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How to take your family with you

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Shall we sell the TV? So the wife says what kind of a question is that? How can you sell the TV?

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So he said why not? He said you think something is haram for you and you want to sell that? He said throw it in the garbage, how can you How can you sell something

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throw it into the garbage

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so she became more shabby

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so what do you do to create an atmosphere no force, you practice you practice

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read the Quran. Read I have is related with the Acura give people a reason why must I be obedient to Allah give them a reason. What was the reminder today this morning, Masha Allah

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Subhana Allah Allah, the time will come and we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala this reminder has to go in. Now once the reminder goes in, then your job is done. And then stand in the night and cry before Allah subhanaw taala I keep on going on this business. I tell you that that's the tool

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that is the to

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Allah Serrano's, Allah gave this tool to his Nabhi

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Allah subhanaw taala gave this tool to his Nabhi why was the hatchet forgone rationalized Allah is Allah is what Allah say that for us was our solemn This was watching for it. Why?

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Because it is not possible to do the work of data whether it's inside the house or outside the house without believing.

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Yeah, you Muzammil Camila kalila nice fo incose Minho. kalila Jose de la hora de Lille hora

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La kokkola tequila in

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LA he shut

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in the nazjatar layli here

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What? Aqua maquila? What is Allah saying, Muzammil como la la la la de la Stan in the all night.

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How long to pray the whole night in LA LA

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LA maybe a little bit more than that work till 430 read the Koran and read it nicely and beautifully.

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In sanuki olika Colin satilla we are going to sit down on you this weighty thing, this big word, preparation of the Navy to receive ye.

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We are sending you out in the war in the world to make our

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you got to prepare you first.

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And then what does Allah say about standing in the rain in an associate a negotiator lelee he or she

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It is not easy. Allies saying it is not easy. It is difficult, but it is the most powerful thing that is the thing to do. That is the thing to get the decisions you want from Allah subhanaw taala

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and it's the thing to change the heart the chain thing to make your life discipline to make your life a state bring your life into a state of governing.

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The Navy is being taught

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and what does the law say about agile itself that says

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da da da

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da da

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da da

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di on

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boom, whoa, whoa. What is the position of the Muslim?

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between health between fear of Allah and hope from Allah subhana wa isabey was passing away Rasul Allah, Allah went there. They told him, he went there. He asked him, What is your situation? He said, Yasser Allah, I'm afraid of the love of Allah and I am hopeful of the of the forgiveness of Allah. Rasool Allah says this is the position of the moment.

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Afraid of the arrival of Allah subhanaw taala but hopeful of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala saying those are the people who stand up from their sides in the night and who stand before Allah subhanaw taala in this position

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for Allah tala.

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If they only knew what we have kept for them, as a result of this era, that is the only new reward that we have kept for them. It would be the coolness of their eyes. They would be delighted they would be absolutely

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delighted that Swan Allah This is what I'm going to get

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Allah prepared is Nabhi

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make the hedgehog forgone yourself

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whatever it reaches toward God if you don't have time, but read the Torah no matter where you are, and not making fatwa it is not not for us but let us make it further ourselves because we want to do the work of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala How will we do that? If we don't have the connection with Allah? How will we do that if the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala His Word is not in our lives.

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Create the atmosphere in the home.

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I was telling you in the in the class that I said somebody asked me I will tell you nobody asked me.

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What did I tell you?

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What I said which story about the 80s

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I was invited to this party by this friend of mine. And he told me that these are all atheists. They all from Kerala highly educated people, but later on when I when I got introduced to them, and one of the physicists one is the head of some UNDP program. One is this one is that wealthy people

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highly educated, all of them atheists, and every single one of them has a Muslim name.

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Every single one of them, or 30 or 40 of them came with their families because

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so random and takes me there he you know, told me He's inviting me for lunch, but when I went there, this is what I discovered is not just lunch, lunch, had a price tag to it. You want to talk to them. Then he telling me these this is the most argumentative crowd, they are disrespectful, they are hostile, they will say anything about Allah or the enemy of Allah or anything they will say so Yara, you know, please sort of keep control of yourself and so on. I mean, I am known for various things. May Allah forgive me, and one of them is for having a short fuse. So they said no, please, sort of.

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So I said, let's see what what to do. So now I am sitting there.

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And I started talking to them. And I did watch it was germicide was saying to you guys, today in the hall, he said give our in the methodology.

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What is the most powerful way of giving down the methodology of the Navy? Salalah? Listen, nobody's method can be better than bigger and more powerful than the method.

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And what was the methodology of NaVi Salatu Salam rasulillah salam used to recite the Quran.

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Anyone came and asked him a question, he will recite the Quran,

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you will not get by and he would desert the forum.

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So I sat there and I began my talk. And I said, my brothers and sisters, let me tell you something. I said in my opinion, I don't know if you will agree with me. And I said my opinion to live a decent, normal, happy, healthy life in this world. Religion is not required.

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So all those were sleeping woke up.

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Because there is this man sitting there with a turban on his head and everything else and he's saying religion is not required.

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So I said Islam is not required. No religion is required. So they look funny. I said, No, I let me ask. I'm serious.

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Don't steal. You need religion for that.

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Don't do drugs, you need religion for that. Don't get drunk and fall into the gutter. You need religion for that.

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Until you seriously

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don't fornicate all over the countryside and you need religion.

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You don't need religion for all of this. Any normal, sensible, decent human being whether he is Muslim or not, are not Muslim,

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does not do these things, how many? We got many people who are Hindus and Christians and so on. They are not wanting it. They are they are faithful to their wives. They are decent people, they've got good manners. You go to their house, they're very hospitable. They are honest people who give them money, they don't steal it. You don't have to watch your wallet if you're walking with them nothing.

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So I said you don't need religion for all this.

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So I said but tell me why do we need religion?

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If you don't need it, that's not true. I said you don't need religion to live in this world. I said but you need religion for what is going to happen after this world and as you know why you need that because we need to be informed about something which we cannot find out for ourselves

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as a neural scientist and so on. Right you are focused on scientific knowledge and experimentation and discovery.

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So is that all that you can find out for yourself? You do not need ye for this? I can find on my for myself. If not today, tomorrow, if not tomorrow, day after tomorrow, hypothetically speaking.

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Hypothetically speaking, even those things about the guy not about the university.

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are not known to me today. Hypothetically speaking, I can say that a scientific knowledge progresses the way it is progressing faster or slower.

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Then one day we will know. Just because I don't know do it, it does not mean that this is not knowable

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and differentiating this. I mean, this is what I told them, I want you to think about it. Just because we don't know something today does not mean that it is not knowable, right? We must die We have no cure for cancer. Does it mean that cure for cancer is impossible to discover? No, hypothetically speaking cure for cancer is possible to discover may not be today, maybe 50 years down the road, maybe 10,000 years down the road, if Allah keeps the word, that word that long, but some point in time, what knowledge we can get from our own focus and our own research. We don't need religion for that. It is knowable.

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I said, but there is a particular knowledge, which is not knowable, unless we are informed.

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I said there is a particular kind of knowledge that is not knowable, unless we are informed and I said that knowledge you could have afforded to ignore it and say, even if it is not knowable, I still don't want to know it. Because I don't care. I'm not going there.

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But I said I believe all of you don't believe in Allah. But do you believe in deaths?

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Do you believe that one day you will die?

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This dead silence that silence everybody the biggest atheist in the world believes in death

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doesn't believe in Allah, He lives in death.

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So I said that let me therefore tell you what is going to happen. Let me tell you that which you cannot find out.

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And let me tell you that you you need to know this because unless you find out you are going to land in this place and you will be very surprised and that's not a kind of surprise you want.

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I said this confusion that is there in your mind is not new Allah subhanaw taala mentioned his confusion and I said what is it that they are arguing about? Are they arguing about that big news?

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Allah says they will find out surely they will find out.

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I decided to sauropod

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alone on in by law the lady whom v mo hotelli

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McCullough as

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I said, After establishing this argument, Allah subhanaw taala described his near Matan us, Allah described all that He has given us Allah described all that he has created for our comfort and benefit.

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De La Rosa

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wirkkala Puna komazawa wa.

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Lino hooray Gabby.

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Allah describe, see the earth how we spread it out. See the mountains how we put them is just a sea of mountains, the size of the mountain roots, the past pegs in the world so that the tectonic plates won't shake so that the earth will not it will not quick how see how we have sent how we have created the sun and the moon. See how we have created a seven somewhat jazzy how we send down rain, see how you grow your crops, see how the beautiful gardens that you grow and so on and so on. I like drew our attention towards everything that he has created for our benefit. I said Do we deny any of this? Haven't we seen all of this?

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Then what does Allah say?

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In Yama firstly can ami

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Yama COVID Sugriva tuna

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bhavati hottie sama vaca

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Csaba Same,

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same mountain was

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middle zone are the de

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la de da de cada una de la