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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah schieffelin gave him saline. While he was happy he may, Allah Subhana Allah said la danza La La comme determine fee the Kuru fella tefillin which means, truly we have sent on you a book in which you are mentioned, if you understand

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the son of Allah subhanaw taala is that an operand, Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned people of various qualities. And wherever he is mentioned, people have a certain quality and less amount of that has also mentioned, what will be the ending.

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Now, it's very important for us to search for our mentioned in the Quran and see where we have been mentioned, where people have been mentioned, with whom our qualities match, and to look for this, and then to see if we are with people whose qualities are good, and whose ending is good than 100. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala first if I'm on that path, but if we are in a place where we are mentioned, and our qualities seem to seem to match the qualities of people who will not have a good ending, then it's a matter of grave concern, and something that we need to

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look at our lives and bring them in line with what Allah subhanaw taala like, for example, Allah Subhana data when he mentioned the people of the matakohe and that's one of the data says Allah Calcutta Valera Fie attain Allah and I will reveal up Mona salata me Mara's economic report, ballerina Yamuna, Viva La La Gama on the public will come up on hula

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hula Allah has been like a home of your own and less than $1 mentioned five qualities of the believers, which is a man will write an essay called the Salah. And when we might as of now make the home that they spend from what Allah has given them, that they believe in the

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in the debts and hopefully man believe in the profits and in the books that came before us rather, what will ask you that you couldn't and who have your pain on the accident. Now Allah subhanaw taala differentiated EMA and Bill after a while and the appeal will after the Eman will occur is to have faith in the acara and to to know that the affair will happen and that we will one day stand before last valterra and that we will answer for whatever we have done. But you have been nice to have this fit at a level which actually inspires action to ensure that when we stand with Wallace $100 that we stand with honor that we will not stand with dishonor, there's a difference between email and the FA

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he wants to know something he again is to know something to a level which forces us to act and therefore we need to look outside ourselves and say even though we have remember lockira is our human at the level of European or not. And if the man is not at a level of pain, then definitely we need to take some action about this. Allah subhanaw taala also mentioned another bunch of people where he said Amina nassima yaku Amma Nabila William will ask me, your own Allah our levena Amano, Maya the owner Illa and fossa home is around the globe in Morocco Martin falada. Houma la Hamada what oh my god when I leave on the mechanical keyboard, and last one that I mentioned the mannequin,

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he mentioned the people who have something on their tongue and something else in their heart. And this is a matter of this is a illness of the heart, a sickness of the heart. Let's not that I said that people with the sickness of the heart, if they do not correct themselves, Allah will actually increase the sickness and throw them into the Hellfire and and a grievous punishment awaits them. But see what Allah said about them. And that's what I said, Man, you're gonna be liable, Yamanaka mahamuni. Lesson These are the people who say that we have faith in Allah subhanho data, and we have faith on the in the last day, but Allah subhanaw taala is certifying and guaranteeing and saying,

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but they are not the moment. Now think about this. People were saying that that they have Eman Malacca, people are saying that they have yaqeen on the accurate people who are saying that they believe in Allah Subhana Allah, but Allah is saying that they do not have faith, they are liars. In our country, women will be thrown into the fire because the lies. Think about this. Where do we fit in? Do we fit in among those people who are working on the Acura and our actions speak for our belief? Our actions show that we actually are true to our belief? Or are we among those who say we have your head on the ACA who say we believe in Allah subhanaw taala. But our actions are the

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opposite. One lad lands into Jana, the other one has a guarantee of Johanna there are lots of hands that protect us it then let us understand that simply stating that we believe in Allah is not enough, simply stating that we believe in the afterlife is not enough if our actions do not also prove that if if our actions are or are not also in line with that, and therefore this was the principal difference between them and Africa.

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In the morning in the morning were people who believed and whose actions prove their belief. The main africaine were people who said their belief and their actions prove that they actually did not believe because the actions were the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala asked Allah subhanaw taala to wake us up before it is too late, and to give us the topic to do what is pleasing to Him, and keep away from what is pleasing to Him, and to ensure that our lives are led in such a way that when we stand before Him as Mandela, we are not thrown into the Hellfire, but instead we are led to the agenda. The ladies that was a lala land and will carry him while he was on his mind.