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Salam Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara freedom Weaver musetti Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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From above my brothers and sisters,

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we are all witness to what is happening in the Middle East. What has happened already, we know it is terrible,

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the worst possible news that one could have got,

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and what was going to happen in the future only Allah knows. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for His mercy for His grace for his protection.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help and guidance.

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A couple of things. Firstly, what not to do, I want to share with you my principle in life, which is I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is in my control. And the same thing, therefore operates the opposite way, which is that what is not in my control? I don't spend time on it. i Don't speculate, I don't comment. I don't discuss because it is not in my control. And that is what I strongly advocate for all of you. Don't get into any discussions, don't get into any debates. It makes no difference. You are not in control, and you will not be in control. Nobody's going to ask for your opinion. Nobody's going to ask you to intervene. Nobody's

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going to ask what you think. If and when you get into that situation where you can actually advise somebody who can take decisions and change the reality on the ground, by all means, talk to them. But until then, do not waste your time in talking about and discussing and debating what is going on, and what is likely to happen and what must be done and what the president of America should do and what the President of Israel or prime minister of Israel should do and what some Palestinian leaders should do or what some

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king in the Middle East should do and what this one is that one should do. Please do not waste your time and energy doing this kind of a discussion because it has absolutely zero value. And for the most part, it is harmful because it people's tempers rise, you get into arguments you get into all kinds of and then you can in the heat of the moment you might say things which later on you might have to regret so please stay clean and clear out of all those debates or discussions they have absolutely zero value.

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Second thing is therefore what must you do?

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What you must do is what Allah subhanaw taala told us to do, and the time of any calamity any difficulty and so on. First of all almost 1/3 are told us why these things are Allah said Zara fossa Wilbur Revell Buhari be markers about it Nancy Lee use eco home Viva la the AMI Lulu Allahu

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Allah said the trials and tribulations difficulties calamities and masiva masa on the land and on the sea, have appeared because of the deeds by the hands of people what people do, they are the reason why these things happen. And Allah allows them to happen so that people may have a taste of us you can know that you may have the taste of the of the result of their deeds so that they may change themselves and they turn to Allah subhanaw taala and save themselves from a greater punishment in the afternoon. So what is the first thing to do therefore is to make this the foreign dollar first of Rama COVID. Now Garnacha Allah subhanaw taala said may be stefarr to your rabbit, he

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is the most forgiving, everything begins with that we start with the stefarr to Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah

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to forgive us and to have mercy on us and to not

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allow us to test the

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results of our deeds, this is very important to make a lot of stuff what is the far means not simply to say as a philosopher, but is to actually look at our individual lives and each of us will have different things that we need to seek forgiveness for, and look at our lives and seek forgiveness for those things seeking forgiveness consists of actually seeking forgiveness saying sorry to Allah subhanaw taala giving sadaqa so give a lot of sadaqa and the third and most important thing is to stop doing that thing which you are

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seeking forgiveness for. So if you are engaged in interest based dealings, stop them right now. Because if you are based in interest based dealings and you have declared war against Allah and believe me, no amount of drive is going to help you because you are at war with Allah. If you are among those who eat anything that walks when it's off walking up that only

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is a bit of meat is halal everything else is haram it is eating pork it is eating roadkill, stop eating that lying cheating is haram deceiving people harm all all forms of intoxication all drugs and so on and so forth alcohol is haram even though it may be permissible in some countries gambling is haram which includes lottery tickets and believe me as anything which is haram buying that selling that storing that transporting that having anything to do with that in any shape or form is also haram and anything which is haram is haram irrespective of the quantity one lottery ticket is haram the whole lottery is haram. One gram of pork is haram the whole pig is haram one bought one

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drop of alcohol one puff of marijuana is haram the whole

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battle of Alko alcohol and the whole whatever field of marijuana is haram everything whatever is prohibited it is prohibited irrespective of quantity and it has

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everything to do with it is private.

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This is the law of Allah subhanaw taala interest is haram whether it is 1% or 100% Makes no difference.

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All interest based dealings are haram irrespective of what

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people who have May Allah protect us from people who have the illusion of knowledge what people have deleted the knowledge may permit you and say that this is okay and that's okay which is not okay because Allah subhanaw taala Satish are okay and his results are allegedly sallam said he's talking.

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And last minute Allah told us Oh My UT la rasuna who forgot the father who was only the one who has obeyed Allah and was obeyed do the Rasul Allah is successful, only *up first of all, the

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third thing is third thing not to do is don't

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fall into

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it the various forms of Baghdad that seem to be emerging, somebody sent me

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a message saying, Please recite, husband Allahu, and then when we were killed, we are trying to reach a target of 10 million. Now where does this 10 million come from? Please understand that in Islam,

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all about that are subject to

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two conditions there should be something which Allah ordered, and they have to be done in accordance with how Rasul Allah has surrounded them, any bad any act of worship, which is not in keeping with what Rasul Allah sort of sort of did, is haram. Anyone doing that is committing with that is committing shirk, and it's committing cover. So, anytime anyone tells you something, ask him to give you the lead, to give you the evidence, and the evidence can only be from the Kitab of Allah or the book of Allah the Quran, Marie magick Quran Kareem or and the Sunnah of Rasulullah. So Salam, there is no difference and there's no

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separation between the two. If they cannot give you that evidence, leave it alone. Allah subhanaw taala said oh, the only a study block who asked me I will give you Allah did not say to this 10 million to the 5 million is asked me I will give you ask Allah make Toba make so far give sadaqa and make sincere dua, especially in tahajjud, which is particularly accepted. Make dua Insha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will accept and Allah subhanaw taala will make will give us relief.

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Sisters, I want to

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please tell you and warn you against falling into these traps. Because as it is conditions are bad. Don't make them worse, by falling into these traps or be that this is the way of shaytan where Satan tries to trap you in a way which suits you. So people like you who are religious shatta will try to trap you in religious ways. Don't fall into that trap. anyone says anything? Do this do that read this so many times so many times whatnot. Tell him where is this? Where is the proof? Where's the evidence where

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there is no evidence for this 10 million or whatnot? I can assure you so leave all this alone.

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If they can show you the evidence in the Quran and the Sunnah to read something 10 million time please go ahead and read right I don't want to discuss these things. I'm sick and tired of getting these kinds of messages which I've been getting from the for the last two days and I every time it happens every time something like this happens. All this thing goes around. So please leave all this.

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Let us straight now live

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That doesn't make us different Toba and let us get back on track and it does make dua and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept orders. Robert as well and Aisha and Aquila and Roberta Isla Helena.

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A while in a while musli mi T holy Maka robot Azam Nana husana We live in an outer Hamlet, middle class city. Hola, malfeasant. I'm in Koulibaly dunya was Villa Farah

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Sallim wa salam ala Hannah Nabil very Madali he was named Rama together more