Mirza Yawar Baig – Tazkiyah 09 – Gheera

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding one's own culture and family to live in a world with everyone being the same. They also touch on the cultural and political dynamics of the Western world, including the confusion surrounding the origin of the term "the western world" and the lack of differentiation between men and women. The speakers emphasize the need to change and show one's success in one's life, avoiding scared behavior and showing one's accomplishments to make oneself feel like one is the only one in their family.
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In El amor Allah wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Colombia Allah Allah he was having a bad

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day today in our disco tarbiyah series

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we will speak about two related things. One is the issue of Riera

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and the other one is the issue of hair

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with respect to VIERA is a famous Halley's whenever Salazar is an upset, if you have no Veera and do whatever you like.

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If you have no Veera, then do whatever you want.

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With respect to hair, the hair is which we all know

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that the man has more than 70 parts, and one of those parts is hair.

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Now what is Vera?

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Vera? The concept is one of those things which is difficult to translate into English. But the closest that we can get to Veera is to use the word honor,

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a sense of honor.

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A sense of honor comes from a sense of history from a sense of belonging from a sense of understanding who you are

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people who have no roots, evil who have no

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culture, people who have no background.

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Have no there is no honor in them. Because they don't know where they are. They don't know who they come from. They don't know who they represent. They don't know that they stand for more than themselves. And so they have no honor.

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It is the Alexander Solzhenitsyn said that if you want to destroy people, cut them off from the history.

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And that's the reason why it's very important also to study history. The history gives you a sense of Veera, it helps you to understand who you are.

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You're not some piece of trash, which was found in some gutter. You belong to a family you belong to a tradition you belong to this Deen of Islam, which we which is more important than all of the rest.

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And therefore, it's not a question of just being somebody.

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That is what gives you a sense of honor. I remember when I first when to In other words, when I was in school,

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I can't remember what class I was in, I must have been about maybe 10 years old or something. I

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went from meant to get a membership of the writing club. And the President of writing club.

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The interview was only one question.

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And the question was after I told him my name, he said, Baba,

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he asked me which family do you belong to. And after I told him the name of my family, he said, Nova

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is not some kind of, you know, exclusive all boys club. The issue is that the family, the name of the family helps him to understand the entire tradition, the entire background that I come from

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whether somebody is worth something or not, again, I'm not here propagating any kind of discrimination based on families and so on. And that's the reason why is it for a Muslim, the belonging comes from Islam. It does not come from a family, it does not come from a tribe. It comes from being a Muslim. For us, our history is the history of Islam. For us, the family is the family of the Sahaba were so nice.

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And that that connection has more honor than anything else that you can imagine.

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And this is the connection which gives us our real connection, which gives us a sense of honor. And that is why when a Muslim is anywhere when a Muslim is in any situation, he does not see himself just as an ordinary human being. He is not an ordinary human being he is a Muslim.

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He is a Muslim. He is a representative of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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In terms of Veera, it's very important for us to understand this, that we are not just anybody. We are a representative of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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And this was how the SAM understood it. And that's the reason why, when in the Battle of casia, when rustem, the Iranian general,

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the person in general when he sent a message to Saudi Arabia, Cosmo Delano, and he said send us an ambassador.

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We want to ask some questions, so send us an ambassador. Sadly, Delano didn't search high and low to find an ambassador.

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Sadly, because of the alarm just sent, we will

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came in front of him. And that was

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Who was that? It was avid winavi Robin our odilon and Ravi Rama rodella. No wasn't ever seen in man he was a black man.

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Sadly, didn't say where is the Where are the big people of Polish? Where are the Arabs? Where are the aristocracy of the there's no aristocracy, no big people, no family, Muslim.

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In this case, it happened to be Robin, our

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African man

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doesn't matter. Black, white, red green makes no difference in Islam as far as Islam is concerned, once you are Muslim or Muslim, and then we have our other lon who went and he represented Islam and represented Muhammad Salah in such a way by answering the question of wisdom in such a way that it lives on that memory of their answer lives are and will live on until Allah subhanaw taala keeps it alive.

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That is the issue aware that is the issue of understanding who you are, where you come from. And that is why rira is something which also results in a person feeling offended when that data is touched when that data is attacked.

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It is part of the view of the man to feel anger

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to feel offended

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if anybody looks or anybody

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makes any kind of

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any kind of you know

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what is the word I'm looking for? implication or you know, any any kind of

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derogatory statement or something about the women of his family?

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insinuation? If somebody insinuates anything about the women of Islam, it is part of the zero of the man.

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Man today we live in a world where if

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somebody says to a man about his wife, and he says Man, what a woman you got a man feels really nice. also fantastic. You know my wife is being appreciated.

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Today we live in a world where if somebody looks at a sister of someone

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and he says Wow, man, your sister's hot, huh?

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You got a real hot system. You feel very nice. Oh, Mashallah. Very nice. My sister being appreciated. This is the world believe me, I'm not I'm not exaggerating, I'm not exaggerating at all. This is the world this is the Western world which has come into our lives. The Western world is no longer in the West, believe me, the Western world is in your house.

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The whole world is West, there is only one direction West.

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There was a time when there was an Eastern world. No, it is only one world with that word, that word is the Western world because that comes to you in your houses, through the television and so on. When somebody makes this remark. How else do you explain? How do you explain that the wives and the and the daughters of the Muslims today walk around wearing the kinds of clothes they wear, they walk around laughing and chatting like everybody else. And the fathers are not offended. The fathers are not humiliated. The husbands and the brothers are not humiliated. How is this possible?

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except with the fact that the reader has been lost? They Renato is Jeremy hi Annie.

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So there is no Veera so somebody looks at your daughter and and you know start swallowing because he's got water in his mouth is drooling. You feel very nice. Mashallah very nice. My daughter is being appreciated.

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Seriously, an era

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there is no sense of higher there is no sense of of shame.

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With the men, when their women are being looked at by other men, and why are they being looked at by the way because of how they because of how they dress because of how they how they move about and why do they do that? Because you will love it.

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Because you let it happen. It makes no difference. Do you have lost all sense of shame? No, no, no nothing

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like animals.

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So they do it. And you have you been up nothing about it. Because you realize gone.

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This is very very important to understand. The Riera is a sign of nobility. It's a sign of honor. It's a sign for the men that you are still a man.

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Being a man is not a matter of gender. It's a matter of honor.

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So also for the woman,

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for a woman to not be affected when her husband or

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A father or a brother, he is behaving in a way which is not in keeping with Islam and the woman's finances Okay.

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That means she has no Clara.

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Clara is not, not restricted to men, Rita is a feeling for the Muslim, the woman is as much a Muslim as a man there is no differentiation Islam, between men and women as far as as far as their identity is concerned.

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They are both there to be they both take the identity from the same source which is they are both representatives of Islam.

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And that is the reason why it is rarer to bring about May Allah protect us. Let us look at how we live our lives. What do we teach our children? What do we teach ourselves? I've always said the biggest problem are the men of the house.

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The biggest problem are the parents, not the children. Not the children children. Yeah, but what does he do?

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The biggest problem the parents, the biggest problem are the men of the house.

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Because you are the cause of all corruption Believe me seriously, I'm not joking. You are the cause of all corruption. You are the people who buy those television sets and bring bring them into the child Do you know who buys a television set set and brings it to the house?

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Tell me which five year old 10 year old buys a TV set and brings it in the house. It's the fathers who do it.

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You are the one who pay for you, you are the ones who pay for the for the cable cable connections. You are the one who without any sense of shame, you will sit and watch those completely corrupting TV serials

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with your children. And what is that TV series showing?

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You chose this one woman is somebody that is somebody whose wife today dwadashi someone else's girlfriend, Deborah something else, and so on and so on. And so the whole family is sitting there and laughing and looking at this thing. They don't feel any sense of shame. The elders feel no sense of shame that we are watching this nonsense with our own children, you have lost your reel, you've lost your own set.

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The cause of the problem are the adults.

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the corruption of society is inside your house. It is not outside in the world. Your houses are the most corrupt places in the world, not outside. Corruption is right there.

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So that's why I always say Don't worry about the outside, clean up your act, the outside will take care of itself.

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Ensure that in your house there is no corruption ensure that you live a life of fear

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that people I mean, I exist I do. I feel like one fossil, you know, like some ancient, there was a time when we did not come in front of our elders without our head covered.

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It was not done.

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There was a time when you did not leave your heart and forget about leaving the house and going outside you did not even meet a

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guest who came you did not even meet a guest without wearing a journey.

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Today we walk around anywhere we walk around anywhere anyhow.

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knows what happened to all this content. It went down the drain. It absolutely is only we have people like me talking about it. Beyond that there's nothing

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we have to bring this that is the reason why children have no respect for you.

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My grandfather's generation had no problem with children with the with respect of their children. I never heard any of them complaining children no respect. No one ever complained about that.

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If you've got a problem, children are no respect Why? Because you have you have shown to the children that you are not worthy of respect.

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You sit with a child they like the child to behave like the child how who's going to respect somebody like himself.

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somewhere we have to differentiate and that differentiation is the issue over here

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is the issue of waiting for the man to have a sense of of, of higher our sense of shame. I don't know what the right word for it is but a sense of shame that something is happening which is impacting negatively on my identity as a Muslim.

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How can I be a Muslim and this is happens in my house How can I be a Muslim and this is how my family behaves and what my family does. We have to have this this this sense of belonging to the oma the Bahamas, Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala

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and that is real.

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So I remind myself a new j

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would occur.

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So please understand this. Again. We are not saying you know, I'm not saying now you pull out a sword and start chopping people's necks. No, that's not the idea. The idea is for us to understand

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For us with with love and affection to inculcate this in our families, inculcate this in our children, with our with our, with our women of the house,

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talk to them nicely and tell them and then depending on how far they've gone, you know, it is not easy, it will take some time for them to come back but at least minimum makes an effort to do something and remove the corrupting influences from the house go check and see, believe me the corrupting influences are in the house they are in the gatherings that we that we are part of their way that's the reason why do I keep talking about you know, not going to these clubs and so on. I've got nothing against any club.

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But you know, and I know the kind of influence in that place. And the more you go there the more your children and you and your family and so on are exposed to that influence and they will say well you know, you are the one who tells me the I shouldn't do this but so look they're so and so's doing it swans was doing it and May Allah protect us. They will give you the names of good books so called good Muslim families.

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So now you are making your own life difficult because now you're putting them in that situation and they are saying well you know in that place everyone else is doing it nobody object you are the only one you are the one stuck in the mud you know you are an old version. The heroes of Buddha era karma omega omega

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are both in a garden a guy named Toby dictum gamma Gavaskar, mousse, cassava, cassava banana

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think about this I mean at least your responsibility you know, maybe they will see even if you don't take them there but at least you are not responsible for that you wouldn't take them to show them why do you create problem for yourself because you go and sit in those modalities you go and you go to those clubs and so on so forth. They are exposed to that stuff and then they bring it and throw it back in your face. When you tell them don't do this don't do that nobody was doing that.

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I'm telling you if there was a way of still going to those clubs and still remaining clean believe me I would have been there longer for you.

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There is no such way if you go and you cannot clean something with dirty water please understand if you are in that dislike say I want to jump into the middle of the of a of a lake and I will not get wet How is it possible? It's not easy. It's just not doable? Believe me. You are fooling yourself it's a fantasy. If you are in the lake you are wet Simple as that. Simple as that. You decide what you want to do end of the day your life but I'm just saying that is that's my job to tell to remind myself when you let us develop here. We were a people who are known for our heroes, we were people we're known for our honor.

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People used to say don't say this to a Muslim.

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Today, no difference, no difference anyone can say anything. The heroine afford a level a time for us to change. The idea of saying all this is not simply to keep on banging, you know beating ourselves to the point the idea is time to change. And therefore let us bring this into our lives tomorrow inshallah we'll talk about higher, which is also part of this but let's stay with this Veera Riera is a very, very important element of being a human being a being especially being a Muslim, the honor that comes from our association with Islam, and that's why I said let us all reflect on this sit down quietly and think and say I am a representative of Muhammad Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam What does it mean?

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What does it mean it's not enough simply to say you know, great ashapura soul and you know this and that and this function that function if you are imagined there is we'll be able to grow so

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if you have really love for Allah Salaam then behave like No he doesn't have your environment like that.

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Otherwise that that claim of love for the bombers on asylum is a lie.

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If you love him How come you don't look like him? You don't walk and talk like him? How come your house is different from his every single thing is different. And he's I love Ross Ross awesome. How can we love when you don't want to

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follow anything that you did? Let's Let's forget all this telling lies to ourselves.

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We are not ordinary people. We are Muslim, which means that we are representatives of Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that we are representatives of Islam.

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Every single one of us, man, woman or child, rich or poor, anywhere in the world, any nationality we are represented representatives of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So therefore, let us behave like that. Let's not behave like some piece of trash, which was falling in some gutter we are not like that. We are not that. We are special Allah VEDA special

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Let us behave like we are special because we are the standard to which the world's attention has been called and said look at them.

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So what are we showing the world? Let us be very clear.

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The world's attention has been called to us and saying look at them, and it's up to us to show that the world will see something which they can aspire to, which they think is worth emulating with the thing is worth following. That is how Islam spread Islam did not spread by force, not by the sword, not by the gun and Islam today also will not spread by the sword or the gun. It will spread by Muslims behaving like Muslims.

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And that's what I remind myself and I remind you to do please let us clean up our act and do it now. Because you do not know whether we will live up for another half an hour do it now. Whatever we can do do it now. For some of the helana will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as main parameter.

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