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Arrogance (Kibr)

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The conversation covers the issue of pride and arrogance in our culture. It emphasizes the importance of avoiding apologizing for mistakes and allowing people to do things like that. The speakers also touch on the history of Islam and the importance of self correction. The conversation ends with a statement about the lack of respect for women and the need for people to be aware of their own position.

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Salatu, Salam ala shuffelin via Allah Allah He was happy Humala provide

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today inshallah, I want to remind myself and you

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about the evil of arrogance

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of Cuba given

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lots of random data, no individual solemn is one of his daughters. He asked the protection of Alice Renata mean so ill given from the evil of humor.

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In one of these movies Allah Allah said that Allah subhanho wa Taala said that a person in whose heart There is even a mustard seed words of gibberish will not enter them.

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What is given what is arrogance?

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When this when Rossum said this, the Sava asked him this question somebody asked him he said Arizona's we like to wear good coats. And when we wear nice clothes we feel nice about this. Is this given sort of Sam said no. Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Jamal.

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Allah Jamil Jamal, is Allah subhanaw taala is beautiful and he likes beauty

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is that giver is to is to things giver is to refuse to see the truth. refuse to accept the truth and giver is to think that you are superior to your brother.

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The two signs have given one to give it is not you know wearing good clothes or having a nice house or something like no hamdulillah if Allah has given us x, then inshallah there's nothing wrong in

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using what Allah subhanaw taala has given and taking pleasure in it, and thanking Allah subhanaw taala for it, you're not talking about his rough, you're not talking about wastage, but we're saying within limits. There's nothing wrong

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in in enjoying the the Namath of Allah subhanaw taala. But

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keeper is one to refuse to accept the truth. This refers to refusing to accept Islam itself. That is one way of denying the truth. The other way of denying the truth is that you will be Muslim. But there might be things that you are doing, they might be things in our Amal might be things in, you know, how we

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how we pray, for example, or any other thing that there is with regard to ourselves. But we don't want to take feedback from people we don't want. We don't accept correction from people. If somebody if you do something incorrectly and somebody points it out, then you get offended with that person. Why did you point out if you do something incorrectly and abortion points out.

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And then you say, you know, for example, until we

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the book I wrote on the Siragusa

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leadership lessons from the life of

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somebody who I don't even know

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his book is available free download from the net. And I began the book by thanking the people who helped me to edit the book and to you know, to write the to proofread it and so on. So I began with that. And I said

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that the one who has not sang the people has not thanked

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somebody who I don't even I don't know the person I don't even know the name. He downloaded the book from somewhere. And he sent me an email and he said, How was it that you thank the people but you have not thanked Allah?

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They sent me an email. Now, I know I thanked Allah, I know how much I thanked Allah. I don't have to tell somebody else how much I thanked him. But my question was here is a person saying something which by itself is justified

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that you is not written in the book. So I changed everything and I put a page there thank you.

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Now I know I did not take me that we took I actually took other and other people much more trouble because we have to reload the book onto Amazon and all kinds of you know, hassles that happened with it. But Alhamdulillah My point is somebody points out something which is even if you did not intend it to be a mistake even if you did not do it if it appears to me after somebody else corrected What is the problem? is not a matter of ego Alhamdulillah you thanked Allah sang the luggage. So what is the big deal? Thank Allah to dancers.

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There's no problem with taking a lot more than once. I'm just saying that people don't like to accept mistakes. We will don't like to accept correction and this is a sign of trouble. The second thing as an observer is to look down on the other. Look down on somebody else, look at somebody else and

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And feel that he is not as good as I am.

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And may Allah protect us, our culture is filled with this culture is filled with in one subset, a person who keeps his brother standing out of Cuba. For example, if you are sitting in the office, the person comes, and you do not offer him a chair, you do not offer him a place to sit. But you let him continue to stand while he's talking to you while he's doing business with you. out of a sense of humor. I'm not saying just to somebody standing while you're got two minutes worth of work, it talks and goes away. There's nothing wrong with that. But out of giver, how can how can how can you sit in front of me.

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Now that kind of thing, you know, visualize and observe if a person makes his brother stand before him out of a sense of out of arrogance, he will search for his own place in Ghana.

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He said he will go and look for his own seat in Ghana,

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for doing that, for making his brother stand out of a sense of arrogance. Our culture unfortunately is filled with this of people touching each other's feet. May Allah protect somebody sent me a video of someone who's who gets people to kiss his feet in an 1111 this is creating your own place in Ghana. All of these touching feet and you know, what was the Platinum? What does it

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mean somebody does it out of foreigner, but actually expecting people to do this people get offended? How does he Baba Yaga Salam cassara.

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This is absolute nonsense, absolute rises, this is kebab This is all full of. And this is because of the country we live in because of the culture that we have in this country.

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Which is, you know, towards this? And then people make all kinds of die We live in this No, no, no, that is, you know, he's doing it out of tazzy that is called liberty.

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What is what is this given that he was a

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cabinet. So the whole issue of this issue of, you know, bowing and scraping is not from Islam. As soon as

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somebody asked

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somebody else Allah, they gave us the sacrificial cylinder, Israel's Allah, the kings of, you know, hello, and kiss,

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the Caesar of Rome, and the king of Persia, they have people to make such that their way of greeting is that the person has to put his forehead on the ground before the king he has to make to do and to the king. And he says, You are the Messenger of Allah, these are kings, these are worldly kings, you are the Messenger of Allah, your status, your status is far above the king. So you should permit us to greet you in this way. We would like to make sense that you do not saying we want to worship you. They're saying such that as him to you, you should, you should allow us to do that. Please allow us to do that. There is a law that says that to anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala is haram.

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The action itself is haram. Whether you're doing it out of dazeem, or you're doing it because you have a headache of doing it to discharge static electricity to the ground, all kinds of nonsense that we talk about.

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That section itself to anyone other than Lazaro dalla is Hara. And

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the correct way of greeting me is to say a Salam aleikum, this is the way of greeting Muslim village as a Muslim. And part of this hadith He said, If such that had been dies, it says that had been halaal to anyone other than Allah, then I would have ordered the woman to marry sudduth to her husband.

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So of course, Hubbard also has to be worthy of that, but

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so he does not die though.

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So the point I'm making is that this issue of,

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of given of arrogance is such a terrible thing, because arrogance wipes out everything else. arrogance, but no matter how much of you know good deeds, or whatever you have done, if you are arrogant, everything is gone. Everything's wiped clean, and go straight into Johanna. Now the key thing, the big danger of arrogance, is that arrogance is the is the

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way in which attracts those who become religious

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is a very strange thing. A person and before he becomes religious is very nice and humble, and he's you know, friendly and so on. And suddenly one day or Hamdulillah, you get some of it and he discovers the difference between a Disk Imager and so on and so forth. So he becomes religious and he gets some knowledge and he, you know, learn some Hadees from somewhere and he goes and listens to the Bible.

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or reverse in Java or something. And he grows a beard. He didn't have a beard before that. So he then grows a beard. He didn't know it he never thought he said now he wears a token and next thing you know, his smile is gone from his face. He does not love anymore. It does not joke anymore he does not his humility is gone. And he walks around as if you've got a prominent batsman under his nose because his face is up in the air. And he his job is to point fingers at other people and to tell them what is wrong with them.

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We are a classic case here we had a woman who Kevin give Duma here and as he was leaving one of our brothers

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he's dubs when he said your goodbyes wrong.

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Now, this fellow was saying it does not know one word of Arabic.

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He's gone.

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motels are what what did I do wrong? He said you did not say you did not tell people that they should wear the trouser above the ankle.

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So that may not know he is trying to create a new hood bar in which every time you have to say towel there has to be above the anchor

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what kind of brain is

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very soft sound man

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I cannot say everything every type over there. By the way,

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we all know him of course. So the point I'm making is that this is a very big trap.

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Very big trap, which is that just because you you know discover some bits of knowledge. Now you think that you are you know seven out of 101 that you think that you are the greatest island in the world. And your job is only to point fingers and criticize people for their level biggest trap. Because Chetan knows now that you have become religious, he cannot take you back into the disco he cannot take you back into the bar. So what does he do he traps you in your own trap. Now that become religious therefore now Your job is to criticize people.

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So you criticize people who point fingers at people and you walk around with this arrogance and all this comes from what you don't know I am humble I'm praying five times I shall I'm praying Marshall I'm pleased I'm doing that the level of all of that action is worth zero completely negative all your magic has gone down the drain all the solid has gone down the drain everything all actions everything gone down the drain to become zero Why? Because you got you to look down on other people.

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Now, that does not mean if somebody is openly doing something wrong in front of you that you do not correct them of course, you should correct them, do it in the nicest manner do it in the most polite manner in the in the most decent manner. You have to do it, but the way of doing it

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and when to do it and how to do it. All of these things are, you know, very critical. Otherwise we fall into this trap of,

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of keyboard and they'll do incidents, or no Catalano call the people

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to the masjid so everybody can get filled up. He went on the member.

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And he said

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there was a time when I as a boy, I used to go to graze the sheep and goats of my aunt's

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in Makkah.

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And after grazing the sheep and goats in the evening, when I came back home, my arms would give me a handful of dates or a handful of reasons as why,

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you know, salary or wage for the day. And he said that sometimes once in a while some sheep would be lost. And my arms used to berate me, they used to criticize me, and they would say you can't even look after ship.

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And today Allah subhanaw taala has made me a mere warning.

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This is the whole bah bah bah bah bah. He said this and he

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got remember. Abdul Rahman alpha Delano,

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one of the seniors along the Sahaba one of the among the Sahaba. One of those who one of the 10 was Brahmas Jana Sharapova he was hitting interrupt. So when this loop finished, he asked, what was the point of this?

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What was the need for this? You all you did was you made yourself delille before the people that's all you humiliated yourself? Before the people. So is that what was the point is

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Catalano said as I was walking down the street, he believes him to me my Enough said to me, yeah, where you are, I'm evil what meaning

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you are the immediate of the believers.

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You are the ruler of this nation.

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So, I thought I It is important for me to teach my enough's a lesson. And therefore, I gave a rule that people what I really

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think about this

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self correction, self correction, who knew what was in there Amara delana rock

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who do not have simply made

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What was the need, but there was a need and that's why he did it. That is the reason why he did it. Second incident to close

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one day or Nakata, Delano in his in his during his time during his beloved

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there was a caravan which came from urine.

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Now what I'm Nakata Donna was very wise, very alert man. And you always kept tabs on who comes and who goes and you know what's happening.

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So he went into the masjid and there was a man who was praying.

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When the man finished his Salah,

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Rolando went to him and he introduced himself and he said,

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Where are you from? I'm from Yon.

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He said, which type?

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he said.

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He said, What is your name?

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So the manager does some kind of integration or what why are you asking me all these questions and I'll tell you why. What what his name is. My name is always

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he said you are always on he said yes. I was.

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Gonna Say please make dua for not forgive me.

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Okay, make dua for Allah forgive me. When

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you are the Emir of the believers, you are a companion or you are a hobby. You are one who has been granted gender in your life. Allah subhanaw taala granted, you're one of the 10 what are you asking me to make slavery?

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I never saw no reason.

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you asking me to make that? He said, Yes, I'm asking you to make that. Because he said we were with resource

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and reserve as well as an object to us. Mr will come from Yemen, from the tribe of her.

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And he will have the man had

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a disease

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falala whether it was leprosy, whether it was liquid, or whatever it was. And he said, This man made law and Allah subhanaw taala, accepted his door and cured his disease just by the door

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and left a small patch the size of a coin on his body as a sign of the disease.

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And he said that this man wanted to come to meet me but he could not come to meet me because his mother was very ill, and he could not leave his mother, there was no one else. So he could not come to meet me.

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He said this man will come to us in one day. And he says if you made this man, ask him to make dua for your forgiveness. Who is saying this to you saying this dog walker and Omar Ali and whoever else was with him at that time, the cabinet

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whose position and terms of status is far higher than there's no question about this. No question.

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No one can come to all the all the orlova and Alia and all the entire room hours

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after the Sahaba together cannot come to the level of one of this app. So it is a question of an individual nobody No One No One is at the level of zero.

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Yet as soon as if you find him if you see

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and he said that is the reason I am asking you to make the

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point of this story is that we do not know who is who

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we will extend this and they applied to people who are openly doing haram we're not talking about that people who say maybe they're drunk or something and you know he doesn't pray and so on is you know, but we don't know where you don't know who is you're not

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always you know

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what's so great about that you're not talking about it we're talking about people Angela who are on Islam, who all the actions are you know, the following all the the the fluoride and so on. But beyond that we don't know the position just because somebody is of a lower status in this dunya

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because someone is a servant or a laborer or something. This does not make him less than you or me before in the eyes of

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that man digging a trench may have a status before I was fine with that.

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Which might be in today's world, he might be the highest status of all the human beings. We don't know this.

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We don't know this. And we also know however, that it is the nature of it has always been the nature of the people close to Allah subhanaw taala to keep a low profile

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be somewhere in some corner.

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The people who are close to Allah subhanaw taala never broadcast their position. They never, you know, ran behind popularity. They never wanted to be visible to the world.

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There was a carnie chapter this conversation was over half an hour asked, Where are you going?

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So I will give you a letter to the governor of Iraq to say that he must look after you

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always have that nice idea of your woman Leave me alone.

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I don't want any letter to anybody.

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I don't want anything I am going on my own holiday. I don't want anything.

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No respect his

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Couple of years past whatever an hour always used to keep track. You know, where is

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after a couple of years. Somebody came from euro

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cents an hour asked him Did you ever meet this man from Yemen Carlos.

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And the ones No I did not meet him then he said

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Why are you asking me Who is he and so on so on. And edited this has this.

00:21:33--> 00:21:39

This man went back to Iraq. He searched all over the place and he found so now

00:21:41--> 00:21:53

as he has done with gravity, and now obviously the matter we can probably go people over there. This man from Brazil Rolla, Missouri basara. People together, also sadly Rasul Allah after that he disappeared.

00:21:55--> 00:22:03

I mean, they disappeared, did he not sort of you know, it's not magic. It didn't vanish into JIRA. He just went away somewhere. And Allah knows best where he went.

00:22:06--> 00:22:10

People who are close to Allah subhanaw taala stay away from the people.

00:22:11--> 00:22:33

They don't run behind princes and ministers. They don't run behind presidents and prime ministers. They don't seek popularity they don't seek big members and big massages and you know, I must have talked to 10,000 people know what Allah gives from Allah bounty is a different matter. They don't look for it. They run away from it is a sign of those people who are close to Allah.

00:22:34--> 00:22:38

Why because they are afraid of Cuba. They are know that danger of cure.

00:22:39--> 00:22:43

If you are speaking in Aquinas, one little magic to 10 people there is no sign up there is no chance of gibberish.

00:22:45--> 00:22:54

But the same thing happens in you know, magazines or software, a lot of the big lists the chance of giver is hugely increased.

00:22:55--> 00:23:20

And that is why people want to get close to Allah subhanaw taala stay away from this. And people have always this has been the way of the self. From this hour onwards. Everybody. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from this terrible evil of cumin of arrogance. That's why they say for vanity, the difference between vanity and arrogance. And they say vanity only needs a mirror.

00:23:21--> 00:23:24

arrogance needs another human being for you to oppress

00:23:26--> 00:23:54

vanity. Look at the mirror very nice. But But arrogance needs another human be voted for you to oppress. You ask Allah Suarez Allah to save us from arrogance. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to clean our hearts from all forms of cure, all forms of racism, all forms of discrimination, all of this is given all of this given to feel that you are superior because of your race to somebody else. And this is another big problem with us. very racist in our approach.

00:23:56--> 00:24:07

Is all of this I have given you ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from this and save us from not only something which is haram but something which completely destroys all goodness. We ask Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with us.

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He was happy he