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And then I'm going to

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set up

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my bad.

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We were talking about the issue of your pain

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and the issue of your pain,

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which enabled us to have our one ally ally match mine,

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to operate at a level of excellence

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and to operate, keeping the

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goals of Islam in mind

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in a way that seems like a fairy tale to us

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in terms of their commitment and our commitment,

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there is no comparison at all.

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And we think that just making regretful noises is enough

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when we talk about this, because we don't see any change in our lifestyles,

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we don't see any change in our

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behavior, we don't see any change in our priorities,

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yet we want to rule the world

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yet we want to talk about establishing the color

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all of this is complete and total nonsense.

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The helaba cannot be established when there are people like us

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impossible not doable.

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Because if we are not going to make

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the kind of investments in the era and the investments in the name of Islam that dissolve amid

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then we cannot get the results they got

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it is as simple as that

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To give you an example, and to continue with yesterday's topic,

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so hey, roomie are they alano

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migrated from Jakarta Medina.

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So lava lava had already migrated.

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And so whoever Rumi vilano

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was on his own.

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He was

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a businessman, he was very wealthy.

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He was also a warrior. Like most of them were

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he was called a roomie because he had spent time in the Roman Empire.

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He spoke the language of the Romans Latin.

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So slavery was going and the kohara maka, they followed him

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and when they started getting close to him, with an idea to kill him, or capture him,

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he climbed a hilltop

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and he got onto the top

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and he turned around and he said to them,

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he said, You know that I am the best Archer amongst you.

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So, if you come after me on the zil

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I will pick you up one by one.

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And he said, Well, my arrows are finished, I will take my sword to you.

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And then we will see what happens.

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So, they stop, they knew that they knew his capability as a warrior.

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So, he said, however,

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he said, I know what you want, you want my wealth.

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So, he said, I will tell you where I have kept it. And you can go away and take it

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and leave me alone.

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I see the position of the Muslim,

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the CO borrower chasing him trying to kill him, believed him when he said this.

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Because they know that a Muslim does not lie.

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So he said my wealth is in such and such a place.

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They believed him and left him.

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He could have lied, they would have gone there and found is nothing.

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But they know they're Muslim does not lie.

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So when he said my wealth is the place,

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they believe believed him and they left him

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and they took away his wealth and his money and he reached Medina

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and when he reached Medina and he walked into the presence of Rasul Allah is Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Rasool Allah is Allah that have looked at him and said, so I what a bargain.

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He said what a bargain.

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Allah subhanaw taala had informed us over the last 11 what was happening to save the looming devaluation and Kevin told him

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he said what are you?

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What was the bargain?

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Nice stories.

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Fair it is.

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What is the value? Every single thing we own

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everything except the closet.

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His back, and his personal weapons.

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Every single thing he owned, he gave away just to enter Islam.

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And the result of that is that I'm not saying what a sacrifice now is in what a bargain.

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What does it mean? It means that you did a very good deal. You bought something very cheaply.

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What is the meaning of saying what a bargain

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if I buy a Mercedes and I bet 10 times the price, you won't say what the bug is or what a fool

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but if I buy a Mercedes and I paid 10 rupees and you say, Wow, fantastic what a bargain. You can't even get one nut for this price. You got the whole car?

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What a bargain. There is a lesson what a bargain.

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inshallah, tomorrow we'll talk about some more rules, is there we will do one. The point I'm making visor venue is this,

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that if you and I are serious about earning Jana, stop fooling around,

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stop fooling around.

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put your money where your mouth is, put your effort where your mouth is, wake up in the night stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala build dialogue with Allah.

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Otherwise, the agenda will not have an agreement.

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It will not happen I am not sitting here giving you the now taking it away. It's not mine. I'm just explaining to the principles of this deed. And the principle of DNR that the Sahaba is one ryla image mine were human beings like you and me. They also had wives and children, they had more wives than you or I have and they have more children than you and I have.

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they invested. And they paid for the reason

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they invested in this deal. And it was because of that investment of that first generation.

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That's why I keep saying read the history of Islam.

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Read these to Islam.

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The peak of Islam, when Islam went all the way up to Iran and Iraq and Egypt and all the way up into Turkey and and Constantinople. Istanbul was the investment of a generation.

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That first generation,

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the people with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, the men around the messenger said it was their investment.

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Their investment got done the whole world.

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Many of them didn't live to see it. Many of them did not live to see this with Allah subhanho wa Taala give them something better.

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But those who live to see it, and many, many of them didn't live to see it as well.

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People like Bill Arellano

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from being a slave

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being dragged in the desert. He became the governor.

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from being a slave, he became a master. So they saw they saw the worst of oppression. And they also saw great wealth and great power. But they understood how that happened.

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And of course, Allah subhanho data, these are the people who are not one of them to give the bizarre agenda. So they also have an agenda.

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The point I want to make for myself, the new is, let us be clear in our lives. If you really want benefit from this, then then we have to invest.

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We have to invest there is no two ways about it.

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There is no nice way of saying this. You have to invest simple.

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And if you don't want to invest, you adjust

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your dress. You don't get my gender I don't get your gender symbol.

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to open our eyes and hearts and enable us to do things before it is too late.

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And to open our eyes and hearts and enable us to do things which are beneficial to us in this dunya while after Casa de la ville Karim Allah Allah was Irishman dramatica