Tarbiyya 04 – Ta’alluq Ma’Allah, Tahajjud

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Ta’alluq Ma’Allah, Tahajjud

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In Al Hamdulillah, salat wa salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah he was hiding here

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on my bed.

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Today we look at the next step

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in the issue of Serbia, which is to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah, Allah,

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the mentor,

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the best method of connecting with Allah subhanho wa Taala is the method that Allah Subhana Allah Himself

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prescribed and taught. No other method can be superior to that, because no other teacher is superior to others. One of

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the methods that Allah subhana wa Taala taught, all the MBA

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of connecting with him was to Salah

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masala for masala salam, Allah subhanaw taala said we're given Salah talese Cree,

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established Salah for my seeker

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for solar is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam and for us, Allah subhanaw taala said, Yeah, you are Muslim in la de la kalila nice vo Minho, calida oc la he wore a T for Anna tatula

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a lot smarter said oh you who is wrapped in garments and sleeping, wake up and stand up and read and recite the Quran in a beautiful way. What is the Quran? Allah? Allah asked rasulillah salam he ordered the nobbies Allah is Allah. He said stand in Salah all night, except for a small part. Camille lane stand in the night. How much of the night stand in the night means what? Standing the whole way in

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except for a small part.

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This vote could mean Oh kalila maybe have the night maybe three quarters of the night. And do what what a theory are annotated and recite the Quran

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and recite the Quran 30 live in a very nice man

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with a tail in a very nice way of recitation.

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In Sanofi alayka colon tequila

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Nana she had a lady here I shall do what our como de la

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la semana de desert that we know that getting up in the night

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in an associate the lady here I should to get up in the night is difficult.

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We know it is very difficult. It is the most difficult thing to

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work on. But it is the best thing

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to discipline yourself and to understand the kalama falassarna.

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In sanuki, Allah, Allah, Allah The I before that Allah subhanaw taala said we are going to give you a very big job.

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Very heavy job.

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And this is preparation to do the job.

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To connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala without because without that connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala How is this job of

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taking this Deen

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to the rest of mankind? How is it possible?

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Today we think in terms of Dawa, we have all kinds of complicated and complex strategies. And you want to use this means and that means and this technology and that technology, but not a single one of them is superior to the technology that Allah subhanho wa Taala taught us

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it can never be because as I said, you want to connect with Allah.

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And who can tell us how to connect with Allah better than a lamb self.

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The technology of Dawa that was taught by Allah subhanaw taala to Zambia is the best of technologies

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nothing can supersede that nothing can be superior to that. And that technology is the technology of standing in Salah in the night.

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And for those who stand in Salah in the night What did Allah subhanaw taala say? He said that the Jaffa Zhu Manuel magaji the owner of bom bom What am I have in Morocco now? Follow enough Sumo fella whom in karate iron jazza I'm Dima can we I'm alone. And let's run with Allah said these are the people who stand up in the night who get up from their sides from their beds, and stand up in the night by an alpha Tamar. Between the fear of Allah and hope of Allah's mercy.

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That is the version of the Muslim the position of the Muslim is between health and hope, between fear and hope. By now hopefully whatever.

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This is the opposite

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Muslim you must always remember this. This is where this is how we are, we are we fearful of the anger of Allah. And we are hopeful of his forgiveness, which means that we do everything which we have been ordered to do,

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except that which we which we will forget, or that which we are too weak or something like this, but we never deliberately disobey Allah.

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Because the one who deliberately disobeyed Allah is rebelling against Allah.

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The Muslim does not rebel against Allah, he may, he may commit a mistake, that's a different issue. There is a difference. There's a difference between a mistake and a crime.

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The difference between a mistake and a crime, even in law,

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may Allah May Allah protect us from all of such things. But while driving your car, if you have an accident and killed somebody, it is not called murder.

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Even though you killed somebody, it is not murder.

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It is manslaughter. It is something that happened as an accident that happened accidentally it is a mistake, it's a terrible thing. And so on and so forth. But same thing exactly the same thing, you premeditated deliberately, with your car, you're waiting outside the man's house.

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And you wait for him to come out you have you have jotted his timings. And you know, he comes out of his out at this particular time. And when he came out of the house, you ran him over in your car.

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Exactly the same thing you ran over a man in your car. But one is a mistake. The other one is premeditated murder for which you will be asked.

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And you cannot say well, you know what is the differences? Same thing. It's not the same thing.

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It is not the same thing. One was something that you knew the law, you're obeying the law, but you made a mistake. And the other one is, you know the law and you deliberately broke the law, you deliberately went against the law.

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So there is a difference between a mistake and a crime.

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So what a Muslim does by mistake Allah Subhana Allah will forgive the MiG tau for this. And we have the mercy we have hope in the mercy of Allah that even if something we forget to make our Allah will forgive us by His mercy, but the one who deliberately disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala knowingly You know, this is wrong, but it deliberate does it?

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What about if he has to ask the question himself?

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What about him? So Allah subhanho wa Taala taught us the hedgehog and the idea of sort of two sides that we just decided, the position of the Muslim is between binary

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he stands between fear and hope. And for such people who do this, what he does when

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Allah subhanaw taala said that, if they only knew

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that enough, so, my old fellow, what I have hidden from them, if they only knew what I have kept for them,

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it will be the source of coldness of the rice.

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And the results from said

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that almost all data is created with Jana, which is such that no eye has ever seen. And no one has ever heard about it. And no mind can

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encompass or understand what the beauty of the journeys

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to granted to us at all our metallic varieties.

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So, this

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is something which is the tool the most superior the most powerful the most magnificent tool to connect with Allah subhanaw taala to take from the treasures of Allah to take from the power of Allah.

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Any time this was the this was the habit of the Sahaba because they had been taught by by Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam

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in the as well and was one of the surah of surah Muslim will say the Ayesha delana rates that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the verse 19

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I add and then

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for one year

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that was all the servers and therefore for one year Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah and the Sahaba bread tahajjud as if it was for 12 months

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the bread Angelica for Salah

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this was a tarbiyah that Allah subhanaw taala was giving to the companions of Muhammad Rasul Allah and after that one year was over Allah subhanaw taala revealed the last day of the surah

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where Allah subhanaw taala Zed in Arabic Allah Allah Monica de ko other amin Zulu the lady when his father was uzawa divert Amina Xena Mark Wa La, La La and to the end of that vertical I where Allah knows Obama Salah Salem that you are standing before Allah and your companions are standing with you and it's half the night and three quarters of the night and so on. Till the end of that is where

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we know that some people

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Some of you are sick and some of you are traveling in the land in search of your livelihood and some some of you are in debt with a villa. But even all of those people still standing there right and read as much of the Quran and recite as much of the Quran as you can do

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math as Solomon, as much as easy for you to do, even for the malankara did not say since you are traveling north, as you know. And why because this is not an imposition. Allah subhanaw taala says if you are traveling the land searching for your livelihood, then you should print that to Livermore.

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Because Don't you need that help Allah, you need the help of Allah more when you're traveling or less when you're traveling.

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This is the tarbiyah and of course for

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those for all the time and he read all his life. And I can assure you that in sha Allah, all those who have a hybrid winovich Allah, Allah xlm, those 12 months who prayed the hedges as if it was fun, I do not believe that any one of them ever left the hedges deliberately.

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Somebody sleeping is a different matter. For our Casa delana. We know that he used to pray with her with the hedges.

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After the hedge, he did not pray with her with Russia.

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and Iran used to pray with her with Russia because he said sometimes I oversleep and I am not able to

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pray the hedges I miss my gadget, therefore I don't want to miss the winter. So I pray with her with Russia. So we have both of these examples of the whole of Russia at

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the point I'm making is that the time to connect with Allah subhanaw taala is in that last third of the night.

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So let us remind ourselves, let us not waste that time.

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Because we do not know if you overslept today, you do not know that tomorrow you will be alive. To pray that the adjective is obviously today, not tomorrow, but you don't know whether you will be alive to create one. And the value of that on the Day of Judgment is something that Alexander himself said, Allah you and Allah did not describe that value, which means that it is something which is so valuable.

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Allah said, if they know what I have, for them, it will be a coolness of the eyes. But he didn't say this, but this is what I will give them No,

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Allah left it hidden. Why because it is something which is so tremendous and so amazing. So let us not waste that. And the three key thing to understand is that if you want to work for the agile, you have to sleep early, you're not going to be waiting for the agile, if you are up half the night, doing whatever it is you're doing. I'm not saying you're wasting that time, maybe you're doing something else. And of course, if you have got to examine and studying and so on, there is an excuse. But the problem with most of us today is that we sleep late. And the reason we sleep late is not some you're not sitting there reciting Quran that is the reason why we are late we are not

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making our door or hips or something at that time No,

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you are on Facebook or tell book or something Allah knows best. And browsing the net and god knows what.

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And all of these things, let us get rid of these habits. All of these habits are counterproductive. All of these habits take away from something which is so valuable and so useful. Let us sleep early. Let us wake up early. Let us structure our time in such a way that we complete all our tasks well in time. And we still have time for some relaxation for playing some games for going out and running and doors or walking or something so that there is a physical exercise

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and we sleep early.

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If we structure are live like this, believe me it is not it's not difficult, the Sahaba accomplished much more than what we think we accomplish.

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the productivity of Zara was amazing. the productivity of SLM has no parallel. And they all had the same 24 hours. They didn't have one second more, but they structure their lives. They structure their lives. They slept early sudarsan famous had this very said that after Southeast Asia go to sleep, they eat dinner before Russia, Russia and after Asia go to sleep he said do not sit in idle conversation Africa. But today we have made this into a custom that even our religious functions, they start after Asia.

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You have this this buyer and that buyer and and you have this makara and this album coming and speaking and so on he was the one that was you are an alum coming and speaking while speaking Africa

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what to do the Hassan a very sad go to South Africa.

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And of course people will give you all kinds of excuses this convenience that can be we don't care. Anything is convenient if you make it convenient. There's no cut, there's no question of convenience if you if you want to have a function have the function before it finished with the chakras.

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These functions that start in the night after Asia they go on until you know all odd hours

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In our country law hotel level, everything has to be done on a loudspeaker. And you're creating a public nuisance for the whole world.

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All of these are negative things, counterproductive things. Even though it might be something you think it is good, it is not good. You will against the hedges wannabes, Allah Allah.

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How can that be good? And I don't care who gives what I will do that who gives? What explanation to that is immaterial if you're going against a Coca Cola. There is no good in that, believe me.

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Let us structure our lives in such a way that we follow the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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and the biggest turnoff rasulillah salam is

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something which he never missed. And as I explained, Allah subhanaw taala taught him this as a way of connecting with Allah and hamdulillah the Baraka of the Nabi sallallahu Sallam is that we also got this as our inheritance, that we do what we never used to do, and inshallah Allah subhanaw taala. This will reward us the way he rewarded him. inshallah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the power of this of this Allah, to give us his love of God in our hearts, so we never ever miss it in our lives. Whatever may be happening, we never missed 100 why because we know this is the greatest thing that can happen was

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the most beautiful thing, the most powerful thing that can happen to us and therefore let us ride with myself and you. Let us pray with that love of Allah subhanho wa Taala get up and stand in the night. You are alone with Allah, it's you and Allah

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has a lot to say he was he was tired and before he started praying he would say Oh Allah only two are awake. You on your Arshad me here?

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He's talking to Allah.

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He's talking to Allah. Allah, Allah insha Allah

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and inshallah is it with the wide residential because I said the value of Allah, I am no one to say whether Hassan bacilli was a value or not

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insha Allah, He is a valley of Allah.

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And this is a different topic altogether. When we designate some people in only Allah, we are nobody to designate anybody as the value of Allah only Allah will designate that. So I'm not going into that now but I'm just saying since I said the value of Allah, therefore I was qualified that by saying inshallah

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so develop this connection with Allah subhanaw taala. develop this connection. When you talk to Allah, you tell your story to Allah Subhana Allah you ask Allah for whatever you want.

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whichever language you want, in the Hajj, we can make the diagnosis the Salah, where we recite Quran, where we in in such that we make dua

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and we ask Allah subhanaw taala whatever we wish, is no Allah has not put any limitations. ask Allah whatever you want. Talk to Allah have a conversation with Allah subhanaw taala cry before Allah,

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the dryness of the eyes, and that's one of the things we will talk about in the in this series on tarbiyah. The dryness of the eyes, is a element of the heart. It is a sickness of the heart, it's a sign of a heart, heart.

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The tears that that come to your eyes, not when you are when you when we are, you know talking in a big modulus or jumps out something alone by yourself. When you stand before Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah to give you this and you stand before Allah and you recite this column and you connect with him and those tears which come at that time.

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So rusada salaam said there are two eyes, which Allah subhanaw taala will protect from the hellfire. One is the eye which stays awake in defense of the Muslims.

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And the other one is the eye which weeps for the majesty and glory and love of Allah subhanho wa Taala alone when there is no one to see that person.

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That is beautiful. Because there is no real you are alone.

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There is no there's no question.

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You're not you cannot be doing that to show anybody else. There is nobody else so it's a Salah, which is

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only foreigners Renata.

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So let us make the Agile further on ourselves.

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If you want to succeed in life, let us understand here is a here is the biggest the most powerful tool for success in this life.

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Don't say don't say that you will not understand the value of Salah until you use the Salah to solve your problems in this world.

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And think about this if this Salah cannot get you two pieces of bread in this world. How is the seller going to take you across the Serato the dividend? How will the seller help me and you on a time on a day when the day is so full of

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terror and fear.

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And so many things are happening in the mountains of turn into dust and so on and so on all the things that are described. If this two rockets of Salah cannot even solve our duty of a messiah here, how is it going to solve the Messiah of the hover? How will it solve the Messiah of the of the deal?

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So we have to improve our Salah. Of course we rely on the help of Allah subhanaw taala inshallah, in this dunya Allah, but we have to make some effort.

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this dunya is darkness

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and the observer as Bobby's Salah

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people sometimes get mistaken and they say, you know, halyna masaka halyna masani

00:20:42--> 00:20:54

nama namaaz also Salah is also as Bob Salah is part of us, Bob don't make a mistake, as Bob is Doris Bob is this dunya So, everything you do in this dunya whatever it is, is

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the last in the cover

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is no salary adjustment, salaries here, these

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two kinds of as well as global era was

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the highest verb the superior was bad and the inferior was bad as well as are all the material things.

00:21:15--> 00:21:19

All the material things all the material means are as valuable as

00:21:21--> 00:21:32

they are not harangue, we must use them. They are there for our use. But what sense does it make if you leave the best of the ASVAB and you go to the worst? Next absolutely no sense.

00:21:34--> 00:21:40

It makes sense if somebody takes the highest and the most superior as Bob and leaves the others that makes sense.

00:21:42--> 00:21:51

Because he understands what he can get from there. But of course there's no problem in taking both Alhamdulillah Allah has made them for us. And this was the sooner

00:21:53--> 00:21:54

this was the sooner

00:21:55--> 00:22:06

stand in Salah. Get the decisions for your work from Allah subhanaw taala in the Salah in the hijab and then go and pick up

00:22:07--> 00:22:10

work. The woman fought the law and was one of those that go and search on her father.

00:22:12--> 00:22:15

Yeah, listen down, find out where is it he'll pick it up.

00:22:17--> 00:22:28

That is the key of success. So 200 is the best of us Bab Salah is the best opposite as well. And the best of Salah is that

00:22:30--> 00:23:06

Allah subhanaw taala there's a reason why Allah subhanaw taala described with so much detail in the in his column, Allah does not describe other Salawat and there is the dimension of Southern father. But other than that others are other and and of course a lot nicer Serato booster, but just one word, one word descriptions. But here Allah subhanaw taala described in detail he said this is what they do is that up in the night is what I will give them and so on and so on. So it's a Salah, which is so important. Let us pay attention to that let us make it further than ourselves. Let us take from the treasures of Allah subhanho wa Taala which are open for us and for which we have been given

00:23:06--> 00:23:25

the keys What sense does it make if we also walk around in this world like beggars? When we have the keys to the treasure of Allah Subhana Allah gave us the keys, not only for us to take but for us to take and to give to the rest of the world. And we are walking around like beggars are what centers in what sense? Does it mean

00:23:26--> 00:23:31

we were sent to give to others. We can't even take for ourselves how can we give to anybody else?

00:23:33--> 00:23:50

We ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to his glory and majesty, to odawara to help us to understand how to take from his treasures to wake us up in the night and make us stand out and give us the sweetness of connecting with him. Was Allah Allah Nabeel Karim? Allah Allah He was obvious might be romantic.