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Al-Isra 94-111 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 101-106

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Are the belaying mina shivlinga rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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So number 149 sootel Islam will begin from Isaiah 101.

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One or the attina Moosa thisara. Yet in Burkina

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and we had certainly given musasa, around nine evident science, he wasn't given just one miracle, he wasn't given do miracles, he was given nine sides, which were very clear for the people

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we have learned in the previous is that the machine of Makkah demanded miracles from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And they asked various types of miracles, that only when we see this, then we will believe, and to the point that they said that even if you show this to us, still we will not believe. So they said, one condition upon the other. They demanded one miracle after the other. So over here, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the incident that happened in history between Masada Salaam, and found that despite the fact that further on was shown so many miracles,

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and his people as well were shown so many miracles, but still, they did not believe because the one who wants to believe the truth of the messenger is evident to him, from what from what the messenger is saying, from the character of the messenger himself. And a person who does not wish to believe then, even if he's shown miracles, still he will not accept

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what are called the attina. Musa certainly we had given to Masada center,

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this 918 signs meaning miracles, and these I at work by Jeanette they were clear, they were evident. They were evident in themselves. And also they clarified the truthfulness of mozzarella Sarah.

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Now the question is, what are these miracles that were given to musasa? First of all, from these nine signs was the radiant hand, the idle by law, the radiant hand.

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Secondly, it includes the US on the right, the staff of musasa How was that a miracle that he threw it before fit on and it turned into a snake. Similarly, when the magicians came, and they showed their magic Mozart is ran through his stuff, and it consumed all of their snakes that they had produced from their sticks and ropes. Third link, this includes the Sydney the years of drought, the years of famine,

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because that was also assigned for federal, because every time they were struck with a difficulty every time they were struck with famine or something like that they would come to Masada Salaam and they would say, remove it, and we will believe

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fourthly, it includes the to fan, the flood. Fifth, it includes the jihad. What were the Girard, the locusts, sixth, The Omen, the lice, seventh buffer, their frogs, ate, a dump the blood that all of the water turned into blood.

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And with regards to the ninth sign, there are differences of opinion. Some have said that it refers to the defeat of the magician's, or it refers to the parting of the sea.

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because later on saw that, when the sea had parted for their own game, and he saw the sea parted, and he also tried to cross the sea, but others say that no, this is a part of the miracle of the answer. So these two are what they're a part of the miracle of their awesome. So then what is it? Some have said that it refers to the pumps. Remember Masada is unemployed illness, it miss Allah and wily him that wipe off eradicate their wealth.

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And others have said that refers to Naxos, thermal rot, the reduction, the shortage of crop of produce.

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So musala Sarang was given these signs these miracles, and through that the truthfulness of the Prophet of Allah was evident.

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But what happened for our own did not believe Allah subhanaw taala says fast. So ask who Bani Israel the children of Israel?

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Because the machine of Makkah, they would look up to the Bani Israel.

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And especially with regards to the measure of profits on a load so that they would consult them a lot. They would repeatedly go and ask them questions, and they will tell them as to what they should ask Mohammed's autoloaders

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which is why they also asked about how the money is raised ended up in Egypt, and as a result of that sort of use of was revealed.

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So if you don't believe in this, ask them as the bunny is right. And they will tell you that yes. musasa was given all of these miracles and asked them specifically that is God

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home when he came to them when musala sam came to the people to the Bani Israel for color so he said Lahu to him due to masala Sonam

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who said to masala salon owner Pharaoh when Musashi Salaam came to the people for their own set to him, that in Nila alone Nokia Moosa must hurrah. Indeed, I surely think that you are most are one under the effect of magic. You are must who

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must who disrupt.

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And motherhood is first of all, someone who was under the effect of magic, someone who was spellbound, bewitched.

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So we think that magic has been done upon you, which is why you're making such claims that you are a prophet of God, or that there is another god beside me. Or that these people Bani Israel, our entire slave nations should be released and they should be allowed to go with you. You're definitely under the effect of magic.

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Until today, people also do that. That if they find what the other person is saying to be strange, what will they say?

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What will they say? Something's wrong with him. There is either a gene or he has been spellbound.

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Secondly, Massoud is also someone who has been taught magic.

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Mushrooms is also someone on whom magic has been done meaning magic has been taught to him.

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So I think Moosa that you have been taught magic, and you have become an expert magician. And on the basis of that magic, what do you want to do you wish to destroy our entire nation, which is why he said to Messiah listener, that you have come to evict the people of this land from it.

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What was the response of Masada? Sarah Connor, he said.

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laqad certainly Arlington, you know, off in our own you know, that Mandela he did not send down how to lay these signs in there except for Busan, Allah to Allah.

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No one but the Lord of the heavens and the earth has sent these signs has sent these miracles and for their own, you know about this very well.

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And especially after the defeat of the magicians, it was quite obvious that what musallam was doing was certainly not magic. It was definitely from someone who has authority over the heavens and the earth.

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So if in our own you know very well that this has only been sent by Allah subhanaw taala and it has been sent as Vasa it as clear insights as clear evidences for who for the people that these signs they clarify the truth what in me and indeed I Luca surely I think you Yeah, for their own or for their own must move at all want to be destroyed

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for their own settlements our listener, that in Nila Allen Luca Musa, Masuda, and musasa Look at his confidence. Remember Masada was given too long, he was given a lot of authority and strength. He was very courageous. And he was given this strength by Allah subhanaw taala. So he says to him, that I think of it our own that you are, must vote, you're going to be destroyed, you're going to be doomed, who is must vote must Buddhists have their own fetters set but

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and so both is destruction that our own alakazoo Buddha led earlier miserable, Ron Wyden was also born kathira. So so both his destruction

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and mess, both must rule, one to be destroyed, want to be ruined, want to be perished?

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So I think often our own, that sooner or later, you're going to be doomed. you're heading towards destruction, and you're taking all your people with you towards the destruction

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in our vessel that are in who said that must vote is necessarily meaning one who is deficient in his intellect, in his mind, in his understanding. So I think of your own you're not using your mind, which is why you can't even see these clear signs. You can't even see these evident proofs and you say this is magic.

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For other so he intended who intended for them. And yes, the physical meaning of that he should drive him out from the land. Yes, the freezer fair. They say FAS and as you know that is step this is diff says What does it mean? It has several meanings and amongst them is to shake something violently until it is approved it

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so he intended to uproot them, meaning to drive them out. Who does that refer to the Bani Israel including musasa meaning earlier

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From the land,

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how did he intend to drive them out of the land? Whereas we learn that musar is an unrequested he asked for on multiple times, let the bunnies let you go and every time he refused, so what does it mean by this?

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scholars have said that what this means is that he intended to uproot them from the surface of the earth. Meaning he intended to completely destroy the entire nation of Bani Israel.

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He intended to wipe them off.

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And in order to fulfill this plan, what did he do?

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He killed their sons and he got their women and I

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found that this before Masada Sam came. And he started this again after musala ceramica.

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So he intended to eradicate the Bani Israel from the surface of the earth. But what does Allah say? For Eleanor canal? So we drowned him, woman and whoever Mara who was with him Jumeirah altogether.

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So what do we learn from this?

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What do we learn from this that those people who try to harm others end up harming themselves.

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Any person who wishes to inflict harm on the other, he may be able to do so temporarily, or maybe slightly. But he will not be able to ultimately harm the other person.

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We learn in sort of fathur 43, when you're here called macusa you in the ethnic, but the evil plot does not encompass except its own people. Meaning except the very people who have made that plot. So many times that happens even with children, they do something in order to scare the other person in order to terrify them, or to harm them. But the same thing actually falls on them, they end up being the one who gets trapped into that trick. And in this incident is great comfort for the profits are the longest.

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Because remember, so little israa was revealed towards the end of the meccan period, towards the very end because that is when the journey of his art was. And at that time, the profits or losses, sudden was facing a lot of persecution, he knew that he won't be able to stay in the city of Makkah for very long. Which is why in the previous ayat, what did we learn about the current refugee rise? What about what the prophet sort of autism should pray for?

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And over here, he's been given the example of Freetown and buddies that have their own wish to expel the Bani Israel. But what happened for their own was expelled. He wish to kill the entire Bani Israel, the entire nation of believers. But what happened? him and his entire people were finished. And the same thing happened with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well.

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That in Makkah, what were the people doing? They were trying to persecute the Muslims, the believers, the prophets are a lot of them to the point that even not one of them would survive. But what happened? The table's turned completely. The prophets are the hardest and the believers they migrated from there. And soon What happened? Mako was even conquered.

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Well, cola and we said remember the after him, meaning after the drowning of their own, after their own and his people were drowned. We said to leave any Islam in what was said to them, was Kunal Alba us, you'd well upon the earth, you have the chance to live, to inhabit to abide in this earth, your enemy has been destroyed. And now you are free here.

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Some have said that the land over here and his of is the rock, meaning live dwell in any land in any place that you wish. You are free. You can live in Egypt, you can live anywhere that you wish. Why? Because you don't have an enemy now. Previously, the money is what you were oppressed. But now once their oppressors were gone, they were free to go wherever.

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Secondly, some have said that l over here is of art, meaning it's specifically referring to a particular land and which land is this? The land of Philistine?

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for either so when it came? What are the clarity, the promise of the hereafter or the last promise? What's going to happen jitna Beco we will bring all of you together. Who does all of you refer to

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the Bani Israel we will bring all of you together Luffy fan as groups in one gathering in one place. One assembly

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What does it mean by this? For Elijah, a word will now become the fever.

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We see that Bunny is like you, they were taken out from Egypt. And they were told to dwell in Palestine or they were told to dwell wherever they wish to wherever they wanted to.

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So, we see that all of them, they were collected in their home country.

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And over here last panel data says, that when the final promise comes, or the promise of the hereafter comes meaning when the day of judgment will come, then what will happen? You are Bani Israel will again be gathered in that same place,

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you again will be gathered you again will be assembled when towards the end of time.

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And if you think about it, today, for example, we see that the Bani Israel, their gathering in their home country from all over the world, from various countries, they are leaving their top most boasts even in order to go and live in that country. So JNI become the FIFA This is one of the signs of the Day of Judgment.

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So while after the promise of the Hereafter, it refers to the promise of the coming of the Day of Judgment

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towards the end of time, and this will be especially when resign insulin comes,

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this will be especially when restarted the cylinder.

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Secondly, it has been said that word will as you know, it refers to the promise of the hereafter meaning when the hereafter will be established. When the day of judgment will come, then all of you will be brought here the FIFA

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meaning all people will be gathered up together.

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And thirdly, it has been said that what are the hero, the promise of the hero? It refers to the second promise

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of lots of Ceduna fail early model attain, what are aluna Erlewine karela? Where did we learn this? At the beginning of this?

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Remember, we learned over there for Elijah, Eduardo oola when the first of the promise will happen?

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And with regards to the second promise, some have said this has already happened.

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Others have said that no. It's mentioned over here, what are the assets.

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And even with regards to this well after some have said that this has already happened. And others say that it will happen

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that when the money is right, you will commit great facade and what's going to happen all of them will be brought together just as they were brought together before. Similarly, they will all be brought together in one place. Now what does this word Luffy

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Luffy has from the newsletters llanfairfechan love

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and love is to wrap to fold something. And it also means to attach one thing to another, to layer one on top of the other left to join to attach one thing with the other to layer one on top of the other. And Lafave is used for a mixed gathering of people

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mixed. How do you understand mixed?

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Generally when we say it's a mixed gathering, what does it mean?

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It's not segregated, meaning there going to be men and also women.

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But over here, it doesn't just mean people from both genders but what it means is from different backgrounds, different races, different countries, different ages different eras.

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So, life is a huge gathering of people in which there are people of different types, different backgrounds, different colors, different ages, etc.

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And, and fall from the same route with a net in alfalfa, alfalfa gardens, or you can say, thick, dense forests in which trees are intertwined with each other. And generally in such forest, you don't have only one type of a tree, one type of a plant, you have various types.

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So jet narikala, FIFA, meaning we will gather all of you together where on the Day of Judgment at Russia, or secondly, in your name.

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What's the point of mentioning this?

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Think about it.

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Think about the context, the profit sort of Arsenal is being completed.

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Through the example of the Winnie israa. If

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you look at the Bani Israel, they were in Egypt. Then after that they were brought to Palestine. But before that, they were in the wilderness for a very long time for about 40 years. And after that the Bani Israel were constantly attacked by one nation after the other one people after the other. Constantly there has been decline and also success for them.

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But as a result of that they have been spread all over the earth. They have been spread all over the world. And if you look at it at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well, constantly the believers, they were being persecuted.

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So some believers, even avicennia, some of them, they had already migrated to Medina, and some they were still in Makkah.

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Similarly, we see that people from various tribes had become believers. But they could not all stay in Makkah, they would have to go back home, because if they did, they would be a lot of trouble. And besides, you can't stay without the support of your tribe anywhere in Arabia at that time. So we see that the believers are all scattered, all scattered. And generally, what do we want that all of us should be together?

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So through this, Allah subhanaw taala, indirectly selling the profits out of all of a sudden, that the believers will also be united, they will also be brought together, what will help the answer now who, and with the truth, we have sent the Quran with the truth, we have revealed the Quran, what will help the naza Allah and with the truth, it has descended.

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What has helped me that which is the truth, that which is firm, which can neither be defeated, nor it can be changed, nor it can be removed. It's an established fact, it's a reality. Even if someone denies it, it doesn't make a difference to it.

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This is what help is. And help is always like this. It always has stability, it always has firmness, which is why we see that those people who are truthful, those people who know what they're doing is truth, then what's going to happen, they're never going to leave what they are doing, no matter how much people discourage them. No matter how much people say, Oh, you can't do it, nobody else has done it wake up. This is reality. You can't function like this in this country. You can't function like this in this day and age. So many people that read the Quran, they changed but then afterwards they change back. This is what people say they discourage you. But the fact is that the one who

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believes that what I am doing is the truth. Who is certain about it? Nobody. Nobody ever can discourage you. Nobody can change.

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This is the reality of unhealthy.

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So we'll bill healthy and with the truth under now we have sent down the Quran.

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What does it mean by this, that we in reality have sent it down? There is no doubt about it. This has come down from Allah subhanaw taala

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what will happen and this also means that the Quran has been sent out with the truth meaning containing the truth.

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what the Quran has, what the Quran says is the truth

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will be healthy under now. And others have said that what will healthy alter means that we have the right with full right we have sent down the Quran, it is a rite of a loss of planetary to send the Quran to send guidance to people to offer guidance to people.

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So it will help the engineer who will be happy nevertheless and with the truth it has also descended.

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Meaning the angel jabril has come down with the Quran. It's not that Allah said something else and something else has come down to the people know, Allah has sent down the truth and the same truth has descended. If you notice the two words and zelner who and NASA same route but there's a slight difference. Angela, we sent it down and Missoula it came down.

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So we sent down the truth and the truth in reality has come down the end of the reel has only brought the truth woman and not Alyssa NACA we have sent you in lamb Oba Sheila una de la except as a bearer of good news and also as a one.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being reassured over here, that what has come to you is the truth.

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What has come to you there is no doubt about it. It is free of any errors. It is free from any faults. It is free from any changes exactly how Allah sent it. That is how you have received

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because many times it's possible that you send something but the one who receives it gets it in a different way than you had sent it somebody else had made changes to it. But we see that this is not possible with the Quran. Because Allah subhanaw taala sent who to deliver the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he sent intelligibly. An angel reveals ooh nasbla behaviour. I mean, the very trustworthy Angel.

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So the prophets are a lot of sense being given confidence that this is the truth. Hold on to it.

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Take it on. And this is the belief that we should also have this is a conviction that we should also have in the cloud.

00:25:07--> 00:25:16

And if we have this conviction, that nobody can change us, nobody can say, okay, so you've changed back now. Nobody can discourage us.

00:25:18--> 00:25:38

We'll go on and Quran for aachener, who we have separated it, meaning what our data for Ireland, and we have given a karate, and this bill and for canal, meaning we have separated it in terms of its revelation.

00:25:39--> 00:25:55

We have separated it in terms of its revelation. The Quran was not revealed in its entirety in one go, how is it revealed in parts, and it was revealed over a period of 23 years.

00:25:56--> 00:26:02

So, for O'Connor, who we have separated it, we have divided it with regards to its revelation.

00:26:04--> 00:26:24

And others have said that for lakanal What it means is that we have detailed it we have explained it to you part after part, one concept after the one thing has been clarified from the other one detail has been made distinct from the other phenomena, we have detailed it we have explained it,

00:26:25--> 00:26:52

why lithoco so that you can recite it, and then nursey upon the people it looks in upon a prolonged period. mcse is from the route veterans named gafsa. And mcheza is to stay in wait for something for a long time. Like, for example, you're waiting for somebody to come back, they say please wait here, I'll be back in a few minutes. So you're waiting over there, but you're waiting for a long time.

00:26:54--> 00:27:10

musasa when he was traveling with his wife, he saw the fire on the mountain. And he said to his wife uchu stay here. And I will go and I'll check what's over there perhaps I can get some guidance, if there are people. So he said to his wife own gazoo.

00:27:11--> 00:27:20

So Martha is to stay in wait for someone or something. And from this the word mux is also used for intervals or stages.

00:27:21--> 00:27:46

Because it is to pause while waiting for something to stop time and again in wait for something. So we have centerpull on We have revealed it embarks in intervals. Why? So that you can recite the Quran to the people on our muxing meaning you can recite the Quran over a long period of time.

00:27:47--> 00:28:02

Not that somebody can come. And in three days they can come and memorize the entire Quran from you and go back and they never have to come again. No, we see that the Sahaba those who believed they would constantly come repeatedly again and again and they would learn more and more from the profits of artisan.

00:28:03--> 00:28:10

Why is it necessary to spend a long time in learning the Quran? in listening to the Quran? Why do you think so?

00:28:12--> 00:28:15

Because the Quran is supposed to bring a change within you.

00:28:16--> 00:28:40

And it's not possible that you listen to something. Within three days you learn something within three days, and you expect that you will change completely according to what you have learned. You see, there is a difference between taking a course over two years and taking a crash course of just one month. Isn't there a difference? There's a huge difference, what you learn over two or three years, you become very good at it.

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And something that you learn overnight, you will know it for that time. But very soon, you'll forget it won't bring a change in you, it won't really increase you.

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When you learn something over a prolonged period of time, you tend to come over the same concepts again and again repeatedly. And it's possible that you read something once you took only one lesson from it. But the next time you come across something similar to it, you will learn another concept.

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So this is the reason why the Quran was revealed in parts so that the Quran will be recited to the people over a prolonged period of time. Because it's not possible for people to learn within moments, and then bring about a change that is permanent.

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When Zilla who and we have sent it down, meaning we have gradually sent down the Quran How then Zilla a gradual Revelation the Quran has been sent out gradually, not entirely at once.

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We learned in the Quran that the machine of Makkah, they used to doubt the truthfulness of the Prophet sort of incident because of the fact that revelation would come to him time after time. And the Quran was not given to him at once. Or color Latina cafaro Lola Newsela la Khurana, Jim Latin wahida that those

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disbelieve, they say, why was the Quran not revealed to him all at once? Allah says gallica, Lena, Tabitha de feu, Erica waratah, la junta de la. Thus it is that we may strengthen their by your heart, and we have spaced it distinctly. So what do we learn from desire, that the reason behind revealing the Quran part of the part was to strengthen the heart of the prophets of autism.

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Because when you spend a long time with something, only then you begin to get used to it, you get to be comfortable with it. And the Quran, what does it do? It does a lot of counseling.

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So the more you spend time with the Quran, the longer what happens, your heart becomes more and more confident. And also the Quran was revealed according to situations, according to situations. So whenever the prophet SAW the Lord, his son was in a particular situation revelation was central guarding that, then that would make his heart very firm.

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And you may have noticed that when you're going through something and you find the answer that day in the lesson, you remember it, and it helps you. Whereas if you weren't going through that experience and you learnt the same I had the same lesson, it would not affect you as much.

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So this is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala sent the Quran graduate