99 Names of Allah #95 As Subooh

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The transcript describes the name officialized by Jesus Christ as" Subhan," meaning perfect in a sense. The name is related to a belief that Allah is the only one who can be perfect and is perfectly free. The name is associated with a belief that everything is possible and that no matter what happens, Allah is perfectly able to do whatever he wants.

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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is a Cebu. Allah azza wa jal is a Cebu. And this is a very simple name, it simply means that Allah is perfect. There's nothing wrong with Allah. There is nothing incomplete. There is no mistake, or imperfection. This name of Allah is related to something we say all the time. Subhan Allah, do you know what it means when we say that? When you say Subhan, Allah, what we really mean is that Allah is perfect.

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That no matter what happens, we see in this creation, and we experience every second of our lives, that Allah is perfect. He's perfectly able to do whatever he wants. He's perfect in the sense that he doesn't need anything or want anything.

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He's perfect because he's the most powerful, he's perfect because he's the most knowledgeable. He hears everything and sees everything. And nothing can be outside of his knowledge or his hearing, or his sight.

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All of that and more points to the fact that Allah is perfect. He's a symbol. He's the one that is completely free from any sort of imperfection at all. That's all for tonight as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh