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Fill out

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the shoulder, all bad.

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Lots of vinyl delivered in melon turn and it'll be here

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in a while as it is.

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the human being is ungrateful.

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And about this he is himself witness.

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In other places including sources die which we decided in the first target, Allah de la salle de la Mata Sharon,

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that few among the human beings are grateful.

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gratitude towards Allah subhanaw taala is the beginning and ending of all virtue.

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It is the being beginning of Nevada, and we begin the Salah, we say, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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all thanks. And All praise is for Allah subhanho wa Taala who is the robber alameen

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Adam and myself when you that is not just a matter of repeating the words, it's a matter of actually thinking about and reflecting on the thing that we have to be thankful to Allah for. And actually to thank Allah. As I said, in the earlier classes, many times naturally sit down and make a list write down all the things that you have to thank Allah for.

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Right actually write them down, do it as an exercise, write it down. And then one by one, thank Allah for those things. individually. You've asked myself and I say in the last 24 hours, what did I thank Allah for? specifically do I remember that?

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That's very essential to do that.

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As little as Allah loves it, and this is very nice which lamonica fear I had to learn he has quoted in his

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in his tuxedo, the Quran

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in sort of other he said that among the people of the past, there was a man who prays Allah subhana wa jal and thank Allah subhanaw taala in the following words, he's a drug dealer, Al hamdu. Kamehameha village, Li Li was he was in Salt Lake. He said Oh, my Rob, be local

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to you is all praise and all thanks.

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Like al hamdu cama, Yun Wally Jalali watching

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in equal in in keeping with the majesty of your glorious countenance,

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who as a result like and in keeping with the majesty and greatness of your kingdom.

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And also Lazarus, Adam said that the angels who record the deeds,

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they got confused and they said how many has an ad and what rewards should we record for this particular statement which we have never heard from anybody before?

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So they go to Allah subhanho wa Taala and of course Allah subhanaw taala knows before they tell him whatever it has happened, but the angels speak to Allah subhanaw taala and they tell Allah subhanaw taala this not because they are informing elaborate because they are bearing witness to what this level has done. They will ask Allah subhanaw taala and they say are a Brahmin your slave has praised you in these words. Rugby like Al hamdu cama Jamberry, literally vertica was him so Danny so how are we supposed to record the reward for this?

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So there's one relevant I'm Sarah loves Ronald, Allah told the angels, you write down exactly what my slave said, and I will, I will reward him in keeping with the glory and majesty of my face. And in keeping with the glory and majesty of liking.

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This is the benefit of thanking Allah subhanaw taala so so realize Allah Allah Azza wa sallam one day was exciting, he decided this is what I want to the Sahaba

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and when he finished deciding the whole Torah, he asked us to have a I do not want to say anything. So So have a design layer in between there as well. So now what should we say?

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So a lot a lot of them said when I decided this surah before the gym

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he said every time I said for a year like Europe dakumar to cultiva

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the Jin replied, lavish a minima Tierra Bina and because

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every time I decided for V Allah Europe bukhoma to cause diva which of the Blessings and boundaries of your robe Are you willing to deny

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that instead lavish a min min Namah Tierra Bina and because evil Oh our up, we do not deny any of your network.

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We do not deny any of your name and every time he said every time I said but the agenda responded. So he said as soon as I said they responded to the Quran and you

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You should respond to the Quran, the ayah, which I decided for you to begin this reminder of today is from Suraj. Yet, but I'm just saying the very human beings as ungrateful.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala not to put us in that list, and to give us a topic, that we are not included by our actions by what we do and what we omit to do, that we are not included in this list of the people who are ungrateful. Because Allah subhanaw taala said, while I in Jakarta didn't know Allah in copper dome in Russia,

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because people are grateful, that if you are grateful to me, I will increase my boundaries. But if you are ungrateful to me, then be aware that my punishment is very severe.

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So to have to be ungrateful Allah subhanaw taala is cofra and

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it is to deny the inevitable Allah subhanaw taala and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to not include us among those who deny his never, we will witness that we praise Him and we thank him for all that we are aware of all that we sometimes forget. And you ask Allah subhanaw taala to continuously give us a trophy to thank you, because it is only a trophy of Allah subhanaw taala that we can do anything, anything at all, even one breath because everything is controlled by Swanton. So Angela, if Allah has given us a trophy, to worship Him that is, in itself something to be grateful for. If Allah had not given us a trophy, we would not make one such that we would not make we would not say one. So

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Allah would not say that I like the law. But because of the law, we are able to say these things. And then it is the mercy of Allah that in spite of that he still the waters, you're saying it because of his COVID and in spite of the waters now if we in spite of that, if you do not thank Allah, then who do we have to live? So we have to thank Allah subhanaw taala I remind myself a new tucan to constantly and continuously thank Allah subhanho wa Taala with every breath we take, for all that He has given us Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah kRb sallallahu ala Nabeel Karim Allah alayhi wa sallam, he has made me to go