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The brain is the most important part of the brain, and the analytical function of the brain is the ability to use tools and create physical objects. The brain stores information randomly and is responsible for motor functions and personality. The importance of the brain is discussed, as it enables analysis of one's life and can be used for personal reasons, including travel plans. The speaker emphasizes the need to be aware of one's actions and use them to differentiate oneself from others, as individuals who do not learn from history are punished.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah, Colombia, for Allah, Allah, he was heavy human Allah for bad.

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My brothers, I want to remind myself, I knew

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that the thing which distinguishes human beings

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from animals,

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is the ability to use tools.

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I will also eat the same kind of food we eat, and so on in general terms,

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and they have the same processes in life. But

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animals don't use tools.

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The animals which don't use tools, for example, there are

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reports we know that chimpanzees, for example, use a straw with their deep into a anthill. And when the termites climb on it, the chimpanzee licks it off the straw. Right? So if animal uses the simplest of tools, it is news.

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But when did you last hear reports about the tools that go into the building of an air 380 aircraft?

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You would have heard about the aircraft you would have flown in the aircraft. But did you ever hear any report of the tools that go into how do you build that aircraft?

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and air three, it is about the size of this building?

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This entire building, right?

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And this building doesn't fly that plane flies. So what how do you make that plane

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an engine just the just the engine of an air three It weighs several tons.

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Similarly, if you look at any hydroelectric project, and you go and stand on top of the dam, and you see even the gates sluice gates are opened, and what is going down,

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you can feel the vibration of the of the water when it's flowing. And you feel very small, but you realize there is somebody like you who built this huge thing.

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has no way on earth that they could have done that without tools.

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But you never hear about those tools. Why? Because it is nothing remarkable. As far as a human being is concerned. If a chimpanzee dips a straw into a termite mound, it is news.

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But when a human being uses, invents and uses a tool

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to create

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something the size of a mountain, it's not us, because it's supposed to happen.

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That is what distinguishes human beings from animals.

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So I want to draw your attention my attention to that which enables these tools to be created. We I mentioned to you examples of physical tools.

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But what is the tool that enables the physical tools to be created.

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And that tool is here.

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It's the mind.

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It is the intelligence and the brain that Allah subhanaw taala gave us

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that is the ultimate tool that is the tool which creates everything else.

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If it wasn't for the brain, none of the other stuff would have got created.

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And remember, when we say brain,

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we don't mean just the matter which is which is contained inside the skull.

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When we say brain, we mean the function of the brain. What is it that the brain does? Right? It's not even even a ship has has brain and some of us you know, it's an it's a nice Hyderabadi delicacy to eat the brains of a ship.

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So we're not talking about that. You're talking about the function of the brain, what is it that the brain does.

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And to me, the most critical function of the brain

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is a function of analysis.

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The analytical thinking of the brain, the brain does many things.

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It stores information, it randomly accesses information.

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The brain performs many motor functions which are actually not even in our control.

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Because the brain does the whole body

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and none of that is in our control. right the the heartbeats and so on and so forth, and the entire digestive system and the entire neural system and everything else works. And if that's not enough, you can stop it, you can start it, you know, when when it happens, it happens and so on and so forth. So we're not talking about that we're talking about the function which Allah has given us given into our control and that is the analytical function.

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This isn't our control, we can choose to use it. Or we can choose to live like chimpanzees

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without using it.

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Right? They say that the chimpanzees brain is very close to the human brain. So maybe they are they also have analytical function, but

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we don't know that they use it.

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So this function of analysis

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What does it do?

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When busy like that, if Allah subhanaw taala gives me the ability to do all of this in these other reminders, we'll do that over several days. But today, we'll think about it.

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What does this analyze an analytical function? What does it enable us to do?

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One of the principal benefits of this is that it enables us to place ourselves

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in perspective

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of what went before us.

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In terms of time and space, it enabled us to place ourselves with a perspective of that.

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And that's the reason why in the Quran

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in many places, Allah subhanaw taala has described

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history is of nations which went before us

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for what

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they've always said is not entertainment value

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is not being done. So you're gonna go enjoy yourself and listen to us. Nice story, though.

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Why is it being done?

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In order to enable us to analyze our lives today

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in relation to what happened in the past?

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And why must we do that? Is it necessary at all?

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It is necessary because in the words of somebody

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he said, nations that do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

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And that applies also to individuals, individuals who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

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And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in the Quran in surah Rome does it call zero fill are the funds okay for Ghana Africa to listen I mean, come on.

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No aksar home mushrikeen

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Allah subhanaw taala said go and tour the earth travel in the earth and see what became of the people who live before you

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see what happened to them what was there anything

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and truly And verily, most of them were mushrikeen most of them were people who

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whose to join others in worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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Today even when we travel,

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you know, we seem to go from one model to another model model in this country tomorrow in another country.

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As soon as

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you go to work from wherever GVK one to klcc

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in colombara What is the difference? Same mindless,

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mindless walking around looking at things here mindless walking around looking at things there, you traveled 1000s of miles

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to a completely new nation. You asked most people who have visited Malaysia what do you what do you know of Malaysia, they will

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tell you that you would have seen here's

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an international model design is exactly the same.

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It's designed to make you walk from shop to shop to shop as many shops as possible. And every mall in the whole world is exactly the same.

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So what have we learned nothing.

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The function of the brain is to analyze

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and as I said, we'll do is over time inshallah. So today I will I want to end with this.

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As you said we saw from the eyes of the Quran,

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Allah subhanaw taala encouraged us to think and encourage just to analyze and that's the reason why I will end with this. There's a reason why the first service in Bukhari is what enamel

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beam yet

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and the Madison said that this, this is one third of

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the realm of how these

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three ideas This one has a general and they have this will relate relating to leave that out for for the Albion.

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avena one was muster we had

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the halaal is clear the Haram is clear and between them are the doubtful thing that also doesn't leave the doubtful for that is not doubtful. These three ad is

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supposed to be one third of DDH

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Why is so much important given to enable Albania for what

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because of the first rule of analysis, realize where you are and what you are doing.

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And we look at this in more detail, I just want to leave some pointers. So that we can think about this. The first point is that what distinguishes us from animals is the use of tools. And second one is

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the tool of tools.

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The mother of two also this, the bread, and not just a mass, which can be cooked and eaten.

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We're talking about the function of the brain and what function is that the analytical function of the brain?

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And for that analytical function to happen, the last point is, we have to be aware, where am I and what am I doing? And that is why the importance of Nia we'll talk about that inshallah tomorrow. Just want to leave this point as let's think about that and say, what is it that I am doing with this tool which Allah subhanaw taala has given us

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specifically in terms of our own lives, inshallah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala, to open our minds and to enable us to live using the faculties that He has given us in order to achieve his pleasure. And in order to save ourselves from living like animals, without thinking, just going from sensation, sensation, feeling our bellies and so on. There's no difference between animals and humans. We don't want to live like that. We want to live like human beings, what Allah subhanaw taala created

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and not like animals, which

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we want to differentiate ourselves from obviously, was Allah Allah will carry him while he was. I was made