The most beloved to Allah are the ones who are the most helpful and benefit others.

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of helping people, specifically those who benefit others, in the face of prophecies. They use the analogy of a person spending nights and days reading Quran and finding their partner's clothing as a way of showing respect. The speaker also mentions that those who are most beloved are those who help others and benefit others.
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I mean, when you help someone like that, can you imagine how much Allah will help you? And ultimately, yes, you're helping that person, but you're helping yourself. The prophets I send them tells us in a very powerful Hadith,

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the most beloved people to Allah.

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Now listen for a second, we'll pause there. If I asked you this question who's most beloved to Allah? Most people will think of a person who spends their nights and days in the masjid, right. Nights and Days reading Quran, right? Who has a certain look about them, right? big beard, short pants, big Ave, as long as I'm saying, we have an image of what is righteousness looks like. And if I asked you who is the most beloved to Allah, you're going to think of a person who lives and sleeps and breathes in the masjid. Right?

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You know what Allah says? He tells us or the prophesy said and tells us that the most beloved people to Allah, watch this are those who help and benefit others the most.

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Those are the most beloved. You want to be beloved to Allah. Yeah, obviously.

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Beat the most helpful benefit others the most. Those are the most beloved told us Protandim