow interest interested in reading or not wetting the bed.

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We spoke about the issue of priorities. And I thought, let me also do another reminder right here in this beautiful place.

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On the issue of priorities.

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Now, priorities are important. It's a no brainer, I don't need to tell you why. I'm sure you know why priorities are important, because unless we have our priorities, right, we cannot take any decision, any decision, whatever it is,

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whether it is what food to eat, whether it is what clothes to wear, whether it is what line of education to pursue, whether it is to go here or there or not go here there. Whatever be the

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The correct decision can only be made, if the priority is clear. So for example, if I say, Well, should I eat this thing or not? The priority question that is,

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what will this thing do to you? Health wise? It's not just a matter of being tasty, health wise, what is this thing that you're thinking of eating or eating? What is it likely to do to you? And if the answer is that, well, you know, it might damage my health temporarily or permanently,

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then I don't think I need to give the answer to that. If the answer is no, I think absolutely.

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Something we just did yesterday, which is very nice. And it will not do me any harm. Go ahead. So the same thing applies to everything. Priorities, define and determine Decisions, decisions taken with the wrong priorities always lead to disaster and that's the reason why Allah subhanaw taala set the priority for us Allah did not even leave us and this is from the Rana ALLAH SubhanA. Allah did not leave us to decide on our own

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the dryer do anything because we don't know. And Allah knows her animal. And

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so when we don't know, we cannot

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talk about something that we don't know. So therefore,

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Allah set the priority for us and what's the priority that others monitor for month 00 And in particular than

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the one who was freed from the helper and entered into Jana, only this person is successful? And then reiterated that

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so I

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was talking about

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Let me come back to that. If you see this basket like contraption right here in front of me,

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let me increase the size of the okay. So see that now, that is

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something in which people throw Frisbees and there is a whole track in this place, which

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has these baskets and it has boards they're saying, You know what, how they score and whatnot. And people throw Frisbees into that. The reason I brought that into conversations because again, issue of priorities and goals and targets, just like a game, if you don't know which goal you must aim for. Not only will you not win the game, but you probably be yourself a bad turn because if you go backwards then you lose instead of winning. As I am talking to you you can probably see I hope the light is good enough. It's a very

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cloudy day.

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But the leaves are starting to turn so we are

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entering fall or we have officially entered fall.

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Fallen nothing to do with falling and gravity it has to do with the American term for autumn.

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So we are entering fall and

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leaves are going to turn inshaAllah is my plan next week to go to New Hampshire on what is called a fall drive, which is to go and look at fall foliage.

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I'm looking forward to that. It's

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it's a very, very beautiful part of the world. Inshallah we'll send you some pictures and stuff from there. So to come back to priorities or to remain on them

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without the right priority, we cannot take the right decisions and as I mentioned you Allah subhanaw taala set for 100 and in Nadi, what would kill agenda forgot FAS, one malha to dunya Illa Mata.

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Now see the see where this ends. Allah subhanaw taala says

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that only the one who was freed from the hellfire and entered into Jannah

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has succeeded. And Allah says, the life of this world is nothing but an illusion of deception.

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Illusion of deception. Now,

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if you think about this, and look at our live decision priorities, I've been having conversations with various well meaning good friends

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of them quite learned as well learned in the sense of you know, they've had

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a lot of books and so forth,

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whose constant refrain is that Muslims are held back from progress. Please notice the words bear mostly the head back from progress because of the loss of habitat is moratorium on

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riba on interest based dealings and then we have many people who are trying to find all kinds of loopholes to get around it.

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Not knowing or not understanding or not accepting or not realizing or whatever that loophole doesn't change the rule doesn't change the law. It fatwa does not change the Hong Kong the Hong Kong is the Hong Kong the fatwa is somebody's opinion about

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doesn't change.

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So therefore, it's very important to keep the priority in mind I think about this that if we in order to get whatever we think think of as progress in this life

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end up destroying our

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meaning that if I take a loan if I didn't River and I've convinced myself because of some definition and whatnot, that it's okay.

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Allah didn't say it's okay. That was worthy. Salaam Salah Salam didn't say it's okay. But I decided

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based on whatever that is, I have and

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I take an interest based loan to build a house. First of all, my house is not going to be as big and magnificent as the Red Fort was the alkaline daily, which was the house of the Emperor Chaga.

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It is not going to be as Glorious and Magnificent as forever Sikri was in its time in Agra, which was the house of the Emperor Akbar.

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It is not going to be as Glorious and Magnificent in Assam as it was the houses of the Nissan's of Hyderabad whether it is Jamala Palace Falaknuma Palace, whether it is grand Heavenly Palace, whether it is in Cote, or whatever,

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is not a hope, I mean we cannot even dream on that scale.

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Forget about building it, forget about getting a loan to build that we can't even dream on that scale. So whatever we build will be

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less than that. And I'm saying less than that.

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You know, tongue in cheek because

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our house don't even have the possibility of being

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you know, a fraction absolute fraction of that.

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we would have incurred

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we would have been dealing in remote now what happens?

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Every Muslim by definition, is the value of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this very clearly. Allah in earlier Allah Hila Hoffman Allah him Bala homeo

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Alina Armano Vulcania taco. Allah said Verily and truly, there is no sadness and Novia for the OD of Allah. For the special slaves of Allah who Allah loves. Please do not translate only Allah as friends of Allah. Allah does not have friends. When did the laser chemistry shake?

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What was Samuel Busey? He's the one who there's nothing that resembles him nothing that's equal to Him.

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had to some of the lady let me lead well a new lead well I'm your co founder.

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And so therefore, a value of Allah is the One who Allah loves. May Allah make us among the only. So Allah says there is no sadness, no fear for them. Who are there?

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Whether you know, Amma know what can we do? The other ones who have emailed and they have

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just two conditions. Eman and Taqwa Allah subhanho wa Taala in his infinite mercy did not put a metric on the Iman or Taqwa Allah did not say Iman of this level, human of this quality in one of these depths,

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Iman, as demonstrated by Torquil of Heartwell.

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Iman as demonstrated by the Zod of samba three

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human as demonstrated or Salah show in Salah as demonstrated by the salah of Abu Bakr Siddiq, we know Allah simply said, Iman, how much you want how much Taqwa

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that's what Allah subhanaw taala research. In the last minutes I didn't put a metric on us and this huge, huge mercy on us.

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So now, effectively, you and I may Allah include us in this are by default, the only of Allah.

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Now what happens if I dig into this room

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and I take it into this loan, what I've done is I've taken my name have robbed my name out of the list of the owner of Allah and I have put my name into the list of the enemies of Allah. Now why do I say that? Because Allah subhanaw taala declared war on his own behalf and on behalf of Rasulullah Hassan salah, who Shabbat was intercession we rely on Inshallah, on the day of judgment for our own forgiveness. Allah subhanaw taala puts

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declare war on the one who deals in interest.

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Now think about this. Allah subhanaw taala did not say Reba Alia Alia, rebel for the Rebbe, Aldous rebel that lets everyone Rasulillah Salam in his final hotbar in

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during his touch,

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he said rebar, he did not again further redefine it.

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Now, there are people in their

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ignorance and in the misguidance they say he did not define a particular robot therefore, this kind of Rebbe is good to go. My question is if something is not defined, then what's our default setting with that, we take the default setting that if something is not defined as a general principle applies, so if if if for example, everybody has 10 different forms, and what does not attend different forms, these are all forms which we have created for our convenience and nothing wrong with that.

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So everyone has 10 different forms. And if the lawmaker simply says Riba and does not specify out of those 10 different forms, form one and three are okay. Form seven and nine are not okay. He didn't say that. He just said Reba. So when he says, What is the understanding, the understanding is that everything, all those 10 things are private. My brothers and sisters, take it or leave it.

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am a person without courage, zero courage, with respect to Allah subhanaw taala with respect to disobedience, or no subhanaw taala absolutely no courage whatsoever I have no courage to defy Allah. And I'm bequeathing that lack of courage that cowardice

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to face Allah

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to you.

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Coward is from facing Allah to be a coward in the best sense and say, I will not define

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progress is to be freed from the Hellfire progress is not to have some measure of wealth and influence and luxury in this life. And then pay for that

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forever and ever. In the,

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the image above. We ask Allah subhana data to save us from ourselves in from the service of shaytan or some other Hallenbeck Karim Allah Allah He was a member