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How to take your family with you


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The speakers discuss the use of "work contracts," which can boost productivity and encourage people to read about the church's culture. They also touch on personal matters, such as a person who gathered large numbers of haircutting hair and describes a video game in a circle. The conversation ends with a person discussing their culture and suggesting covering up before seeing things like the TV.

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For you to feed you and to give you all that you need

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to the end of your life does your does your work contract say all that

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or does your work contract say that you are employed and there is a termination clause in that which says that you can be sacked with or without notice depending on what you do and only if you do all of this then Allah then then the company will give you a certain salary

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right any contract for any work contract What is this? This word says? What does Allah subhanaw taala say?

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What masala colgin novoline xyl bone

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my only domain home in mirror is gamma

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ray moon. Then, in Allahu Arras de PUE wattle Mati

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just the grammar of the last in emphasis in allama. Hua, emphasis rasa

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Razak emphasis ko wattle Mati

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one ayah, Allah subhanho wa Taala has emphasized his power as the Razak five times in law who was umatilla Dean.

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So that this fear goes from the heart?

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Why do we have the fear because our understanding of power of the things of this dunya is more than the understanding of the power of Allah.

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Just like that little boy, his understanding of his mother's power is more than his understanding of the power of the head of police. So he's frightened of his mother, he's not frightened of the head of the police.

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So what must you do in this household of yours?

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First, let them understand the majesty of Allah subhanaw taala the moment they understand the majesty of Allah subhanaw taala they will come to you and they will say dad or mom, tell me what should we do?

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They will ask you

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So, what do you do

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a time in the house every day at that time and remember we are setting that precedent there. You can now make an excuse the I got delayed at work.

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I have this meeting No, you come use it. You open that book of holidays whichever it is. And you read the holidays relating to father of Amal various kinds of deeds, what is the father of salah and fasting and Hajj and so on and so on and do it you know, depending on the time and so on in Ramadan, read about Ramadan and all that and read these relating to the glory and majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala and read a hadith relating to the agora.

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Stay out of the Messiah. do that every day. Right? Again, don't make that into a two and a half hour marathon session no 15 minutes 20 minutes not more than that read to

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come and sit and read. Call people everybody please come and you start reading. Now what will happen? Initially what will happen, somebody will come somebody will not come people will you know be wandering here and there.

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Don't call them again. Call them once. Sit down, start reading.

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Nobody comes no problem. You read, finish your reading. Close your book. Go away. Don't reprimand them. Don't say anything. Next day, same time, come sit down read.

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You know what I'm trying to create. I'm trying to create that situation which when in the night and that's the third stage I'm coming to know that when in the night you stand before Allah

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The tears will start

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the tears will start

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because initially what's going to happen nobody will come they will make excuses depending on the level of

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rebellion of children and so forth. And the and and wherever whether it's the wife or the husband who's doing this the opposite party whatever it is, they won't turn up they won't do this. They won't do that. I'm busy. I got my exam I'm on the internet. I'm playing some video game whatever it is.

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Every time they say that remind yourself do remind yourself that the computer you bought them internet connection you bought them video game you bought them.

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Right so this is your paying back for your stuff. So now don't call them don't call them don't reprimand them don't say How come nobody comes. You sit there and you read

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and then in the night you stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala and you cry about your helplessness and you say you're up.

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You're up you're Nabhi said that the hands

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the hearts of people are between your two fingers.

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Your a view yourself you said in your de

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la de

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la creme de la diva. You cannot give it to whoever you love. But Allah subhana wa Taala can give it to whoever he wants. You say, I am doing this to please you. You said, Oh,

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I'm making effort. I don't want to see them in the alpha. I don't want to see myself in the hellfire. Yara helped me Yara Give me the words Yara Patel can change their hearts stand and cry in the night, you know, when the tears will come? When you are sitting there reading and there is not a soul in sight.

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I was in California and there was a Jamaat from Pakistan which had come.

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So you're talking to them here and so on which in a way, which places they set something up in the north in the NorthWest Frontier Province, close to one is that and so we size? We said you know, is there a big Muslim population? There's a small little town or is it a big machinery small little market? So I said How come this particular budget this particular area seems to be standing out just like nobody's business, you know, continuously the flow of people from there, going all over the world. How did that happen?

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The mindset, a very big story. He said that there was one guy in our village who went live and he came back.

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And he notably metrology on one day of the week, whatever it is Thursday, Tuesday, Monday, in the evening after Maverick will make another go he goes and make gusset he goes to different people's homes, meet people and so on. Invite him to the masjid after that.

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In the evening, they make an announcement saying now we will speak about Allah subhanaw taala and the greatness of Allah and after the prayer, the person will stand and talk.

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He did the same thing. And what normally happens happened there also, which is that after we will finish, everybody walked off. So this man is left alone.

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He said, You know what that guy did? He said he went and collected in our massages in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, we have these trophies made of grass. matting. So we have those hats, caps, which are kept so anybody comes into the matches or a cap, you can wear a cap and pray. So he went he collected the caps. And he placed the caps like that in a circle in front of him. And he stood and delivered a band to the caps.

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Right, then he finished his band. And then he collected put all the caps back in the place. And he made to record salah and he cried and cried and cried.

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So the people said this started happening and initially people thought is really crazy. What's this nonsense he's doing?

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But week after week after week, same thing. People even spoke to him they said What is all this rubbish you could be talking to caps and all that is you know, ridiculous. Why you're doing that? doesn't change. He doesn't say anything, doesn't respond, doesn't argue does nothing. But come that time he starts then this man said you know we ourselves we said to each other we said you know what? He is a man from our village. We cannot insult him like this poor man is only talking about Allah subhanaw taala What is he is not asking us to come to his house. How can we make him undergo this thing? So we said no, at least we will sit so one person said

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I can't sit alone you come and sit with me. Two peoples add 10 people sat 15 people that result of it.

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Majid is full and they are sending out Jamaat after Jamaat in the world.

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Why? One man's perseverance

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is another story from Delhi. Where is my there's my daily daughter.

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One of the destroyer or one of the big names in Delhi in the market in Tallinn Marcus. So he first time you big professor.

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So he went to the vending job four months, after four months, absolutely sparkling

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So he came home and full of Josh.

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Military came home full of George got into a big argument with his wife about television. They're all sitting in Washington, they just have this cereal, you know, which happened soap operas.

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Now, whether it happened accidentally or he did it deliberately, Allah knows best but he used to carry a walking stick now in the process of this argument and the gesticulating, the walking stick made contact with a television and the inevitable happen.

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So why is that our ad that's the end of the story. I'm packing my bags I'm going to my mother's house and I'm taking my children with big data bit.

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So now all this Josh

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saw that man ran to the Marcus

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You went to the traveling workers and there was nothing in our law was the law he was the head of HR at that time he went to the market and he said well I'm in trouble he said What happened? This is what happened I you know I don't either I accidentally happen whatever but now What to do? Because all this was happening in my house and so on and you are please advise me to go out big time I was gone home. Now what will happen do we

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move these have told him he

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told him first of all

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you are asking me just to ask me or will you obey what I tell you? So he didn't know anything he said whatever you tell me I will obey you tell me what so he said then my instruction to you is as follows.

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He said number one, when you're going from here, go to the shop, buy the biggest color TV that you can find and take it home number go set it up and then go buy some sweets, go to your father in law's house, apologize, give them sweets and bring your wife and children home.

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Now this man is a professor in the university and so on you know, in our culture you don't go to your father in law's house and apologize or All right, but he said You said you will over you bet usually we'll do that if you want to do that. So anyway he want to do he was

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like like says it was between a store rat plays a rock and a hard place. So he had to do it. So he went home he bought his TV and he says what is this you know you have a W all the time we are

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on the head of via TV and Taiko says what kind of thing is this

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wonderful thing he told him what I just told you he said then what you do is it every day in the evening after Mother's Day We asked him what time is everybody home? He said usually mother every day after Mother's Day you sit and you make tally makos they asked him to read father Lama which I don't I don't ask you to read that but basically point being that which is our hobbies and hobbies about the ACA is that you read that

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he's a nobody will come into that's not a problem you sit and you read

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solo form and he went on he bought a TV he went and set it up he went there apologize and so forth. And you know people are nice so eventually wife also was bad. Oh, my husband came and apologized. They all came home

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nice color TV good Very happy Oh my God, we had a different TV now and I've got a better TV. So we can see all the C Series in a much better color. So naturally they start seeing

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come the time for this thing. Father sitting in the other room, reading from the book, nobody goes there TV's on nobody turns on the nobody even lowers the volume of the TV volume is going on TVs going on Bollywood Hollywood everything. But he sits there and reads

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this happen he says it took a month.

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One month sounds small but do it everyday and you fight you will know what exactly 30 days is.

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Took a month. He says after a month. He says one day my wife says what is this even though he's sitting and reading at least lower the volume of this thing and why do you have this volume loud? So the volume and

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then she went and set

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the boot one you know we were adjusting there were Mashallah The moment you see that's why I say it was where it was where the dress was fun, because the moment they see you, then they drape something gracefully over your head. One of the alumni in Hyderabad they asked him you know, they said

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whenever you come in, they cover their head. But when we go nothing you know they're all decked up and they will they don't cover themselves at all. So he said that's not surprising, you know the women are supposed to cover before men.

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you see if you go there, you have no beard, you have no nothing. I mean they are they are in doubt and maybe maybe they are you know they are not these are also women. So why should we cover up before then? We were not supposed to cover up before not Marmara men and not.

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So the wife went and sat there.

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And naturally, you know, the mother has a power in the house. So

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when she's sitting there now these kids sitting in front of the TV

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while the father was reading all these kids sitting in front of the table, okay, but when she's sitting there gives us wonder that he was a different equation now.

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So after two days, she's gonna come here.

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After that, after a little while, the TV itself got stopped.

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So not only do we turn it off when the tally was going on, but we don't watch it at all. Then he said one day

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after a couple of months now, whole house atmosphere Angela is in good shape.

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This man I believe he said to his wife