Is the Clothes Worn by Sania Mirza Permitted?

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I would like to give one more example before and my speech

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for the past few months, those people who belong to the Indian subcontinent and now tested internationally, you know, of the issue of Sania Mirza. Have you heard of Sania Mirza?

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Mashallah, everyone knows why, because of the media.

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Everyone knows

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because of the media, and the media gave her publicity

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because she was a Muslim.

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Not only because you were the Muslim, because she was Muslim, and wearing clothes,

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skirts and shorts.

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It happened so that last issue of Time Magazine,

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I think it was the last week of September or the first week of October 2005. She came on front page Sania Mirza front page, wearing a skirt and playing tennis. Why? You know why? All of us know, for the past couple of months, the media is giving a high the fatwa was there,

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that what clothes she's wearing the miniskirts is

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it is prohibited under the big hue and cry, all the media all the television channels going to Muslim Allah then scholars, is it right or wrong and most of them saying Rama, Rama, Rama and blowing it out of proportion.

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This is what the media does.

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It uses information and the way it presents it. So non Muslim will think what kind of a religion is this? There is a sports woman and the religion is trying to stop her. What is then Islam is hacked, we can change it. What is wrong is wrong. But how do you convey the message is important? unless it is chapter number 16 was the 125

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nigma Walmart's little hasna. Boy Jonathan bill has an invite all the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them and reasoned with them in the ways that are best, most gracious.

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When I was given the opportunity.

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I normally don't speak to the media. I've got known reasons.

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The normal media and I'll tell you why. later on. I'll tell you why later on. But we normally have a weekly gathering in Bombay where 100 question obsession, or a few 100 people gathered there.

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And this question was asked to me and it told him that he should know how to reply to the media. My first question to the international media is that why are you going and asking the Muslim Allah the Muslim shoe? The Muslim scholars, whether the closed Sania Mirza is wearing is right or wrong? She's only 30 foot seed. How much 30 foot seed? Why don't you go and ask the Christian priest about Serena Williams, Serena Williams defeat number one, why don't you go on as the Christian please?

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That won't close. Serena Williams is very good, right or wrong? Why don't you ask? Why don't you go and ask the pope in Vatican

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that the close sarina Williams and most of the people above Sania Mirza 33 majority are Christians. Why don't you go and ask the Christian priest and the pope the clothes she's wearing? Is it wrong?

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If you read the Christian Bible, the Bible says in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 22 was number five, the woman shall not wear clothes that will lead to a man and a man shall not a woman's clothes, all those who do that are an abomination to the Lord. It's mentioned in the First Timothy chapter number two was number nine, that the woman should be dressed up modestly. With sobriety. They should not wear braided hair, or good offers or costly IRA.

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A Christian woman is supposed to be covered.

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You see the example of the nuns, how are the nuns, the nuns are disrupted the Muslim Ah, if you have seen the photograph of mother, Mary, Nana be Peter, completely covered from head to toe, only a face and hand up finish the scene.

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You go and ask the pope or the Christian priest, if a nun takes out that job. And if you play standards in the skirts, what fatwa Will you give? What opinion Will you give

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for us? Every Muslim? Every Muslim woman is as biased as the nuns according to them.

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We should know how to reply to the media. There were two groups amongst the Muslims. Most of the whole mouth and shoes they said it is wrong a couple of them. They give the fatwa right from where I don't know. But the so called modern Muslim inverted commas. You know what they said? In sports? Why should Islam come in between?

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One Muslim politician said that these shoes, these will mass they don't know what ports so they should keep their mouth shut.

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Until telling this politician if he does not know Islam, he should give it

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to politicians.

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Who said that Sania Mirza is the pride of our country? Any Indian, who speaks against Sania Mirza is additionally he is

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unpatriotic statements.

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I told that any person who supports the clothing of Sania Mirza is going against the Vedas.

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Because the Hindu VEDA says in recv, book number 10, hen number 85 was the Marathi, the woman shall not make clothes of the man and the man should not make use of the wife. It further mentioned Rigby book number eight, number 33

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verse number 19, it says that Brahma Almighty God has made you a woman to lower your gaze and wear the veil. So in the scriptures are wearing skirts. So any Indian new supporting wearing skirt, I told that

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Hindu politician is going against the Hindu scriptures.

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My Avi in the firing line, my daughters, the Hindus is an Indian culture.

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And further,

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there was another politician who said that this is international sports, all these politicians, they belong to the same, but the Hindu, Muslim, Christian.

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Most of them, the birds of the same feather flock together.

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You know, what did the Hindu politician they said, it is an international sport. So you should maintain the dress code of the international sports.

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And people don't know that the clothes he wears, it improves the performance.

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I see. Okay, I agree with you. We have to agree that the clothes that they prescribe maybe the performance but how much half percent? Agree, don't argue. But if we see in history 20 years back 25 years back 15 years back when women wore dresses, nice playing sports like badminton, they will fold SS

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even today in Iran, women are wearing full dresses,

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wearing scarves and playing

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even if I agree with you that the performance is better wearing shorts. I'm asking the Hindu politician tomorrow if beach volleyball becomes an international sport, will you send your daughter? We see

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beach volleyball become an international sport. So will you send your daughter wearing a bikini to play beach volleyball? Will the Indian culture give you permission? And we have to agree that in swimming, people have a less nose so that they can perform better that there is a genuinely very brief

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and the woman they were picking but you have to understand and agree that if you wear no clothes, you will get the best performance. So will you prescribe the woman to swim nude?

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Why did double standards? You said no no, that is immodest. So your modesty level is your our modest level here.

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There is a cutoff point is important.

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What is modest for you isn't what is for me. So why don't you prescribe that in swimming? The men and the woman they should swim nude? It will improve the performance but no, they have the modesty level.

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So we should know how to reply and turn the tables over. Unfortunately we are like sitting ducks. We have made ourselves a laughingstock in the media.

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Coming to the question, how should the old master plan I'm not against all manners because they aren't trained in the media. Normally,

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if someone asked me the Islamic viewpoint, more does Islam say about Sania Mirza, being a sports woman and she's very such close.

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Is that or is it wrong? My reply would be before I speak about Sania Mirza, I would like to tell you that there are Muslim gents who play Cricket in India and the other teams, many of them don't have a Salah say Muslim says in the book of Salah that the difference between a man and a Salah Salah is the most important pillar after a very important the biggest thing after she is not offering Salah

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so funny to me. The Muslim James sports men who play cricket and don't have a Salah, a bigger sinner than Sania Mirza at least Sania Mirza offer Salah

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the Muslim actors and actresses

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on the screen. They are bigger sinners.

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I'm not trying to defend San Jamar

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I have to agree with Claude. Sania Mirza is very is against Islam. It is wrong. But before I say this, I am diluting the effect. This is igma and diluting the movement as a Christian is against it. The figures diluted Hindus against it the fatal diluted,

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diluted I'm speaking about swimming, I forget about cricket, but then I get the answer. It is haram. It goes down the throat very well. Otherwise, they cannot digest it.

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I'm seeing that fine. At least Sania Mirza is offering Salah she's a lesser sinner than those Muslim cricketers who don't have a Salah full day cricket fighting cricket without Salah Allah has given her a diet to offer Salah maybe tomorrow she will be proper Sami close inshallah.

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And the question whether she can play enemies gathering? That's another question. That doesn't mean I'm doing it right. But the Muslim should know how to turn the tables over how to give a reply with hikma, the moment you get this reply, the whole thing is tuned down. Unfortunately, we make a laughingstock of ourself in front of the media.