Ramadan Has Gone But Allah Is Still Here

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The importance of consistent actions throughout the year for worship is emphasized, along with the need for regular actions to strengthen the body and increase worship. The holy month ofams and hedge exercises are used to prepare for events and to receive reward throughout the year. Pratic and communicating with one's actions are essential, and fasting is necessary to achieve worship. The importance of regularity and regularity in Islam is emphasized, and actions that are commonly taken are encouraged.

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Why should you know Mohammed Abdullah he or a Zulu Ummah bad for all sequin what a yo yo betta Paula hiya Azzawajal for in the Hosea Doofy dunya well O'Hara

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or praises due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we thank him and we seek refuge in Allah. But where is it? Well Janelle, from the evils of our own selves. As for what is to proceed, my dear brothers, my dear sisters, Ramadan has finished. But Allah Subhana Allah Allah is ever existing Ramadan has finished, but your responsibility towards Allah continues. The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa salam used to say, in a hadith founded measurement Zoa it, he would say, if I will hire the Huracan. He said he would say do good throughout the year. It's not only that we're limited to Ramadan, as soon as Ramadan finished, you can see the numbers decreasing already. But Allah your

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responsibility to Allah is not only a normal been, it's there throughout the year. In fact,

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if you do an action, and you do it consistently, and you do it regularly, and you do it throughout the year, and you do it throughout Ramadan, as well. But there is a consistency in that action. It shows that you're constantly and consistently connected to Allah, Allah azza wa jal, that action, no matter how little it may be, this will be more beloved to Allah than for you to do a lot in Ramadan and then forget Allah. Throughout the year. The prophet had a consistent bit of actions then he would add to that in Ramadan. So you have to have something that you're doing throughout the year. You have to have something you're doing throughout the year. The Prophet said if you don't hire the

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Huracan do good throughout the entirety of the year. And Allah has gifts he continued with the Eldorado Linda for Hattie Rahmatullah. And Allah has gifts throughout the year as well. So present yourself forced to get some of that Mercy of Allah.

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When your brothers and your sisters

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when a when an athlete is about to involve himself in strenuous activity,

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there's no doubt that the athlete warms up and afterwards you have to cool down as well. Even if you're just working out, you're going to have to warm up and you're going to cool down as well. And Allah has made along with every act of worship, a warm up and also an opportunity for you to cool down as well. Think about it. When you pray your Salawat on a daily basis. There are Sunon which are known as Sunon club Leah soon and before your prayer, and then when you finish the Sunnah of Leah the Sunnah come before the prayer, then what do you do you do the actual prayer and what happens after that? There's also a cooldown as well so now you have prayers that you pray after the main

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course after the main Salah that goes for many of the prayers it goes for the Holy Ghost for Isha, it goes for mothering as well. Yes, some of the praise prayers don't have it but they have other things to compensate so Fajr doesn't have that do nothing afterwards, but then you have a God that you do after salata. Infigen also doesn't have anything afterwards as well. But again, you have a God that you do after salata, SR as well. Particular. Remembrance is particular to us that the prophets of Allah who it was said limitada supplications, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to do after fajr and answer, but the rest of the Salawat You see, there's something

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before. And you see there's something after as well. The same thing goes for your hedge as well. If you're going for hedge, there's a warm up to your hedge, you do your camera, if you're doing a legitimate door. And there's other acts of worship you do in any hedge generally, until the moment of alpha, the moment of truth comes as well. After you're done the same thing you don't leave your head right away. You go into the garden and out of the garden. No. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala has made something called awful weather where you bid farewell to the Canada and you bid farewell to America as well. So there's something before and there's something after these are about that Allah

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has made them in this way. So you don't just go in to the main course right away. You don't go into the main act right away. So you prepare yourself there preparatory and you cool down as well. So you actually feel the complete feeling of that state of worship that you're in. That the fast is no different.

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Allah has prescribed for us fasting before the month of

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Ramadan and Allah has prescribed for us fasting after the month of Ramadan as well. We know that our Aisha Radi Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah had told us in a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would never complete an entire month of fast other than Ramadan, except for the month of Shaban, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would fast either the complete month or most of the month and that is probably the more accurate way of looking at it. Because some of the reports short that show us that even Shaban the prophets and salam would in fact fasten entirety. So most of the month of Shaban the prophet is fasting, why in preparation for the main riguarda in preparation

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for the main course in preparation for the for the actual showdown with Ramadan, but when Ramadan finishes, the prophet doesn't pull out of his iPad right away the prophets of Allah who it was salam, he told us in a hadith authentic incident in Sahih, Muslim and others, the Prophet said that Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan, then follows that up with six days of Chawan gana Garcia McDowell, that becomes like he's fasted the entirety of the year

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that becomes like he's fasted the entirety of the year. Why is he showing us this so that you get used to not just jumping into the Rebbe, but rather you do something preparatory, you do the Rebbe, and then you don't just stand up and jump up and live as if you never wanted to pray to begin with, as if you never wanted to fast to begin with. But the prophet told taught us a mechanism to cool down as well, to warm up to do the Ibadah to do the workout to cool down afterwards as well. This was the prophetic sunnah in many of the Oba that and the aroma of Islam they've said that that goes for everything you can do that with everybody. Even if you're just going for Tala Wilhelm, they say

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that prior to going to the DRC, you listen to some of the information related to the topic you're about to learn, then you go there, then you leave, and you review the information that you learned. So you go in prepared, you take the message that you are there to hear, and then you go back and you get affected by that message by reviewing that knowledge as well. That goes for every act of worship, you can apply this rule because this is a general principle you can see in all acts of worship. You can see this in CRM you can see this in priyam you can see this in Salawat you can see this in Hajj as well all the major acts of worship my dear brothers, and my dear sisters, I pray

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that Allah gives you that don't feel too fast the six days of show why? I mean, but remember that in order for this virtue to be accepted from you, you have to make sure that you have completed your fast of Ramadan. Those who haven't fasted Ramadan completely they need to first complete the fast of Ramadan and then they can go ahead and pray that then they can go ahead and fast the six days of Chawan because the prophets have said let me said mon sama Ramadan filma it's better who's it dementia? Well, whoever fast the month of Ramadan then follows that up with six more days. So without fasting the complete month of Ramadan, the six days are not accepted. But someone may ask

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especially woman What if I was going through my postnatal bleeding What do I do throughout the month of Ramadan I miss the entire month there's no way I can make up the entire month in a while and also go and faster six as well. In this case, the aroma they say it's okay. She can make up the entire month of Ramadan whenever she's prepared. And then fast the six days in sha Allah, Allah Allah azza wa jal will give the same reward. Because we know that the prophets of Allah who Allah said, Let me said, Al Hassan, a to b Actually, I'm 31 good deed is equivalent to 10. So let's do the math. 30 days of Ramadan that you fasted, if you do the math times 10 That's 306 days of Shawa, you fast as

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well. Again, you do the math times 10, the 360 that is a complete year, a complete lunar year but actually more than that, so because of that, by simply fasting these 30 days plus the six it's like you fasted the entire year, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that Allah azza wa jal can considers one deed, like it's 10 deeds. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our deeds. My dear brothers, or sisters, all of you, in the month of Ramadan, were standing the night in prayer, the prophets Allah who already was salam, he spoke to the Sahaba jelly Abdullah hidden Rama in us and this is one of the greatest Sahaba he was one of the most.

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He was one of the most knowledgeable Sahaba who had memory

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I would record it a lot of Hadith. Abu Hurayrah used to say there's not a single person who has more Hadith than me than Abdullah hidden Rama in us. He said.

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He said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to me, yeah, Abdullah, oh, slave of Allah. That's his name. Abdullah Lata Khun with lephalale Do not be like person XYZ, Ghana, Yaku Laila Fatah Rakata Yama Lai, he used to stand the night in prayer, then he left the night of prayer, they stopped praying, the night in prayer, all of you were standing the night in prayer, you don't have to do a lot. I always say this, I don't like giving the examples of someone praying all night, and another person you know waking up in the morning and going for Fajr without repeating their will do of Eurasia because I know the practically speaking 99.99 people, percent of people will never be

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able to apply that including myself.

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And most people just cannot do that. Why? Because you have children, you have other responsibilities. You have work to get to you have maybe assignments if you're in school, etc. But I say do a little bit Alkalete a little bit, but do it regularly. The Prophet told us that the most beloved of actions to Allah are the ones who are most which are most continuous, even if they're just a little bit. So don't stop completely praying the night in prayer, pray to rock us pray for a cause if you can do pray a little bit more than that. pray a little bit less than that, depending on what you're capable of. But don't leave the Ibadah that you were given that don't feel to do in

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Ramadan wholesome one shot all of it all together, as if Allah is no longer existing anymore. But your brothers and my dear sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he said to a man by the name of Sophia Anna bro Abdullah of Sahabi who came to the Prophet and he said O Messenger of Allah polyfill Islamic colon learners, anyone who

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say to me, in relation to Islam, something that if I stick to it, I will never have to ask anyone besides you. That's it. You've given me a word that is applicable completely. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Who and to be law say, I believe in Allah, Allah Azza wa Jalla. So messed up him and then become steadfast. So stick to your guns. Decide the acts of worship that you can continuously do throughout the year and stick to them and then over the years, you add, you add you don't delete from that list you keep on adding the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam would add. Even Aisha said that the prophets of Allah said Allah when he would do an action he would continue

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to do it thereafter. And that's why the prophets specifically after salatu Asad he would pray sunnah, even though he told us not to. The Prophet SAW Selim said the reason for that is because it's not appropriate for someone like me to just leave and riba that I've started the prophets I seldom did that, because he became busy after a little one day, but the Prophet continued, so when you do an action, do it, do it regularly, even if it's a very little bit, read some Quran on a daily basis, do some sadaqa on a daily basis, if you do $1 a day that's an kalila and that's a little bit but it's on a regular basis, do some data do some Salah make sure you're fasting at least on a

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weekly basis pick some times of the year the some times of the month, sometimes of your week that are dedicated to Allah or Buddha is it was Jalon I asked Allah Allah azza wa jal to give you an either to fit to practice and to convey or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in early he was so happy Jermaine Alhamdulillah he handed you off in the hallway you can feel almost either or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Allah early he was gonna be here Jemaine, you already know I'm on top Allah Hapa. To party Well, Allah into ceremony. My dear brothers and my dear sisters, Allah told us in two places in the Quran.

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When it came to the IR to cm,

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the IR to fasting, Allah Subhana Allah Allah told us that women can marulan Allah, Allah suffer in the dome in a Yemen, aha, whoever I missed you is sick, or the person is traveling, then let him make sure that he makes up the days that he misses

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in other days, so if you've missed fasting, you have to make those days up. A lot of times, people forget that the 30 days or the 29 days depending on the year. They all have to be done.

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And if you missed in Ramadan, you need to make sure you make them up. Let's say you're sick as Allah said in the Quran, let's say you're sick so that you can't fast. The fast was too long 1617 or more hours depending on the year as well, especially in a city like this. Well, when you go to the winter fasts, they become very small. In fact, you will have over here in Edmonton, one of the smallest fasts in the world in the wintertime. So you have no excuse. December 21 is the shortest day of the year, 15 days before and 15 days after, if you do that, you'll be fasting even shorter than MCCA, you have no excuse to make up most people, even those who have sicknesses with which they can't

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fast, I am sure they can bear this fast, it would be a very rare condition for you not to be able to handle a nine hour faster, a nine and a half hour fast, most people would be able to make up their fast in the wintertime. So thank Allah for this blessing that Allah has given you for living over here. Even if you're unable to fast in the summer fasts, Allah has given you the blessing or for you to be able to make that up in a time where it's going to be very convenient, it's going to be very easy. I literally calculated the shortest day of the year, December 21, is a nine hour and 42 minute long, fast. Most people are sleeping eight hours. And after you get up from your sleep, you're

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probably brushing your teeth and getting ready. That's nine hours right there. And definitely before you slept, you didn't have food. So that's nine hours and 42 minutes more than that. So almost everybody without exception will be able to make this fast. If they if they prepare themselves ahead of time, this is an obligation, you have to see it that way. There are no excuses, especially as I said, because of the blessing that Allah has given you of living in the city where a time in the year the fast is literally that short. I think it will fluctuate for you between nine hours and 42 minutes to maybe 11 hours at maximum. Okay, that's completely doable. For as I said, almost every

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single person, there may be very rare exceptions of people who can't make that fast. And so I want nobody to have that excuse. Remember, if you're unable to fast in the month of Ramadan, you're Ramadan is when you're able to fast. Let me repeat myself if you're unable to fast during the month of Ramadan, your Ramadan is when you're capable of fasting, if you're unable to pray in the morning time Fudger because you fell asleep.

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couldn't wake up your Salah time is when you get up. Similarly, if you're incapable of fasting a day, two days, maybe the whole month, during the month of Ramadan, then your Ramadan is when you are actually capable. And so I I encourage you, I remind you to fear Allah subhanaw taala Do not leave this act of worship. Don't forget this fast, just because you're unable to fast and Ramadan. Ramadan and the faster that has not been been lifted from you. Even the woman who is on her cycle she has to make it up eyeshadow the Allahu Allah Allah Anna would make up her fasts. She tells us in a beautiful Hadith and authentic hadith, and this is for the sisters. She would say that until the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam passed away. I would continue to make up my fasts but I would not be able to make up my fast until Shaban because the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam would be with her. So she would wait wait right until Shaban comes. But she would definitely make up her fast as well. Those who do not make up the fasts that they've missed.

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Even if you had an excuse. When the next Ramadan comes, you are now sinful. This is now a sin, you have now committed a sin. Of course if there was a deliberate breaking of the fast that's already a sin, but now there is another sin as well. This is one of your pillars the Prophet told us Islam has been founded on five pillars one of them is sowing Ramadan, fasting the month of Ramadan, if you haven't fasted till Ramadan, comes next year, you have now done something that is a sin. And not only do you have to make up the fast but now you also have to give expiation as well. And some of the scholars they say that every year, as those fasts begin to pile up, when the next Ramadan comes

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that expiation also piles up as well. So you have to feed one person for every day that you delayed all the way till next Ramadan and this is the opinion of the overwhelming majority of the scholars such as Abu Huraira Abbas I thought al Qasim Mohammed is hacked, and Imam Shafi and many many other others of the scholars of Islam, my dear brothers

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My dear sisters, I remind you of yet again, the Taqwa of Allah. And I remind you to stick to some action, some of those things and those habits that you picked up in Ramadan, stick to those actions and remember that will be the most beloved of actions to Allah. The Prophet told us in a hadith of our Isha, reported by both Behati and Muslim, the prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, her family in Allah, the Most Beloved of actions to Allah are the most regular ones, even if they happen to be very little. This is the most commonly reported Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that tells us of the most beloved actions, out of all of those actions that are

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beloved to Allah, this single action is the most beloved action. The action that is a very little bit but it's done all the time. Read a has read half a has read three quarters of a has read a quarter of the has, it won't take you very long.

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If you do that.

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And you're doing that has two months will go by and you finish the Quran

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that's it you can do more of Hamdulillah you can do do a little bit less four months will go by and you've completed the Quran but this will be a regular habit. And I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant us regularity in our actions. I mean, Allahu Allahu mountsorrel Islam our Muslim, Allah hoomans Sunil Islam and Muslim in Allah hoomans Salma nasaga Deen Allah hoomans Salman masala Deen work financial Raja Deen work financial.

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Deen Allahumma Jelena Kameena now Allah Who major I mean Raja Kameena now will feed Lanessa Thermae wasa era Subhana Arabic Rabelais city, Yossi Fong wa salam ala l Mursaleen. Will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Kamal salata, insalata tinha annual fracture you will wake up whether the Kuru la Akbar