Mirza Yawar Baig – Ta’alluq Ma’a Allah #4

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The we'd we'd we'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who participated in this video. The Great Jew predicts a dis praisation of the world and the world is predicted to be diskeyed. The discussion of the we'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who participated in this video. The discussion of the we'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who participated in this video. The discussion of the we'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who participated in this video. The we'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who participated in this video. The we'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who participated in this video.]]
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And if you think you scientists that the great crunchy will come and this world will disintegrate and vanish, Allah subhanaw taala is teaching you multi dimensional physics. Allah subhanaw taala is telling you for food the hottest summer over carnate

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we will open the heavens and I like doors in the heavens. And we will take you out from here into another world, a different world this earth will be substituted for another Earth

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and you will be gathered in the place of gathering and you will come

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and then the jahannam will be brought close and Allah describes the jahannam what is the Johanna

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place and entrapment where you stay if you go in there you stay for a long long time. Nothing cool only boiling water only as up and not doesn't increase except other.

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liars una v Hubbard en la isla de la wasaga Jasmine

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for whom

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may Allah protect us from this and May Allah not make us among those who are described

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obeah Tina

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wakulla Shana Hasina Okita.

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Camille Kamil,

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those who denied

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those who denied Allah those who denied the hisab those who denied the accounting those who denied the return

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for them there will be increased only in one thing and that is

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what about the ones who did not do all this? How about the ones who obeyed Allah subhanaw taala How about the ones who worshiped Allah unseen?

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Because you

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see the beauty of this ayah we'll come to that inshallah.

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Why not?

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Why not?

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Why not?

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Man. So, you want to know what is duck? What is the definition the definition of duck wise, man.

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So what about those

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in Turkey nama

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waka de

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la is Muna v

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Kizomba jazz

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Murakami got on his

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agenda in this world

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the place for enjoyment is there a

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place for enjoyment is there

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just a

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place for enjoyment exam Arabic Anthony Saba jazza from the Arab

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and then the majesty and glory of my Arab

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are busy Mama.

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Mama, Mama Mama

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Robbie sama de wallonie Rama Rama Rama

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Lai mo Li una min who

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on which day? Yo man

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and what will they say?

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Doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. They're legally

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let him prepare

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that the one who believes in this prepare, starting win

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now, right now

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Starting right now

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rubus Hama

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Hama by Omar

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la Jamelia una min who he thought

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what kind of a day so hon Allah. Allah subhanaw taala on is

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held up by the Family Nurse which will be h on that day.

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The Malaika soft form soft on sup, yo ma como rowallan Malaika to Safa

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silence, letter qalamoun doesn't matter who you are, you will not be able to speak in lamb and as in Allah Rama except the one who is permitted by

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Allah subhanahu wa

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this day will come it will happen. Whether you believe it or you do not believe it doesn't make a whit of a difference, it will happen.

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Because the one who's going to make it happen has said it will happen and you're not believing doesn't make a damn of a difference to that.

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Makes no difference. Don't fool yourself thinking that I don't believe Who are you You are a cockroach. You are less than a cockroach.

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Who are you? What's your opinion? What?

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Don't believe no problem.

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There's no real estate crunch in the janam and there's no real estate crunch in the agenda either.

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Illegal yo Moloch and for the one who lives

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in sha Allah, Allah.

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And then I said to them comes the last Ayat of this surah which is I have such complete helplessness and hopelessness May Allah protect us from that.

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kumada, kariba Yo, Maya, Rama, Rama, Rama to the way aku. Luca,

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those who are so powerful today who looked so powerful today who deny Allah subhanaw taala on that day, they will not even ask for forgiveness.

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Such a sense of hopelessness. Yeah. Tony Gundotra yarrabah les Tony I wish I was just

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I wish I was mad. I wish I was just

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I said this. And I said so Chanukah, llama BMD Casa de La La Land Trust Africa, La MaMa to billiga Salam Alikum. And I walked out.

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I went and sat there the dead silence.

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We had lunch we had everything else we went home. My my friend tells me what happened to these people.

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He said if you just say the word Allah there would be pandemonium in this place. They ask you question after question after question. And they are really disrespectful and they are argumentative and they are hostile. Today they did not open their mouths. They nobody said a word.

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What happened to them?

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Either for the first time in their lives, they heard the kalangala

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that's what happened to them.

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This is the Tao of Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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This is Allah Allah Salah, tell them, let them hear the word of Allah.

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Let them hear the word of Allah. The power of the word of Allah will shut their mouths and will inshallah give them a diet will inshallah change the hearts

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of a suitable beauty of this of this, of this of this of this phrase. hashirama and I will say, Why has your man why the Hershey opera man

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why not humble ramen?

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Allah subhanaw taala talked about him in another place. well as in our mana shadow Bala.

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Bashara with a wise Allah saying that.

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It is the essence of taqwa that we love Allah so much, that we are afraid to displease Allah subhanaw taala because you're a man he is a man

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or a man

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The Most Merciful, superlative form like Joanne

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very hungry superlative form ajaan superlative form extremely thirsty aroma and the peak of Rama.

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Rahim same wasn't as Jamil Kareem something which continues

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the peak of Rama which will continue at the same peak.

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That's why I say that is why we say Rahmani Raheem.

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hashirama I'm afraid of the of Allah subhanaw taala being offended, I'm afraid of Allah subhanho wa Taala being displeased because he is our man and I love him so much.

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So hon Allah

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and those who are faithful to him

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I remember

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in the year 2000

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it was the first of January it was the 27th of Ramadan, it was a Friday

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and we got news that

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our chef and

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lolly had passed away

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May Allah subhanaw taala forgive him and give him the best in the jungle inshallah.

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So after some time

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a friend of mine and myself we went to where he used to stay

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in a place called Takia in raebareli his ancestral home

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when he went to visit his grave and so while a small area which with

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barbed wire fencing around it is just a way of keeping goats and stuff out of there and there were three or four graves is not even a stone this size they're nothing not even the name is written they're just mad like this three or four grips. The is Harding was there he's I said, which is the grave of chef he said, this is the reverse this is we just take his word for it because there's nothing to show there's not even a headstone or anything like that with his name or you know, minimum like most people put a headstone with the name but even that is not there. So Allah such following the Sunnah to such an extent Mashallah.

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Then I was asking,

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talking about the thing and his, his grandson was there who was who used to be his, his guardian was to, you know, help him you he had a paralytic stroke towards the end and so he was in a wheelchair.

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So he was to need some help. And his grandson was saying that every single time when we helped him into the wheelchair or helped him out of the wheelchair, he would apologize. He would map along Battaglia tower I'm very sorry I am giving you a lot of relief and you know, I'm very sorry about this and used to constantly and please don't say this a lot this is for us we are very happy isn't and and he says, you know this I'm giving you so much trouble This is this in a man who's on who's calling the Prime Minister of India used to come

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and we went inside his room.

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There is a what we call a chair pile up just a

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very small cart with a thin mattress on it against one wall

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and one covered with his books.

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And a very thin

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carpet chakra which is spread on the floor, that is the room of one of the biggest allamah of our time, Mashallah.

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So, and this is grandma saying that, you know, when Indira Gandhi was coming, and primarily using Ronnie's constitution, Indira Gandhi was the most powerful Prime Minister that the country has our country has ever known.

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So Indra, Gandhi came to see him.

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So when she came to see him, the people knew him and they knew his

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very they went and asked him, they said, you know, should we put some chairs here, or should we put a little better carpet? He said,

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he said, it.

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He said she wants to come if she wants to come, she's going to sit well, where everybody sits. No special

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arrangements. So in the gym, she sat on the floor.

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So his grandson was deluged.

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So his grandson was telling us

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that it was Madonnas.

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It was his practice that on Juma he would have a bath and he would wear it Shivani

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